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About TeamViewer

TeamViewer (version 6) is a popular piece of software used for Internet-based remote access and support. TeamViewer can connect to any Portable Computer or server, so you can control your partner’s PC.

It works as if you were using it directly from home. For the session to start, the user needs to start a small application, which does not require installation rights.

It’s the latest version of the application and works with all OS like Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile (Android, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone) devices.

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What Is TeamViewer?

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TeamViewer is one of the best software complied with all those features which a similar type of software fails to give. It is truly amazing packed with mind-blowing technology.

It is one of the most favorite and most opted remote access programs.

It is quite easy to handle and works on almost all the devices that the user usually access. So the problem as to the usage of this is quite sorted.

TeamViewer 6 is free for all non-commercial business. Check out the TeamViewer promo codes 2022 and read more about its features and discounts.


Teamviewer free download

  • Teamviewer software can also run on Mac and Linux operating systems. Also, it works on Android, Windows phone, IOS, Blackberry mobile phones


  • If you have IOS devices, you can share your screen with a TeamViewer partner. For this, they need to install the TeamViewer Quick Support and then turn on screen recording


  • You can also reboot a computer into the safe mode and then can automatically reconnect the TeamViewer


  • The session can also be recorded to a video file which can be viewed and reviewed later


  • It also has the option of sharing both the single application as well as an entire desktop with another person.


  • You can transfer Files through TeamViewer directly from online storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and DropBox. Thus, it stores your files safely.


  • It lets you can also transfer files, images, text, folders, and screenshots to and fro from two computers using either the file transfer tool in TeamViewer or the regular clipboard function

TeamViewer Pricing: 

The company gives two subscription plans. One of these plans is suited for the individuals while the other one is apt for the teams.

The plan for the single user costs $49/month and the plan for the team costs $99/month.

The plans can even be customized for companies with more than 500 employees. With TeamViewer student discount, you can get the value for education.

You can also get an unlimited license for TeamViewer if you have a large organization.

teamviewer prices with coupon

TeamViewer license costs $49 for a single user, $199 for Teams with annual billing plans.


While using TeamViewer, security purpose essentially plays a key role in it. The users are willing to use only those software that is secure and safe and so the security plays a very important role in it.

TeamViewer traffic is secured using RSA public as well as private key exchange and AES session encryption.

Similar technology is used in a comparable state for HTTP/SSL and is presently considered most safe and secure as per standards maintained today.

The Team Viewer can even read the encrypted data through its operator of the routing servers.

A secure channel is used for the transferring of all the Management Console data.

TeamViewer Products: 

TeamViewer for education has got a number of products whose main aim is to connect to any Portable Computer or server, so you can control your partner’s PC.

  • Tensor: 

The TeamViewer tensor deploys the enterprise features. It has single sign-on security. This software is also perfect for any device and perfect at flexibility.

It provides the extra layer of connectivity with added network and connectivity.
They can be installed and updated silently on all your devices.

  • TeamViewer Pilot: 

TeamViewer Pilot is a great team-up software.

It is meant for commercial uses and has unlimited sessions. It has also got a remote camera sharing feature and 3D pointers.

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  • TeamViewer IoT: 

IoT is one of the latest and major developments for the global businesses. It combines the control function with monitoring capabilities. It also operates endpoints remotely for faster, more economical operations — at enterprise scale

Advantages Of TeamViewer

With the advancement in resources and technology, people are becoming more and more updated with the evolving face of technological elevation.

Today, remote access software has become more handful and, more and more humans from all over the continent are making use of such software for work or business or personal purposes.

pricing for Teamviewer

Basically, with remote access software, anyone can use and access another computer through ours.

More than two people can make use of Teamviewer and work on a single task or assignment together as a group.

People can use Teamviewer software for watching videos, for presentations, or to work on presentations.

If you think to use team viewer for non-commercial processes, you can use it for free. For commercial and business purposes, economical pricing is set for this software.

Why We Use Teamviewer?

• Easy to use, no configuration required
• All-In-One solution for remote support and access
• Unlimited remote computers
• Wake on LAN, remote printing, and many other features at no extra cost
• Multi-platform software for Windows, Mac, and Linux
• Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, iPod touch, and Windows Phone 8
• Highest security standards
• Excellent customer support

Teamviewer version 14 download


How To Uninstall Teamviewer On Mac?

If you want to uninstall Teamviewer, click the Teamviewer menu, and tap the preferences. In the Advanced tab, go to the bottom and tick on delete configuration files. Then click on Uninstall and its done.

Who Are Teamviewer?

TeamViewer concentrates on cloud-based technologies to enable online platforms and concerns in real-time across the world successfully from 2005. Remote access; remote support is not mere words.

They are meant to help people, better summing of technology into our routines, and generating new ideas.

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Following is the list of PROS of using TEAMVIEWER as the software

  •  Supports chats, text, video, and voice over IP
  • Allows Remote Printing
  • Supports WAKE ON LAN (WOL)
  • Does not require port forwarding configurations
  • Spontaneous support
  • Works with the multiple monitors
  • No installation is required for the portable version
  • TeamViewer Unlimited License Subscription
  • The desktop Program can control the remote computer or even mobile phones or internet browser


Following is the list of cons of Team Viewer

  • It cannot be used for free in commercial settings
  • Entirely meant for personal use and therefore free to use
  • The permanent ID no might change unexpectedly resulting in some problem to the user.

TeamViewer FAQs:

👉How To use Teamviewer Coupon Code?

Teamviewer is a famous software used for online remote access and support. It can be connected to any server or PC, to control your partner's PC by remotely operating like you are sitting in front of it. Click the link given and enter the TeamViewer discount code in the box and click apply.

👍Is TeamViewer Safe?

TeamViewer is secured and safe. Few measures can be taken to prevent potential abuse. It has a public/private key exchange and AES 256-bit encryption.

💲 Is TeamViewer free?

TeamViewer gives remote support, online collaboration, and remote access. It is a very good software solution for remote activities. It is available free to everyone from the start whether for non-commercial use or for personal use.

🚫How do I Stop Team Viewer Remote Access?

To stop TeamViewer access on Windows 7 and 8, you need to open System and Security first. Choose the system option in the right panel. Click Remote Settings from the left panel to open the dialog box displaying System properties of the Remote tab. Select Don't allow connections to this computer and then on OK.

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Conclusion: TeamViewer Coupons & Discount  2022

TeamViewer is one of the best remote handling software out there, providing ease of access and a number of features for free. It has a clean UI, and it provides tools not only for remote access but also for presentation.

TeamViewer for student and education is available in plenty for any platform, from Windows to Android and Apple devices, a feature that can also be varied in alternative software but unlike the competition, TeamViewer offers these controls at no additional price.

All these advantages integrated and make TeamViewer one of the most famous remote accessing programs in the world.

Grab TeamViewer deals here by taking the benefit of TeamViewer coupons 2022. Also, stay updated for more amazing offers on the software coupons.


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