ScalaHosting Launches Minecraft Hosting

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In this article, we have featured ScalaHosting Launches Minecraft Hosting. ScalaHosting’s business model has always been predicated on a commitment to both the ongoing pursuit of operational excellence and the introduction of innovative service offerings. In order to accomplish this goal, our team does ongoing research on the market, conducts an analysis of the market’s weak spots, and collects input from customers on the increasing needs of the sector.

Minecraft was a trend that just couldn’t go unnoticed. 

The worldwide gaming craze is as easy to understand as it is to become addicted to using a variety of blocks, resources, and tools to construct one-of-a-kind buildings while interacting with other players. Who would have thought that more than 140 million people would still be playing this sandbox game ten years after it was first made available to the public? you can also check scala hosting coupons to get the latest offers and deals.

Is It Something More Than Just a Game?

ScalaHosting Launches Minecraft Hosting

Minecraft is capable of becoming much more than simply a game; it encourages creativity, helps players develop their spatial awareness, and has even been shown to reduce anxiety. Gamers have the ability to make new friends, become involved in communities, and cultivate connections that last.

Because of this, we were required to come up with a solution that involved more than just web hosting.

Scala aims to provide all of those young people who are addicted to the game with education and assistance in learning how to administer their own virtual private server by providing them with powerful Minecraft hosting options (VPS).

Their goal is to ultimately pique people’s interest in the workings of the cloud, and from there, a whole new cosmos is waiting to be discovered.

Every ScalaHosting Minecraft account that is bought for a full year in advance comes with a free domain and a ton of other free tools to compliment your gaming experience. Because the installation of the server is handled through CPanel, each user is given the opportunity to become familiar with the system and see firsthand how simple it is to run. Building websites, hosting emails, and storing files are just a few of the other things that you can do with a virtual private server (VPS). Once you get the hang of it, hosting a Minecraft game will be a very small part of what you can accomplish with the VPS.

At the conclusion of the adventure, the user has the opportunity to simply become much more than a Minecraft pro and acquire talents that will actively assist in their future growth.

Minecraft Hosting Plans

ScalaHosting has formed a partnership with Amazon AWS to provide you with access to powerful cloud VPS servers that are optimized to meet the requirements of Minecraft. We provide four unique plans, which mostly differ from one another in the number of system resources that are included: Zombie, Slime, Guardian, and Giant.

The Zombie has one CPU core, four gigabytes of random access memory (RAM), eighty gigabytes of solid-state drive (SSD) space, and four terabytes of bandwidth. The Slime has two CPU cores, eight gigabytes of RAM, one hundred sixty gigabytes of SSD space, and five terabytes of bandwidth. The Guardian has four CPU cores, sixteen gigabytes of RAM, three hundred twenty gigabytes of space, and six. Each Minecraft subscription comes with a bundled collection of free additional features that has a total value of $78.95.

The Features of Minecraft Hosting

Each of the Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans comes with a plethora of specialized features that, when combined, will ensure that your Minecraft server runs efficiently and is protected to the highest degree possible. These features were designed with the typical Minecraft player in mind. Among the additional features are:

  • Sports with a guaranteed throughput of 1 Gbps
  • NVMe disk storage
  • Java version switcher support is provided by BungeeCord.
  • Full support for all available mod packs
  • Automatic checks and repairs for the whole planet
  • Ports for custom plug-ins

The expansive capabilities of these packages make possible far more than just a Minecraft game experience. Are you prepared to enter the exciting world of virtual servers? Get in touch with ScalaHosting for all of your Minecraft hosting needs!

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