Sophos Home Premium Review 2022: Is it Secure Enough? Stop The Attacks Before They Start

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Ease of use
Customer Support


  • Protect your network with multiple security layers
  • Remote app control, scanning, and threat analysis
  • Fast virus scans
  • No account needed to use a free version of Sophos
  • Parental controls


  • App management lacks intuition
  • Slightly Expensive

Sophos Group plc is a security software and hardware firm based in the United Kingdom. It creates communication endpoint security, encryption, network security, email security, mobile security, and unified threat management solutions. Sophos focuses on offering security software to businesses with 100 to 5,000 employees. It provides the best experience.

Price:$ 44.99

This article will provide an in-depth evaluation of Sophos Home Premium Review review (antivirus software). We evaluated and investigated it thoroughly, beginning with security and functionality and concluding with customer care.

As a result, you will get valuable knowledge that may assist you in selecting your antimalware software. Continue reading to find out the answers to your burning questions!

Sophos Home Premium Review: What is Sophos Home Premium?

Sophos Home Premium antivirus is a security-focused corporation that caters to both corporate and home customers, as well as general consumers. Its solution protects users against malware, phishing websites, and ransomware.

Sophos Home Review

While the brand Sophos Home Premium antivirus is well-known among security professionals, the software is limited to fundamental malware detection. Sophos Home Premium successfully protects your device from viruses, hackers, and other dangerous invaders.

Sophos Home Premium Major Features & Benefits

Sophos Home Premium antivirus provides capabilities that will be used and not relegated to a dark, dusty corner. For instance, it incorporates critical components of current antivirus security, such as virus scanning, parental control, and MBR protection.

The program will scan for infections, protect your family, and safeguard your privacy. Let’s have a look at the features that Sophos Home Premium gives its customers and their intended usage –

1. Machine Learning Scans:

Artificial intelligence is at the heart of Sophos Home Premium antivirus software. Its system adapts to and detects the behavior of your device. As a result, the unfamiliar behavior is quickly removed.

The machine learning scan enables you to simultaneously test many programs. After the test is completed, you choose the best result and use it to determine how an uninfected software should act.

This way, you can determine whether your computer is infected with a harmful application. A machine learning algorithm remembers the pattern and uses it to avoid future occurrences.

The functionality is simply a subset of Sophos Home Premium’s comprehensive security system for defending against malware. It is a critical element in ensuring the security of your machines.

2. Dynamic Shellcode Protection:

Dynamic Shellcode Protection acts as a detective, identifying hackers attempting to take control of your network. More precisely, the function was developed to identify suspicious behavior. It even distrusts signatures and the cloud.

It prevents attackers from leaving traces on your device’s numerous programs and prevents them from gaining control of your device.

Dynamic Shellcode Protection is very necessary for protecting your computer from trojans, malware, and ransomware assaults. As a result, Sophos Home Premium scores once again.

3. Master Boot Record Protection:

The Master Boot Record region of the hard disk of your device is responsible for enabling the operating system to load. MBR is a target for ransomware, which alters the original MBR and disrupts the device’s loading process.

After your device becomes infected, you will be prompted to pay for access to it.

To circumvent this, Sophos Home Premium has built security for the Master Boot Record. It continually monitors the behavior of your operating system and searches for abnormal behavior. Once questionable behavior is detected, it is halted.

As a result, Sophos Home Premium safeguards your gadget from rarely cured malware and your nerves from succumbing to infection.

4. Ransomware Protection:

Being denied access to your device is not just inconvenient; it may also be hazardous. And Sophos Home Premium understands this. Thus, Sophos Home Premium has a mechanism that will restore access to your device if ransomware encrypts it.

Antivirus software monitors all processes that interact with your devices and data continuously. That is, if any suspicious behavior occurs on your device or data, the invader is immediately prevented from causing you harm.

Ransome protection prevents an attacker from encrypting your data. Following that, the functionality returns your smartphone to its default condition.

To be honest, we were relieved to see that this function worked, since other antivirus apps fail to identify the possible danger in this scenario. Thus, at this moment, Sophos Home Premium antivirus earns our recommendation.

5. Parental Control:

Sophos Home Premium’s parental control is designed to assist you in monitoring what your child is doing online. Unsurprisingly, the majority of children nowadays are more adept with technology than their parents.

However, the majority of children are unaware of the appearance of malicious websites or the repercussions of viewing them. You may use the parental control tool to restrict which websites your children are permitted to visit.

Sophos Security - Sophos Review


This is simply accomplished using the Web filtering dashboard’s many content-censoring features. When you choose to prohibit certain websites, your kid is automatically banned from accessing them.

However, certain browsers handle this function better than others because they did not block all selected websites. We suggest that you use one of the following browsers: Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox.

6. Webcam Protection:

As the relevance of these functionalities grows, Sophos Home Premium’s performance must improve. Thus, the function notifies you when your camera is used by third-party applications, websites, or other threats.

However, it also notifies you that this information comes from legitimate, vetted external sources. Additionally, Sophos Home Premium notifies you but does not disable the webcam.

Webcam Protection - Sophos Review

As a result, we believe that such notifications are easily overlooked or disregarded, as Sophos Home Premium includes legitimate sources in its alerts. As a result, true malevolent attackers may quickly get access to your personal information.

7. Remote App Control and Scanning:

Sophos Home Premium antivirus differentiates itself from other antivirus software by offering a single choice for malware detection on your device. Additionally, the scans cannot be performed automatically.

As a result, Sophos Home Premium took a wise decision to enable remote app control.

There, you may modify your devices’ settings, monitor them remotely, and schedule antimalware checks. While you cannot modify your settings directly via the Sophos Home Premium program, a single control panel on the Sophos Home website enables you to manage all of your devices’ settings in one location.

While the antivirus check is rather quick, we were somewhat underwhelmed with the results. Sophos Home Premium’s detection of possibly harmful programs looks to be lacking.

We conducted a test and discovered that Sophos Home Premium incorrectly classifies random files as malware. Following that, whitelisting such apps was quite a pain.

As a result, we reasoned that Sophos Home Premium may be inconsistent and cause confusion when it comes to identifying potentially undesirable apps and data.

Sophos Home Premium Pricing Plans: How Much It Cost? 

Sophos Home Premium antivirus is described as “expensive yet manageable.” Sophos has a number of products specifically created for commercial use.

Consider the following expenditures associated with Sophos Home Premium-

  • 1 year: This will cost you $59.99
  • 2 years: This will cost you $99.99
  • 3 years: This will cost you $139.99

Nonetheless, Sophos Home Premium offers a 30-day free trial of the premium version. Bear in mind that the free trial of Sophos Home Premium antivirus does not include all of the features discussed in this Sophos Home antivirus review.

The second choice is Sophos Home Premium, which includes all Sophos Home Premium has to offer.

Sophos Home Premium’s free trial is deserving of your confidence, as the given capabilities are sufficient to safeguard your device. Additionally, you will not be bothered by intrusive pop-ups pressuring you to increase your membership.

You should be aware that Sophos Home Premium provides a 30-day money-back guarantee during which they will refund your money without asking any questions. You can get a 30-day free trial without requiring you to enter your credit card information when signing up.

Therefore, if you want to purchase a Premium membership, we feel that this is an excellent chance to evaluate the software. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Sophos Home Premium’s premium package generously covers ten devices.

How Good Is Sophos Home Premium Customer Support?

Sophos Home Premium antivirus software includes a variety of customer assistance alternatives. Support is available through live chat, email, and social media channels such as Twitter and their forums.

Regrettably, Sophos Home Premium does not provide 24-hour support. That is unfortunate if you face an issue over the weekend and are have to wait until Monday to get your case resolved.

Regrettably, we must also inform you that live chat and email help are only accessible to Premium members. As a result, if you are a free trial user, you will only be able to obtain help through social media.

Sophos Customer Support - Sophos Review

Despite its flaws, Sophos Home Premium’s help service is adept at resolving issues. It is extensive and responsive, particularly via live chat. Their staff ensures that your problem is resolved and that all of your queries are addressed.

Following the conclusion of the talk, you will get a chat transcript via email.

In general, Sophos Home Premium’s support service is willing to assist you, however, their approaches may be improved to be more professional and trustworthy.

FAQs on Sophos Home Premium Review:

Is Sophos Home Premium any good?

In general, Sophos Home Premium is a great alternative for those searching for a cost-efficient but effective antivirus solution that protects against a broad variety of malware and internet security threats.

Is Sophos Home Premium good protection?

While Sophos Home Premium is an excellent antivirus for the correct person, we've discovered other Editors' Choice antivirus programs that are suitable for almost everybody. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and Kaspersky Anti-Virus both get consistently high marks from independent laboratories.

How accurate is Sophos Home?

In one test, Sophos Home identified 100 % of our real-world malware samples and stopped 100% of malware downloads. However, it was less effective at detecting phishing scams.

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Conclusion: Sophos Home Premium Review 2022

Sophos Home Premium is a respectable antivirus program. It has been on the market for some years, which means we can rely on their expertise in the field of malware and viruses.

Even though they provide all of the necessities, they lack a slew of sophisticated features. Thus, Sophos Home Premium should be seen as a crucial source of protection.

According to the tests we conducted with Sophos Home Premium, it is a capable but inconsistent antivirus. Acquiring “harmless” programs or using a greater portion of the device’s resources may be an annoyance.

Additionally, whitelisting mistakenly identified apps is a pain. Additionally, their services might be rather costly if you do not intend to employ the ten licenses included with the Premium plan.

There are better choices available for a single device or a small number of devices. Taking everything into consideration, Sophos Home Premium antivirus would not be our first option.

For malware protection, we want an antivirus to be steady – to avoid false positives and to maintain a consistent degree of protection. Sophos Home Premium antivirus may be made more stable.

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