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Adequate protection is mandatory for all the documents. So, as the new era is all about digitization, it concerns all with the common issues of privacy and security the most. Most of the companies ignore the security and privacy settings but yes there are a few who give it equal importance. SpiderOak is one of the best backup service provider companies that ensure not only to care about the data but also gives no right to access or have knowledge of it. Even if the government comes knocking, they simply won’t supply the information they want.

spideroak Coupon Codes


It is observed that privacy comes at the expense of availability or in the form of features in case of cloud storage industry. After analysis, it is reported that the company is dealing with few download performance issues even though it comes with the most robust feature set. But, the company has brought few changes like rebuilding its software as well as upgrading its service to offer better services than before to its esteemed clients.

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Here are the Pros of the SpiderOak:

• Strong Security & Limitless devices
• Folder with configurable sync
• File versions with backup
• No- knowledge privacy
• Customized backup software
• Creating and sharing confidentiality and security based links
• Quicker uploading speed
• Mobile application for both Android and iOs based smartphones.
• Secondary backup in local, network or FTP drive and Restoration from the same

Why should you go in for SpiderOak

Privacy and Security

SpiderOak encrypts the data stored from end to end with SSL on Servers and in transit. Even the servers do not store the encryption and decryption data password. According to their “zero knowledge” promise, even any third party, or the company and as well as the government has no access to the data until and unless the user account password is provided by you.

This way Security-minded users would never get distressed with SpiderOak.

This means that no metadata of your files is being stored. Only they have the knowledge of the creation and edited dates, file size, names, types and these values are hidden from everyone else. The company members neither save the information nor access it.

Social engineering is considered to be the most popular way to hack or to access the data. Hackers eventually have a few ways to hack, they give different tries to answers to the security questions using the data from the social media or internet searches or simply by getting the password reset popup. But these things are not possible with SpiderOak.

There is no way to change the password until you have knowledge of your original password. The best any hacker can do is getting a hint of the password you have set for your account.


spideroak Coupon Codes

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File backup:

Always try creating a backup for all the files being stored or sent to the cloud. Store it either on the FTP server or network or local drive of your choice. By making this choice, you keep a double backup of your data. And you gain some of the amazing performance benefits plus the software gets downloaded automatically from the location if you need to recover it by any chance.
Mobile Applications:

Many mobile applications for all the iOs and Android users are offered by SpiderOak just to see and download the backed up data and files. Also, you can download the files from the device where the backup came from. This way you can download them, but it’s not essential that there is built in player or viewer for files. The apps also keep the knowledge of the recently used files as well as the favorite files.

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SpiderOak services cannot be considered as economical. In the starting, they offer free storage, and its limit is 2GB only. After that, they charge from $80 a year for 30GB to 280 dollars a year for 5 TB. Sadly, we don’t have unlimited storage option with us anymore. But if we think according to security and privacy purpose the price is not much.

But, to avail all the benefits without spending much, use the coupons mentioned here. Select from the wide range of coupons codes to be used for 2018 and they will help you save a lot when you order for Spider Oak online.


Bottom Line

Above all SpiderOak has strong features as well as the better speed at the same time taking care of the sturdy privacy and security of the data. This model suits the best in the case of security and privacy purposes. So it’s worth spending much on it.

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