Seller Snap Review 2023: Is It A Worthy Amazon Repricing Tool?

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In this article, I am going to discuss Seller Snap Review 2023.

Seller Snap provides an automated Amazon Game Theory Repricer and Analytics tool that is AI-powered.

The repricer automatically chooses the best plan to outsmart the competition and allows sellers to win the Amazon Buy Box at the highest possible price.

The fully automated algorithmic repricer uses real-time data to make immediate reprocessing decisions to ensure that you remain competitive.

seller snap review

Seller Snap Review 2023– Is This Amazon Repricing Tool Worth?

What Can You Do with Seller Snap?

Seller Snap primarily helps you Reprice, Analyse, and grow Your Business efficiently and effortlessly. The developers have created some very crisp and powerful tools that allow you to deliver the best possible results irrespective of how the market changes.

The company applies “Game Theory” tactics to help you evaluate the market situation and act accordingly to enhance your Amazon sales!

The platform offers the most innovative and thought-out Amazon repricer and business intelligence tool on the market. The platform was designed to help Amazon sellers save valuable time and effort by preventing price wars to optimize revenue and profits.

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reprice & analyze


To maximize benefit, their AI Algorithmic Repricer, created with Game Theory in mind, applies the optimal strategy for each individual listing.


To help you monitor and automate your store, powerful BI tools give you useful insights. Find out Seller Snap was chosen by more than 80% of Amazon sellers who began a free trial with Seller Snap.

Powerful Marketing Solutions for Amazon sellers

Seller Snap developed some robust and powerful tools, as mentioned earlier to enhance your sales performance in the Amazon market and thus increase sales and achieve higher profits.

  • AI Amazon Repricer

As the name suggests, AI Amazon Repricer is an algorithmic repricer that thinks like a human seller. The aim of creating this repricer tool was to be simple, clean, and honest.

Virtually all repricing solutions on the market, ranging from ten dollars to thousands of dollars a month, advertise a repricing algorithm promising the moon and stars. In fact, almost every piece of code used on Amazon to reprice can be called an algorithm.

However, Retailer Snap can forecast the actions of a specific competitor and make tailor-made price changes that outsmart the competitor.

seller snap custom repricing strategies

  • Advanced Repricing Tools

Seller Snap understands and acknowledges the challenges that Amazon sellers generally come across and has therefore designed a comprehensive toolbox for repricing, giving you the choice to alter the repricer, combining AI with customizable conditions to meet your specific business objectives according to your business needs.

  • Follow your Competitors

The device will adjust your price automatically any time a competitor adjusts its price.

  • Suppressed Buy Box

Identify the desired behavior in instances where Amazon suppresses the buybox.

  • Follow a related ASIN

Automatically set the price based on price adjustments from an associated ASIN. Reproaching packaged products or private labeling is helpful.

  • Competing with Amazon

Adjust the repricing policy when Amazon is competing for the Buy Box.


Seller Analytics

A native tool has been created by Seller Snap that enables users to gain valuable insights and analytics about their business and sales.

This is a business intelligence and analytics tool for Amazon sellers that provide you with the most important metrics at a glance, helping you make informed business decisions based on real-time data.

You, as a seller, will be able to see how well each SKU performs by using this simple tool. Here is a list of aspects that allow you to analyze with Seller Analytics.

How Well Are Your Products Selling?

To clearly distinguish the best and worst-performing products, see revenue and profits, and monitor the speed of sales for each individual listing.

Who Are Your Competitors?

See the current Buy Box price, your Buy Box share, and a breakdown of your rivals’ FBA, FBM & SFP. Identify which listings Amazon competes on.

What Are Your Inventory Levels?

To understand when you run low on stock and how easily you can reorder items, track your inventory levels. Simply see the age of inventory and stop long-term storage costs.

  • Actionable Insights & Customizable Reports

The more information you have, the greater the difficulty to make sense of it all. With that in mind, Seller Snap Premium provides advanced data tools to create your own ideas and reports powered by data, enabling you to focus on your company’s most critical issues.

Seller Snap Premium provides dynamic filters and data points to help you create your own personalized reports and tips.

  • Revenue Drop

Check out which listings generated less revenue this week than the previous week.

  • Listings without competitors

Consider repricing dependent on linked ASIN.

  • Buy box below MIN price

Lower your min price to win a share of BuyBox.

Seller Snap’s Accelerator Program

The Accelerator Program’s objective is to help small businesses thrive on Amazon by providing them with the right tools to compete with the largest sellers of Amazon.

Access to our advanced AI-powered Repricer and Seller Analytics software will be gained by sellers accepted into the Accelerator Program.

These tactics, together with the assistance of our competent account managers, give our sellers the ability to capture buybox share and maximize revenue.

To set our participants up for success, the number of participants in the Accelerator program at any given time is limited.

What does the Accelerator Program include?

Members will have access to Seller Snap’s AI-driven Repricer and all additional repricing tools, as well as robust seller analytics. Members will also draw upon the comprehensive expertise of our account management team.

Who qualifies for the Accelerator Program?

  • Amazon sellers with under 1000 active listings.
  • Monthly average revenue of less than $25,000 for the last three months.
  • Competing for the BuyBox

What are the terms and conditions of the Accelerator Program?

  • Each Accelerator Program cycle lasts for six months.
  • Members-only have one Amazon store.

Pricing Plans On Seller Snap

At the moment, Seller Snap offers clients to choose from 4 different plans. Each plan has been bundled with numerous features with prices starting at $250 per month, curated to help you scale up your Amazon selling business.

seller snap pricing plans

  • Accelerator Program

Price: $250 per month

  • Standard

Price: $500 per month

With the  Repricing Patented Game Theory, Maximize Profits & Stop Price Wars. See how well every product performs with our Comprehensive Analytics dashboard.

  • 1 Store
  • 3 Users
  • Up To 15,000 Listings
  • Repricing
  • AI Game Theory Repricing
  • Customizable Repricing Strategies
  • Price based on Related ASINs
  • Analytics
  • Sales, Profit, Buy Box share, and more on each listing
  • Store Level Aggregations and Trends
  • Filters to Focus on Groups of Products
  • Support
  • 24/7 expert support
  • Premium

Price: $800 per month

To scale up the business and make data-driven decisions, using customized reports and advanced analytics.

  • 3 Store
  • 10 Users
  • Up To 30,000 Listings
  • All Standard features Plus:
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Additional data points such as Sales Rank and Inventory Age
  • Custom Actionable Insights
  • Automated Workflow
  • Open API
  • FTP file uploads
  • Support
  • 24/7 expert support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Unlimited

Price: Contact the support team for quotes

For enterprises with extremely large quantities of products or with complex technological specifications.

  • Multiple Stores
  • Unlimited Users
  • More than 30,000 Listings
  • All Premium features Plus:
  • Dedicated environment
  • Custom integrations
  • Support
  • 24/7 expert support
  • Dedicated account manager

**For more information about the Unlimited plan and other queries regarding the pricing scheme, visit the Seller Snap official website or contact the customer support team!

Why do we love Seller Snap?

seller snap review- features

Seller Snap is better than most of the resources that I have come across so far for repricing. The platform has been developed to take account of the traditional issues mostly faced by Amazon sellers and to fix them effectively.

They deliver what they preach, which makes Seller Snap a strong instrument.

Here are some reasons why we really liked Seller Snap.

1. Easy Setup

Seller Snap provides all the information and resources needed to enable you to start repricing within 15 minutes.

2. Automatic Repricer

Amazon Repricer Game Theory is completely automated, AI-powered, ensuring maximum possible performance.

3. Automatic Repricer

Amazon Repricer Game Theory is completely automated, AI-powered, ensuring maximum possible performance.

4. Grow your business like never before!

Seller Snap has helped companies expand tremendously. They provide all the required resources to fully automate the repricing process for Amazon sellers who rely solely on their solution to ensure that they get the highest price for their products.

5. Feature-rich and easy to use!

Seller Snap has many important features that are not found on the market with any other repricing tool. They stand out for these attributes because it shows that they really care about your repricing needs.

6. Excellent customer care service!

These individuals seem like they really care about your success and provide great customer service. The support team is fantastic and quick to respond and provide responses that are relevant and to the point.

A good thing is that, as many other businesses do, they do not avoid your questions or give you pointless answers.

7. Value for money!

Seller Snap does not charge you an extra fee for actually selling items, even on the pricing front. The subscription plans are properly priced and provide all the necessary features you would need to distribute more Amazon sales.

Quick Links

FAQs – Seller Snap Review

🔥 Does Seller Snap calculate FBA and Amazon fees?

Seller Snap connects to Amazon’s API to accurately calculate Amazon fees and FBA fees.

👉 How fast is Seller Snap’s repricing process?

Seller Snap can reprice as easily as every two minutes. However, depending on the situation for each listing, our smart repricer makes strategic price decisions. Amazon only makes 30 repricing feeds per hour, as with any third-party solution

🤷‍♀️ Why should I reprice with Seller Snap?

To start repricing, you just need to import your minimum and maximum prices. Cost is optional but suggested in order to get the most out of the analytics of Seller Snap.

🤓 How is Seller Snap Game Theory Pricing helpful?

Seller Snap was designed to stop price wars; by using what we term a cooperative approach, we benefit from Game Theory tactics. Amazon sellers’ using a rule-based repricer can be defined as the seller attempting to do what is best for them in the short term. They neglect, however, the fact that selling on Amazon does not only entail one period of changes in prices. For each particular case, Seller Snaps AI repricer will automatically apply the best strategy. When you sell on Amazon, instead of rushing to the bottom, your aim should be to get the buybox share you are entitled to while keeping the price up.

🤔 Which Amazon Marketplaces does Seller Snap support?

United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain.

Conclusion: Seller Snap Review 2023

If you are planning to sell your products on Amazon, then you must surely be searching for programs and tools on the internet that can be trusted to enhance your selling game on the largest retail platform in the world.

A single Google search will give you hundreds of results featuring instruments and services that will help you sell on Amazon successfully and earn higher profits.

Quite frankly, Seller Snap appears to be the only tool I’ve come across for repricing in the modern age. Here is what I think of Seller Snap after fully going through the whole program.

So, if you are indeed looking for such solutions to bring in your A-game while selling on Amazon, then Seller Snap is the tool for you! It is a robust and powerful Repricer that every Amazon seller must utilize for their selling strategy.

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