Sophie Howard Amazon Blue Sky Course Review 2023

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User Reviews
Value for money


  • Very friendly course
  • Free webinars are conducted
  • Social media groups created
  • Good customer support
  • Learn anytime, anywhere
  • The quality of content is good
  • Easy to understand
  • Live learning with flexible timing


  • Refund policy is not good
  • Expensive than other courses

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Price:$ 995

In this article, I am going to discuss Sophie Howard Amazon Course Review.

Hey there, are you looking for an honest review for the best FBA course? Great! You have landed in the best place.

I’m going to provide you with the details about the best course that is Sophie Howard Amazon course that is the most favored course which helps the sellers in earning huge income or gain huge profits from Amazon. 

Sophie Howard indeed has some superb unique techniques and strategies when it comes to branding of the products.

Do you know what’s the best part of this course? Allow me to tell you.

Sophie Howard Amazon Blue Sky Course Review 2023

Overview of Sophie Howard Amazon Course

Sophie Howard Amazon Course

10 times more sales! Yes, you read it right her products make sales of about 10 times more compared to her competitors, it doesn’t stop here, the crazy part is that most of her products still do not have a huge number of competitions in the market.

Further, I will provide you details about the two best FBA courses designed by Sophie Howard which are: “Product University course” and “Amazon Navigator course” which is recently branded as the Blue-Sky Amazon.

Wondering what is the cost of this course? And will it give you a great return on investment? Hurry, scroll down to see the price and the pros and cons to help you make the correct decision.

The Rank of this Course-

This is ranked as number 1 out of the other 30 available options for FBA courses.

The Time Required-

For completing the entire course you require a minimum of 35 hours for Sophie Howard Amazon Course which is bifurcated into two parts that are 26 hours for the Product University course and 9 hours for the Amazon Navigator course.

The content of this course is extremely comprehensive but still has more focus on students who have a clear base of FBA from the past.

Rating is Given to this Course-

This course is rated the best course for FBA and has been given 4.5/5.

Price of this Course-

It costs $3,495 (USD) which can be paid in 4 months installment too, which is $995 for 4 months.

About Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard is the creator and designer of a great FBA course probably the best one that is she crafted 35 hours of video content for a course named The Blue Sky Amazon Course.

Sophie is born in the UK New Zealand. Did something push Sophie very hard to create this particular course?

Wish to know what?

Here, it is: Sophie was very tired and irritated with her previous job as intermediate CEO for various startups and ventures as she was constantly occupied with her work and was unable to give time to her family and personal life.

Sophie Howard says she has been motivated by her dear friend Aussie who helped her reach this stage, where she is formerly known as “The Selling Queen of Amazon” and a designer of “Aspiring Entrepreneurs” who guided her about the largest eCommerce platform.

These days when she is not burdened about her job, she takes relaxation in spending her time riding and traveling to various places.

She often combines her travel and business where she tends to work and meet different people at various public fairs which she counts as a great opportunity as a double bonus for herself.

This idea struck Sophie when she was working part-time for amazon business from home as she had just delivered a newborn child and needed some time away from her previous job, while she discovered the need for great help.

She got on board with highly qualified virtual assistants and worked on the business for 18 months in the year 2014 and created a huge 7 figure eCommerce amazon business. Isn’t that a superb quality of hers?

In the year 2017, she did way too many podcasts and got featured on them, some of those are Built to sell, Grit and Hustle Stitcher, podcast, Nadim, AM/PM podcast, Moms with dreams, and many more.

Further about Sophie Howard Amazon Course 

Okay so firstly, when you started researching about FBA courses you would have gone through various superficial information before, and then after the entire details are provided you would see an affiliated link attached to it, am I correct?

So this is not something that will be attached with false scam details, personally I have seen people struggle to earn from these FBA courses and are not really satisfied with their investments which is very sad and I really wanted to help them find what’s the best available option in the market and provide them accurate analysis and evaluation.

Further, I want to say that I really don’t want to give you a very biased review but I have come a long way of research before I wrote this review down.

And the facts and figures will lead you to satisfaction with whatever I’m trying to explain to you. This is the best possible course for gaining an income of 7 figures using FBA. That’s tempting right, a 7-figure income?

What Can You Expect From This Course?

Sophie Howard Popularity

Sophie Howard has created this course called The Blue Sky course that is made up of two major courses.

The amazon selling queen has become super famous and popular in her own field that is teaching and educating the world as she uses a great strategy of friendly teaching.

It creates a great bond with her students while provides them with the most fascinating informative information and content.

She is super famous on Facebook as well as YouTube and is also well known on LinkedIn.

This course is made up of 14 modules that provide you with a brief about your entire selling business.

It guides you at every stage and covers the entire process required for eCommerce selling, this goes much beyond compared to the ordinaries, it also includes the virtual help, sales guide, various online aids one of the most famous is the Feedback genius.

Okay, so I will be repeating one thing again as it is important but I do not want you to misinterpret this sentence.

A person who already knows basics about FBA models will gain more from this course as compared to a beginner or a person who has no knowledge, not saying if you don’t know anything you shouldn’t dive in for this course, all I’m saying is an experience will have an upper hand.

Want to know what all will be covered by Sophie?

  • A huge audience who are interested.
  • A product that is extremely unique and cannot be duplicated or difficult to copy.
  • Launching your product with a huge blast with the help pf Facebook or social media.
  • Multiplying the level of sales by correct analysis of your products and members from the team and much more.

Product University Course Review 

This course comprises of 6 modules and the duration of this course is roughly 25 hours, 21 minutes, and 12 seconds. Let’s go through every module:

Product university course

Module 1: Foundation

This module provides an introduction to the entire course and is further divided into 4 sessions:

  • Sophie’s Resume: You definitely want to learn from the best so, from this session, you would know why is she the most qualified to teach this FBA course.
  • Mindset: You need to have great concentration and focus to complete this course successfully. Here you develop the required consistency in actions.
  • Annual Plan: I personally love to look at the entire plan so that I’m well prepared as to what is the future going to look like. So, this session briefs you about what all is to be done in the coming year. A simpler version of any orientation.
  • Other Options: This will brief you about various pros and cons that you would need to view business from a broad perspective.

Sophie does a great job when it comes to building a strong foundation. She provides a broad perspective towards practical daily life questions and makes sure to remove the shiny looking views that is she doesn’t silver line any content or object.

Sophie is extremely supportive when it comes to developing products that are digital. One of the most unique things is that she has a feature called sales funnel which she discusses briefly.

Later on, she will solely have a session on how one can build these sales funnels which is the key to the course. I would definitely say revealing the insider secrets. Yippee! I love secrets that lead to great success.

The duration of this module is approximately 5 hours, 37 minutes, and 50 seconds.

When I said I would be honest in this review I will not just give you sugared words and here are some critiques that you should keep in mind.


Sophie must increase the level of her organizing skills in these modules. She is pretty quick and tends to jump from on-topic to the other topic really quickly, and sometimes they are really not related to each other in the same order.

Hence, I would say that she has really valuable content which is very informative but the teaching structure is very unorganized and she keeps moving back and forth on topics. This leads to difficulty in the future when one has to apply these notes in real business later.

Module 2: Product Selection Strategies 

Compared to other similar courses Sophie’s this module is the 3rd longest module while other courses have this as their longest module (Private Label University has this module approximately 2 times more than this one)

One really interesting thing I just happened to see was that Sophie has completely opposite opinions from Kevin about higher minimum order quantity which she defines as a benefit or advantage for a merchant as it marks as a barrier to entry which helps in reducing the number of competitors.

Whereas Kevin in his “Amazon FBA Ninja” course says the complete opposite that is one should have a lower MOQ (minimum order quantity) that eventually helps the sellers to jump the required huddle.

So, the motive of me telling you this is to get you to a conclusion where you will notice:

  1. Kevin just teaches students the basic products or basic selling on amazon which is definitely helpful but just in the short run.
  2. Sophie aims higher, she wishes to teach her students from scratch so that they can create, design, and craft products that can be helpful in the very long term.

So, now my question to you is why do you want to do this course just for gaining short term advantages and profits or long-term success?

I’m pretty sure that the second option is your favorite just like mine.

Sophie plans to have a huge cash bonanza after the amazon seller account is sold. That just feels like money showering from heaven isn’t it?  

Sophie has earned about a million dollars while selling one of her accounts of Product University’s creation.

 The duration of this module is around 5 hours, 16 minutes, and 41 seconds.

 Module 3: Basics of Sales Funnels

This module is further divided into 4 more lectures or sessions:

The first session provides an outline or a summary of the sales funnel and its various elements and components that include lead magnets, advertisements, and much more.

Next, in the second session, she teaches you how to create the sales funnel and how to set the entire piece with the help of Russell Brunson’s Click Funnel technique, and also, she teaches you to build this graphically through a tool known as Canva.

The third session is the part where Sophie creates a sales funnel for students as well as promotes it on various Facebook advertisements to gain traffic of people who are really interested in buying the product.

The final and fourth session is further divided into 3 smaller stages:

  1. Analyze and evaluate stage three after a week which means to overview the sales funnel Sophie had set before.
  2. Next, you have to upgrade the funnel for the latest products and also update the supply chain.
  3. Finally, there will be a question and answer round for 30 minutes.

Sophie pushes on to the word sales funnel and shows the simplicity in the concept which helps in narrow downing the audience which helps in converting them to effective consumers.

One of the best useful suggestions by Sophie says that combining digital and physical products is very beneficial. The digital product can act as the leading magnet that pushes the consumer to but the physical actual product which is definitely more expensive.

 The sales funnel provided by Sophie is recognized all over the web, you just need to know what you have to look for exactly.

 The duration of this module is 5 hours, 24 minutes, and 19 seconds.

Module 4: Who will You Hire to be Your Virtual Assistant?

Again, this module is divided into 3 sessions that I will brief you ahead:

  • The first session is a very ordinary basic session that just includes certain question-answer round as to when did Sophie start outsourcing work, for which tasks you need to hire people, and which part is the most difficult to go onboard.
  •  The second session is briefer and goes more into deep content that includes recruiting the new virtual assistants and training them.

In this session, she covers various contents like how to set your expectations, various prospects to evaluate and finally undergo a test called the “Split-test

  • The third session is the final session of this module where Sophie has a great say on her highly qualified team. At this time of the course, Sophie looks for two important tasks that are product selection and negotiation with suppliers.

Sophie has too many applicants but only 1 employment opportunity, she gives her valuable inputs while she reads through the letters and resumes of various virtual assistants.

What three skills is she expecting from a virtual assistant:

A great communicator and well adaptable with English.

A professional who is always a gentle and respectful person.

Who is a problem solver and not a problem giver, by this she means that the virtual assistant must consider the issue and solve it in a way that it never comes in the future?

Sophie provides a complete package that tells you who should you hire, where to put employment opportunities, what tasks are needed for hiring, how to bring the tasks onboard, and many more.

 To summarise this module, I will definitely say that the way Sophie explains and handles VA’s is appreciable and very comprehensive compared to any other course available.

For example, the FBA course found by Jason called the Amazing Selling machine just provides a gist about the employment of virtual assistants and does not provide detailed information.

 The time needed for this module is 4 hours, 28 minutes, and 20 seconds.

 Module 5: Behind the Scenes: Selling on Amazon

This is like the showdown stage where she talks about how she started her career on Amazon, and also pros and cons for the largest eCommerce platform and then briefs about all the basics about strategies on how to set a seller and provides help on business licensing through which you can save your personal assets.

  • Set up an account for the seller.
  • Get a license to protect your personal assets from loss of business.
  • Using strategies and tools that help you find techniques for converting the various keywords naming the LSI graph or Keyword planner from google, etc.
  • Create a summary from the title to the description of your product.
  • Making efficient use of Amazon PPC to launch various products.

 If you are new to this concept of FBA then this module is definitely a push-button for you as it briefs you in executing the tasks from the very start to the finish line.

Contrary to my critique stated above this module is the most organized and well-structured module as Sophie uses presentations and slide shares to explain this module.

It is very helpful in certain aspects like the Keyword Research, Keyword inspector, Seller Central, and many more.

 It requires 5 hours, 16 minutes, and 41 seconds to complete this module.

Module 6: Forgotten Product Sourcing Places

In this part, you will learn eight different techniques in which you can develop unique and different sources for products. I have a list of four of them for reference:

  • Catalog technique from Amazon.
  • The scroll and search strategy gave by Amazon.
  • Surfing through local choices.
  • Going and visiting the markets around.

Sophie walks through many ways through which you can grab multiple uncommon products, but she’s not the only one in her field who does this.

Kevin from FBA Ninja has created a video that he shows students in module 1 on how to get various unique ideas for products with the help of a great research tool name the watch count which helps by monitoring the old e-commerce platform called eBay.

For more information what Kevin does is that he looks up for best sellers available on eBay and then check if they are available on Amazon.

He believes that shoppers always want choices and I totally agree with that. Hence, if there is a demand for something particular item on eBay there will definitely be demand for the same one on Amazon.

The best part about the course- Sophie blends her business along with pleasure by taking vacations that include business also.

She spent months in Bali in the year 2015 after she made sales of her first-ever made Amazon account, where she spent time relaxing and enjoying along with which she looked for opportunities that she could grab for the future ideas and guess what?

She came back with a bag full of ideas, isn’t this super exciting?

Smart business moves- Throughout this course that is the Product University course she continuously provides updates on the latest product line that is constantly developing.

While her trip to Bali Sophie designed an agreement and deal for incense sticks where she asked them to buy in huge bulks and sell them on Amazon in the United States.

Did you observe how she eliminated the entire chain of middlemen?

By this smart strategy, she eliminated the commission that is to be paid to the distributors and or brokers which definitely lead to a higher profit margin. Isn’t she a great businesswoman?

This module requires 42 minutes and 8 seconds (the shortest one I must say).

So here we come to the end of the first part and finally complete more than 25 hours of training. Wow! Isn’t that interesting, let us move further because I know you are just too excited to know more about the next course which is Amazon Navigator Course.

Amazon Navigator Course Review

Sophie Howard's Blue Sky- Amazon Navigator Course

This module comprises 8 modules and it takes around 9 hours, 42 minutes, and 16 seconds to complete this course. Let’s understand each module briefly ahead.

Module 1: Welcome

This module is again a module to help you build a strong base or foundation. Sophie introduces herself in this particular module and also explains a few concepts. Here, is a list of some:

  • Helps in building a great mindset to understand what is actually happening and why is it happening.
  • Frame proper goals and objectives.
  • The most awaited part that is playing with numbers: know the actual cost for- amazon, your product, and calculate your profit margin.
  • Gain a license for your business in or to protect your personal assets.
  • Finally, sign up for your official account on amazon as a professional seller.

Sophie made a very smart choice by bringing the topic of mindset in her module because she says she understands the initial struggle of FBA business and she knows the ups and downs and the rough path that one has to cross in their initial stages.

As she speaks about the goals and objectives, she says that it is very necessary to make sure that you have your objectives right in front of you at all times.

I’m sure every person has experienced this when new year eves are around everyone has a certain goal or resolution for the year.

We tend to form this but very rarely follow this for the entire year. Why does this happen it is simply because we are not committed to the goal as much as it requires.

Sophie briefs you about goals in 3 steps that make you feel committed and help you actually let that happen in action.

The total duration for this module is 32 minutes and 46 seconds.

Module 2: What You Don’t Know About Branding

What if someone came and told you that I have a secret to a successful business? Would you not love to listen to it?

So, warning this is a special module that makes this course the Sophie Howard Amazon course different and unique from other FBA courses.

In this particular module, she provides all the strategies for the successful branding of your product in the market.

She provides inside secrets that help your products to make a place in the market in such a way that it cannot be copied by your competitors.

She says everything is dependant on how you actually position your product in the market area.

She says from this point branding acts as a basis for everything in the future. So, you can see how important is this? There are three elements that she marks very important:

  1. The demand for your product
  2. The supply
  3. The way you position in the market

 The constant question she emphasis on in this module is that what will be the best way to position your brand in the market place?

Various FBA courses available will just give you an outline on the part of branding like the basics of designing a website or ads on Facebook and so on.

But only this course will actually teach you how to launch your brand in such a way that it cannot be easily copied by the others.

Your next question will be how is this possible?

This is possible because Sophie does not make use of any common tools to position the product like Alibaba which is available to everyone and hence can be easily copied.

And since every person out there has easy access it makes it useless to position such a brand.

Again, for the need for information if you keep using google keywords, keyword inspector, merchant words, or any such common tool then obviously you won’t have a unique idea because this is also available to everyone out in the market.  

Here, Sophie Howard Amazon Blue Sky Course Review provides all the insider secrets in 4 phases that I will mention to you:

  • How to use Google Search effectively?
  • How to make use of Facebook Search?
  • Gain help from insights from the audience.
  • Finally, make use of the search on Amazon.

 The total time required for this module is about 1 hour, 35 minutes, and 7 seconds.

Module 3: Finding Products that Sell for the Long-Term

Sophie says it is just not so easy to gain profits for any product for a very long time and ordinary is not at all the path for it.

She says she had to work a lot before discovering all of this.

In this module, she briefs about how she travels to different places to get the best suppliers and where can one finds them.

The way you need to use google search is taught in this module, she has strategies to gain ideas that are far away from the eyes of the normal public which allows her product ideas to be very unique.

She provides details on suppliers who are not too fascinated about SEO and won’t be available on some initial pages of Google.

Sophie often uses this line: If you really want to dig the correct information and make your way through the pages don’t forget to carry your shovel at all times.

Here are some places where Sophie has traveled to and made some great long-term relations:

  • Bali
  • India
  • United States
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand, and many more.


This module is quite a short one and more of a theory. Sophie does not cover many practical aspects.

She concludes this particular module by stating that one must always respect their suppliers in order to have long-term relations and marks this as one of her Golden rules.

 The duration required for this module is 21 minutes and 2 seconds.

 Module 4: Are Your Listings Pristine?

In this particular part, Sophie provides details on how to design a perfect list for your product. It includes everything from its title to its description. She has divided this particular task into 10 subpoints, out of which few are shown below:

  •       Creating perfect research for Keywords.
  •       Crafting a title that is very attractive and appealing.
  •       Formulating superb offers.
  •       Providing a great summary or story to your product.

Sophie states that the last one is her favorite as it is a way to become famous in the latest generation basically the millennials. 

She says that providing a great focus on the story behind your product is catchier than just an ordinary description.

She mentions a quote from an article stated by Lyfe Marketing that says that “it is really important to adapt your business in order to suit the desires of millennials because of their growing presence in the marketplace.”

Now I’m assuming that you are here because you really wish to buy this course so Sophie says that the key part for this course is how to successfully make a perfect list for your product and to gain maximum advantage from this listing.

You will have to lay a lot of emphasis on research for your target population but keep in mind the various factors like geographical area, demography, psychological factors, etc.

The duration required for this module is 1 hour, 36 minutes, and 25 seconds.

Module 5: Don’t Get Samples, Order the Entire Shipment 

Sophie says that this is the shortest module in this course and is based on 3 most important factors:

  • Samples of the product
  • Shipping for delivery, and
  • Labeling

This is a very practically based module, where everything is based on taking actions in order for making the shipping process go extremely smoothly.

In case you do not have the proper information, it gets very difficult to undergo a great shipping process. Details like order number, numbers, details on dates, it makes it very difficult to track the shipment.

Sophie says that if you want your products at the earliest and you have money to spend on it then you should take air travels as an option but in case you have a tight budget and have a lot of time to get delivery then you can choose sea travel as an option as it is cheap.

She also suggests ordering in bulk to reduce the cost per item. She suggests making efficient use of freight forwarders as they give accurate estimates and great customer service which is very timely.

 The duration needed for this module is 19 minutes and 19 seconds.

 Module 6: Promoting Your Product

The first impression is the last impression.

This statement is widely used and makes a lot of sense, and according to this module of Sophie, your first sale marks great importance on your selling account.

The seller central account will always send a notification when the sale is made, to this Sophie shares her experience; she says that initially she had a lot of fun and found this very interesting but after a certain time this got very frequent and just caused a distraction to her which forced her to turn off her notifications.

Sophie says that this could be one of the hugest modules of the course as she didn’t know what could be left and what should be included.

Warning for Coupon Codes

In this particular part, both Sophie and Kevin from Ninja Amazon course states that you should not include too many coupon codes for your products and that you should be very cautious while doing this because she says that if you do so you will make major losses while your inventories will drop down really fast.

 The time needed for this module is 28 minutes and 2 seconds.

Module 7: Maintaining Your Account

Sophie says that this module pays attention to the data part as compared to the creative part. Few things that are covered in this module are:

  • Formulate reports needed for the business.
  • Gain help from Amazon.
  • Maintain proper control over the business.
  • Handle your money efficiently.
  • Making proper optimization of customer management.

 The various reports required for business are stated as follows:

  • Inventory report
  • FBA business report
  • Removal
  • Sales
  • Payment
  • Customer report

As an owner, you really need to keep a track of these reports because they are super important.

For instance, to know the profit margin for the month you have to keep a constant check on the sales reports, this is the only way through which you can make decisions for the future of your business.

This module requires 40 minutes and 12 seconds.

Module 8: Scaling Beyond Amazon and Hiring Virtual Assistant’s

This is the final stage and final module for the entire course which is divided into two sessions. What you basically learn from this module is stated below:

  • Strategies to outsource the content for work to your virtual assistants.
  • Tricks to build a team that is of great quality.
  • How to communicate efficiently
  • Formulate a mindset
  • Ways to expand your business
  • The technique to exit your business

 The time required to finish this module is 1 hour, 9 minutes, and 17 seconds.

Sophie's Product- Selection Travels

Pros & Cons Sophie Howard Amazon Course Review

Everything has two sides in life one is the good one and the other cannot be ignored. Here is a list of pros and cons for this course:


  • This is a very friendly course as Sophie is not too dominant and strict with her students.
  • This course includes weekly webinars and mentoring sessions for groups.
  • The students gain a ticket for the conference.
  • Sophie answers all the questions related to Facebook
  • She definitely understands the time issues of her students.
  • Designed with a very unique perspective


  • It is more expensive as compared to other such courses.
  • The refund policy is not so good.
  • It does not have too many successful students as it is launched recently.
  • It is found that students usually aim for cheap products.
  • It is not too organized.
  • Content is found to be repetitive.

My Opinion On Sophie Howard Amazon Course

I would really suggest Sophie Howard Amazon Course to every person out there here is why:

  • Firstly, it is very unique as Sophie herself has a great experience in this field and has managed to build a 7-figure income and also is known for building products that are very difficult to copy or duplicate.
  • This is not anywhere close to the word scam and she doesn’t hide any details. In fact, is an open book and tells all the insider secrets to every student.
  • This is one of the most highly rated courses when it comes to branding strategies given by Sophie.
  • The only drawback is that this course needs a little more organization in initial modules and a more practical approach towards the end.  
  • The best part about Sophie is that she gives tips on how to enjoy vacation yet comes with a huge bag of ideas for the future.

FBA Course- Selection Travels

Also, Check

FAQs | Sophie Howard Amazon Course Review

🤟 Is it necessary to do a course for selling on Amazon?

It is definitely not necessary to do a course, but of course, a course will give you way too many benefits. It will provide you with the best strategies and tips for a long-term business. It will save you from doing any sort of mistake that can cause you damage for years, it can help you generate greater profit margins and much more.

👍 How is this a unique course?

Sophie provides various insider secrets on how to look for suppliers on trips or how to search them on the google search bar which allows the students to formulate product ideas that are difficult to copy, also she has some superb branding and positioning strategies that she teaches in her course.

🙆 Is the FBA course still making profits in this year?

Yes, this FBA amazon is definitely making profits and sales in the year

Conclusion | Sophie Howard Amazon Course 2023

I hope this piece of information was really beneficial to you and has solved all your issues and doubts.

This is a great course that is ranked the best and is provided at a very worthy price which is favored by a lot of millennials out there.

What are you still waiting for don’t you want to make a 7-figure income and make all your dreams come true? Hurry, grab the opportunity, and get the Sophie Howard Amazon Course.

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