How to Send an Anonymous Text Message with the Help of Apps

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Anonymous text message is when we want to send message without revealing our identity. Some day we want to play a prank with our friends and send them an anonymous text message in order to panic them and to make fun. Sometime when we want to communicate with customers or retailers, and do not want to share our contact information so in order to do this we send an anonymous text.

There  are various sites and apps through which we can do this but before moving further there is one thing I should tell you that it can be referred to as illegal if you are sending something which is violating the law. This can be tracked by your IP address that from where you are sending it.

Here are certain ways through which one can send the anonymous texts:

Send anonymous text message:

This website is the world’s largest and most trusted anonymous SMS service and everyday 100,000 anonymous messages are sent from the data centres. This site provide free service without any charges. This website is not liable for whatever messages you are sending and if they note any illegal activities you are doing like death threats, abuses etc then they can publish your IP address and block you from their site forever. There are certain steps to be followed in order to send text messages which are:

Step1: Search for the website by writing “send anonymous SMS” in the address bar

Step2: A window will be opened whereby in this                                                       1) Number to send from- write your number.                                                                   2) Country- write the receiver’s country to whom you’ll be sending the text. 3)Number to send to: write the number of the person to whom you’ll be sending the message.

Step3: Write your message in the message box and type the security code as written and press send.

Step4: When you send you’re accepting the website’s terms and conditions. You’re message will be sent successfully.

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This site allows you to send the free anonymous text messages globally. If you want to send bulk messages then you can do it but there is some charges starting from $20. You can attach the pictures and videos with the messages. This site provide sending both SMS and MMS sending option but you need to register first. Here are certain steps that need to be followed which are:

Step1: Open the site by searching for seasms in the address bar.

Step2: You have to write your mobile number with the country code in the “from” option  and the receiver’s mobile number with the country code in the ”to” option.

Step3: Write your actual messages and click on send.



Through sharpmails one can send the text messages and email to anyone you want. The major advantage is that you can send messages across the globe. All your messages sent is instantly delivered and delivery report is updated in real time. One can send the messages till 160 characters. It also allows users to store the history of messages. Some steps that need to be followed in order to use this are:

Step1: Open the sharpmail website and register yourself.


Step2: Login to your account and then a window will be opened whereby click on continue if you do not wish to upgrade.

Step3: Click on anonymous spoofing and fill up all the details and if you want to receive the reply , tick one and click on send.

This website can be used to send the messages to any Indian phone number. There is no registration required and one can send long messages with 160 characters. You can check the delivery reports in real time and it has very fast delivery system. This all features makes it very simple to use.  Certain steps need to be followed are:

Step1: You need to search for the by writing it in the address bar and enter the receiver’s phone number

Step2: Write your message which you need to send and click on send.

You can send the free messages to anyone without revealing your identity. The messages that should be written is of 140 characters. The main advantage is that you can send one message per day. For using it, you need to first register yourself. Afterwards, you need to follow certain steps described below:

Step1: Search for the website by writing in the address bar.

Step2: Register yourself and then log in to your account

Step3:You need to write the receiver’s mobile number and then write your message and then if you want flash message then click yes or else no.

Step4: Click on send sms.

Mustache  anonymous texting:

This is an app for sending the text messages to any person. You can send only 5 messages through this and after that you’ll be asked for credit. You just need to simply install the app from the play store and do as per the instructions.


Through this website one can send the messages to whomever they want in any country, without any cost. This is very simple to use. You just need to register yourself with it and then you have to follow certain steps:

Step1: Select the country of the person where you want to send your message.

Step2: Enter the receiver’s number and your name.

Step3: Type your message and enter the security code.

Step4: Click on send.

Free send sms:

This is the online anonymous messaging service wherein it become very simple to send the text messages. It does not direct you to send any abusive messages to anyone. There need to follow certain steps to use it which are:

Step1: Open the window by searching freesendsms in the search bar and then you have to choose the country of the receiver.

Step2: Enter the receiver’s mobile number and write your messages.

Step3: Enter your mobile number with the country code in the senderid option and then enter the verification code sent to your number.

Step4: Click on send



This site enables you to send messages for free and also unlimited messages to anyone without any cost. The major advantage of this website is that you can send unlimited messages with unlimited characters to anyone. The major disadvantage is that the preferred mobile carriers is of  US and person of another country can’t send the message from this site. There are some steps to be followed which are:

Step1:  You have to open the website by writing textem in the address bar

Step2: A windom will be opened whereby write your mobile number’ email address(if you want), mobile carriers, and your message.

Step3: Send the text by clicking on send.

Bottom of Form

This is a site for sending free messages to any person and it also offers sending anonymous text messages. A major disadvantage is that it can be used by only united states cell phone provider .

Certain steps to be followed are:

Step1: Open the website by searching in the address bar.

Step2: Enter the receiver’s number (to whom you are sending the messages) and one need to include the area code.

Step3: Enter the subject name and then the actual message you want to send and you have to enter the cell phone service provider and now you have to click on the send option. Your message are sent.



This site is very simple to use and it can be integrated with your website to send messages directly. The users of united states and Canada can send anonymous text messages to any person. This website offers a dashboard widget for Mac OS X user in order to send free text messages and receive replies in your email address. This new Iphone interface allows to send messages from the mobile web to any mobile phone of US and Canada from your Ipod touch or Iphone.

In order to use this one need to follow these steps:

Step1: Write you email in the box provided in order to receive the replies from the receiver.

Step2: You need to write the receiver’s phone number and the desired text message and click on send.

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This is an easily accessible site wherein you are not charged for any kind of  messages sent and there’s no registration required. This site is useful for the US and Canada users in order to send messages. In this there are certain steps that are needed to be follow:

Step1: In alias, you can either write a name or just write alias, entering the subject name is also anonymous.

Step2: Enter the mobile number to whom you want to send and then write your message and click on send.

These sites are useful when you want to send messages to anyone without revealing your identity or personal information but everything has legal and illegal implications. Use these only for some prank or when you want to inform about some illegal activities to authority without disclosing who you actually are. If it is used for certain illegal activities then these sites can send your information to the law authority. So be aware while using it.

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