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{Updated} Techsmith Camtasia Coupon CodesNovember 2019: 30-Day Free Trial

techsmith camtasia coupon codes
Written by Finnich Vessal

If you are looking for video editing tool with all the advanced features, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to provide you Techsmith Camtasia Coupon Codes for November 2019. Camtasia video editing software will provide you with many option to create eye-catching videos for any purpose.

TechSmith Camtasia discount codes

Techsmith Camtasia Coupon Codes & Promo Codes November 2019

  • Get special 20% Off on Camtasia, Snagit or the Bundle with Maintenance

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  • Grab special 20% Off on Camtasia or Snagit

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  • $125 Off MSRP Camtasia Studio/Snagit Academic Bundle

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  • Up to 40% Off Educational Pricing for Software Licenses

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  • Free Techsmith Camtasia Upgrade


How to use the Techsmith Camtasia coupon codes?

If you are new to this field, then let me guide you thru the process by which you will be able to take the benefit from the Techsmith Camtasia coupon codes.

  1. Tap on the above coupon code–After clicking the above discount link, you will be taken to the official website of Techsmith Camtasia.

  1. Navigate the website- For a quick review you can go thru the website and check all the major points and features mentioned as claimed.

  1. Click on the “Pricing” option given on the top of the left side of the page. It will direct you to the package session where you will find different pricing policies for different plans or licences.


  1. Select the one you like and hit on “Buy Now”. These plans are divided into three categories. First is for Personal and Professional, second for Education and the third one for Government licences. The single user licence has high pricing as compared to upgrade. The volume pricing is given as per the quantity ordered.

  1. If you are buying the licence for the first time, then it will she the total amount on the right side of the page and ask you to add in the cart. After adding it to cart, it will show another attractive offer related to upgradation at half price for the year. If you want it, add to cart or else No Thanks.

  1. Checkout point—Here you have to give the exact quantity you want and whether you want to add Snagit. Just click on Checkout and proceed for final billing. Add promo code in this section if you have, otherwise the regular discount will be deducted from your final amount.

  1. Other info– Give you email ID and password to complete the billing process. You will be asked the credit card details or however you pay for the software. Once you complete the details, and pay the desired amount, just relax.

  1. Review Order- Just check for the last time all the details and complete the order by confirming it. All the information will be sent to your email ID and now you can easily use the most convenient video editing tools for as many purposes you want.

Let know more details about Techsmith’s Camtasia video editing software and the reason to buy it. I wil just explain everything in a nutshell so that you get the whole idea about this tool.

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TechSmith Camtasia Review 2019: Is It Worth Money?

Communication is the most important part of our life. Communication is the basic brick on which the whole world is standing. Hence it is necessary to communicate properly. Communication is the way from which you can express yourself, it is the medium through which you can teach or train someone.

Therefore, TechSmith builds Camtasia for your requirements in 1999. TechSmith helps you to create professional, impactful videos and images so, that you can spread your knowledge and share your thoughts.

Visual communication is being focused here at TechSmith because of a number of reasons. Visual aids like images, video, animated gifs, and presentations are there for communication and they continue to grow because as we see an image, immediately our brain tries find out the meaning of the image, this eventually saves so much time.

The biggest advantage is that the image cannot give a misleading message, the probability of having an error is almost zero in case of visual communication as it gives a very clear message.

Also, from visual communication, better retention of information has been seen. This is the best way to communicate and share your knowledge.  Images say more than words, and definitely, this is a fact that people gather information more rapidly through images, videos than from words. therefore, TechSmith provides you the power to communicate visually but efficiently.

What is TechSmith?

TechSmith was established in 1987 in Michigan. Its present headquarters is also in Okemos, in the heart of Michigan. Since 1987 this company keeps on growing and they worked hard to maintain their reputation constant in the market. TechSmith is a Privately Held type of a company. Its company size is about 201-500 employees.

Here in TechSmith, every employee is working each and every second only for you, they focus on providing their best service to you. Their specialties lie in TechSmith Snagit, TechSmith Camtasia, TechSmith Relay, Screencast. com, Morae, Coach’s Eye, TechSmith Fuse, screen capture, video editing, screen recording, screencasting, software development, video, mobile app development, lecture capture, usability testing, design, training, TechSmith Capture, and TechSmith Motion.

Techsmith camtasia discounts


TechSmith is a platform where you can create a great quality of videos and images that help you to grow in your field. because of its great quality of service 30 million people worldwide are using its software to create images and videos.

Their software helps you to capture content from your screens so that you can describe a particular product, teach a course and train others.

It is basically here for helping you to communicate effectively. TechSmith provides with products like Snagit, Camtasia, TechSmith Relay, and

They welcome people from all fields with the open heart. People can come here whether they are from technical, business, or creative fields, they are most welcome to join their mission. TechSmith’s mission is to help people to share their knowledge via images and videos you can create a high quality of images and video by just a few clicks.

They introduce West Coast culture that brings an open, collaborative, and fun environment. However, TechSmith is really passionate about the service they provide to their customers.  they keep their customers ahead of everything. Also, do visit their website.


TechSmith Camtasia Coupon Codes November 2019

About TechSmith Camtasia

Started in 1987, TechSmith Corporation offers real-world business and educational software products that can radically revolutionize how people connect and work together. Here is my Techsmith Camtasia review on how it works and its pricing!!

TechSmith empowers users to operate more efficiently everywhere and guarantees that the method of generating, sharing and cooperating around content is meek and insightful so that others can acquire from their information.

Techsmith Camtasia studio is an amazing video editing software which makes video editing spontaneous and simple. You do not need any prior experience for making these videos.

You can make the video in just three simple steps:

  • Select your footage

Make a great looking video, even if it’s your first time. Camtasia makes it easy to record your screen or introduce your own cinematographic and audial files (MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, etc.).

  • Make your edits

The multi-track timeline multiplies to fit all your assignments. Divide the clips into two, eliminate bits of a clip, or erase one completely. You can also append music, pictures, description, and much more.

  • Build your video

Anyone can create and share likable videos with Camtasia. Upload your captures to Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, or Create videos from starting point till the end in a few hours, and not days.

TechSmith has some Easy To Use Editing Features that are:


Techsmith camtasia coupons

Screen Recorder

You can record your entire screen or a particular window according to your need.


It is a feature which helps you to add a personal touch. Through the webcam, you can yourself explains the stuff to the people.


Through this feature, you could Import images, audio, and video up to 4K resolution.

Multi-track Timeline

This feature helps you to add multiple tracks for images, video, text, and audio. This is to add uniqueness and creativity in your work.


With the help of Arrows, callouts, shapes, and more you can easily explain the stuff to the user.


This feature is to Add an intro/outro to the beginning or end of a clip, image, shape, or text. It makes your presentation more efficient.


For more creativity, there is a feature of Zoom, pan, or create your own custom motion effects.

Voice Narration

Through your own voice, you can add context to what you’re showing. This is a great feature for better communication. This would also convey a clear meaning of your presentation.

Audio Effects

You can Add audio effects to recordings, music, or narration to enhance your video.

Visual Effects

This feature is to show off your creativity and for better presentation. This provides you to Adjust colors, add a drop shadow, change the clip speed, and more.


This is a great way of cross-checking your presentation. By Adding quizzes, you can have a check that how many people are watching and how much they followed you.

Green Screen

Making yourself appear in the video would make an impression that like you’re right in the action.

Why TechSmith?

Camtasia is the biggest invention of TechSmith. Camtasia gives you the best tools for creating a video every day. The quality and versatility of Camtasia are unbeatable. It’s high time to use it for the video made especially for beginners. Camtasia got some great editing features. But yeah!

It is expensive as compared to others.  Very helpful and good tutorials and website support are available. Their coolest feature is that they provide 4K Video Support. When you complete your video, image or gif then you can easily share it on   YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, and also, you can use its mobile app for simplification.

Create startling and professional videos by following attributes:

  • Insert special video effects by animating texts, icons, and images.
  • Drag and drop all the edits in the preview window.
  • Get a brilliant presentation by editing your most complex projects.

Camtasia is a powerful video editing software for creating promotional videos for marketing products. And also tutorial and educational videos for providing technical and educational communication.

Striking video effects include:

  • Animated Backgrounds
  • Music tracks
  • Icons
  • Motion graphics

Features of Camtasia video editing features:

TechSmith Camtasia Coupon Codes

TechSmith Camtasia consists of two major components:

  • Camtasia Recorder – It is a separate tool which captures screen video and audio
  • Camtasia editor – It manages multiple functions. It offers multimedia authority tool along with the industry’s *timeline* interface. This helps in managing multiple clips in stacked tracks and also enhancements. In short, it is the tool which named this software

And the other features of Camtasia includes:

  • Webcam
  • Media
  • Multi-track timeline
  • Annotations
  • Transitions
  • Animations
  • Voice narration
  • Audio effects
  • Visual effects
  • Interactivity
  • Green screen



The pricing for the Camtasia software is not much high and you can get a license for just $199 for Windows as well as the Mac. You can get the TechSmith Camtasia discounts and save up to 40% on your purchase. For an upgrade, coupon codes are not applicable.

Get the Techsmith Camtasia Free trial on the official website.

Pros of TechSmith Camtasia:

TechSmith Camtasia also is known as Camtasia studio is a two in one application that helps in screen recording and video maker & editor. It helps the user in creating powerful videos which can be used for a variety of purposes by the user. It is a powerful and interactive video maker which can be used for making youtube videos through TechSmith Camtasia is also giving up discount coupons which will help the users.

Following are the listed advantages of using TechSmith Camtasia-

  • It offers professional video quality- the prime advantage of Camtasia is that the video quality is so good that the viewer would consider it not less than a professionally designed video.
  • Offers PIP- PIP stands for the picture in picture which is also a core feature of Camtasia
  • Export in different file types- Camtasia also provides a feature of exporting the video in different file types. This will help the user in making videos in various type of file. The user won’t need a converting tool for the purpose.
  • Customizable- this tool is very customizable
  • Easy to use- the tool is very simple and user-friendly. The user does not need rocket science for using the tool
  • Length of video- along with user-friendly, the software also does not have any limitation as to the length of the video. This feature is not provided by other video making competitor software. There is no recording limit which is the best feature of this software.
  • Recording almost everything- this is also one of the most favored features of this product. The software is capable of recording almost everything which differentiates this product from other software present in the market. It can record from computer screens, powerpoint presentation, camera or web camera, computer narration or any other audio device.
  • Editing video- this function enables the user to add on interactivity functions to the video that makes the video attractive and keeps the viewer engaged.

Publish and share the video on youtube- this software enables the user to publish their video on youtube, google, docs, MyPlaces, etc. Directly from the TechSmith Camtasia dashboard.

Camtasia is the best software introduced in the market for the purpose of video editing and recording to date. No other software is capable of giving such quality videos. The versatility of the product is unmatched. It is the most favored computer screen recording, creating and editing videos to date. It is the best program for making instructional videos.

TechSmith Camtasia  cons:

Listing out the cons of such a mind-blowing product is quite difficult. The product is versatile. It offers various features that the other video editing software fails to provide. It is easy to use and trustworthy. It offers professionally made videos and also enables the user to publish their video directly on social networking site from TechSmith CAMTASIA DASHBOARD.

But as we know, all products have some setbacks so does this product also have. The software is not perfect. It has some flaws.

Following are the listed cons of TechSmith CAMTASIA

  1. Software– the main set back of this product is that it needs software. In order to use or record videos or capture them off the computer screen, the user needs to download TechSmith CAMTASIA. Merely, downloading is not the issue, the problem is that it requires particular configuration or system requirements of windows and Mac.
  2. Digital video – This software does not support digital video camera live. Thus, the people who use DV camera to record the videos then this software is not of much use for them
  3. Update– this is the major problem with this software. The user can update the software for free only up to a limit but beyond that, the user needs to pay for updates as well.

Eg- if the user buys Techsmith CAMTASIA STUDIO 9. And then if 9.2 update comes, the user can download it for free but if CAMTASIA STUDIO 10 comes then the user needs to pay for an updated version.

  1. Deleting of errors- the deletion of errors like audio misspeaking or incorrect mouse movements can be tedious in Camtasia. It may result in a problem in frame synchronization.
  2. Free- the software is not free.
  3. Complexity- the software is quite complex on use by the user. The user may get lost while working on the project in Camtasia.

Insight of TechSmith CAMTASIA

CAMTASIA is a powerful programme with mind-blowing features. It won’t trouble the user much even when loaded for the first time. Techsmith is constantly making the improvement as to working of CAMTASIA. Honestly speaking the latest version is the best and the most upgraded version of CAMTASIA. The Camtasia student edition offers certain discounts and gives various services for the students.

The user when loading the software for the first time will observe that the interface is a little bit busy. This depicts that the software is carefully designed to help the user.

Also, the user won’t be troubled on how to start with this software, as TechSmith made a sample project that contains a video tutorial of the basic interface. It plays automatically when the software runs for the first time on the system.

It also shows the user, the place where they can find more video tutorial. The tutorial consists of almost everything that the user is willing to know.

TechSmith Camtasia also provides user, an incredibly useful feature of working it with the Mobile Devices. This assists the user to quickly transfer images and videos from phone to CAMTASIA. For this purpose, the user needs to connect their smartphones with the pc in which Camtasia is installed.

TechSmith Camtasia review

Camtasia is an extremely easy and useful software which is wonderfully designed to help the user in making video. By just dragging the selected media to the preview window or timeline, will help in adding it to the project.

The user can add on as many tracks, rearrange and can rename the same to make the complex projects organized.



TechSmith Camtasia has recently upgraded the software with the Camtasia latest version that is Camtasia 9. Honestly speaking, the upgrade is mindblowing. It offers the user to make more professional videos than before. Following are the highlights of the update-

  1. Library- a new library is introduced that saves the recent and frequently used effects, media and assets.
  2. Theming- the user can now create themes with the colors and fonts
  3. The user can now use additional customized content and stock video
  4. Up to 60 fps video production, editing and importing
  5. The performance of the editor has improved for playback of previews and timeline edits.
  6. The production engine has improved for faster export
  7. The crash when SCORM selected with production preset is fixed
  8. The clip speed which was not working with the decimal in German is fixed
  9. The incorrect color fixed when annotation saved to the library
  10. The parsing file name for batch production issue is fixed
  11. Other bugs are also fixed
  12. Various new improvements and better version

coupons for techSmith

Undoubtedly, the latest update that is CAMTASIA STUDIO 9 is amazing. And all of the above-mentioned updates are a big hit. The users are enjoying the new update. It has made the software even better.


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Conclusion: TechSmith Camtasia Coupon Codes November 2019

Camtasia is one of the best video editor and screen recorder. You can record your screen, add effects, and what not, you can make a perfect video out of this software available on Windows, iOS and Mac. Don’t waste any time and download it today!

So, friends, hope these Techsmith’s Camtasia coupon codes will help you to save money on the best video editing tool for various purposes. Do share these coupons with your friends and relative who are looking for such an easy to use video creating software.

Therefore, TechSmith is the best option for the images, videos, and presentation you required. Also, they give you a break from all the hurdles and let you focus only on your business expansion.

The biggest savior of today’s time is TechSmith. Also, 24/7 phone and email support are available. You can contact them whenever you want. They are always here to help you. You don’t have to worry when TechSmith is there for your help. Therefore, TechSmith customers are happy customers.

Hope you get benefit from the Techsmith’s Camtasia Coupon codes November 2019.

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