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TaxAct is an affordable tax planning service that does the job. It offers a variety of file options suitable for users with different tax needs. Whether you are self-employed or an investor, TaxAct can help you navigate during the tax season. Get the advice you need and unlimited phone support.

Price:$ 9.95

In this post, you will get the verified TaxAct Review With Discount Codes December 2022. Let’s get started here.

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Introduction: TaxAct Review With Discount Coupon 2022

TaxAct offers several online tax declarations for self-help. These options facilitate classification. Plus, step-by-step tips, online tools, and a maximum money-back guarantee let you know more about the production process and benefit from your tax season.

All options also have unlimited phone support to solve specific control issues.

TaxAct Review With Discount Codes 2022

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About TaxAct Review 2022: Get Up to 20% Off 

TaxAct offers tax preparation software tailored to a variety of production needs from consumers looking for a way to create a simple tax return for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independent contractors who want to maximize every deduction.

Consumers have five sorting products at their disposal. For testing purposes, however, we use the online version Deluxe +, which TaxAct considers the most popular option.

For more information on features, pricing, support, and usability dive into our review to help you decide if TaxAct is the right control software for you.

TaxAct provides a set of software tools to help you prepare your taxes. It was developed by accountants and programmers so that you can complete all forms relatively easily.

All TaxAct return forms are approved by the IRS and status forms are also approved.

In addition to the tools and calculators you need to help fill out your forms, you can also access agents and the registered CPA to help with problems.

TaxAct is known for its relatively low price. You will not find many sophisticated surfaces or color adjustments, but you get what you need in the simplest way and at a competitive price.

A TaxAct mobile application is available in addition to the company’s online tax services.

Filling out your tax return can be a daunting task. After all, there is a lot of paperwork to do and you may not know where to report everything.

You want to make sure you follow the guidelines, but also maximize deductions and possible tax refunds.

If you do not want to find a tax accountant but still need instructions, you can get tax preprocessing software.

Services like TaxAct can help you with this and can even help you file your taxes electronically so you can get your refund faster.

TAxAct Review- Pricing plans

TaxAct File Options

TaxAct offers a range of valuation options at affordable prices. There are five packages online: Free, Basic +, Deluxe +, Premier +, and Independent +.

Each of these options supports different tax forms. Your fiscal situation (and thus the forms to fill in) determines the option to use.

In general, TaxAct reviews more than 300 deductions and tax credits to optimize your tax return.

All plans also have a price blocking guarantee: you pay the price when you generate your return, regardless of when it produces.

Its purpose is also to make the classification process faster, easier, and more convenient. Because TaxAct is an online process, it is compatible with multiple devices.

If you have a simple tax situation, you can even deposit via a mobile application called TaxAct Express. TaxAct also makes it easier to import your W-2 returns and last year.

Once you’ve saved your file, you’ll also have access to personalized financial reports such as HealthWatch and TaxWatch, where you’ll find tips on how to maximize your tax and health insurance.

TaxAct also has a 100% accuracy guarantee, which guarantees that the calculations in your statement are correct.

In case of a mistake of TaxAct, they pay the fine and the resulting interest charges. Each plan includes a maximum money-back guarantee.

If you need additional help or help, your phone support is unlimited. TaxAct strives to provide an exceptional user experience and strives to provide an effective and rewarding experience.

New Features Of TaxAct Review 2022

TaxAct introduced several new features in 2019 for those who submit their taxes for 2018.

Other W2 Import Options:

You can import your W2 directly from some employers or import your W2 information via a photo. This step will only save you some time.

Redesigned Mobile Application:

If you want to make a deposit on your phone, you can now do it more easily with the redesigned TaxAct mobile application. You can even use the W2 photo import option when archiving on your phone.

Access to the information from the previous year:

If you completed TaxAct last year, you can access the information from the previous year. TaxAct records your returns seven years after production, even if you only use the free product.

Income Interview:

The company’s new simplified interview will help you get through the portion of your income tax faster.

More Support:

This year, the free version of TaxAct offers unlimited support by phone and email at no extra cost.

Other Versions:

This year, TaxAct offers several additional versions of its product, including some for individuals. Next, the options will be described in detail.

TaxAct announced in early 2017 the launch of a new product, the BluPrint Financial Assessment.

This option gives applicants access to additional financial information and explains how to reduce their tax liability next year. This is again available for the 2018 season.

Tax Examinations:

TaxAct reduces your audit risk with TaxAct alerts that look for errors in your statement that can increase your audit risk.

When tested, TaxAct cooperates with Protection Plus to provide comprehensive audit support.

You can register with Protection Plus when you submit your return. Protection Plus covers your statement for three years and guides you through the review process.

Treats the entire correspondence of the IRS and also receives assistance with tax debts and tax evasion.

This protection is not included in any TaxAct plan. You must pay an additional fee of $ 44.95.

Online Tax Tools:

TaxAct offers several tools on its website to facilitate the production process. You have access to a tax calendar to keep track of important dates, and a tax planning checklist to make sure you have all the information you need.

There are also tools available, such as A tax class calculator, a credit calculator, or a tax credit calculator for medical care.

TaxAct also lists the recent changes in tax legislation that will affect the tax season.

Browse the Software:

To make sure you do not miss anything, TaxAct asks you basic questions first. Actually, it starts with health insurance for the year, which guarantees that you have no obligation under the Affordable Care Act.

Then go to this menu, which contains a variety of life events to choose from.

At first, the software simply prompts you to select the event that matters to you and then to answer some basic questions about the event.

Enter the W-2:

An interesting point was the way you can enter TaxAct W-2 information. The first option looks like other tax refund software. Just guide you through the various sections of your W-2 so you can complete each section.

If you work for some employers, W2 can automatically import or at least import your employer’s information.

You can also try to download an image of your W2 so that the software automatically saves your information.

Address all Sections:

For most control software options, including this, I would recommend less experienced filters to follow the steps in the software recommended order.

They seldom lose anything this way and can even find deductions and credits that you did not know how to claim.

With TaxAct, you can easily record your progress and recall it later if you need to file your taxes in a few sessions.

If you already know what information is needed for your taxes, you can click on the various sections you want.

The software always records your progress and you can switch from one section to another as needed.

Check Your Work:

TaxAct offers revision risk guarantee, optimal payment guarantee, and precise control. You can check different levels of accuracy as your process progresses.

The red level controls look for missing key information that could be an IRS alert for an auditor rejected tax forms.

Green level exams allow you to access credits or deductions that you did not know you could apply for.

Other Advantages:

TaxAct offers many additional benefits, such as: For example, compatibility with mobile devices. TaxAct offers an online chat service, email support, and telephone assistance in case you get stuck.

You have the option to receive your direct deposit, check or debit refund on the American Express service account, which will allow you to access your funds quickly.

TaxAct guarantees correctness. If you receive a penalty for calculation errors from the IRS, TaxAct will reimburse you the amount of the fine.

TaxAct also provides basic audit support. It’s not as robust as the one that offers more expensive software.

However, the verification center guides you through the basic steps to self-manage an IRS audit.

In summary, TaxAct is a very user-friendly and affordable tax preparation software. It does not have as many sophisticated features as the more expensive software like TurboTax, but the job is done.

It also provides beginners with very good information to help them through the process. In general, it is a good option if you are looking for an affordable way to produce your own taxes.

Pros and Cons:


  • An easy way to follow the steps and enter control information.
  • Trust in self-taxation.
    This software is very easy to use and intuitive.
  • I think anyone could use this software without any navigation issues.
  • It’s very easy to use and it’s easy to save progress and end files.
  • Easy to switch from state to state.
  • Easy to use and suitable for beginners.
  • Ideal for small businesses and a reasonable price.
  • Very well organized with a user-friendly guide.


  • For cities in Ohio, no local taxes could be charged.
  • The reports are not as robust as other accounting programs.
  • It does not have as many features as its main competitor, but if there are no complicated taxes, it is excellent and much cheaper.
  • TaxAct’s prices
  • TaxAct products are, in most cases, cheaper than the well-known competition packages such as TurboTax and H & R Block. This is no easy task, especially for those who need advanced control software that can reach $ 100 or more elsewhere, taking into account the price of preparing a return.
  • TaxAct also has a price blocking guarantee, which means you pay the price if your return starts and does not end. This could be useful as, in our experience, tax program prices increase about one month before the production deadline.

Free Federal: $ 0

• Condition: 0 $

With this option, you can submit a 1040 statement and report for free, but you can not list or drop any new programs 1-6.

It works for people who do not want to use deductions or credits other than the standard deduction, the earned income tax credit, or the tax credit for children.

Basic + Federal: $ 9.95

• Condition: $ 19.95

This option is essentially the free version, but with the help of tax specialists via an email built into the application. It also adds the import of last year’s statement.

Deluxe + Federal: $ 29.95

• Condition: $ 39.95

This is the package for the detectors (it is compatible with Appendix A).

It also offers unlimited telephone support from tax specialists and an integrated donation wizard that helps you to calculate deductions for charitable donations.

Premier + Federal: $ 39.95

• Condition: $ 39.95

If you own a rental property or if you are an investor who has to report capital gains, this package is for you (supports programs E and D).

They also take precedence over a telephone line, screen sharing features, and online chat support.

Independent + Federal: $ 59.95

• Condition: $ 39.95

The most successful version of TaxAct for Online Archive is for freelancers and freelancers.

A note about the prices: Suppliers often change them. We will continue to update this notice. However, you can check the current price by clicking on the TaxAct website.

Customer TaxAct Review:

TAxAct Review- Customer Review

FAQs | TaxAct Review

🤙Which is better TaxAct or TurboTax?

TaxAct may also be a better choice even if you are in a more complicated tax situation but understand all the forms and schedules. TurboTax is more expensive but may be a better choice for people that need to fill out multiple schedules and that need more guidance in getting their largest refund possible.

🙋‍♀️Is TaxAct really free?

TaxAct is totally free for active service members, and there's a $0 option for everyone else. Personal Finance Insider writes about products, strategies, and tips to help you make smart decisions with your money.

🤔How much does it cost to use TaxAct?

With the Desktop Version of TaxACT, there is a $9.99 e-filing fee for all state returns (except New York).

🤷‍♂️Why do I need TaxAct Deluxe?

Keep more of your money with itemized deductions (Schedule A) with TaxAct Deluxe. All the forms and features you need are included, so you get your guaranteed maximum refund.

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Conclusion | TaxAct Review With Discount Coupons 2022

TaxAct is an affordable tax planning service that does the job. It offers a variety of file options suitable for users with different tax needs.

Whether you are self-employed or an investor, TaxAct can help you navigate during the tax season. Get the advice you need and unlimited phone support.

TaxAct offers are generally cheaper than comparable competitive products.

This is a good score, especially for depositors who are not interested in the extras and are not afraid to be tested but who need help if needed.

So, don’t wait and go for the TaxAct Review Discount Coupon codes. Also, share TaxAct coupon codes and offers with your friends and on your social media channels.

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