SpinupWP Review 2023: Is it a Good WordPress Server Panel?

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Ease of Use
Customer Support
Value for Money


  • Clone sites seamlessly
  • Scheduled automated backups
  • sFTP Access as well as SSH Access
  • less expensive than managed hosting
  • Quicker load times and Excellent Uptime
  • Choose between MariaDB and MySQL
  • Built-in capabilities such as WP-CLI and Git support.


  • Storage is a paid add-on
  • No local backup of the site

SpinupWP is a server management panel for cloud-based hosting. It has several features that will help you get managed to host at shared costs, and you can use almost any cloud host.

Price:$ 12

Managed hosting is a better option than shared hosting when it comes to WordPress. It’s true, but a lot of people, especially those who are just starting out, can’t afford it.

SpinupWP intends to bridge the gap between these two user groups, for whom their chosen solution lacks sufficient flexibility and the ones who are new.

The aim is to provide an experience comparable to that of a competently managed host: high performance, an aesthetically pleasing dashboard, and the ability to customize your server.

SpinupWP not only hosts the server but also provides WordPress-optimized functionality.

In this article, I’ll provide a comprehensive overview of SpinupWP and also demonstrate how to quickly set up a new server.

SpinupWP Review 2023: What Is SpinupWP?

SpinupWP is a robust WordPress management panel that enables you to host WordPress websites on the VPS of your choice.

Delicious Brains, known for its popular WordPress plugins including Advanced Custom Fields, WP Offlows SES, WP Offload Media, and WP Migrate, developed and managed the platform until Delicious Brains was sold to WP Engine in June 2023.

Since then, SpinupWP has continued on as an independent company.

SpinupWP Review

According to my experience with SpinupWP, the platform offers an unmatched user experience and a quick onboarding process.

SpinupWP makes hosting websites on virtual private servers as simple as integrating Google Analytics.

How Does SpinupWP Work?

1. Spin up a Server:

Spin up a server, log in to your DigitalOcean account (or any other provider), and then sit back and relax as SpinupWP takes care of installing the necessary software and optimizing it to run WordPress as quickly and reliably as possible.

Spin up a Server

In 10 minutes, your brand-new server will be ready for use.

2. SpinupWP Configures Everything for You:

When you add a new site to your server, SpinupWP configures a free SSL certificate, cron jobs, cache rules, and all other required components for a high-performing WordPress site.

SpinupWP Configures Everything

You may add sites for development, staging, and production.

3. Add SSH Users:

Require root access? No problem; use Sudo to add as many SSH users as desired with full root access. The keys to the castle are in your hands.

Add SSH Users

Need to provide a customer SSH or SFTP access to their website? Each site has its SSH user with exclusive access to that site.

4. Your Server is Configured for Speed:

On your new server, the latest versions of Redis, MariaDB/MySQL, PHP, and Nginx, have been installed. There are no unusually designed packages or unorthodox paths in the standard installs.

Your Server is Configured for Speed

Everything should be in its proper location and prepared for operation as expected.

5. Disconnect Your Server at Any Time:

You may also resign at any point.

Disconnect Your Server at Any Time

You may disconnect your server from SpinupWP at any time and attempt to operate it on your own, even if this leaves you out of the loop about security updates and changes to best practices. They do not confine you.

6. Using SSH to Tweak Configuration Files:

Do you want to alter a few server configuration files using SSH manually? Perform now. SpinupWP can handle it, even though it modifies a configuration file.

Using SSH to Tweak Configuration Files

7. Your Server is Safe and Secure:

Are you worried about server security maintenance? Never be. On your server, a firewall is configured to install security updates as they become available automatically.

Your Server is Safe and Secure

When a substantial update for installed software (such as Nginx) becomes available, SpinupWP alerts you and guides updating.

SpinupWP Pros & Cons


  • Choose between MariaDB and MySQL
  • Scheduled automated backups
  • sFTP Access as well as SSH Access
  • Clone sites seamlessly
  • less expensive than managed hosting
  • Built-in capabilities such as WP-CLI and Git support
  • Quicker load times and Excellent Uptime


  • No local backup of the site

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Best Features of SpinupWP

Here are some of the best features of SpinupWP:

SpinupWp Features

1. Scheduled Backups:

With SpinupWP’s site backups, you can create complete backups of your website’s files (media, themes, and plugins) and database.

Connect it to the cloud storage service of your choosing, including Google Cloud Storage, DigitalOcean Spaces, and Amazon S3.

2. Professional Guidance & Best Practices:

SpinupWP will actively direct you in the right direction and provide server maintenance advice. As it provides comprehensive feedback on the server activities it performs, you may be able to determine what is happening on your server.

3. Teamwork:

Create a new team account, add a team member, and provide them the ability to launch their servers. You may choose which permissions your team is granted.

4. SFTP Access for your clients:

If you are hosting a website for a third party, you may grant them SFTP/SSH access to only that site. Due to SpinupWP’s implementation of security isolation between sites, they will only have access to files for that specific site.

5. Cloning Sites:

Clone your sites when you need to deploy a staging site. SpinupWP enables the duplication of an existing website, including all files, the database, and server configuration.

Test the new PHP version in a separate environment without impacting the production website.

6. Security Isolation for Sites:

SpinupWP generates a new system user for each server-added site. All site files are owned by the site user, and a PHP-FPM pool is configured to execute as this user.

Each site only has access to its own data; therefore, if only one site has a security flaw and is infected with malware, only the files for that one site are at risk.

7. Scheduled Posts Published on Schedule:

Configure cron tasks on the server for each site added with SpinupWP. It ensures that your WordPress site’s cron runs as expected every minute.

9. Security:

SpinupWP will implement websites with multiple security layers. SpinupWP will disable SSH login for the root user, only permit connections to Nginx and SSH via the firewall, as well as monitor and prohibit excessive failed login attempts.

Additionally, Nginx is configured to prevent MIME sniffing, clickjacking, XSS, and other threats.

10. Error Logs:

Enable error logging using SpinupWP. SpinupWP enables error logs by default and stores them in a secure location, ensuring that they are regularly rotated with other server logs.

11. Git Push-to-Deploy:

Add a git repository to your SpinupWP site and push your code to the master branch in order to deploy it. GitHub, Bitbucket, and custom git repositories are supported.

In addition, you can define a build script to perform specific tasks on the server once deployment is complete.

12. Cache all things:

Redis object caching is enabled for all of your SpinupWP sites to reduce database queries. There is also the option to enable “full-page caching” for blazingly quick page loads.

13. Free SSL/ TSL Certificate:

By connecting to SpinupWP, it is possible to obtain a free SSL/ TLS certificate. SpinupWP will automatically install, configure, and renew your certificates.

14. Latest & Greatest Software:

SpinupWP will install the latest stable versions of Redis, MariaDB/MySQL, PHP, and Nginx from the default apt-get repositories. Even after disconnecting from SpinupWP, you may still retain them.

15. Automatic Updates to Security:

Using SpinupWP, configure your server to apply security updates. Your websites are protected from software flaws that might compromise your server.

16. Integrates with any providers:

If you already have websites hosted by DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS, or any other provider, you may link them to SpinupWP instantly. SpinupWP is compatible with all service providers.

SpinupWP Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

The base cost of SpinupWP is simple, so we won’t spend too much time on this section. There are two levels to choose from:

SpinupWP Pricing Plans


For $12 per month, you receive one server on which you can host a virtually unlimited number of websites. All of SpinupWP’s features are also accessible to you.


This plan is identical to the Personal plan, with the exception that it permits three servers. In addition, administration and team-specific features are accessible. This is beneficial if you work with an agency or another team, but it costs $39 per month.

The ability to scale for a monthly per-server fee of either $5 or $7, depending on your plan, is a pricing feature I appreciate.

It means you can keep costs significantly below the Team tier if, for instance, you require the Personal plan while operating a large number of staging servers.

This brings us to a SpinupWP feature we should discuss before you receive an email with an unexpected charge.

Due to the fact that SpinupWP is essentially the server management panel and not the actual server, additional fees must be considered. The most important consideration is selecting a cloud server.

In general, the majority have comparable prices. For example, the lowest tiers of Digital Ocean cost $5 per month. This is suitable for the overwhelming majority of websites.

However, high-traffic websites or those with specific needs should consider a “droplet” of a higher tier.

In addition, you can use a different cloud storage option for your website’s assets and backups if you so choose. This is an excellent suggestion for organizational and safety reasons.

Spaces are available for $5 per month from DigitalOcean and integrate well with SpinupWP. Connect your account to your backups and utilize a plugin such as WP Offload Media (also developed by Delicious Brains) to store your media and dependent files.

Even if you include the cost of a Personal SpinupWP membership, a cloud-server instance, and additional storage, you’ll pay a minimum of $20–$25 per month, which is considerably less expensive and more flexible than a comparable managed hosting service.

SpinupWP provides a 7-day trial for free. Make optimal use of it.

How To Use SpinupWP?

Step 1 – Go to the official website of SpinupWP and click on ‘START FREE TRIAL.

Go to the official website and ‘START FREE TRIAL

Step 2 –  Choose one and click on it.

Choose one and click

Step 3 – After signing up with an email, GitHub or Twitter, you’ll then be ready to spin up your first server

Start using SpinupWP

Step 4 – Spin up your first server (in this case, we’re using a DigitalOcean droplet)

SpinupWP Sign Up

Step 5 – Set up a Sudo user that will allow you to run commands as root and manage your server

SpinupWP Commands

Step 6 – And you’re all set. Simply visit the dashboard to view your servers and sites

SpinupWP Dashboard

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Conclusion: SpinupWP Review 2023

If you’re looking for an easy way to get started with WordPress or want the flexibility of a VPS without having to manage it yourself, SpinupWP is the solution for you.

I’ve been really impressed with the platform and its team of developers, who are constantly updating and improving it.

So far, my experience has been great and I would highly recommend giving it a try. Have you tried SpinupWP?

What did you think?

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