Tai Lopez Course Review 2022: Is The 67 Steps Program Worth It? Is Tai Lopez Course Legit?

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Value for Money
Ease of Learning
Course Structure
Video Lessons


  • 130+ hours of video course
  • Perfect for Newbies
  • Free materials
  • Easily Accessible Courses
  • Quick Video lessons
  • Experienced Trainers
  • Active social media groups
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • 30-Day Refund Policy


  • Time Consuming
  • High pricing

Do you wonder if Tai Lopez is for real, or is he just another scammer? I feel that the term “marketing genius” would be apt for a person like Tai Lopez. Tai Lopez and his programs are legit. Tai is a billionaire life coach who will focus you to win and how to get rich.

Price:$ 697

I have shared a detailed Tai Lopez Course Review 2022, which covers detailed online programs, including The 67 Steps and SMMA Course.

Are you fed up with those advertisements on social media promising you to get a solid step for you to make you get a good business opportunity to make good money? 

Have you ever wondered about millionaires and their way to success? Among these millionaires, have you heard the name of Tai Lopez and wanted to know about him and his success more deeply?

Then you are exactly in the right place, where you can get to know my detailed Tai Lopez review and learn his wonderful steps towards a successful life. Well, I thought to give you all a review of him as I have experienced his paid program.

I am dead sure that you might have heard of him as one of the business mentor and personal development coach.

Tai is quite famous for some of his advertisements on YouTube, like the “here in my garage” advert or the house tour on Facebook.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Tai Lopez is currently one of the most successful self-published author, with a list of 11 best sellers that include “Mentor Box” (best selling title) and “The 66 Steps to Staying Wealthy”. He has also been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and Mashable.

Tai Lopez Brand

He’s built his reputation as an authoritative writer of self-help books. The Tai Lopez Courses will show you how to get rich online. Learn the 67 Steps from an experienced teacher who can teach you step by step how to achieve your financial goals.

tai lopez user review

Tai Lopez is an expert, e-commerce or business specialist more like a social media marketing expert and a renowned person offering courses strategic to your business, he has well-equipped plans and fantastic courses such as SMMA, The 67 Steps, Credit Mentor program, etc.

Get started with Tai Lopez course here.

However, his habits of ranting and showing off have got him on the wrong side of people. So yes, you are not wrong and alone in questioning the credibility of his courses.

Top 3 Best Tai Lopez Alternatives:

If you think the Tai Lopez program is expensive and shady then these are the best alternatives that you might want to consider:

1. Marisa Peer

You can transform your life by learning from Marisa in her latest book Uncompromised Life – which shares how to create a life without limits through simple steps that produce dramatic results

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2. Affiliate Lab

Affiliate Lab is an all-inclusive course that teaches marketers, SEO specialists, and students everything they need to know about affiliate marketing. You’ll learn search engine optimization, test-backed strategies for building backlinks, and more.

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3. Commission Hero

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn money online. Commission Hero will show you how to get started and how it works, so that you can start making money as soon as possible.

You’ll learn everything from choosing products, setting up your website and getting traffic, all the way through to creating ads and tracking conversions.

It’s an easy-to-follow course with lots of real examples and case studies – so there are no excuses not to succeed!

Check Out Commission Hero Here

In this article, you will see my point of view about Tai Lopes and learn a lot of things about him and his programs too so let’s get started with the review.

Tai Lopez Review - Credit mentor program 3.0

Here I will answer all your questions about Tai Lopez such as:

  • Is the Tai Lopez course worth it?
  • How much does the Tai Lopez course cost?
  • Does anyone recommend the Tai Lopez course?
  • What is one of the best parts of the Tai Lopez course?
  • How long does it take to finish the Tai Lopez course?
  • What are the pros and cons of the Tai Lopez course?
  • What are reviews of the Tai Lopez course?

Who Is Tai Lopez? How Did Tai Lopez Become Rich?

Tai Lopez is a social media influencer and entrepreneur who made his money by teaching online courses. The 67 Steps, a self-help guide to becoming wealthy, was one of his first courses to sell.

Tai Lopez and his apparent wealth appear to have appeared out of thin air, despite the fact that no one knows him personally. Lopez was relatively unknown before his YouTube mass-advertising effort.

His 67 Steps method was responsible for establishing him as a household name and generating the most of his first income.


Lopez claims that by following his 67 Steps, you may create a life full of prosperity and happiness, steps that one might suppose are informed by his own beliefs and experiences. One of these beliefs is the value of having a mentor.

This was first sparked by letters with his grandfather, a scientist. When he was a teenager looking for advice on how to approach the subject of acquiring money, his grandfather informed him that he would be lucky to find even a handful of individuals in his life who could help him.

Even if you don’t have a personal mentor with whom you can speak, one of Lopez’s renowned recommendations in this respect is to read “a book a day,” not from cover to cover, but only the most useful bits of information after a rapid skim.

He feels that books authored by other successful individuals are great for this type of strategy, with the intention of gleaning beneficial insights from those who have dominated their sectors or the economic world.

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Tai Lopez Facebook

Lopez didn’t become wealthy overnight; the entrepreneur began off with only a few hundred dollars in his pocket and was living with his mother. It’s a stark contrast from the image of the man in front of a brand new Lambo that we see in his videos.

So, how did he earn such wealth? How did he grow rich enough to be the man who could teach the rest of the world how to achieve the same objectives?

This is where the dividing line between believers and detractors begins on the Tai Lopez issue.

There were accusations that the lifestyle Lopez was portraying was all smoke and mirrors when he first began his commercial campaign on YouTube. It’s worth mentioning that there’s no evidence to support either side of this argument.

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Tai Lopez on Forbes

Part of the criticism came from Lopez’s positioning of himself and his business model as a self-made millionaire with all the answers, one of many self-help gurus and speakers popularized by the internet and the diversity of platforms available to them.

Regardless, whether or not there is any reality or substance beneath the veneer of affluence had no bearing on the ad campaign’s and Lopez’s self-help program’s popularity.

Although we don’t know how he made his money before the 67 Steps campaign, it’s evident that it’s what propelled him to the millionaire position he now has, thanks to a mix of smart marketing and good timing.

Tai Lopez Course Review 2022: Should You But It?

Before becoming a hit on the Internet as a social media influencer, he also has his own story of rags to riches. Today, he is amongst the most influential personality development gurus online, an entrepreneur as well as an author.

Tai got famous back in 2015 when he used YouTube ads to generate traffic.

Tai Lopez Course Review

Also, he is famous for most of his courses such as Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency Course, How To Make Money Online, and the 67 Steps Course. He had many successful investors, mentors who trained him, and so he learned that success lies in good mentorship.

Before he invested in the dating industry on the Internet called the “Elite Global Dating,” he was a part of the salsa nightclub business.

He also owns Mentor Box, which is among the largest book shipping clubs all over the world. His motto in life is, “Everybody wants a good life. But not everybody gets a good life.

So, after hearing much about this guy, I decided to purchase the course, and here is my honest review of Tai’s program.

My Review About Tai Lopez Course:

There is a disclaimer on his site, which indicates that Tai is offering his guidance, and the earnings vary from person to person.

In short, you will get according to what you invest your money in, just like the other things in life. When I read about this course, I decided to give it a try.

But, I wasn’t willing to invest a large amount of money in such courses. I dropped a mail to the customer support team and they were responsive.

tai lopez reiview


It didn’t take much effort to bargain and they offered me a discount on Tai courses.

Here is the list of courses that I tried.

1. The 67 Steps Course Review

I was searching for some courses to gain some knowledge and I came across the 67 steps video learnings, where Tai teaches some lessons of his life he has experienced to gain success by keeping the balance within himself and he also taught me the meaning of social life and personal life.

I would like to give you some of my personal review about this program and what I’ve learned from the 67 steps program and how it has affected my life. 

So, here are my brutally honest thoughts on the 67 steps program. I tried a 3-day trial for The 67 Steps Program by paying $1.

After 3 days, I purchased this program for $7 for a month.

67 Steps Program Review
67 Steps Program

All these lessons have been compiled into the program “The 67 Steps” which includes the life lessons by successful business people. Tai recommends some of the life-changing books which will change your ability to think about life.

It includes teachings from some well known and famous personalities like Bill Gates, Peter Drucker, Gandhi, Charlie Munger, and various other successful people.

With 67 steps, you get a minimum of 30 hours of videos and another 100+ hours of bonus content. It is surely worth the money spent in terms of the bulk of the matter you get.

Also, beneath each video, there are questions that have to be answered in order to mark that particular lesson as completed.

67 Steps Program Questions
67 Steps Program Questions

The lessons that can be absorbed from the video series give you a lot of valuable insight. However, to reap the rewards, you cannot just stop at learning, but you must also act towards achieving the goals.

The 67 Steps Program offers a 30-day trial available, but if you get enrolled in the 30-day trial, then the only way to cancel the subscription is by asking their customer support to do it for you.

The best way to contact the support is through live chat.

Why You Should Go For 67 Steps Program?

  • Detailed material

Unlike other programs, the 67 steps program is a lot more heavy and detailed. It gets in deep and focuses on every little thing you need to know relevant to the course.

67 is a big number in itself so you can expect this curriculum to be a little heavy on your mind with a variety of novel ideas and insights into common and uncommon situations. Loads to learn if you’re up for it.

  • Viewer-friendly format that aids memory

Almost all the videos are of Tai Lopez looking straight into the camera and talking for 30 minutes. He tells his experiences and the lessons he wishes to share with you in a very informal, story-telling sort of format which makes it interesting for the viewer and very easy to remember as well.

Since there is a very personal touch to the talks, a lot of viewers like the 67 Steps program and feel like he is talking directly to them, giving them personal tips and suggestions on how to get what they want in life.

  • Revision after each session

After each lesson is over, there is a series of questions that have to be answered. Without this, the lesson will not be considered complete.

I think it is great to aid immediate revision and make sure you have understood the lesson before moving on with the next one. A thoughtful strategy indeed.

  • Wide exposure

Since it is one person talking about absolutely every experience he has ever had or every book he has read and what his mentors have told him, it is a curriculum filled to the brim with new perspectives, ideas, and thoughts.

Which can be quite a handful if you are not prepared for it. But if you look at it positively and are a very dedicated learner, then all these will only benefit you for sure.

Since he is such a huge success, his stories will make a lot more sense to you as they won’t sound like just preaching. He sure does practice what he preaches.

  • More material

The 67 Steps Course offers more than 100 hours video of material content. This includes 30 hours of the main material and then the rest added in the bonus part of the curriculum. So much for one price; that means the value for money is in your hands. Cool, isn’t it?

2. The Mini MBA Program: Knowledge Society

Tai’s Mini MBA Program provides unlimited access to various courses related to entrepreneurship and career development.

It is available for just $9.99 Per Month.

The program consists of many videos in addition to live question and answer sessions that are held weekly.

Here is what all you get when you subscribe to the program:-

  • 33 Videos: It is an on-demand course matter, which you can go through at your own pace. I recommend you to go slow and to try to capture every learning that is given in each video. All the videos are approx of 45-90 minutes, each focusing on how to become an entrepreneur/investor.
  • Millionaire Mentor Interview Series: It gives you access to interviews with people who have made their dreams come true and have reached higher than $10 million. Thus, learning from their experiences teaches you a lot more.
  • Community: You get direct access to a private community that includes budding entrepreneurs and business owners who are also a part of the Mini-MBA program. Thus, interacting and sharing with them gives a clear understanding of many topics.

Though the videos are quite informative, there is a lack of proper structure in the program, and the focus is on just the basics.

However, it would have been outstanding in case there was a clear structure, and if the curriculum would have offered better learning and more tangible knowledge.

However, it is good for beginners and for those who wish to learn.


3. Tai Lopez Social Media Agency Course: SMMA Course Review

Tai’s Social Media Marketing Program gives you a lot of insights on how one can set up their social media marketing agency and also earn while traveling!

The full curriculum is divided into four phases –

  • Phase 1 – Explains about Business Set-Up.
  • Phase 2 – Is all about Mastering Social Media
  • Phase 3 – How to Acquire Clients?
  • Phase 4 – Explains the aspects of Automating, Servicing & Building Your Team.

Along with all of these, there are dozens of bonus lessons, hundreds of archived monthly live calls, and also an active Facebook group. As you sign up for the full program, you get access to the 64+ hours of material which has video lessons from different teachers.

The Social Media Marketing Agency Review

The only thing you don’t get access to automatically is the Facebook Group. For joining the group, you need to write an email to their support team. They shall do the needful. In my case, they took sweet 3 days to reply!

The point to be noted here is: this is unlike the 67 Steps course, where the entire curriculum is taught by Tai Lopez, this course is taught by different teachers who are experts in their fields.

In just 4 modules, I could count 34 different teachers, and a dozen others came for the bonus sections and on the archived video calls. Henceforth, I lost my count.

Also, the Facebook group is pretty active, with more than 22,000 active members who post dozens of informative posts daily.

Social media course review

There were some issues that I found in this program that I would like to highlight here as well in my Tai Lopez SMMA Review:-

SMMA 2.0 is not as structured as the previous version. Here, you will find 2 or more teachers covering the same topic, and sometimes they happen to contradict each other too.

For instance, I found Peter Wang recommended to develop your website on Squarespace or Weebly, while Sean Vosler was seen recommending Wix for website development.

The content was originally created in 2016, but we all know how fast the digital world is evolving; thus, most of the program content is outdated now.

For instance, you find Tai still talking and discussing iPhone 7, which is outdated, isn’t it?

Also, there is no provision of a refund in this program, if you are unhappy after the subscription.

Once all the courses are completed, you get an “official certification,” which is the selling point of the course.

I do recommend SMMA 2.0. as I  yet have to come across a program, which offers you such training from field experts with an active private community.

Why You Should Go For SMMA 3.0? 

Here’s why you should go for SMMA 3.0 course:

  • Interactive community

Here you get a chance to discuss and share with like-minded people. There are daily interactions that help you find the answers you are looking for and help you in more ways than you can imagine.

It is easy to connect with people here and the community as a whole is very united and like-minded, like a big, fat family.

  • Extensive coverage

This program covers everything under the sky about social media management. Right from understanding exactly how social media marketing agency works, to striking your first deal and dealing with potential clients, everything is covered here.

Also, the material is updated regularly and includes all the latest techniques and strategies. This is the perfect program if you need any sort of help or advice regarding boosting your business and getting more clients.

  • Downloadable script

You can watch the video tutorials anytime you please and with the downloadable scripts, you are always accessible to learning.

This saves your time and energy spent in collecting relevant information from different sources all around when all you need to do is sign up for this program and get all those benefits in one place at your convenience.

  • Responsive customer support

The team members are available and more than happy to help you whenever you might need them. With this program, you get priority access to the staff team for solving any of your queries or answering any questions you might have during this program.

  • Knowledge from multiple experts

The curriculum will be taught to you not just by Tai, but instead by many different digital marketing experts. So you get the benefit of all of their knowledge combined packed in one course.

There are almost 34 teachers throughout the 4 modules in the program and around 12 more in the bonus section and also on live calls. Absorb from their perspectives and make the most of their expertise all in just one place.

  • Library access

With this program, you get access to the state-of-the-art and improved, updated library along with lessons in Sales, Marketing, and Persuasion available for the limited bonus edition.

4. Mentorship Program 

I had heard a lot about Tai’s mentorship programs where he shares the secrets of becoming a billionaire. As I navigated, I found three useful curriculum modules; The Business Mentorship program, Millionaire Mentorship Program, and the Credit mentorship program.

I had already read about the Millionaire program in his 67 steps Millionaire module, so I decided to try the credit mentorship program.

How to improve your credit

A credit card comes with a lot of hidden redemption points and benefits, which most of us are not very aware of.

We all know that we need a good credit score. But how does one ensure that the score is good? What steps and measures must be considered to get a good score?

I recommend you to check out the Credit Mentor course if you wish to learn all about the credit card, how to use points, how to improve the score, and how to use it in a way that is beneficial to you.

I did it myself, and I must tell you, I can use my credit card points effectively now.

Don’t let them go waste like you have been doing for years.

Tai Lopez Credit Repair suggests that you will learn the following things from this program,

Credit Mentor Program Review

  • Collect more reward points and earn more cashback value.
  • Travel free, who doesn’t want that?
  • Unlock and use the “Secret Credit” advantages.

I also learned how to apply the strategies myself by going deeper into the insights taught and discussed throughout the program.

I strongly recommend this course to everyone who uses a credit card!

Why You Should Go For Mentorship Program?

Here why you should go for the Mentorship Program:

  • Daily updates

This program offers new and practical information every single day. So although the tutorials are for just 5 minutes every day and you might feel that what can be covered in such little time; you will be pleasantly surprised to learn something unique and novel every single day.

  • Crisp and straight-forward material

In just 5 minutes of duration, the material must get straight to the point without beating around the bush. This is exactly what you can expect from this program. Absolutely crystal clear information with no dwindling.

Just hell-bent on giving you the most of available information, anytime on the go. So you can go through with this at any time of the day right from when you’ve just woken up, to when you’re stuck in traffic.

Trust me, with such easy to consume information, all you will see are the benefits.

  • Accessible on all devices

You can access the video tutorials in the member’s area using any device that connects to the internet. So no restriction and full freedom to view on the move.

  • Tai’s very own personal lessons

You can get to learn everything that Tai’s mentor taught him years ago when he was about to start. It’s always great to have an inspiration, isn’t it?

With these videos, you will get to view some of the most successful people globally in various industries. That’s a lot of experience in just 5 minutes.

  • Consistent learning

This is similar to exercise, which only benefits you if you do it every day. Similarly, with new knowledge and information given to you every day, you will get a boost and your mind will expand creating new thought processes due to a large array of topics being at your disposal.

So it aids in consistent learning making full use of those 5 wholesome minutes of your day.

  • Archived videos

Archived videos help in reviewing and revising the previous lessons and not just moving ahead without fully understanding the matter taught the day before. That is a huge thing when it comes to learning anything I’d say.

5. Tai Lopez Ecommerce Course: E-commerce Blueprint 

E-Commerce Blueprint course discusses how one can build a successful E-Commerce venture successfully. This teaches you the basics of making money online with the help of E-Commerce.

In 2020, retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to 4.28 trillion US dollars and e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 5.4 trillion US dollars in 2022. Read more here

Tai insists that this program isn’t a dropshipping one. Now the only thing where negatives lie is in the refunds.

This program helps a person build a brand and teaches you how to have loyal customers. It teaches you how to resolve fulfillment issues.

Once you purchase this course, you can download the E-Commerce Blueprint PDF as well.

ECommerce Blueprint Course Review


How Does Tai Lopez Make Money Online?

The main reason why I follow him and his principles is that though he might be a business guru to many people, I find him to be an expert and a genius in social media marketing as well as internet marketing.

List of courses

Tai is a well-known billionaire life coach. He makes most of his money by using social media marketing and Facebook ads campaign.

Net worth - Tai Lopez Course Review

With my foray being in the digital marketing business, I can relate to his videos. He is a marketer who has moved things a notch higher and has spent millions growing his channels on social media, and this makes one admire him even more.

He is hard to ignore as he is quite a huge name on Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram which is not very easy if you are in a niche area like lifestyle, business, or self-development.


Customer Support

Their team have been reaching out to the customers and operators in case of any confusion or queries that persist on their part. Individuals have been asking some questions that concern them.

The team has been trying to incorporate or receive the maximum problems to clear their doubts be it, regarding the 67 steps program or to avail of the VIP subscription.

The support team will always be at your doorstep trying to reach out to you in the best possible way possible. For any sort of help needed we can contact on their following email address-

Email address- support@tailopez.com

The team will eventually reach out to you via an email. If the queries are still not sorted then we can call at this contact number 1.800.604.2587. Followed by adding additional details like email address and mobile phone.

The team will reply to your messages via text/SMS as fast as possible. For further information regarding the lessons or courses, you can follow TAILOPEZ.com 

The team is highly receptive and responsive to the needs and aspirations of the people.

Thus, anyone having queries regarding users’ account email at support@tailopez.com and if one needs to talk to him privately then you can send him an email on – tai@tailopez.com. He even has his account on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube

Tai Lopez Course Pricing Plans

Tai Lopez is an expert, e-commerce or business specialist more like a social media marketing expert and a renowned person offering courses strategic to your business, he has well-equipped plans and fantastic courses mentioned with the pricing that are as follows-

Plan 1: SMMA 3.0

  • Price: $49.00.

Well deserving and qualified professionals who have witnessed organic growth and have excelled in every sphere and eventually gained success from whatever they have disseminated or taught.

It is all about learning from the experts and people who contain high intellect, having their agencies, collaborated with a high level or competitive clients as well as learning from those individuals who have witnessed and stimulated expenditure in millions only for advertising.

Learning from all the people with rich experiences can lead you to a better path in life.

Why choose this plan?

Choose this plan because it lets you unleash the innumerable features, providing you with the limited timely bonus courses specifically in marketing, sales, and other important attributes.

Plan 2: 5 Minutes Mentor

  • Price: Special Offer of $1 for 3 days & Then $5/month

Tai Lopez himself is teaching these courses, this program doesn’t require a great deal of investment or expenditure of about 5,000-10,000.

Lessons taught are easy to grasp, strategic points, and demands your attention for 5 minutes every day.

As a subscriber to this plan, I have consumed the best possible benefits and lessons related to marketing strategies and proper ways to invest my money on viable offers and deals with excellent consultant pieces of advice and pros and cons associated with it.

Why choose this plan?

Every user like me would want to avail of this limited offer or timely deals with appropriate visuals, clarity, and understanding.

We can even record his teaching videos and view it endless number of times and guess what, it can even be brought back from the archives.

Tai is an excellent teacher and a mentor brimmed with the storehouse and truckloads of business learning strategies, knowledge, and lessons.


Plan 3: 67 Steps Mentor Program

  • Price: Special offer of $1 for 3 days, and then $5/month.

It is one of the plans Tai tutors and mentors people all by himself asking you not to pay about the heavy amount which individuals usually pay for other plans.

Offering you in-depth details about business plans, ideas along with the necessary insights.

Every video tutorial as offered by Tai can be recorded and brought back from archives as and when one needs to recapitulate themselves with necessary points and strategies which consist of the lessons taught by him.

Why choose this plan?

Every user would want to choose this plan as it has some of the finest features which are no less than mere advantages and positive points to the plans. The qualities offered by the plan are- 

  • Video Tutorials

One can record the lessons as offered and given by him and can very easily access the video tutorials from any device, offering them the best possible learning experiences with appropriate knowledge and understanding.

  • Learning something new every day

The 67-day plan will teach you new things to ponder upon, and will continuously teach you new business-related attributes, eventually increasing your knowledge base and rationality making you feel more and more intelligent, confident, and business-like.

  • Detailed information

67 steps plan will brim you up with the maximum and most necessary information you should fill yourself with. Providing you detailed information with endless ideas, insights.

Any individual will as guaranteed can get the best ideas at their doorstep through this 67 days plan that offers you the innumerable amount of things you need to look after.

These video lessons can be watched anytime and every time or as and when we require the most out of it and the steps associated with it.

  • Important principles

Within this 67 steps plan, we get to obtain the necessary principles which have been proven productive and resourceful by the users and operators like us.

Because of which Tai has become an important personality within the sphere of the business world and in terms of popularity on social media like- Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc.

Yet, these pricing plans will give you the most advantages, best learning opportunities, and experiences within the limited and cheap price based plans. Tai has been the most popular and well-known marketer with excellent plans and courses.

Tai Lopez Course Pros & Cons:

Here are some pros and cons of Tai Lopez review:


1. Comprehensive

The courses are quite extensive. For instance, the major SMMA program has about 64 and more hours of videos that includes about 130 lessons or more on every single aspect of developing a social media marketing agency.

2. Teachings by Numerous Experts:

The benefit of these courses is that one gets to learn from many people who have successfully built their Social marketing agencies.

3. Active Community

All the courses come with an active community related to social media where one can share their ideas with individuals across the world.

4. Value-Packed Courses 

The contents of his courses are valuable. Tai’s courses depend on the type of requirements you have. However, commitment and focus are necessary to learn what is offered.

5. Success Stories

His courses are quite successful, and many success stories have been shared by him on his Instagram account and other social media accounts.


1. No Money-Back Guarantee

Sadly, there is no money-back guarantee on these courses. But, you wouldn’t mind investing $1 for 3 days as a trial.

2. Some Teachers Lack Fluency

Different experts take a lot of classes in the program, and it gets tough for the user to adjust themselves to the different teaching styles. At times, this causes confusion and a lack of understanding due to the tone of teaching or communication skills.

3. Videos Are Not Arranged Well

Most of the videos in the courses are not arranged well, and the user might have to sort them out manually to understand the curriculum better. This can get really time-consuming and stressful for users.

Tai Lopez Course Reviews & Testimonials:

Here is what people have to say about Tai Lopez courses:


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FAQs About Tai Lopez Review: Is the Tai Lopez Course Worth It?

✅ Who Is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez is an investor, partner, consultant, or advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses. He also runs a podcast The Grand Theory of Everything and a Youtube channel.

🔥 What are his Famous Courses?

Tai Lopez' famous courses are The 67 Steps review, SMMA 2.0, Business Mentor, Knowledge Mastery Courses, EComm BluePrint.

💲💲 How much is Tai Lopez Net Worth?

Tai Lopez acts as an advisor to over 20 multi-millionaire companies. As of 2019, his net worth is $60 million.

🏆 Is The 67 Steps Scam?

No!! Tai Lopez is a well known and popular life coach in the space of digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and business. His net worth is $60 mn

🤔 How can I get a refund?

Before receiving a refund, the company will ask you for your required information and contact details for the confirmation of the operator’s account. One can even reach out for support on the following email address support@tailopez.com. The refund will be given to the user within 30 days.

🤗 How to directly communicate and interact with Tai Lopez?

To communicate and interact with Tai Lopez, we need to attend the conferences. Webinars, private seminars to meet or communicate with Tai. we can contact him privately on, tai@tailopez.com.

👍 Is the Tai Lopez Smma program worth it?

It is one of the most concise or up-to-date training, and offer a comprehensive and excellent value for money program. SMMA 2.0 will serve you well if you appreciate social media and are prepared to put in the effort.

👌 Is Tai Lopez 67 steps good?

Yes, definitely. The 67 Steps is a solid course with insights from some of the world's finest brains. It is a self-help guide to becoming wealthy, was one of his first courses to sell.

🤞 What did Tai Lopez do for a living?

Tai Lopez is an internet marketer most known for displaying his extravagant life online and for a viral TEDx Talk in which he claimed to read a book every day.

🎉 What businesses did Tai Lopez buy?

They outbid private equity titans for the Pier 1 name and e-commerce assets in July, paying $31 million. They also bought the Linens 'N Things brand this year, and the Dressbarn brand name and e-commerce assets last year, both for undisclosed amounts.

🙌 How much does tai Lopez make a year?

Tai mentioned that he earns more than $5 million a month or $60 million a year.

🤞 How did Tai Lopez get wealthy?

Lopez has always wanted to be an entrepreneur. He was six years old when he sold tomatoes for his mom. He sold lemonade with sugar instead of the cherry tomatoes that she had.

💰 Is Tai Lopez rich?

Tai Lopez was born on April 11, 1977, which makes him 44 years old in 2021

🤷‍♂️ How old is Tai Lopez?

They outbid private equity titans for the Pier 1 name and e-commerce assets in July, paying $31 million. They also bought the Linens 'N Things brand this year, and the Dressbarn brand name and e-commerce assets last year, both for undisclosed amounts.

😁 When did Tai Lopez famous?

One of the most famous self-help gurus in the online world started on Facebook. This person first went viral thanks to a YouTube video in 2015 that was shot in their garage and they were talking about how books are better than Lamborghinis.

Final Thoughts: Is 67 Steps Course Legit? Tai Lopez Review 2022

Pheww!!! We have known too much about Tai Lopez and his courses now it’s time to know what can be the decision taken through this article. I have given you my honest review of this article and now it’s your time to decide.  

Finally, we came to the end of this article where you would find the final decision taken by me for this course. Well, as I have told you earlier I have done this program and found it worth investing money for my betterment.

I suppose to say that these courses and features which are mentioned above in detail might have given you an idea about the curriculum with their planning details. Am I right?

Quick Summary Tai Lopez Review:

Getting rich is hard.

Most people will never be able to get rich because they don’t have a step-by-step, proven plan. They just try random things and hope for the best. This leads most of them nowhere… or worse, into debt!

Solution: Tai Lopez has created a 67 Step Course that guarantees you will succeed in getting rich online if you follow it step by step. He’s been there before and he knows what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to money making opportunities on the internet today.

💥 4 Reasons To Choose Tai Lopez Course: 

  • Learn how to be successful online.
  • Get a huge return on your investment.
  • Learn to make money from home without any risk.
  • Learn to be confident about your financial future

So whatever the decision you are taking try the course once and don’t worry about your money because even if you are not satisfied with the results, the course will repay your amount within a limit of time but the course is worth trying once. 

Yes, Tai Lopez and his programs are legit. Tai is a billionaire life coach who will focus on you to win and how to get rich.

He is the modern and current trending entrepreneur and advisor who can be trusted by a lot of people you can see now.

In the world of social media influencers, you can see his name trending with lots and lots of reviews. He is a man who tells you the path to success for your business.

Choose wisely and I assure you that you won’t regret having this program because it would stay with you till the end with some motivation and encouragement inside you. 

Though his strategies, as well as business models, might be a little flawed when it comes to the contradictory themes and lack of a structure, his principles are worth a try.

If you wish to learn, you need to dive right in and understand it the way he sees it.

I hope you have liked the Tai Lopez Course Review 2022 and must be willing to buy his course.

Finnich Vessal

Finnich Vessal is an experienced affiliate marketer, he has been in the affiliate industry for the past 5 years and living his dreams online. Spending a larger part of his life researching on making money online through affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing systems. Now, he’s involved in creating a colossal catalog of his life-long research, intertwined with the glimpses of his day-to-day experience. Finnich is an active investor in other projects such as: GizmoBase, WPCrew, DesignSkew, CrazyThemes, and Expert Hoot.

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  1. For a good view of how to set up social media marketing agency and earn while traveling, a thing you just have got to try is Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Program. It comes with valuable insights on having the right angles for your personal brand promotion, expectations from 1000s of firms watching your profile’s performance metrics, TONs of valuable data so one can start off your business without difficulty – all within easy reach.

  2. Tai Lopez gives you honest-to-goodness, no BS review on his strategies to set up your social media marketing agency. If you’re looking for an instructor that is open with all their methods then Tai’s the person for you!

    When I first discovered Tai about three years ago, he was just promoting his courses by referral only. He had a small team of maybe 2 or 3 people who were doing this type of work and making good money – so they never needed to market themselves too heavily. At some point last year though, one of my friends told me about how she made $5k in 4 days after following one course by Tai… And now I’m happy to admit, she was telling the truth.

  3. I took Tai Lopez ridiculous internet marketing course and ended up making $2 million dollars! The program is easy that it helps you if you’re broke as a joke. I’m not joking that this shit works because he makes like 3 other millionaires out of nothing. #mademoney

  4. I’m a long-time marketing consultant and I write lots of content for social media on the side. Tai’s program is by far the most inventive and comprehensive guide on the subject. He talks about how to cast your net wide to attract as many potential clients as possible, maintain professionalism without always being formal or serious, and how you can make money from all corners of your profession! This an excellent review if you’re looking for some new guidance in this field!

  5. I would recommend Tai Lopez course to people who want to start their own social media marketing agency or supplement income. I also really enjoyed how it spoke about the struggles of life and gave advice on overcoming them! The program has lots of benefits, one being that there is no price tag for the program – it’s an educational course for sure! It was super interesting, insightful, and motivating!

  6. Tai’s Social Media Marketing Program is a great way to grow your social media marketing agency and enjoy life. I love the tips and tricks he offers in this program, they’re all helpful and insightful! This course has given me an insight on how to get started with my own digital business while traveling around the world. The strategies are very innovative, creative, commercial-worthy techniques that work wonders for anyone out there managing their own virtual company!

  7. One of the most important aspects in social media and marketing is knowing how to capture more of your target customer’s attention. That’s where Tai Lopez comes in: he offers his tips on good marketing practices while you travel the world with a laptop and a WiFi connection.

    Seriously, this entrepreneur knows what they’re talking about when it comes to social media. They know that SEOs need skilled bloggers to make their way up Google’s results page; luckily for them, these marketers are right by their side teaching them every single detail on how not only SEOs but entrepreneurs can get higher rankings on one of psychology’s greatest exploits: the human mind!

  8. When you’re on the go all the time, this is an app worth checking out. Tai’s Social Media Marketing Program has helped me make some good money while traveling and talking about gigs in different states. I’m not sure how he does it, but I do know that after using his software, my social media game has improved by 100%.

  9. This program is a great resource to learn how to start and run your own national scale social media marketing agencies. The information can be applied to both personal branding as well as corporate brands, which means the tips are valuable no matter who you’re trying to market for.

  10. As many of us know, the art to climbing up that ladder in this industry is to always be producing great content.

    The problem with all social media agencies out there is they can’t keep track of what’s going on and you might find yourself following the proper steps but still not getting those perfect likes and shares.

    Last week I found Tai Lopez and his Social Media Marketing Program! It has already given me a lot of insight on how one should set up their social media marketing agency, as well as produce unique content that people love which will then improve my brand recognition!

    What else do we need? Oh yes! He also teaches us ways to earn while traveling.

  11. The credit mentorship program has really helped me get on the right path to financial success. I like that it doesn’t take long before you’re making cashflow.

    Given his 67 steps, I see how Tai did it; reading books was one of them! And he shows you how to read and maximize your time and money. He also shares tools and tips for salary negotiations which is a Godsend for women like me – we need to know our worth if we want to make anything over $10 an hour!

    The world can be scary sometimes, but Tai helps us navigate with common sense approaches that work in all kinds of careers (he even tells about the 2018 tax law!). Truly life changing stuff right here at my fingertips.

  12. Tai Lopez has created a curriculum for people who are looking to improve their credit score. This course comes with 11 lectures which will teach you everything about the Credit Card game that he has mastered over the years.

    What I love most about this is that it breaks down how Tai was able to control his credit limit, build up cash flow and manage his collections accounts like clockwork! There’s nothing more frustrating than hitting your permanent maximum due date or spending months paying off cards! The moment sets in when you realize something needs to change; but what?

    One of my favorite parts of this tutorial is when Tai teaches us how to raise our credit utilization through travel without any penalties.

  13. The Credit Mentorship program is amazing! I didn’t know how to navigate the credit system, even though it’s hard not to run into. Tai really breaks down the four major aspects of being credit smart. Although there are only 60 minutes worth of content, he has a quick summary at the end which you can write on your personal planner so you don’t forget what he talks about.

  14. Tai Lopez is a powerful figure from the INFJ section of the Myers-Briggs Personality System. From his humble beginnings, he made it to one of Forbes’ Best Wealthy Men in America over 10 years ago and has been helping people elevate their credit for a decade. As an INFJ he understands how credit can be a troublesome thing with many levels to navigate. With all that time spent going after his happy goal, Tai’s program was born!

  15. When I signed up for the course, I thought that this was all about credit. Well not really. My personal experience with the program has been helping me navigate certain aspects of my life which helped make sense out of why financial success had eluded me in some areas! Although it took every last bit of discipline to follow through on everything, these courses really changed my perspective and made me realize there’s not a moment where we can’t pick ourselves back up tomorrow, even if somebody else told you you couldn’t do it.

  16. Tai Lopez is not for everyone. There are only so many business secrets to learn and even fewer of them will work for you. The beauty about Tai’s approach is that he covers all facets of business, including personal finance, estate planning, health care needs, employee management strategies – the works! So if your current job isn’t cutting it or just plan want-to start over, Tai has something tucked away in his vast library that might be perfect for you.

  17. I got a very smug satisfaction from this course. It’s finally given me the answers I’ve been looking for, and clarified what needs to be done to start a profitable business on my own terms.

  18. I had no idea how to do E-Commerce before Tai’s course. Now I’m able to buy, sell, and order stocks on my own! Thanks for teaching me how to invest Tai.

  19. So, I’m NOT an investor! But I still got rich with Tai Lopez. It’s not some get-money magic trick, it’s a marketing blueprint. Tai is actually teaching me how to sell stuff online that people are already searching for–so no risky investments or too much upfront money needed. If you want more information about his course before signing up, check out the reviews on this page–others speak of how he teaches everything from user experience design to marketing growth hacking within his program so they can start their new venture while making big bucks day one.

  20. Tai Lopez is an e-commerce genius. My Tai Lopez course taught me all the tricks to making money on E-Commerce sites like Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy. It doesn’t matter if you’re novice or expert; he tailors the material to meet your needs.

  21. I’ve always been a fan of Tai Lopez and all that he does. I have seen him in the news, tv shows, videos – but until last week when I came across his course, I never bothered to go through any of it. His video on this course was so engaging and informative! There were so many moments where I said “WHOA!” or nodded my head from side to side when he talked about certain points- things that you just don’t know unless you have experience with online marketing like he did already for over 10 years at the time!

  22. As someone who has to go through intense, repetitive work to make money online, I was skeptical of this course. That all changed fast when I found Tai Lopez’s wit and charm through his ideas about the importance of having an online presence next to that offline presence. And while some people like you might be freaked out by the idea of “e-commerce” (it does sound like two words), Tai Lopez shows you how easy it can be – no coding skills required!

  23. His videos are like meat to me. I’ve slowly drooled all over my keyboard as Tai shares his wisdom with the world. Tai is an invaluable resource for any online entrepreneur looking to make it big time without forgetting about decency or integrity in business deals.

  24. This is not your average E-Commerce course. Tai Lopez, Founder of Tai Lopez Financial Group and one of the greatest minds in finance today, shows you all the secrets to making money online with ecommerce.

    It’s an eye opener. I’m especially thankful for them highlighting key elements like picking a niche, choosing products to sell, advertising strategies, email follow up messages and more which helped me really get my head around things that would otherwise be confusing.

  25. Tai Lopez has some great beginners courses for aspiring entrepreneurs with his E-Commerce Blueprint course. His strategies are easy to understand and follow since they’re not over-complicated with jargon that only the more your typical MBA graduate would put together (or maybe it’s just because I was in school too long). He does lay out his steps for becoming successful, but he also provides examples of where you can go wrong with how to start off. If you want mentorship on finding success in your ecommerce endeavors, this is an excellent place to look at exclusively online.

  26. Tai Lopez course is a must have, I’ve been using his 67-day plan for the past few weeks and it has changed my life. It’s going to teach you new things to ponder upon, and will continuously teach you new business-related attributes. So if your struggling trying out Tai’s amazing 67-day plan!

  27. I’ve been so frustrated with life and feeling generally unappreciated. I wasn’t exactly sure how to change that, or what skills I could really learn. Then I started doing Tai Lopez’s 67-day plan on my Kindle at night, before bed. It has totally changed my world! Not only am I suddenly smarter, but this last week alone after completing the program…I had 10 invitations out of nowhere for social events! Now everyone wants me to hang out!!

  28. Tai Lopez’s 67-day plan is a top notch investment for anyone looking to learn a few new things. The videos are done in a very clear and concise manner that only inspires the viewer to know more about what they’re hearing about, increasing their knowledge base. It was something I found myself drawing parallels back too while going through them, and it motivated me to learn even more. Seeing an outside perspective on life also made me want to work harder so that others would take notice of my success as well. My understanding of business became clearer with each day.

  29. You’ll always catch Tai Lopez when his early morning hours consisted of running six miles and then spending the rest of the day working on his 67-day plan. Truthfully, you don’t need to follow in Tai’s footsteps – but if motivation is what you’re looking for (and it should be), there’s no better place to start than with this entrepreneur who has created success before your very eyes.

  30. When Tai Lopez offers to teach you about business for 67 days, it sounds like a long time. But what he delivers is an invaluable experience that enriches your mind with knowledge and wisdom. If you’re looking for an exchange of intellectual currency over the course of two months instead of paper bills, give me this course!