Soldsie Review 2022: Is It Legit Tool To Sell On Instagram?

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In this article, we have shared the Soldsie Review 2022 with its features and usability including its detailed pros and cons.

Do you ever ask for what reason you’re continually distributing substances via web-based networking media? What’s it just for, what’s the master plan?

As a private venture, your best objective is to make deals. Internet-based life can enable you to improve your primary concern and let me demonstrate to you how!

But, what if I tell you that you can sell your products through the comments on Facebook and Instagram. Soldsie is a great platform for making sales using comments on Instagram and Facebook.

Soldsie Review 2022: Is This Tool Worth It?

As you go through the homepage of Soldsie, you will read ‘Sell on Facebook and Instagram using comments’. Soldsie is a comment sold app that turns your Instagram and Facebook feed into a shopping place.

Soldsie Review-Soldsie

When a user comments on your item feed with ‘sold’, they will receive an email with an invoice which would redirect them to the Shopify checkout cart. Soldsie is a great tool for businesses looking to grow their social media presence on Instagram.

In this review, I have shared the Soldsie features, pros, and cons in detail.

Soldsie Features:

Soldsie Comment Buying

If you are using Soldsie For Facebook and Instagram, you can make sales using the comments by the customer. Once they comment ‘sold’ on your products, they will receive a unique link using which customers can buy the products,

On the backend, Soldsie gives an interface to deal with the invoicing procedure, with instruments for following deals, solicitations, and stock and that’s just the beginning.

Integration with Shopify

Soldsie seamlessly integrates with Shopify and works well with your Shopify store which makes it the favorite choice for most of the customers.

Soldsie Review + Shopify Integration

You can easily sell with Soldsie and track sales and data as well as keep the record for inventory on Shopify. The customers can even checkout through the checkout page of your brand using Shopify and hence your customers can get the trust.

With Soldsie+Shopify, you can easily upload the products from the product catalog and you don’t feel the need to enter the product details multiple times.

  • Shipping: Shipping becomes easy if you integrate Soldsie with Shopify. Shopify integrates well with platforms like Shipstation.
  • Coupons: You can create the coupons using Shopify and use Soldsie to sell it on Instagram and Facebook. This way, your coupon will sell better on social media.
  • Payments and Tax: Payment processor and taxes are set up in Shopify as checkout happens in the e-commerce cart and not Soldsie.  You do not need to connect a business PayPal or Stripe account to Soldsie.
  • Product Prices: In Shopify, you can first change the prices and variables and then use those products on Soldsie. Changing prices and variables in Soldsie are superficial and will not reflect what the customer will be charged once going through checkout in Shopify.

Soldsie For Instagram 

Selling on Instagram can be super easy. You cannot embed the links into Instagram posts and that certainly affects your conversion rate. With Instagram & Soldsie, you can sell more easily.

how to use instagram for selling products

Post a product on Instagram and your customer’s comment is sold on your post. When they comment sold, it will automatically be ordered to the customers.

You can increase engagement on Instagram by using the Have2Have. It sends traffic to your website and integrates with Shopify as well.

Companies like the Frye Company, DailyLook, and Nylon Magazine use it to increase revenue from Instagram.

You can turn your Instagram page into a full-fledged Instagram store which allows Instagram selling.

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How To Sell On Social Media with Soldsie?

Soldsie Review-How It Works

Soldsie has made a progressive method for adapting your internet-based life adherents and selling on your social media.

Let’s say, you start by posting a product image on Instagram and Facebook. Your followers comment ‘sold’ on your post.

First-time buyers will receive a  click on the link and redirect to the checkout page. Once they have made the payment, their order will be placed.

Thus, it makes it easier for both sellers and buyers.

Soldsie Pricing:

There are different 2 plans for Soldsie; one for comment buying and the other for your website or Instagram.

For the comments buying on Facebook, you can choose anyone out of three plans. Comment selling also works for Instagram.

Soldsie Review-Pricing Plan

It has three plans; Basic, Connected and Branded.

Each of the plans has different features.


  • Costs $49 per month
  • Purchase word: ‘sold’
  • Email Capture
  • Influencer
  • Soldsie Inventory
  • Comment Selling


  • Costs $99 per month
  • Purchase word: ‘sold’
  • Email Capture
  • Influencer
  • Soldsie & Shopify Inventory
  • Comment Selling


  • Costs $199 per month
  • Purchase word: ‘branded’
  • Email Capture
  • Influencer
  • Soldsie & Shopify Inventory
  • Comment Selling

However, if you want to get Have2Have. It for your website and Instagram following, it can boost up your conversion rate up to 70%. There are different pricing plans for the Have2Have.It sells for the customers.

These plans include features such as Conversion Tracking, Advanced Analytics, Schedule posts to Instagram, Shopify Integration, and link embedding.

Have2Have.It is available for Free Trial for 30-days. You require no credit card for that.

Pros and Cons of Soldsie:

Soldsie Pros:

  • Saves up a lot of time
  • Unique link for purchase
  • Available on both Instagram and Facebook
  • Integration with Shopify
  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • Quick Email Capture
  • Schedule Posts to Instagram
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Connect multiple products per post
  • Customizable tracking codes
  • Pay-per-pricing model for Have2Have.It
  • Great Customer Support

Soldsie Cons:

  • The interface is somewhat particular. For instance, you need to physically consolidate shipping costs when a client doesn’t pay for the majority of their solicitations in a similar exchange.
  • By and large, I’d prescribe Soldsie as long as you have a strong, dynamic fan base.

Frequently Asked Questions:

✅ Is Soldsie Better than Comment Sold?

Comment Sold is a comment selling social media app that works much the same way as Soldsie. However, Soldsie still lacks some features that CommentSold has. It can only sell through comments in Instagram and Facebook and only integrates with Shopify. CommentSold has broad features and more ways to sell on Instagram.

🔥 Can I Sell On Soldsie without a website?

Yes. Soldsie does not require to integration with your website for selling the products. Soldsie has an inventory management system where you can manage inventory, orders, capture emails, and gather all the data in one place.

🎉How Does Soldsie Work?

Soldsie eases your social media selling by integrating the social media post with the Shopify. If a user is interested in your product, they would comment on the photo which would generate an invoice for them on Facebook or through email if they are using Instagram. Soldsie makes your Instagram and Facebook marketing easier by a single step purchase.

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Conclusion: Is It the Right Choice For You? Soldsie Review 2022

Soldsie is undoubtedly a great social media comment selling app for both Instagram and Facebook sellers.

Before joining Soldsie, think about this: does your Facebook page have a decent after and dynamic commitment?

What kind of items do you offer? Is it accurate to say that they are appropriate for speedy online deals?

In your Soldsie deal, you, for the most part, say you just have x number of units accessible, and individuals can openly observe who has just remarked “sold” to make sense of what number of units are left.

This was a detailed review of Soldsie for comments buying and to increase your sales with Instagram even if you don’t own a website.

Start with a risk-free 30-day free trial using the link above and give us valuable Soldsie Reviews in the comments.

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