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slidedog coupon codes

A multimedia presentation is a useful tool to present your ideas. Whether you are a businessman, student or an employee, your ideas should be presented in such a way so that the viewer understands every bit of your presentation in an easy way. SlideDog is an exclusive and powerful tool for presentation which easily shifts between multimedia presentation documentation and makes it stress-free to present like a professional. Let’s first check out the SlideDog Coupon Codes to get the discount.

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How to apply for the SlideDog coupon codes discount?

  • Go to the SlideDog website by clicking on the discount icon.
  • Click on pricing and get the details of the plans.
  • Choose the plans as per your requirement.
  • If you choose the free software, the click on Download Free.
  • For Pro plan, you have to click on Sign Up.
  • Fill up the personal and banking details and finish the process.
  • Enjoy the software and create the unique multimedia presentation.

About SlideDog

SlideDog gives you full freedom to generate all-in-one playlists from your favorite presentation media. With SlideDog, you don’t have to worry about the old method of slide and bullet point presentations. It allows you to combine various media forms to one unified multimedia presentation.

SlideDog Presents in the way you want


Why restrict yourself to one presentation means when you can conjoin PowerPoints, Prezis, PDFs, and many more components into one easy-to-create playlist. By means of SlideDog, you never have to shift between various programs during your presentation.


No alteration, no demote, no shocks. All your constituents show in their prime setups and show just like you’d think them to. As soon as the playlist is full, your content plays back as still it’s just one whole folder.

Supported Files

  • Powepoint- SlideDog supports all PowePoint file formats (.ppt, pps, .pptx, etc.,) via Office PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer.
  • PDF- SlideDog supports all kinds of PDF files via Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro .PDFs with 3D and multimedia is supported.
  • Prezi- SlideDog supports Prezi portable presentations (prezi.exe files) eported from website or Prezi Desktop.
  • Video- SlideDog supports all common and uncommon video file formats, including YouTube, via VideoLan VLC multimedia player.
  • Images- SlideDog supports these image formats- .png, .jpeg, and .bmp.
  • Web- SlideDog supports web pages via the Google Chrome browser and one can select between the windowed or full screen mode.
  • Word- SideDog supports all Word file formats like .doc, docx, etc., via MS Office Word 2007 version or higher.
  • Excel- SlideDog supports all Excel file formats .xls, .xlxs, etc., via MS Office Excel 2007 or higher.

Quick Access

SlideDog lets you connect with your audience in an exceptional way thru live streaming of your presentation at a click of the button. Everyone with the web browser can join your viewers in real time.  It is done via two features given below:


By means of Live Sharing you can show your reports in real-time. Send your members a link to your online network and with a click they will be in, seeing from their own web browser.


Manage SlideDog from any web-enabled gadget. Use the SlideDog Remote app to swap between presentation documents, change slides, stop videos, and more.

Truly Interactive Presentations

Involve your spectators with communicating questions; seek queries or comment your slides and gather response on your presentations.


Involve partakers by including a live chat or conversation. Obtain queries and explanations from the spectators and reply to whom you want, when you want.


How was your presentation go? Were your listeners involved? Is there something that can be improved? Get unidentified reaction using your own feedback form.

 Plans & Pricing

Download the Free version with no strings involved or go Pro and take your presentations and onlookers to the next level.

The free version will give you access to the 15 Pro features for fifteen minutes at a time. Just download it and it will let you generate playlists with any kind of presentation media and display them to the spectators flawlessly.

Features of Free SlideDog version

  • Sole screen mode- Also acknowledged as “Clone mode”.Your PC screen (and the linked projector) displays both presentation archives and the SlideDog user interface.
  • SlideDog related image- Before your show begins and during pauses, the SlideDog logo is shown to the viewers.
  • Usage of Pro features (15-min time bound)- SlideDog Free users can try out the Pro features as many times as they want to, but just for 15 minutes at a time.
  • Community support- SlideDog Pro clients will get their queries replied in less than 24 hours by our SlideDog staff. SlideDog Free users may have to some extent the longer improvement. All users have complete access to the community discussion.

Features of SlideDog Pro version

SlideDog Pro gives you access to all Pro features and quality support. The month-long plan is payable every 30 days, and you can opt out at any time.


Monthly:$ 14.99 per month.

Annual:$ 99 per year (45% discount).

Forever:$ 249 onetime payment

  • Single and Dual screen modes – Also recognized as “Extended Desktop” mode or “Presenter View.” Your PC screen displays a control panel of the playlist, slide thumbnails, proceedings, etc., while the viewers sees only the presentation records.
  • Use of your own contextual image – For corporation branding and prominence, you can utilize your own background image through halts and before the begin of a slideshow.
  • Looping and auto-advance features – Use SlideDog as a digital signage result. Entwining presentation playlists allows SlideDog proceed the presentations automatically. This element is seamless for unattended presentations at exhibitions or meeting stands.
  • Live Sharing and Audience Interaction – Let your spectators follow your presentation on their own gadgets. In addition to watching the present and previous slides, your onlookers can ask queries, answer ballots and provide important response. You control what is shown at all times.
  • SlideDog Remote Control- Go ahead with the slides, scrutinise your notes, and change between documents from your mobile device. Our remote App is beneficial to anchors, engineers and event planners who like to control SlideDog presentations from anywhere in the room.
  • Premium support- SlideDog Pro users will get replies in less than 24 hours from SlideDog personnel. Free users might have to wait a bit longer. Both can use the communal forum as they prefer.

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SlideDog is a unique and fast way to create multimedia presentations. You can bring together any kind of media into one show. Therefore, this software is very intriguing and the multifunctional features help you in making great presentations.

It also supports all the common file formats for your presentation making it more interactive. You can simply connect with your audience live with a click. Moreover, SlideDog coupon codes will help you in saving money on the premium plans.

Hope you find the SlideDog coupon codes beneficial for your next presentation.


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