SmugMug Coupons for 2022– Get 40% Off on Photos

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In this post, you will get SmugMug Coupons October 2022, and also know the process of creating your own coupons for photobuyers.

About SmugMug

SmugMug allows you to safely store your photos online and host videos. Based upon the storage you could share, and sell your photos online. Your photos are secure and you don’t have to worry. You can make your photos with privacy settings, which does not allow others to see your photos unless you remove this privacy setting.

You can share your photos to your friends and family members online and offline. Offline presentation of your photos is done by pro-level printers and merchandiser of SmugMug’s partners and they share your photos with care.

How SmugMug Coupons works?

SmugMug offers coupon system by which you can create your own coupons to offer buyers of your photos with certain discounts including free shipping of photos.

In this page you could find information about SmugMug’s coupons for your customer. The requirements to create coupons is you need to have account in SmugMug.

First of all before opening any account plan in SmugMug you need to sign-up with your email to become a subscriber of it. There are five account plans available with SmugMug including trial plan.

Account Plans of SmugMug

SmugMug Coupons Creation for Photo Buyers

You can create coupons for your fans only when you have a paid business account plan with SmugMug and also to set up custom pricing for your photos, which you are selling. Credit card information of Account Holder in SmugMug to create his or her coupon to provide their buyers total order at below cost.

Coupons will allows you to give an amount or percentage off, issue print credits, grant free shipping or make your buyer, to buy your photos at a certain cost.

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You can create coupons in SmugMug through your Account Settings > Business > Selling > Manage Coupons.

      Click create coupon button to create coupons for your buyers                    

      Note: If Hide Owner is enabled on your photo gallery, you cannot create coupons for that            gallery and you cannot fulfil additional photo requirements of your customers like adding photo frames etc.

 After clicking, create coupon button you have the following coupon options to select from as below

You select from the options above what you wish to offer to your Buyers. After selecting options for your coupon using Edit coupon option you could set the requirements of your coupons and restrictions for your coupon.

Coupons and Profit

Consider a photo of cost $10, which is priced at $110 with shipping charge of $4.95 for a mark-up of $100. Without a coupon the customer has to pay $114.95 and you would keep $85 as profit with 85% of that mark-up $100. In case if you offered $10 off, the customer has to pay $104.95 and you would keep $76.50 as profit.

Best Buy SmuMug Coupons Available for October 2022

Customer will see a coupon code if you have at least one coupon active in your account settings. Coupon codes are not case sensitive. If the cart contains multiples pros offering coupons and they will be using the coupons on each pro with one code. The discounts will be applied once they complete the order.

20% Off on any subscription


20% off on new or renewal accounts


20% off on any annual or monthly subscription


$5 Off Your First Year Subscription


20% off sitewide


Credit Card requirement for your coupons

Your credit card would be charged for the remaining of the base price of the prints, in case of a print credit, for SmugMug’s 15% share of the mark-up.

Only in these type of case as below you will be charged on your credit card.

  • A 50% off coupon used on products where the mark-up is less than 50%.
  • A $20 off coupon used on an order where your profit would have come to only $10.
  • A $110 print credit used to place a $110 order.

Hope you take advantage of the SmugMug Coupons October 2022 and save money.

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