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Introduction- TaxSlayer Coupon Code

TaxSlayer is an online tax refund software designed for taxpayers who are familiar with the DIY method of preparing their taxes.

TaxSlayer is one of the best deals on the market again this year. Its features, interfaces and support options are comparable to those of providers that charge double the price. All users benefit from free technical support via e-mail and telephone.

Premium users and independent experts, however, can ask tax experts questions, get technical support, and participate in a free live chat.

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TaxSlayer began as a tool for tax consultants and accountants. The company entered the personal tax preparation software market in the 1990s and has been very active ever since.

This year, we are reviewing TaxSlayer Classic, which is compatible with all major IRS forms and calendars at a very competitive price.


The site provides an overview of general topics related to the Form 1040 and a searchable database of help files, as well as a minimal guide.

However, it’s not as intuitive and easy to use as our editor’s choice, H & R Block Deluxe, and there’s a lack of contextual help, especially with changes to tax legislation.

TaxSlayer file options

For the fiscal year 2018, TaxSlayer offers five online production options: Simply Free, Classic, Premium, Independent and Ultimate. All options are compatible with different devices, which simplifies sorting on your laptop or phone.


With TaxSlayer, you can submit forms in two ways:

Quick File or Traditional Method. A quick File is a great option for users with few forms and a simple tax return. You select the required forms and TaxSlayer will take you there automatically. The traditional method is a guided experience and is suitable for more complicated finances.

Each plan is backed by a 100% guarantee of the accuracy of your return and the maximum possible refund. In the event of an error, the Company reimburses the deposit fees and the fines or interest levied by the Federation and the Lander.


Simply free

With the option “Simply Free” you can submit a tax declaration for federal and state authorities free of charge. (If you need to submit multiple status statements, each will cost you more than the first $ 29).

However, this free option only applies to simple instructions. This includes taxable persons, single or married, without dependents, and only with the income specified in the W-2 forms. You will need to switch to another classification option to claim the most deductions or credits.
If you need help during the ranking, you’ll have access to phone support and free emails. However, this is limited to technical support. Access to a tax specialist requires at least an upgrade to the premium option.



The next (and the most popular) option is the TaxSlayer Classic. The federal deposit is $ 17, and each government return is $ 29. This plan covers all major forms as well as all deductions and credits.

This makes it a good choice for a large number of users. If you have family members, this classification option works for you.
In addition to importing the previous year’s declaration, W-2 also has the import to speed up the process.

Like the Simply Free option, you get unlimited technical support by phone and e-mail. You still need an update to access a tax specialist.




In addition to priority support via phone and email, Premium provides technical support through live chat. In the case of tax problems, Premium also includes access to a tax specialist.

You can ask specific questions and usually expect a response within a working day. Another important benefit is the three-year support for an IRS audit.

If you do, TaxSlayer will contact you with a tax expert who can assist you throughout the process.
All of this is worth $ 44 for the federal deposit and $ 29 for the return.


Independent option

The stand-alone TaxSlayer is for those who complete Schedule C and for those who have a 1099 MISC certificate. This could be entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners, and other independent donors.

Priced at $ 47 for state deposits and $ 29 for a refund, the Independent option has the same features as the Premium option and some others.

The additional functions refer to the above file types. For example, TaxSlayer provides you with a “Tax Guide for Self Employed”. In addition to the technical and professional support offered with Premium, you have access to a specialist who knows the taxes for self-employed.



For the latter, you should deposit with TaxSlayer Ultimate. To help you get started, this option is accompanied by a guide to the latest tax reform. In addition, only a few functions differ from the above plans.

It benefits from leading technical support before reporters who have other packages. Instead of exam support, you will receive a full defense and review of the IRS for a three-year period.

He also benefits from a year of protection and restoration of his identity.

Additional Features

Option for military classification

TaxSlayer offers a discount for active military personnel. Members of the active service can submit their federal declaration with the classic file option for free.

The return will be for the standard price of $ 29.

Return and payment options

You can pay your TaxSlayer preparation fee with a debit card or a credit card. You can also use your federal declaration to cover the costs, so you do not have to pay out of pocket. Prior to paying the refund to your bank account, the preparation fee will be deducted from the refund.
The quickest way to get your refund is to deposit directly into a savings account or giro account.

You can also get it as a check, but it takes more time. If you wish a refund advance, TaxSlayer will offer you a deposit (in the form of a loan of $ 500 or $ 1,000) on a prepaid debit card.


Tax Refund Options

Regardless of the method used, you can receive a refund for direct deposit to one or more bank accounts (faster option) or in the form of a paper check. You can also apply for next year’s tax refund or ask the IRS to buy US savings bonds. UU with your refund.

If you wish, TaxSlayer can pick up your refund on a green dot bank prepaid debit card. If you use a paid package, you have the option to pay for the software from your refund.


Supplementary payment features

If you see a mistake in your tax return after submitting, you can use TaxSlayer to create and submit a modified tax return for $ 41.99. This is in the 1040X form and also applies to status statements.


Tools and tax information online

TaxSlayer offers a number of online tools to help you complete your return on investment. These tools are easy to use and allow you to better understand your tax situation.

This includes a tax refund calculator that will calculate your refund by answering some quick questions. TaxSlayer also reveals changes in tax legislation for the current tax season.


No expenses for bags

You can file your tax return and pay any TaxSlayer production fee directly from your refund. This will allow you to submit your return without any initial costs.

Of course, you will need to get a federal reimbursement to benefit from this agreement. You must also provide a valid telephone number, e-mail address and bank details.


Guaranteed maximum refund

If you do not receive the maximum tax refund that you are entitled to, TaxSlayer will reimburse you the price you paid for your software.

To qualify for the refund, you must prove that other tax preparation software will entitle you to a higher refund or lower tax using the same data.

NOTE: This offer does not apply to the free edition of TaxSlayer. The use of the service is free.

100% accuracy guarantee:- TaxSlayer checks your details for errors and missing data to make sure they are correct. If the IRS or your state tax authority charges interest or fines for misrepresentations made by TaxSlayer, you will be reimbursed.

Deduction search engine:- This tool helps you find deductions based on your tax status.

IRS Audit Support:- In an IRS audit, TaxSlayer works with you to solve the problem. With the Ultimate Edition, you also benefit from an audit defense and representation in front of the IRS.

Comparisons from previous years:- If you are a TaxSlayer registrant from the previous year, you can access information from the previous year’s statement to compare with this year’s results.

Tax Refund Calculator:- With this tool you can calculate your federal tax refund for 2018. Just answer a few questions and the calculator will give you an idea of the expected reimbursement.

For whom is the taxpayer?

The TaxSlayer Award is a great option for those who want an affordable tax planning service.

So if you have tax filing experience, TaxSlayer can help you save money. Many of its additional features, such as Auditing support is available with the most expensive options, but you always pay the same price or lower price than other valuation services.


TaxSlayer does not offer many tools and training guides than other services.

This might make it unpopular for taxpayers for the first time, but it may not be a big problem if you have a simple tax situation (if you have mainly W-2 income without real estate, without serious investment and investment) without relatives).

Pros and Cons


  • An easy way to follow the steps and enter control information. Trust in self-taxation.
  • It’s very easy to use and it’s easy to save progress and end files. Easy to switch from state to state.
  • Easy to use and suitable for beginners. Ideal for small businesses and for a reasonable price. Very well organized with a user-friendly guide.
  • This software is very easy to use and intuitive. I think anyone could use this software without any navigation issues.


  • For cities in Ohio, no local taxes could be charged.
  • The reports are not as robust as other accounting programs.
  • It does not have as many features as its main competitor, but if there are no complicated taxes, it is excellent and much cheaper.
  • Some features are not intuitive or require steps that may be meaningless. This is mainly true for the printout of some reports we use.

TaxSlayer Plans [excluding TaxSlayer Coupon Code]

TaxSlayer Simply free

As the name suggests, this version allows you to file a free federal tax return and state income tax return. Also for the software itself, there are no costs.
Simply Free is only available to those who submit Form 1040EZ.
Simply Free offers the following functions:

  • Step-by-Step Guide
  • PDF import
  • Real-time tax refund calculator
  • Free support via e-mail and telephone.
  • Search for tax deduction

Technical Support provides advice and technical support to find answers and solutions to your questions and report problems.


Tax Slayer Classic

This is the most popular TaxSlayer plan. The fee for this issue is $ 17 plus $ 29 for each tax return filed. With this version, you can create most types of tax returns, even if you are a dependent person.
It offers all features of the Simply Free Edition as well as the following functions:

  • Step-by-step instruction guide
  • All Major Forms
  • Prior Year Comparison
  • Fast W2 Import
  • Fast Fill Prior Year Info


TaxSlayer Premium

This edition applies to more complicated tax returns and is proposed at $ 37 for the federal declaration and $ 29 for any additional tax return filed by the state.
It contains all the features of TaxSlayer Classic as well as the following:

  • IRS Audit Support
  • Live chat support
  • priority support
  • Ask a tax advisor


Independent TaxSlayer

This version is aimed specifically at freelancers but is also a preferred choice for entrepreneurs, freelancers and anyone who receives an order under IRS Form 1099. The price of the federal yield is $ 47 plus $ 29 for each statement submitted.

TaxSlayer Self-Employed includes all the features of TaxSlayer Premium but is specifically designed for independent taxpayers.


TaxSlayer Ultimate

Here you will find exactly what the name implies, the “maximum rest”. This includes defense and representation by the IRS for up to three years in the event of an audit. Plus, you’ll get identity theft and recovery protection for a year after you’ve created your file.
Other benefits include helping tax professionals prepare for your return and priority privilege: Jump to the top of the line and get unlimited help via email or live chat! You’ll also find a practical guide that will review the new tax code and explain everything you need to know before you submit it. The price of the federal yield is $ 57 plus $ 29 for each statement submitted.


TaxSlayer Military Offer

Members of the active service can prepare their tax returns with the classic edition of TaxSlayer for their federal tax return.

It has all the features of the classic version, except that you can send your federal declaration by e-mail for free.
A $ 29 fee will be charged for preparing and filing your first tax return. Any further statement from the state also costs $ 29.
It applies to the members of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines, and the Coast Guard. To determine if you qualify for the free offer, you must enter your military identification number for your W2.

Apply the TaxSlayer Coupon Code before final checkout.

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CONCLUSION: TaxSlayer Coupon Code

TaxSlayer is one of the most affordable tax return services. If your main goal is to save money, consider the TaxSlayer. With the Classic option, which costs only $ 17 for your federal statement and $ 29 per statement, you have access to all the major forms and deductions.

This is particularly noticeable to those with complicated tax returns, as most services require updates to access the forms required for complex situations.
However, TaxSlayer offers low prices in part because it does not offer much extra features, learning content or tutorials.

Unless upgraded to Premium ($ 37), available support only covers technical issues. TaxSlayer may be too much for you if you are an assistant tax consultant for the first time or if you are not sure if you are paying your taxes. Other services help you better understand the grading process.

The bottom line is that TaxSlayer is probably the best option for people who have a good idea of how to file their tax returns and submit their returns online without spending too much.

This can also be included if you feel comfortable answering any basic research questions.

You can now get all the information on this amazing “TaxSlayer” website. Share your Review about TaxSlayer in the comment section. Have you ever used TaxSlayer for your business?

So, don’t wait and go for the TaxSlayer coupon code. Also, share TaxSlayer coupon code and offers with your friends and on your social media channels.

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