SendPulse Review 2023 March – Easy & Affordable Email Marketing Tool

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Marketing campaign plays a significant role in the popularity of any business. They not only offer services to widen the scope of potential clients for the firm customer base but also create a great reputation of the company also, in the market.

Today, we are going to mention about one such traditional online marketing platform provider famous as SendPulse. For the firms, who are looking for an excellent marketing partner that focuses on the mass email campaign, SendPulse is the best choice for expanding their clientele.

With the help of various great marketing techniques, SendPulse has earned a name in the online marketing industry in the last few years. Let us discuss in this review whether the services they provide actually help the online businesses and their owners to gain potential customers or not?

SendPulse Review 2023 March – Easy & Affordable Email Marketing Tool

sendpulse review

About SendPulse

SendPulse is an online advertising services platform that facilitates its customers to attract massive traffic for their online businesses through the conventional advertising techniques. This internet marketing services provider put emphasis on three major aspects of online marketing, and these are

  • Email,
  • SMS and
  • Web Push

SendPulse has expertise in message services and empowers its clients to design and send messages using various formats in a simplified way. The company provides comprehensive services that include not only design and delivery, but also complete stats and analytics, API integration, fantastic customer services, tracking through the mobile application, etc.

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The company has made all the services that it provides through proven internet marketing platform remarkably simple, faster, easy and reliable. The qualified and skillful team of SendPulse ensures the successful delivery of promised services.

Pros of Using SendPulse

The services offered by SendPulse are designed in such a way that it magnifies the marketing productivity for the online businesses whether small or large. This benefits you to a large extent through

Enhanced Delivery

The SendPulse delivery model is based on the faster and improves delivery platforms. It offers the provision of collective mailings through a single platform to enhance the gross dispatching speeds. This technique is most important for the businesses that rely on the mass email campaign to reach their potential clients.

Personalized Messages

The only disadvantage of the mass emailing campaign is the generalized messaging through every email that is sent using any software or email service. However, SendPulse provides the personalized feature that enables its client to refine every email and customize it as per every known recipient or target audience. This renders its customers with huge ROIs that lead to better results and hence huge profits.

Artificial Intelligence Platform

SendPulse is not only a mass email platform, in fact; it is way more than that. It does not only send messages and emails to the target audience, but its AI leads the customers of SendPulse to develop the improved personalization, divide the recipient as well as subscribers base into various sectors of the market and perform the split testing to check the most useful market approach to get better results.

These Progressive methods in the operations will provide higher optimization of the timing along with the delivery broadcasts that utilize either email or SMS, or mobile or web push. Besides, mobile platform assistance has expanded significantly with SendPulse that permits the messages to be seen on mobile gadgets such as smartphone or tablet.

The clients of SendPulse can even compose emails with the selective templates, and schedule their delivery. They can also track the reports and analyze the success rate of the campaign.


sendpulse prices

SendPulse offers an array of packages to select from. The various pricing plans it offers are the free plan, pay-as-you-go plan, listed plans as well as VIP plans for the businesses with more than million subscribers. The free package provided by SendPulse lets its clients send 15,000 emails every month to a maximum of 2500 subscribers. It renders the small businesses with some outstanding options to start a well-designed email campaign, to begin with.

And in case, you want more than free plan features; the paid plan offers several great options. Here we are providing you with the SendPulse plans to give you the general idea about the different packages and their comparable prices.

List-Based Plans

These are the enlisted payment packages that offer services based on the number of subscribers. These are as follow.

  • For 2500 subscribers, the price is $9.85 per month
  • For 3000 recipients, the price is $29 every month
  • For 4000 subscribers, the payment amount is $32 for a month
  • For 5000 subscribers, $35 to be paid every month
  • For 10000 subscribers, the price of $53 per month
  • For 25000 subscribers, the amount to be paid is $108/month

However, for the similar plans, the other companies charge way more than SendPulse. For example, MailChimp charges 30 dollars per month for only 2500 subscribers, while SendPulse charges only 9.85 dollars every month. Hence, its prices are very comparable and affordable. It is definitely a better choice for many small businesses.

Pay-as-you-go SendPulse Plan

Pay-as-you-go plan is customized for the customers who do not prefer to send mass emails very frequently.  It is a prepaid facility that allows you to send emails as per your requirement, and you only need to pay for the emails messages that you send to your recipients. The pricing of the plan goes as follows,

  • To send up to 10000 emails, the charges applicable are $32
  • For 25000 emails, the pricing is $70
  • To send 50000 emails, you need to pay $125
  • For 100000 emails, the amount to be paid is $212
  • Similarly, for 250000 and 50,000 emails, the charges are $440 and $812 respectively.

Customer Support Service

The company offers 24*7 support, through the phone as well as chat. The client support team assists the clients regarding any problem related to the product or services. They also provide services like

Video Tutorials

It displays Videos for the better explanations

Knowledge Base

It offers complete information regarding the product, its services along with the knowledge of features.

Email Marketing Glossary

It explains the General email marketing techniques.


It offers various frequently asked questions regarding services o provide detailed information.

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Conclusion: SendPulse Review 2023 March – Easy & Affordable Email Marketing Tool

There is no doubt that the SendPulse has earned a strong reputation in the market for the kind of services it provides to its clients. While its messaging services save time, they also allow you to customize your emails as per the recipients or the target audience for your business.

Also, its web push system lets you integrate your marketing endeavors, while it allows you to split your recipients based on factors such as delivery date, language, platform, etc. We highly recommend this online messaging marketing platform to all the small and large businesses as it can really help them to enhance the ROI.


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