Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional Review 2020 August

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

About Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional isn’t the best data recovery software out there, but it more than gets the job done. The software managed to outperform most others, when it came to data recovery; but did fall a little short as far as the key features, important to the customers were concerned. Regardless, this still remains among the best recovery software money can buy.

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The scanning and the recovery speeds weren’t too fast and you might have to get used to waiting a little more than normal. It will take you a little bit more than a day for scanning a microSD card with 64 GB of data. It worked faster when it came to SSD’s, but it was still pretty slow.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional Review 2020 August

File Recovery Rate

The best showing by this software was when it came to solid-state recovery. Out of the reformatted microSD card, it could recover 2/3rds of the picture files, 3/4ths of the MP3s and almost all video files and documents. It was able to recover almost all the files from the SSD.file recover rate

Lost File Recovery

These files are simply those which have no header information available. The type of loss has a number of causes, but irrespective of how it happens, the data will still be there; the computer just does not have a clue on how to locate it.

All the recovery software needs to do is put together the various fragments of the file. Stellar was among just a few other software, which could successfully do this on our SSD. It performed slightly worse on the hard disk, but was that only in the case of certain missing video files.

Recovery rates for lost files fell to 69%, when tested on the microSD card, but the software was able to recover pictures, documents and most MP3s. It was able to find some video files as well, but not even half.

Reformatted Drive Recovery

In testing, the software had amazing recovery rates on all storage devices. With the hard disk, it was able to recover 66% of the files; this is among the highest numbers for this test. It recorded a success rate of 68% with the reformatted SSD. But, the best recovery rates were for the MicroSD which was at 78%.

Every recovery rate was among the best for this software, which is why it is among the best solutions for you to consider, when you have lost files and have reformatted your drive.

Recovery Speed

The overall process for recovery with this software has been designed very intuitively so that it can guide you right from the beginning to the end. This includes an uneventful interface, which has a number of buttons that only show up when they are required. There is also a lack of options, which becomes quite evident. The hidden menus can also be found in certain other software, but not as much as in this. This all results in a very clean interface, which is easy to use and can guide you well through the entire process of recovery.

This software runs on a very powerful engine for recovery and offers some of the best results ever seen. It is built on Stellar’s own experiences in the lab.

The software has a number of options for drives, photo, CD-DVD and email recovery. Even though each option has a separate setting for recovering specific data types, the best results are usually when you are testing the raw recovery capabilities from Drive Recovery.

The raw data recovery tool will allow you to work on even a severely corrupted device. It can execute comprehensive scans for file signatures from a number of formats that are matched with the file fragments on connected drives. It is able to do this by scraping out all the data from the surface of the drive and then identifying the patterns of the files against any known formats. You can even choose to add various user-defined formats to the software’s database if you want to.

The software does not come with tools that offer network recovery or even boot recovery. This means that you will not be able to perform remote or even pre-OS environment recoveries. But, you will be able to purchase tools as add-ons for this software, if you do think you will need them.



The Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional software also has advanced options required to help you recover lost data. It even comes with a number of imaging options as well as an S.M.A.R.T. interface, which will allow you to diagnose data loss and help prevent any further damage to your hard drive.

S.M.A.R.T. is short for Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology; this is the utility on every hard drive which will warn you whenever there is potential for disk failure. Even though it only reports about the bad sectors and any proliferations related to them, it can even advise you on exactly when your drive must be sent for a professional recovery.

As far as the advanced options are concerned, this software retains some advanced imaging features. Among all of the features which you find is the ‘create image’ button, which lets you create functioning copies of your HDD as IMG files.

This is a file that will also let you interrupt scans and then resume them at a later date. You can even create images of partitions, disks or any regions in particular.

Under this tab, you are also going to find the Clone Drive button. This is an option which will help create a bit-for-bit mirror copy of any drive. A clone is quite similar to images, but this tool is very limited and cannot be used for capturing only a particular file or partition.


Help and Support

The support services offered by the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional software are located in India. It’s a very large part of this global corporation which has a number of offices all around the world. The global experience in terms of data recovery this corporation has is built into the software and the support works just as well. Windows Data Recovery comes with a number of support channels including a detailed manual, a live chat feature, a knowledge base and even lab recovery services, which can help you get back all of the data that you require.


  • Powerful data recovery and a number of advanced features
  • Best built-in file previewer in its category
  • Allows user defined searches for file types


  • Confusing list of options
  • The interface can be baffling at times
  • Lacks certain features offered by competing software
  • Takes longer to recover files

Summary: Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional Review 2020 August

The Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software isn’t as polished as some of the others out there, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. It does offer one of the best recovery rates in the world and that is no simple task. It has very broad compatibility and performed well, no matter what device it was recovering data from.

The additional features of the software also allow you to make even the most challenging of recoveries a lot easier. If this is what you’re looking for and time is not an issue, there is no better software out there.

Hope this review on Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional was helpful to you.

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