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Seagate Data Recovery Review 2020: Is It Really Worth?

In this post, we have shared the Seagate File Recovery Review with all its features and pricing with its pros and cons.

About Seagate Data Recovery Software:

seagate file recovery review

Seagate has been a leader as far as hard drive technology is concerned, for a very long time now. They have had a major say in how information is stored nowadays. In fact, their technology is responsible for the hard disk drive that we all use today. Now they have included hard drive recovery in their portfolio with Seagate File Recovery. We are excited to see just what the software is all about.

Seagate is the worldwide pioneer in information stockpiling arrangements, creating astounding items that empower individuals and organizations around the globe to make, offer and safeguard their most basic recollections and business information.

Throughout the years the measure of data put away has developed from megabytes the distance to geopbytes, affirming the need to effectively store and access colossal measures of information.

Seagate recovery review

As interest for capacity innovation develops the requirement for more noteworthy productivity and further developed abilities keep on advancing.

Today information stockpiling is something other than documenting; it’s tied in with giving approaches to examine data, comprehend examples and conduct, to re-live encounters and recollections. It’s tied in with saddling put away data for development and advancement.

Seagate is expanding on its legacy of the capacity initiative to unravel the test of getting more out of the living data that is delivered ordinary. What started with one stockpiling development has transformed into numerous frameworks and arrangements winding up speedier, more solid and broad.

Never again is it pretty much putting away data; it is tied in with getting to and deciphering data rapidly, precisely and safely.

Seagate File Recovery Review 2020: Is It Really Worthy?

When Seagate started offering recovery services, they offered very personalized service. You sent in your drive, spoke with a representative, then someone from tech contacted you and requested sample files. They also asked for a list of formats you use, to help make the recovery easier.

Then the website took over and started asking all the same questions. It obviously wasn’t as detailed as talking to someone, but there is a description box which you can try filling up with as much information about your problem as possible.

seagate file recovery services

The reason for this shift in their approach is because earlier, they would be looking for particular types of data, video, word processing, music, images, etc.; whereas, with the new approach they were attempting to recover every possible thing from the drive.

As a result of this, they no longer needed to contact customers, unless they required a password or some other similar information.

Another very important consideration on Seagate’s part was the flat fee.

Since they charged the same fee to every customer whereas competitors charged a fee based on the file type, Seagate felt that they should recover all of the data and that the flat fee was the right way to go.

Seagate File Recovery Disk Recovery

After going through this initial process, the recovery begins. You will get a notification email from them as soon as the recovery has been completed.

You will also have to give them a shipping address. Within a week, you should receive your old drives along with a new Seagate portable USB drive with all of your data.

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They keep the data on their servers for a period of time which gives you an opportunity to copy it before it is deleted. Once safe delivery of the data has been confirmed and you can confirm you have received the new recovery drive, they will get rid of the data.

The new data you get is not going to have the same folder structure as the source drive. But this is something you can expect with almost any recovery. The good news, however, is that you should be able to get back almost every single file from your dead drive.

In testing, the software worked really well on Windows and was great at recovering all of our lost files from the hard drives and solid state drives. It also ended up with the best results as far as recovering the files from the reformatted hard drives. But it did struggle in some areas as well. The software was tested on two types of data loss, reformatted drives and lost files.

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seagate file recovery features

Attempting to recover data isn’t an easy task. It is also a very expensive proposition. But sometimes, it can end up being worth it.

Anytime you need to use a software like this to recover files that you haven’t backed up or which are corrupted, this is the one to turn to. It is well worth the effort and quite cost-effective as compared to most others.

Recovering data from a 16 GB MicroSD card that just has your photos is not too much of a problem, but when you are trying to recover data from a 500 GB hard drive with multiple different types of files on it, you are going to need a reliable software like this one.

seagate file recovery steps

There are many software programs, which will claim 100% recovery of files, but unless you actually open the files and see what has been recovered nothing is guaranteed.

There is no point in getting corrupted files.

There’s nothing you can do with them really. You should check your files regularly just to make sure you don’t end up with the same problem. You never know how many files actually work until you have tried them yourself.

No experience is more gratifying than being able to access files which you had once thought were gone.

If you feel like there is no chance of recovering your files, just give this software a shot. You might just end up being surprised by the results.

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Why Seagate Data Recovery Is Better Than Others?

  • Simple Add-on Capacity That Runs With You

The Seagate Expansion Portable hard drive offers a simple to-utilize arrangement when you have to in a flash add stockpiling to your PC and take records in a hurry.

Simplified document sparing, ideal out of the container

USB controlled

Quick information exchange with USB 3.0 availability

  • The Simple To-utilize Capacity Arrangement

The Expansion convenient hard drive can be introduced effectively by connecting to a solitary USB string. You can begin sparing your advanced records to this outside hard drive close to expelling it from the crate.

  • Instantly Includes The Capacity Limit

Advanced photographs, recordings, and music documents can assess your PC’s stockpiling, making execution decay as its inward hard drive completely fills. The Expansion versatile hard drive includes a scope of limits, with the 1TB model offering enough information stockpiling for:

Up to 1,000 long stretches of computerized video

Up to 250 two-hour DVD films

Up to 320,000 computerized photographs

Up to 16,660 long stretches of computerized music

  • Installs Like A Flash

Seagate Expansion convenient hard drive highlights make it fantastically simple to utilize this drive ideal from the case.

Just connect the included USB link to your PC – no outside power supply is required.

The drive is naturally perceived by the Windows working framework – no product to introduce and nothing to arrange.

Intuitive to spare documents to the Expansion compact drive.

Worked in control administration naturally guarantees vitality effective task

Seagate Lost File Recovery

Seagate has great recovery rates and was able to recover all of the lost folders and files from the SSD and seagate hard drives during testing. But, there were a few issues with the microSD card.

The software wasn’t even able to recover two-thirds of the files. On looking further, the files which were missing were music and pictures primarily.

It did manage to recover all office files and video files, though.

Seagate File Recovery Pricing:

Seagate file recovery costs $79 and $99.

The premium pricing and the technician plan which costs $79 and $99.

While the premium plan allows only 1 system installation, the technician plan allows 5 system installations.

Seagate Files Recovered from Reformatted Drive

This software has the best recovery rate when it comes to the recovery of reformatted files. It could find and even restore 99.27% of all the files in just one take. But, it found absolutely nothing on the second run.

The returns were much worse when it came to recovering reformatted files from the solid state drive, where only 33% files were recovered and all of them were MP3’s and pictures.seagate file recovery

There are options available which can improve recovery results including their own recovery service.

This software comes with a wide variety of scanning features, which allow you to minimize the time spent scanning large drives since that may take longer. The software lets you scan by the type of file too.

You can even filter these results later in order to find the files which you need. You can even pause or save scans in order to continue at a later date.

Unfortunately, it won’t let you remotely access network connected computers even though you do have the option of scanning connected drives.


  • Above average performance in every area
  • Supports all types of files
  • Interface is very easy to use
  • Can recover files from crashed windows
  • Can recover files from formatted hard disks
  • Supports every Windows File system


  • A little expensive
  • Doesn’t support Linux
  • Doesn’t support recovery from any other media
  • Doesn’t have a network recovery feature

✅ How much does Seagate take time to recover?

Seagate takes usually 2 to 21 days to recover. Some say it takes 7 days to recover the data.

🔥 What is the warranty period for the Seagate external drive?

Seagate external drives give warranty period of 1 years, 2 years or 5 years in all.

🏆 Is Seagate Reliable Software?

Seagate file recovery are one of the most affordable and cheapest hard drives. It transfers data at a rate of 100 MB per second.

Summary: Is Seagate File Recovery Worth It?

Seagate file recovery certainly has a talent for recovering your files from hard drives, but when it comes to SSD’s or microSD’s, it isn’t the best.

It could very easily scan HDDs and recovered almost every lost file. The best returns from reformatted files. You should certainly consider using it for your hard drive.

Hope you have liked my review on Seagate File recovery and save your data.

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