Tai Lopez Course Review 2020: Should You But It?

Tai Lopez Course Review
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  • Detailed Course Structures
  • Easily Accessible Courses
  • Quick Video lessons
  • Experienced Trainers
  • Active social media groups
  • Free materials
  • Perfect for Newbies
  • 130+ hours of video course
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Discount Codes via email
  • Regular Classes
  • 30-Day Refund Policy
  • Best Books Recommendation
  • PDF Lessons Available


  • Time Consuming
  • High pricing

I have shared a detailed Tai Lopez Review 2020, which covers detailed online courses, including The 67 Steps and SMMA Course.

I am dead sure that you might have heard of Tai Lopez as one of the business mentor and personal development coach.

Tai is quite famous for some of his advertisements on YouTube, like the “here in my garage” advert or the house tour on Facebook.

tai Lopez review - Credit mentor program 3.0

However, his habits of ranting and showing off have got him on the wrong side of people. So yes, you are not wrong and alone in questioning the credibility of his courses.

Hence, here I am with the most honest Tai Lopez’s Courses Review 2020.

Tai Lopez Course Review 2020: Should You But It?

About Tai Lopez:

Tai Lppez courses review - Is it scam?

Before Tai Lopez became a hit on the Internet as a social media influencer, he also has his own story of rags to riches. Today, he is amongst the most influential personality development gurus online, an entrepreneur as well as an author.

Tai got famous back in 2015 when he used YouTube ads to generate the traffic.

Also, he is famous for most of his courses such as Social Media Marketing Agency Course, How To Make Money Online, and the 67 Steps Course.  He had many successful investors, mentors who trained him, and so he learned that success lies in good mentorship.

Before he invested in the dating industry on the Internet “Elite Global Dating,” he was a part of the salsa nightclub business.

He also owns Mentor Box, which is among the largest book shipping clubs all over the world. His motto in life is, “Everybody wants a good life. But not everybody gets a good life.

So, after hearing much about this guy, I decided to purchase the Tai Lopez course, and here is my honest review on Tai’s course.

Tai Lopez Course Review 2020: Is It Worth?

There is a disclaimer on his site, which indicates that Tai Lopez is offering his guidance, and the earnings vary from person to person.

In short, you will get according to what you invest your money in, just like the other things in life. When I read about this course, I decided to give it a try.

But, I wasn’t willing to invest a large amount of money on such courses. I dropped a mail to the customer support team and they were responsive.

It didn’t take much effort to bargain and they offered me a discount on Tai courses.

Here is the list of courses that I tried. Read my review on Tai Lopez courses below:

1. The 67 Steps Tai Lopez Review

Here is my brutally honest review on the 67 steps course by Tai Lopez. I tried a 3-day trial for The 67 Steps Program by paying $1.

After 3 days, I purchased this program for $7 for a month.

All these lessons have been compiled into the program “The 67 Steps” which includes the life lessons by successful business people. Tai recommends some of the life-changing books which will change your ability to think about life.

It includes teachings from some well known and famous personalities like Bill Gates, Peter Drucker, Gandhi, Charlie Munger, and various other successful people.

With this, you get a minimum of 30 hours of videos and another 100+ hours of bonus content. It is surely worth the money spent in terms of the bulk of the matter you get.

Also, beneath each video, there are questions that have to be answered in order to mark that particular lesson as completed.

The lessons that can be absorbed from the video series give you a lot of valuable insight. However, to reap the rewards, you cannot just stop at learning, but you must also act towards achieving the goals.

Tai Lopez 67 steps review - instant access to following

There is a 30-day trial available, but if you get enrolled in the 30-day trial, then the only way to cancel the subscription is by asking their customer support to do it for you.

The best way to contact the support is through live chat.


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2. The Mini MBA Program Review: Knowledge Society

Tai’s Mini MBA Program that provides unlimited access to various courses related to entrepreneurship and career development.

It is available for just $9.99 Per Month.

The program consists of many videos in addition to live question and answer sessions that are held weekly.

Here is what all you get when you subscribe to the course:-

  • 33 Videos: It is an on-demand course matter, which you can go through at your own pace. I recommend you to go slow and to try to capture every learning that is given in each video. All the videos are approx of 45-90 minutes, each focusing on how to become an entrepreneur/investor.
  • Millionaire Mentor Interview Series: It gives you access to interviews with people who have made their dreams come true and have reached higher than $10 million. Thus, learning from their experiences teaches you a lot more.
  • Community: You get direct access to a private community that includes budding entrepreneurs and business owners who are also a part of the Mini-MBA program. Thus, interacting and sharing with them gives a clear understanding of many topics.

Though the videos are quite informative, there is a lack of proper structure in the program, and the focus is on just the basics.

However, it would have been outstanding in case there was a clear structure, and if the course would have offered better learning and more tangible knowledge.

However, it is good for beginners and for those who wish to learn.


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3. The Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) Course Review

Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing online course gives you a lot of insights on how one can set up their social media agency and also earn while traveling!

The full course is divided into four phases –

  • Phase 1 – Explains about Business Set-Up.
  • Phase 2 – Is all about Mastering Social Media
  • Phase 3 – How to Acquire Clients?
  • Phase 4 – Explains the aspects of Automating, Servicing & Building Your Team.

Along with all of these, there are dozens of bonus lessons, hundreds of archived monthly live calls, and also an active Facebook group. As you sign up for the full course, you get access to the 64+ hours of material which has video lessons from different teachers.

The only thing you don’t get access to automatically is the Facebook Group. For joining the group, you need to write an email to their support team. They shall do the needful. In my case, they took sweet 3 days to reply!

The point to be noted here is: this is unlike the 67 Steps course, where the entire course is taught by Tai Lopez, this course is taught by different teachers who are experts in their fields.

In just 4 modules, I could count 34 different teachers, and a dozen others came for the bonus sections and on the archived video calls. Henceforth, I lost my count.

Also, the Facebook group is pretty active, with more than 22,000 active members who post dozens of informative posts daily.

Taim Lopez social media course - join now

There were some issues that I found in this course that I would like to highlight them here as well in my Tai Lopez SMMA Review:-

SMMA 2.0 is not as structured as the previous version. Here, you will find 2 or more teachers covering the same topic, and sometimes they happen to contradict each other too.

For instance, I found Peter Wang recommended to develop your website on Squarespace or Weebly, while Sean Vosler was seen recommending Wix for website development.

The course content was originally created in 2016, but we all know how fast the digital world is evolving; thus, most of the course content is outdated now.

For instance, you find Tai still talking and discussing iPhone 7, which is outdated, isn’t it?

Also, there is no provision of a refund in this course, if you are unhappy after the subscription.

Once all the courses are completed, you get an “official certification,” which is the selling point of the course.

I do recommend SMMA 2.0. I yet have to come across a course, which offers you such training from field experts with an active private community.


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4. Tai Lopez Mentorship Program Review

I had heard a lot about Tai’s mentorship programs where he shares the secrets to become a billionaire. As I navigated, I found three useful course modules; Tai Lopez Business Mentorship program, Millionaire Mentorship Program, and Credit mentorship program.

I had already read about the Millionaire program in his 67 steps Millionaire module, so I decided to try the credit mentorship program.

tai Lopez on how to improve your credit

A credit card comes with a lot of hidden redemption points and benefits, which most of us are not very aware of.

We all know that we need a good credit score. But how does one ensure that the score is good? What steps and measures must be considered to get a good score?

I recommend you to check out the Credit Mentor course if you wish to learn all about the credit card, how to use points, how to improve the score, and how to use it in a way that is beneficial to you.

I did it myself, and I must tell you, I can use my credit card points effectively now.

Don’t let them go waste like you have been doing for years.

Tai Lopez Credit Repair Review suggests that you will learn the following things from this course,

  • Collect more reward points and earn more cashback value.
  • Travel free, who doesn’t want that?
  • Unlock and use the “Secret Credit” advantages.

I also learned how to apply the strategies myself by going deeper into the insights taught and discussed throughout the course.

I strongly recommend this course to everyone who uses a credit card!


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5. Tai Lopez E-commerce Blueprint Review

E-Commerce Blueprint course discusses how one can build a successful E-Commerce venture successfully. This course teaches you the basics of making money online with the help of E-Commerce.

Tai insists that this course isn’t a dropshipping one. Now the only thing where negatives lie is in the refunds.


This course helps a person build a brand and teaches you how to have loyal customers. It teaches you how to resolve fulfillment issues.

Once you purchase this course, you can download the E-Commerce Blueprint PDF of this course.

10% Off

Tai Lopez ECommerce Blueprint

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How Does Tai Lopez Make Money Online?

The main reason why I follow Tai Lopez and his principles is that though he might be a business guru to many people, I find him to be an expert and a genius in social media as well as internet marketing.

Tai lopez list of courses - Available to purchase

Tai Lopez is a well-known billionaire life coach. He makes most of his money by using social media and Facebook ads campaign.

Net worth - Create Multiple income
Tai Lopez net worth

With my foray into being in the digital marketing business, I can relate to his videos. He is a marketer who has moved things a notch higher and has spent millions growing his channels on social media, and this makes one admire him even more.

He is hard to ignore as he is quite a huge name on Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram which is not very easy if you are in a niche area like lifestyle, business or self-development.

Pros And Cons

Pros of Tai Lopez’s Courses:

1. Comprehensive

The courses are quite extensive. For instance, the major SMMA course has about 64 and more hours of video that includes about 130 lessons or more on every single aspect of developing a social media marketing agency.

2. Teachings by Numerous Experts:

The benefit of these courses is that one gets to learn from many people who have successfully built their Social marketing agencies.

3. Active Community

All the courses of Tai Lopez come with an active community related to social media where one can share their ideas with individuals across the world.

4. Value-Packed Courses 

The contents of his courses are valuable. Tai’s courses depend on the type of requirements you have. However, commitment and focus are necessary to learn what is offered.

5. Success Stories

His courses are quite successful, and many success stories have been shared by Tai Lopez on his Instagram account and other social media accounts.

Cons of Tai Lopez’s Courses:

1. No Money-Back Guarantee

Sadly, there is no money-back guarantee on these courses. But, you wouldn’t mind investing $1 for 3 days as a trial.

2. Some Teachers Lack Fluency

Different experts take a lot of classes in the course, and it gets tough for the user to adjust themselves to the different teaching styles. At times, this causes confusion and a lack of understanding due to the tone of teaching or communication skills.

3. Videos Are Not Arranged Well

Most of the videos in the courses are not arranged well, and the user might have to sort them out manually to understand the course better. This can get really time-consuming and stressful for users.

Also Read:

FAQs On Tai Lopez Courses:

✅ Who Is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez is an investor, partner, consultant, or advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses. He also runs a podcast The Grand Theory of Everything and a Youtube channel.

🔥 What are Tai Lopez Famous Courses?

Tai Lopez' famous courses are The 67 Steps review, SMMA 2.0, Business Mentor, Knowledge Mastery Courses, EComm BluePrint.

💲💲 How much is Tai Lopez Net Worth?

Tai Lopez acts as an advisor to over 20 multi-millionaire companies. As of 2019, Tai Lopez's net worth is $60 million.

🏆 Is Tai Lopez 67 Steps Scam?

No!! Tai Lopez is a well known and popular life coach in the space of digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and business. His net worth is $60 mn

Final Thoughts: Is 67 Steps Course Legit? Tai Lopez Review 2020

Yes, Tai Lopez and his course are legit. Tai is a billionaire life coach who will focus you to win and how to get rich.

Though his strategies, as well as business models, might be a little flawed when it comes to the contradictory themes and lack of a structure, his principles are worth a try.

If you wish to learn, you need to dive right in and understand it the way he sees it.


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I hope you have liked the Tai Lopez Course Review 2020 and must be willing to buy his course.

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