Soldsie Review 2020: How To Sell Products on Social Media? (5-Stars)

Do you ever ask for what reason you’re continually distributing substance via web-based networking media? What’s it just for, what’s the master plan?

As a private venture, your best objective is to make deals. Internet-based life can enable you to improve your primary concern and let me demonstrate to you how!

I utilize software called Soldsie and it has been successful in developing my business. It’s an instrument that empowers me to make deals specifically on Facebook and Instagram. Their site is quite ambiguous; it does exclude evaluating or insights concerning how it functions.

In this article, we have shared the Soldsie Review May 2020 with its features and usability including its detailed pros and cons.

Soldsie Review 2020: Whats is Soldsie? Does It Sell Products on Social Media?

Soldsie, an online business administration empowering organizations to offer straightforwardly to their Facebook fans and Instagram adherents through the remarks segment, has brought $4 million up in Series A subsidizing from First Round Capital, the organization is declaring at the beginning of today. Others taking an interest speculator to incorporate SoftTechVC, Lerer Ventures, Correlation Ventures, Great Oaks Ventures, e. Ventures, 500 Startups and different people.

Soldsie Review-Soldsie

Blessed messengers in the round included Ken Landis, Richard Gerstein, Greg Kidd, Tom Kelly, Prosper Nwampka, Seth Ginns and Christine Herron.

The startup developed when the business was addressing regardless of whether Facebook trade or “f-business,” as some had truncated it, was really advantageous. Soldsie, which previously propelled in May 2012, found that Facebook trade could work, when it wasn’t only some other tab for clients to click into, however, would rather use the social exercises effectively occurring over these retailers’, merchants’ and organizations’ Facebook profile pages.

Soldsie Features:

Soldsie seamlessly integrates with Shopify and works really well with your Shopify store which makes it the favorite choice for most of the customers.

You can easily sell with Soldsie and track sales and data as well as keep the record for inventory on Shopify. The customers can even checkout through the checkout page of your brand using Shopify and hence your customers can get the trust.

With Soldsie+Shopify, you can easily upload the products from the product catalog to Soldies and you don’t feel the need to enter the product details multiple times.

With Shopify integration, you get the best features for Soldsie:

  • Shipping: Shipping becomes easy if you integrate Soldsie with Shopify. Shopify integrates well with platforms like Shipstation.
  • Coupons: You can create the coupons using Shopify and use Soldsie to sell it on Instagram and Facebook. This way, your coupon will sell better on social media.

Soldsie Review-Shopify Integration

  • Payments and Tax: Payment processor and taxes are set up in Shopify as checkout happens in the e-commerce cart and not Soldsie.  You do not need to connect a business PayPal or Stripe account to Soldsie.
  • Product Prices: In Shopify, you can first change the prices and variables and then use those products on soldsie. Changing price and variables in Soldsie are superficial and will not reflect what the customer will be charged once going through checkout in Shopify.

Soldsie Comment Buying

On Facebook, vendors were sharing photographs of their things available to be purchased, which fans would then remark on, as and re-share. Soldsie then added another layer to that progressing movement – enabling guests to remark “SOLD” so as to make a buy.

Shoppers would just need to enlist one time with the Soldsie application, which enabled the business to get to their own information, including their email address.

On the backend, Soldsie gives an interface to deal with the invoicing procedure, with instruments for following deals, solicitations, stock and that’s just the beginning. Organizations just email solicitations to the clients who remarked SOLD, and customers would then be able to pay to utilize PayPal or a charge card.

Last November, the organization presented a comparable framework for Instagram, enabling buyers to shop by means of the photographs’ remarks area by composing “sold” close by their email address.


Selling on Instagram can be super easy. You cannot embed the links into Instagram posts and that certainly affects your conversion rate. With Soldsie, you can sell on Instagram more easily.

Soldsie Review-Soldsie Instagram

Post a product on Instagram and your customers comment sold on your post. When they comment sold, it will automatically be ordered to the customers. You can increase the engagement on Instagram by using the Have2Have. It which send traffic to your website and integrates with Shopify as well.

Companies like the Frye Company, DailyLook, and Nylon Magazine use it to increase revenue from Instagram.

You can turn your Instagram page into a full-fledged Instagram store which allows Instagram selling. Make your Instagram page into a complete online shopping store for the shoppers.

Getting Started with Soldsie

To start with soldsie, you need to create an account with the valid email address and set a password.

Choose the store that you want to connect with. You can connect your Soldsie account with Facebook as well as Instagram too. If you have an existing page where you want to sell, connect the page to your soldsie account.

Fill in all the details such as phone number, store, and address. Choose the plan that suits you the best.

And you are ready to go!!

Why Choose Soldsie?

The best way to begin with Soldsie is by filling in their contact data structure.

It feels somewhat like tossing your data into a void since they don’t have numerous subtleties on their site. In any case, on the off chance that you never attempt you never know, correct? That is the thing that I thought when I joined.

The motivation behind the structure (I hypothesize) is for Soldsie staff to channel who might be a solid match for utilizing their application.It’s not worked for everybody, except there’s no “pleasant” method for saying so without turning individuals off.

Soldsie is major speculation, however, don’t let that prevent you from giving an attempt—it tends to be absolutely justified, despite all the trouble! They need to make sure they’re working with customers that will destroy their weight to make this work as a group.

What’s in store?

Soldsie isn’t an approach to in a split second become your Facebook following medium-term. It is anything but a moment approach to expanding your commitment.

Truth be told, you ought to have both of those things set up before attempting Soldsie. Soldsie is just software for profiting specifically on Facebook and Instagram, using your current fan or supporter base. Pinterest support is just around the corner.

How Soldsie Works?

Soldsie has made a progressive method for adapting your internet based life adherents. Here are the means by which it works:

  • You post a photo of the thing available to be purchased.
  • Your fan (client) essentially needs to remark “sold” on the thing
  • First-time purchasers register by clicking a connection.
  • Exchange total!
  • It’s an actually simple procedure for both purchaser and merchant.
  • The client’s enlistment procedure is easy– one time just and takes not exactly a moment
  • Online networking locales have dependably been known as a position of solace where individuals can loosen up among companions.

Soldsie Review-How It Works

Their psychological obstructions will, in general, be lower on social destinations, so bringing the deal straightforwardly to where they are as of now hanging out is virtuoso

Soldsie Pricing

There are differently 2 plans for Soldsie; one for the comment buying and other for your website or Instagram.

For the comments buying on Facebook, you can choose any one out of three plans. Comment selling also works for Instagram.

Soldsie Review-Pricing Plan

It has three plans; Basic, Connected and Branded.

Each of the plans has different features.


  • Costs $49 per month
  • Purchase word: ‘sold’
  • Email Capture
  • Influencer
  • Soldsie Inventory
  • Comment Selling


  • Costs $99 per month
  • Purchase word: ‘sold’
  • Email Capture
  • Influencer
  • Soldsie & Shopify Inventory
  • Comment Selling


  • Costs $199 per month
  • Purchase word: ‘branded’
  • Email Capture
  • Influencer
  • Soldsie & Shopify Inventory
  • Comment Selling

However, if you want to get Have2Have.It for your website and Instagram following, it can boost up your conversion rate up to 70%. There are different pricing plans for the Have2Have.It selling for the customers.

These plans include features such as Conversion Tracking, Advanced Analytics, Schedule posts to Instagram, Shopify Integration and link embedding.

Have2Have.It is available for Free Trial for 30-days. You require no credit card for that.

I have known about other value focuses, so approach Soldsie for a custom statement for your image.

Pros and Cons of Soldsie:

Soldsie Pros

There’s much more toSoldsie than making deals.

You get a marvelous account manager who checks in by means of telephone. My director even causes me to think of procedures for making more deals. He’s so flawless to work with.

You likewise get free, super-broad web-based life preparing. It incorporates books, online classes, calls, and access to exceptional Facebook gatherings to make inquiries and converse with other Soldsie clients.

Even if you don’t own a website, you can still manage inventory using Soldsie and manage all the products here. Add emails, manage orders and customers all at one place with a customized dashboard. Your customers can pre-order the products using the waitlist feature.

Obviously, Soldsie likewise has a business board device. The dashboard is truly smooth and very simple to utilize!

Soldsie Cons

Obviously, there is no ideal deals instrument. Here are a couple of cons that I’ve found while utilizing Soldsie:

  • There’s an underlying expectation to learn and adapt for fans, and some fair won’t “get” the idea of Soldsie.
  • The interface is somewhat particular. For instance, you need to physically consolidate shipping costs when a client doesn’t pay for the majority of their solicitations in a similar exchange.
  • By and large, I’d prescribe Soldsie as long as you have a strong, dynamic fan base.

Customer Service

The customer support team for Soldsie is quite helpful and gives you reliable support. You can contact the team through email or give your suggestions.

Soldsie has got a deep knowledge base for the customers on how to get started or how can you use soldsie to increase engagement. Sign up for the soldsie newsletter and get the latest updates on soldsie software. Follow the soldsie blogs for more relevant news and articles.

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 The Final Verdict: Soldsie Review 2020 How to Make Money From Instagram & Facebook Pages Through Soldsie

Before joining Soldsie, think about this: does your Facebook page have a decent after and dynamic commitment? “Great” is emotional yet your prosperity truly relies upon how responsive your fans are. Your page should have a dynamic commitment before you even consider utilizing Soldsie. Your fans ought to be both:

  • Keen on obtaining your items
  • Effectively remarking on your page
  • They have to remark “sold” to purchase, so motivating them to leave their shell and talk in the remarks is the way to progress.
  • The value scope of your items is likewise a factor. Things evaluated under $50 are incredible in light of the fact that they target hasty customers. I’ve likewise known about thousand dollar things being sold with incredible outcomes, so it truly relies upon how drawn in your fans are.

What kind of items do you offer? Is it accurate to say that they are appropriate for speedy online deals? The way of life items like gems, ladies’ and youngsters’ frill, nourishment, and apparel perform great on Soldsie.

Selling on Facebook is tied in with exploiting shortage, criticalness, and friend weight.In your Soldsie deal, you, for the most part, say you just have x number of units accessible, and individuals can openly observe who has just remarked “sold” to make sense of what number of units are left.

This was the detailed review of Soldsie for comments buying and to increase your sales with Instagram even if you don’t own a website.


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