SugarSync Coupon Codes & Review –May 2020-Get 50% Off!

SugarSync coupon Codes

In this post, you will find the latest Sugarsync coupon codes.

Files and documents both personal and business oriented are important to the users and not being able to have a convenient, efficient and time-tested device for the storage and restoration of these files can result in losing them. To help you save and keep your documents secure we provide you with SugarSync, a cloud storage device for the safe future of your do­­cuments.

Business owners have different needs when it comes to storage of data, as they have files and relevant documents whose size are too big, and they also contain some of the vital information about the company details and personal client data.


SugarSync Discount Codes


So, for this, the user demands a safe and steady means of storage. SugarSync is represented by the logo of a hummingbird and it is among the best cloud backup services today in the world.With the use of May 2020 SugarSync Coupon codes , you can avail the services at a much lower cost!

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Why Select SugarSync For Cloud Backup Services?

Like many online storage devices, SugarSync also provides their customers with a free trial of their service, but a small hitch which stops many users to take their services.

Trust me if you do it, it will be worth every penny. They have many offers and packages starting from $9.99 per month for 100GB to up to 250 GB for $24.99 per month. You can take packages for up to 500GB storage.

They also give the option of taking it monthly and yearly. If you take their yearly pack, you will get the benefit of paying for only ten months rather than 12. So, you save on two months of money when you take their yearly payment plan.

Their free account provides you with only 5GB storage space, which gives you very little storage space. They offer you the luxury of saving any file, with no limit on its type other than Microsoft Money, Microsoft Office, Outlook, database files and few more.

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Synchronizing Your Storage Made Easier Here

With SugarSync, you can take your decision as to what you want to store and the quantity of it. From single files to large folders you can choose what you want to backup.

After the initial download and setting of the program, depending on your storage space this might take some time, few days sometimes.

But once installed, the program runs in the background and automatically keeps backing up your files, documents, videos, and images.

SugarSync provides the users with a link on the computer where you can easily drag-drop-upload the files you choose. “MAGIC BRIEFCASE’ is the name given to this drive, a new folder that adds to the list of’ Document’ ‘Videos.’ You can manually upload the files with the help of Magic Briefcase or else SugarSync will do the needful on its own.

SugarSync Discount Codes

Robust Redundancy

The features provided by the app ensure that data is stored at five different locations and even after deleting the files move to the deleted files folder, wherein again the user is asked for permission if the data needs to be deleted permanently from the app.

This ensures that even accidently deleted data can be recovered by the means of this app. If you want that any of your files remain unchanged, then you should place it in the Web Archive Folder of the storage space used.

Business Owners- SugarSync Can Be Your Best Buddy

Business owners have large files and documents which need proper storage and backup facility. SugarSync makes an online business account, in which backup can be accommodated from 3 to 10 users, with some additional monthly up gradation charges.

The charge for adding each user is 125$ per annum. Unlimited storage, many users under the same account and continuous backup of important and valuable documents make SugarSync your most valued possession.

SugarSync gives the liberty to each member of a team to download, edit and save their files, which later gets synched with other files, providing access to all members to view the files together.

For business accounts with SugarSync, it gets convenient for users to share folders, to do remote editing, liberty for users to work from any set up provided it has an internet connection and security is provided with ‘read only’ access.

All of this is coordinated by the administrator’s dashboard. Compatibility with leading operating systems ensures easy operation and transition making the experience smooth and user-friendly.



What can be better than two options merging together to give the clients best results? SugarSync allows the clients to achieve the effects both ways. It helps you keep your records safe and at the same time lets you share those files with others. SugarSync can also be used to back up the records or create an extra folder for the multimedia downloads and documents.

SugarSync manages the cloud operations in a much smoother way which might safely save the files allowing the other users to navigate through those records without breaching the security. It works properly on devices ranging from computers to mobile phones. Now you don’t have to worry about stacking up your files in your computer when you leave home because SugarSync has got it sorted. SugarSync lets you stack up all your records on other personal computers or mobile phones to handle the files while you are away from home or on the move.

SugarSync as a company was established in the year 2008. It was opened in the San Mateo, CA. In the present times, SugarSync has more than a million users all over the world.


  • The back-up takes place while you are on a network.
  • No need to manually control the back p. takes place automatically.
  • SugarSync has the system of online back-up that hardly disrupts the current work. It silently operates behind the main working area.
  • SugarSync allows you to get back all the data you have saved.
  • Manages the version of records and allows it to retain.
  • SugarSync lets you transfer records and folders with fellow users.
  • Gives the benefit of online file sharing at any point in time.
  • SugarSync offers safety and security while transferring data. You can totally rely upon it. The online transfer of files and records take no time and it is done without any hassle. With just a single click in SugarSync, the entire volume of files and documents get shared from one folder to another without any barrier.
  • Split the non-private connections
  • SugarSync lets you sync with other divided folders
  • Collaborate the files of information through the shared folders
  • Install the allowance for applying folder
  • Mix up the various devices together
  • SugarSync eventuates the multiple files spread over other devices and hardware discs.
  • No manual labor to synchronize the files shared across other devices. You can sync the hardware devices and the MAC devices too.
  • SugarSync is flexible with the users.
  • Even the offline file transfer is easy with the cloud offline sync.
  • Accessorize the transferred files for non-hindrance file transfer.
  • SugarSync is noted for the smooth security and complete safety of the files.
  • Since SugarSync gives the utmost priority to the stored files, therefore, the security provided is totally trustworthy.
  • SugarSync incorporates the mechanical process of ensuring the protection of the data in your saved files. The sharing hence takes place with the aid of TLS. Its encryption comprises of 256-bit AES. This is nearly equal to the protection used in banks.
  • The data is safe with SugarSync.
  • The files transformations are done without any security breach.
  • There’s no threat online or offline while dividing the files among other users.
  • Can be easily used on mobile phones.
  • SugarSync allows you to go through website online, use the website and create backups for your files in your mobile phones as well.
  • In case of iOS and MAC devices, SugarSync functions well with both iPhones and Android devices.
  • But some users may find the experience of SugarSync a bit on the dull side. It is reviewed that the application looks out of date.
  • Handling of files and documents is quite complicated in the browser tab since it runs short of the balance used to holding the folder uploads.
  • Another problem found in this SugarSync cloud hosting is that the omitting of several folders becomes really complicated. The user has to reach to the ADVANCED option on the menu and proceed accordingly. This process has deliberately been made complicated so that the sudden deleting of some important files can be prevented.


SugarSync does not compromise much on the pricing of its products and plans. Users can find it expensive. SugarSync charges $7.49 for one month for 100GB of data; while the other sellers usually charge the same for one terabyte. You can find the offer of $8 for one month for 2TB in the official site of

Price Plan

$ 7.49 for one month

$ 74.99 per annum

$ 9.99 for a single month

$ 99.99 for one year

Storage space comes in one hundred GB, 250 GB, 500GB and 5000 GB

For additional price details, you can reach out SugarSync official site for the latest yearly plans.

SugarSync might give you the idea that owing to its high-cost subscription plans, the features provided might also be brilliant and highly functional. But that is not always the case. The unique advantage related to SugarSync subscription is that it has the potential to accentuate any files. However, for the larger audience, it doesn’t seem to be an exceptional offer for the extra cost.


  • SugarSync has clearly laid down the disadvantages associated with it. It comes with a limitation of storage that allows only eighty thousand files to be stored at once. Any files more than that won’t be synced by the site. Some additional metadata situation is required to sync beyond the limited projection.
  • Another major drawback associated is that SugarSync doesn’t offer the support of email folders. Also, it does not allow the synchronizations of iPhoto or iFiles or similar databases. The only relief is that at least five types of versions are allowed to be synced by the site.
  • SugarSync is usually more expensive than the other cloud hosting sites.
  • The tier charges are levied on the users.
  • The browser does not get downloaded at a lightning speed. It is usually slower.
  • There is no specific equipment for collaborations.
  • There is no free trial and run process in SugarSync. It is paid info.

Conclusion- SugarSync Coupon Codes & Review

SugarSync is a simple and power-packed online cloud service that outshines in backing all kinds of files and syncing them among the multiple platforms.  Get Best SugarSync  Coupon Codes May 2020 ,Deals OFFER with such powerful features. Avail the coupons now .Don’t let this opportunity go waste, use the Sugarsync coupon codes now!

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