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Online learning is not just about finding the right course on a platform, but also about getting positive learning experience and getting value out of the money spent.

With plenty of online learning platforms available out there, one platform that actually outshines the rest is Simpliv Learning.

Though you may have heard a lot of good stuff about this platform, it is always better to analyze a firm and its quality before enrolling into a course impulsively

In this blog, we will take you through the highlighting features of Simpliv Learning and will discuss why you should or shouldn’t register yourself on this platform. So, take a moment to read this blog and decide for yourself.

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30% Off On Simpliv Courses

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About Simpliv Learning

Simpliv Learning is an online learning platform that was founded in the year 2016 by an alumnus of a premier institution in India.

Headquartered in California, Simpliv Learning is facilitating people with learning abilities and enabling them to make a future using it.

Though it came into the market pretty recently, in just this small timeframe, Simpliv Learning has earned good graces among the companies operating in the EdTech industry.

Let’s have a detailed discussion on some of the outstanding features that distinguish Simpliv Learning from its competitors!

Exhaustive Course Library

Even though it has been 4 years of Simpliv Learning being fully functional in the market, it already has an exhaustive set of courses in its library. Simpliv Learning offers a huge range of courses which includes technical, non-technical, lifestyle, art, management, and business-related courses that cater to the learning needs of almost everyone.

Simpliv does not have just one course program on one subject. For each and every subject, Simpliv Learning offers plenty of courses which are suitable for different domains.

simpliv libraryWide Array of Course Categories

The range of course categories offered by Simpliv Learning is quite wide. This platform offers courses in 16 diverse categories which are further categorized in various subjects. The categories offered by Simpliv Learning are:

  1. All Development
  2. Database
  3. IT & Software Systems
  4. Health & Vigour
  5. Individual Development
  6. Desirable Lifestyle
  7. Productive Expertise & Efficiency
  8. Profession
  9. Blueprint & Designing
  10. Marketing
  11. Frames & Portraits
  12. Music
  13. Academics
  14. Language & Vocabulary
  15. Preparation Tests
  16. Engineering

Various applied subjectsare further categorized under the broad streams which have plenty of courses under them.

All these categories consist of all kind courses beginning from life coaching, latest technology trends, healthcare to art, painting, and music production.

An interesting category which is not usually found in other established platforms is Preparation Tests, which helps you prepare for some of the toughest tests, such as GMAT, GRE, LSAT, TOEFL, etc. All these preparation courses help you qualify for the tests that are often tough to clear in one shot.

Quality Training

Simpliv Learning is becoming popular for providing quality training to its learners. Simpliv Learning offers courses which help learners gain knowledge that is in line with the present-day industry practices and expectations.

Most of the times, candidates get rejected as they lack real-world knowledge. The learning they receive tends to be more theoretical than practical, which hampers their chances of getting selected in the interviews.

However, Simpliv Learning breaks this barrier by enriching the courses with firsthand industry knowledge and hands-on exercises. Students learn both the aspects of a subject which makes them prepared for the real-world organizational challenges.

Lecture videos, interactive trainings, learning materials, and practice sessions are just a few of the resources that Simpliv Learning facilitates its students with, to help them learn in a better way.

Take a look at the following customer reviews!

While the above testimonials prove the quality of training provided, these also indicate that the way lectures are delivered are out of the box, which we will discuss in the following section in detail.

simpliv courses

Top-notch Instructors

Modern learners do not just want to learn what is written in the books but are more inclined towards getting knowledge that familiarizes them about the actual scenario of companies and their operations. Not to mention that companies prefer candidates that are aware of the real-world applications of any skill or subject.

It is for this reason that Simpliv Learning has chosen individuals from top-notch firms, and with rich working experience, as its trainers/instructors. The instructors on Simpliv Learning are renowned personalities, who deliver lectures in various universities and institutions and have significant tutoring experience.

Although Simpliv Learning allows anyone to become an instructor, only the courses in which the demonstrations are exceptionally engaging and full of in-depth knowledge, are allowed on the platform.

All these trainers are professionally certified instructors who design courses with defined structure and assign learning hours to each lesson in a way that can help learners understand various topics in a balanced fashion.

Self-paced Courses, Virtual Training, and Course Bundles

Simpliv Learning offers courses in three main formats, i.e.;

Self-Paced Courses:

People who wish to learn can browse through the wide range of Self-paced courses offered on this website.

Once you enroll into a course, you are able to access the course material for life. There are lecture videos, learning materials, practice exercises, etc., which help learners understand the topics.

Also, the learners are awarded with the course completion certification at the end, which helps them prove their abilities.

Course Bundles:

As per the market demand, Simpliv Learning allows learners to master multiple topics under a particular subject, that in combination helps them gain overall knowledge and expertise.

These Course Bundles are sold at highly discounted prices in comparison to the individual self-paced courses. Each course in the bundle awards you with a certificate, and therefore you get multiple certifications at the end of the course bundle.

The best part of enrolling to the bundles is that the learners can start learning any course of her choice, in the bundle, and learn at her own pace.

Virtual Training:

Unlike Self-paced courses, Virtual trainings are the live virtual classes that are scheduled on particular days.

Enrolled candidates can attend the classes and can also interact with the author/instructor. These webinars help clear some of the significant doubts that learners face while learning the lessons on their own.

Price Filtering at Simpliv

Another super feature of Simpliv Learning is that finding the right course is actually very easy in comparison to other popular platforms.

On most of the platforms, ‘Search’ is the only option to find the courses related to a particular subject, and then you need to select the right course from the list and choose among the course even if that does not fit in your budget.

However, on Simpliv Learning, along with all other search options, there is a price filter that lets you find the courses that just fits right into your budget and gives you knowledge that you need. Take a look!

If you observe, in the result section, all the Python courses which come under $15 are reflecting. All these courses are different and are in conjunction with different technical aspects.

20 Days Money Back Guarantee

Sometimes the learners are skeptical about spending big amounts of money on online learning as they do not have prior experience of the same, or they do not trust the platform.

To help learners overcome these, Simpliv Learning allows you to get the refund within 20 days unlike most of the trusted platforms that take longer.

Learners can enroll into any course of their choice, and if they do not like the course content, they can opt for a refund, which they are entitled for within 20 days of enrolling.

However, with the positive customer reviews doing the rounds about Simpliv Learning, the cases of refund have been very less.

Learning Content

It is not that Simpliv Learning offers learning materials to only candidates who enroll.

Simpliv Learning constantly publishes insightful tutorials and blogs on its blog section, which help readers get enormous reading material to learn on various trending topics.

Not only this, Simpliv Learning actively produces visual content like insightful infographics and informative videos which not only give you maximum information in one glance, but also help you access those content without having to subscribe or pay a single penny.

Pros of Simpliv Learning

After going through a huge feature list of Simpliv Learning, let’s understand howit is going to be beneficial for you if you choose Simpliv Learning over other eLearning platforms:

Free Courses

People who wish to learn, but are not able to spend, are also welcome on this platform. Simpliv Learning has a spectrum of courses which are free of cost.

Registering on them costs you nothing and you learn absolutely top-quality lectures that most other platforms would include in their paid courses.

However, the learners will not get the course completion certification like they do in paid self-paced courses. These courses are short to medium duration long along with lecture videos and learning resources too.

Therefore, it would be appropriate to say that Simpliv Learning is suitable for everyone irrespective of the educational and professional backgrounds.

Low Starting Price

The starting range of the paid self-paced courses on Simpliv Learning is as low as $2.99, which is way cheaper than the paid courses on other platforms. The maximum price range of the self-paced courses is $800.

As stated above in the Features section, you have the option to set the price range within which you wish to see the courses. Based on your budget selection, courses will be reflected with different pricings among which you have to choose from.

Most of the reputed websites begin their self-paced courses at $35, which may not be convenient to everyone.

Some of the learners look for short terms courses just to learn something as a hobby. For those learners to whom spending big amounts on online courses is not feasible; the inability of most learning platforms to offer low price range options certainly represents a handicap.

Simpliv Learning overcomes this loophole by facilitating learners with viable options to select from. The lowest price range courses are nowhere inferior to the high range courses in terms of training quality or learning experience.

All the self-paced courses have the same amount of quality and quantity of learning.

Credible Certification

When it comes to having the credibility in the market, Simpliv Learning has earned the trust of very well-known companies. Many a time, learners regret making putting money on learning from a platform that is not even recognized. Modern companies give preference to candidates who are certified by a renowned and established firm.

Though Simpliv Learning is a comparatively a new name in the market, it has created a good brand identity. This platform has gained customer trust and loyalty on the basis of services, knowledge imparting, and the vision of better future for the candidates in the modern society.

Simpliv’s motto is to allow learners to grab top quality knowledge by being a channel that intends to help both kinds of learners at the ends of the spectrum-the professional and a housewife- with the same level of enthusiasm.

Value for Money

Simpliv Learning does not just assure you of excellent coaching, but also provides you an overall splendid learning experience.

Beginning with allowing you to choose courses that fit within your budget to helping you with prompt customer support, Simpliv Learning is on point in terms of providing its customers a happy experience.

It is probably the value that Simpliv Learning provides in exchange with the course fee, that the customers are loyal, happy and are growing by the day.

Exciting Offers

Simpliv Learning offers a great deal of discounts throughout the year on various occasions along with the offers and coupons almost every time.

While the course programs are less expensive than on other platforms even in normal times, these sale offers actually make the paid courses even more affordable to everyone.

At the time of the present pandemic, while the world is suffering the deadly Coronavirus, eLearning has empowered people in the most convenient fashion, being accessible to people of all ages, educational or professional backgrounds

Therefore, saying that Simpliv Learning truly cares about promoting learning would be an understatement.

No Hidden Charges

Many online platforms levy hidden charges for the course completion certification at the end, which is in addition toother items such as the registration charges during the enrollment. However, on Simpliv Learning, there are no hidden charges for anything.

The course costs are mentioned on the website and that is exactly what learners pay. This is one of the prime reasons that learners across the globe trust Simpliv Learning for.

Cons of Simpliv Learning

Despite all the positive words, none of the platforms are 100% error free. For this reason, you also need to explore the disadvantages of Simpliv Learning in comparison to others. Let’s discuss below!

New Learning Platform

Definitely, in the EdTech industry where there are names which are highly recognized and accepted, Simpliv Learning is comparatively a new name, and has lesser customer base than the front runners.Founded in the year 2016, it is not the leading online training providing firm.

However, the pace at which Simpliv Learning is gaining customer validation, it is soon going to become one of the favoriteplatforms for online learning and instructing.

Not Affiliated with Universities

Unlike many of the learning platforms, Simpliv Learning is not affiliated with universities. Simpliv Learning is not partnering with any universities to design the course programs. All the courses that are available on the platform are sold by individual authors.

Therefore, the course completion certification offered by Simpliv Learning at the end certify that you have completed a course and does not certify you on behalf of any institution or firm.

However, as Simpliv Learning Course programs are the testimonies of skills and knowledge, a certification from this platform is surely a feather on the cap of the learners.

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Conclusion | Simpliv Coupon Codes 2023

Every platform has some advantages and disadvantages like Simpliv Learning has. However, trust, convenience, affordability, and quality are some of the mantras adopted by this firm.

The best part of this platform is that even after knowing all these benefits, if you still do not want to proceed, there is always a scope for refund within 20 days of enrolling.

Although it is at a nascent stage of online learning, its growing popularity and customer base is surely going to increase in the future, making it the first choice for learners.

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50% Off On Simpliv Courses

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