Supermetrics vs Tableau 2022 – Which Is Better Data Collection Tool?

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In this post, we have shared a detailed comparison of Supermetrics vs Tableau 2022.

Supermetrics vs Tableau 2022– Which Is Better Data Collection Tool?

I know you landed onto this page for a reason that your business needs a secondary automation hand to take up some of your responsibilities.

Most businesses and startups need the availability of creative and innovative marketing and various data collection tools that can be automated and provide accurate data.

Every business’s persona experiences great chaos when it comes to handling the dashboard and reports, especially drawing out and managing data.

Supermetrics vs Tableau

Consequently, this paved the way for the two most popular companies namely, Supermetrics and Tableau in the ‘Deep Analysis of Data’ domain. Check out Supermetrics Promo Code

Both of these software applications are best in their own ways. Developing tools for making business reporting simple. The major services provided by both the software can be easily used, user-friendly, and simplified for data analysis.

With that being said, both of these software requires an outlay of time and money. In conclusion, many people now will be in great bewilderment when it comes to the point of selecting any ONE among them.

So, first, let’s dive into how Supermetrics, Tableau outsmarts each other in their work.

Supermetrics vs tableau - data collection tool

Supermetrics vs Tableau


Every business, startups always require/are in the need of collecting data from various multiple firms understandably and conveniently to maximize the company’s reach.

Supermetrics is an application software offering data to the marketers from already deposited data connectors of the enterprises, agencies, SMB’s, and eCommerce.

The very sole part of the business is this only because data improves the company’s reach and helps to consume the time and extra expenses too.


Tableau is a tool powerful reaching tool aiming for data visualization which is to transform the way people use data sources for solving problems ensuring to meet strict requirements, simply Tableau converts the raw data available into a very easy and understandable format.

In data analysis, the visualization tool is much powerful and convenient in the intelligence firm of businesses. The data transformation using this tool becomes so easy and handy that if a user does not know anything about the technical field, he/she can successfully manage to create a well-customized dashboard and work in it.

Features of Supermetrics:

Supermetrics is an application designed for business analytics and it is based on cloud computing which links up all the indications and the overall performance in a particular location. With its easy to use interface, retrieving data is made even much easier.

Also, importantly Google Analytics shows your Return of Investments and the total expenses of the ads from various sources.

The benefits of having Supermetrics are like its easy report creation, importation of metrics, view the latest figures, automatic updates, your dashboard refreshes up in a single click.

It has Google Drive as the front runner of the dealer, which provides you with sharing dashboards, running multiple queries, and can also share the reports made with your other fellow mates.

BigQuery templates

Features of Tableau:

Tableau because of its ability to produce creative dashboards and creative visualizations with instant connectivity features supporting more than three types of data, it rests on the first position among its competitors.

As though the application software has simplified the user interface (UI) hence it becomes more user-friendly and easily usable resulting in less time-consuming and more productive software.

Tableau also provides you a Learning, training program, it is very simple to have access to the online Learning resources just you have to head over at the tableau’s official website and on that particular webpage on the upper-left corner must be shown with learning panel, click on it and voila you have access to the learning sources of the website.

● Translate to visualizations

● Import any type of data

● Creative dashboards

● Different views like Toggle view

● Ensure security

● Data is filtered followed by highlights

● Dashboard Sharing Data notifications

● Data viewing

● Dashboard Comments

● Automatic update

Interaction platform

Supermetrics’s Key Integrations are:

▪ Twitter Ads

▪ Analytics


▪ FB Insights

▪ Yahoo Gemini

▪ Moz

Adobe Analytics

▪ Bing Ads

▪ Adform

▪ BigQuery

▪ YouTube

▪ Google AdWords


▪ Google Search Console

▪ DoubleClick

▪ Database

▪ Stripe

▪ Facebook Ads

Working of Supermetrics:

Supermetrics is correlated to many large marketing platforms to their favorite tools for data management, reporting, and analytics. It addresses the company’s need to provide their marketing services to the associated clients with actionable and insightful monthly reports.

Besides putting forward an accurate and detailed report, it is versatile to various multiple file formats such as Excel. Google Sheets, Google’s BigQuery, Google Data Studio, and many more.

In fact, Supermetrics is used by Five hundred thousand people in 13000+ companies worldwide around 120+ countries and is ranked on no. 1 which is in addition to marketing its data sources in Google Data Studio and Google Sheets.

Also, 10 percent of globalized ads that are spent online are reported only through their products.

Working of Tableau:

Tableau’s most usual function is to collect and extract data from any platform that is stored at different places. Now, this data can be collected to the desktop or Tableau’s data engine! Afterward, the engineer has to analyze the data by working with this data and designing visualization.

These custom designed worksheets are now shared as a static file to the working users. These dashboards or worksheets are then modified by the users who analyze this file in the Tableau Reader tool.

Supermetrics vs tableau


Also, now Tableau’s Servers can issue the Tableau’s data (Desktop Data) allowing their users a smooth and easy experience managing their files from any place worldwide, it can be PCs, mobiles, or tablets.

Pros of Supermetrics:

● It has great speed for collecting the data directly whenever the need is.

● You don’t have to worry about the cases that you put in support because there are no limits to the cases opened in the support and only if you are a validated user means if you have purchased any version of the software.

However, there is limited availability to the free users of the software in the trial period.

● Supermetrics’ charges are relatively inexpensive, unlike other organizations.

● It contains a lot of different versions of the software.

● Supermetrics does a great job of accurately reporting on metrics

● It provides a 14-day trial of the software to its users.

Supermetrics api pricing

Cons of Supermetrics:

● There is no data stored in Supermetrics in fact it queries information from its integration platforms such as Analytics, FB ads, or some other firm.

● When going in-depth to your analysis you might need to slow down your speed.

● Supermetrics is sometimes a bit too complicated to dope out, and also requires time to learn it.

● The support facility is not currently available as of now for helping you with dashboards, the support team can only answer the general problems and provide you with relevant help sources.

Besides that, you can contact our professional team which can help you with detailed questions related to your data.

Pros of Tableau:

● It’s carrying out is safe and strong enough unlike other tools available for the same purpose as it can manage billions of rows of data easily.

● Various types of visualizations can be created at one go.

● Tableau is available as a mobile app allowing users to keep figures at their tips supporting all the features available on an online and desktop version.

● Tableau has its own community where the support is really quick, each query is solved very quickly.

● It provides a 14-day trial of the software to its users.

Supermetrics vs Tableau- tableau training

Cons of Tableau:

● Revision history is supported only by the recent versions which are the major disadvantage that older ones can’t be rolled back.

● You have to do manual effort to update the data of your reports as there is no automatic available option.

● Although if the reports or dashboards are once published on its servers, one can not recover it or get back into the previous data

● For creating a high-end complex dashboard and reports, the user must have basic knowledge of SQL, although it’s a very good software for visualization.

Comparison Of Supermetrics vs Tableau 2022:

Both of these companies are pretty impressive in their own magnificent way but when it comes to the output of both, one is good at some point but the other is not so effective at that point whereas, on the other side, they both do have some common flaws.

So as of now, we got to know much about both these companies and their working, features, and pros-cons are already discussed. Now, let us see which one excels in some required aspects.

1. Establishment:

Supermetrics was established in the year 2013 in Finland and consequently, Tableau was established in the year 2003 in California USA. Both companies work on the same industry requirements but the trust establishment pointer goes to Tableau.

2. Data Visualization:

Although both the companies provide data visualization on comparing both; due to more secure, wider compatibility and easy to use, time-consuming software, and creation of various types of visualizations at a single click of Tableau, the trust establishment goes to Tableau.

The best application for data visualization is Tableau because it is easier to use for making well customized creative dashboards in very less time and work in them.

Even if a non-technical guy tries to work with Tableau, he finds making out of it without any difficulty. In fact, Supermetrics does not have its own visualization tool so it uses Google’s visualization tool which is more complex and requires a lot of time.

3. Best Suited For :


It is best for startups, publishers, e-commerce, Digital marketing agencies, and those companies which are serious about doing digital marketing from home.


Tableau leads to smart business decisions every day, by empowering the people throughout the organization to ask and answer the questions in the easiest way possible about their data in real-life.

Tableau web data connector

4. Smart Score:

According to the online finance comparisons, Supermetrics got a smart score of 8.4 whereas Tableau got a smart score of 9.2, clearly favoring Tableau in the smart score.

5. Pricing:

For Supermetrics, the price of their services is starting from $39 to $299 per month. For Tableau, the pricing of their services starts from $35 per month to $999 per year for Personal Desktop.

Supermetrics vs Tableau- Supermetrics Pricing

6. Languages Supported:

For Supermetrics, only the English language is supported whereas for Tableau, multi-languages are supported such as English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Portuguese.

7. Devices Supported:

Supermetrics supports Windows, Linux, Mac, and Web-based Services. Tableau supports Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac as well as web-based. Due to Tableau’s high compatibility, it is more trusted than Supermetrics.

8. Piracy:

Both the companies do not support piracy or cracked versions of its software, it’s illegal, and if anyone is caught promoting piracy, strict action would be taken against the individual.

Rather, you can take the 14-day trial of the software which has all the functions that a paid application has but there’s limited access to it, in that case, you will have to buy a paid version of the software.

9. General Information:

Supermetrics develops tools for making business reporting simple by getting your metrics from FB, Google Analytics, AdWords, YouTube, and Bing Ads into one place.

Tableau is a software application that provides easy to use, user-friendly, and simplified data analytics that can help businesses for making better business decisions consuming less time.

Quick Links

FAQs | Supermetrics vs Tableau

🤔 Can I modify all the queries I have created in Supermetrics?

Yes, all the queries can be modified. The Google Sheet containing your queries could be found in the “SupermetricsQueries” tab, but remember it will only show the queries related to a particular file only and there is no full list of queries in all the files. By default, that tab is not shown. So, for seeing it and modifying it you have to go to Add-ons>Supermetrics>Manage queries. Here we go.

💁‍♀️ Can anyone else who has access to my document refresh the queries I have created?

If anyone else is having access to a document you have added the queries, he/she can refresh them only when they have a higher version of paid super metrics than you, or you both have the free version of the software.

🙇‍♂️ Google Sheets contains which data sources?

Supermetrics are regularly uploading more sources. Some supported sources are: Moz Facebook Insights YouTube Google Analytics Facebook Ads Microsoft Advertising Twitter Google Ads

Conclusion Of Supermetrics vs Tableau 2022

In short, this pair of companies have both pros and cons on an equal level apart from the services provided by them are somehow less different, both of them are very combative when it comes to the matter of customer services.

The primary motive of them is to extract the data and customize it into dashboards, and visualizing those into various types.

They also offer other features that can be considered as a boon in startups, business marketing, also to improve the company’s reach. They also provide us with excellent tips, free online pieces of training videos, eLearning, etc.

Moreover, many users claimed that their startups and business had increased after opting for anyone of that software. Besides, depending on the individual’s opinion it also depends upon the product’s compatibility with your business theme and ideology that in turn leaves us in a dilemma on sorting out Supermetrics or Tableau is the best.

The excellent feature is available for everyone to suggest their ideas so as to maximize the performance in both of the applications.

The best way to submit your idea is that you have to go to the Tableau’s or Supermetrics Community ideas forum and post it there, which is managed by the development team of the software.

Also, your idea is open to all the other members of the community as they can uplift your idea by voting to get popular interests on the top of it.

As well, the sides of the coin cannot be ignored. So, it is suggested to select the software which accurately fits your required demands.

However, there is no ideal software without any flaws but both of them are best in their own ways working hard in order to optimize their features more powerfully and effectively.

And, the best part is that both of them are getting productively functionally improved and secure after every update so that their customers could get more advanced features seeing their businesses grow with hands folded.

I hope you like this post on Supermetrics vs Tableau 2022.

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