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These days’ memories and work all are stored on our phones, computers, and iPad. Be it images, videos or business documents, we all have them stored on our various digital appliances. And you know the thought that crosses our minds many times is what if we lose all of it? Children and adults both have access to these machines, and a simple click can many times make all our memories and work disappears in no time. With the already existing and upcoming technology, it is the need of the hour to have a safe storage and backup for all our documents, data and addresses.

Your one solution to this is the SOS Online Backup. The Cloud 5 plan of SOS Online Backup is fast, efficient and user-friendly and it can help you have a backup of up to five machines. You will have a steady data protection, and it is suited for both Android and iPhone.


SOS Onlione Backup Coupon Codes


To save your money, you can use the SOS Online Backup Coupon Codes January 2023 provided on the site when you sign up for availing any of the plans of this service.

Best Top SOS Online Backup Coupon Codes January 2023


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Strong Reasons to Select SOS Online Backup

Wondering about the speed at which this online service works???

Here’s how

Whenever we think of using a backup app or service for our files, the first concern is speed. Right? And why not, when we need a backup it should be fast and efficient.

SOS Online Backup helps you do that by providing for you a speed test of backup service. We did the test on our Macbook Pro with the help of software called Little Snitch.

The backup test is done in a natural way to meet our customers’ needs, by using a 10 GB folder which consists of various documents, images, and videos. This test proves that the speed they provide is unmatched and unheard of. The online backup test for 10 GB is done in precisely 8 hours of starting the backup.

Which files to choose for a backup??

It is entirely up to you when it comes to taking this decision. When you are using a backup procedure like SOS Online Backup, you have to make the settings yourself by deciding on what all documents you need to store and have a backup of.

Like other backup services, the company suggests that you select the backup for basic folders like My Documents, My Pictures, etc. You can make the choice of selecting only videos or documents to have a backup of. This way you will know that only that amount of storage space is being used.

On the other hand, if you are a high tech user and need a backup for very specific data, then you can have custom file extensions and for that, you will have to select manually the data files or documents for which you seek a backup.

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When can you backup or restore your files??

You are the master of your own time. With SOS Online Backup, you can schedule your backups as per your requirement, if you wish to schedule a backup during the day or night it is all in your hands.
Optimum utilization of bandwidth and its efficiency can be realized with this app by exploiting its user-friendly interface. Timings for backup and restoration can be set according to own work schedule and internet usage. Once your backup and restoration are done, any error if comes up is alerted via message to the user.

Pricing and Plans


This plan is perfect for home offices and small business; this starts from $29.99 per month.


SOS Online Backup Coupons


This is best to use for your home and your entire family; this starts from $4.99 per month.
For further detail on pricing.


SOS Online Backup Coupon Codes


An Ultimate solution for saving the essential

Almost all of us are using one or the other social media platform to remain connected with the rest of the world and sharing information from time to time. The World over instances is coming to light wherein accounts are getting hacked and vital personal information being stolen.
More often than not, this has resulted even in financial details of various individuals being leaked amounting to huge losses.

So, to save yourself from this ordeal, you must and should use the SOS Online Backup service to protect, saved and restore your essentials. However, I have also shared the exciting Genie9 backup coupons and promo codes here.. Remember to check them out.


The Final Verdict

Providing backup and security on the same platform is a notable feature that SOS Online Backup provides, having been duly validated by a panel of experts. User surveys have ranked SOS Online Backup as a highly reliable and robust app, having built in fail safe to ensure safety and credibility of data backed up by the users.

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