Templ.io Review 2022: Best Managed WordPress Hosting?

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  • Industry Best Performance
  • Best Customer Support
  • Innovative Control Panel
  • Google Cloud + CDN + DNS


Templ is a Google Cloud-based managed hosting platform that allows you to host your website on Google's cloud infrastructure.

Price:$ 15

If you’re searching for the most comprehensive Templ.io review, you’ve come to the correct spot.

Templ.io was created in 2016 as a white-glove Managed Google Cloud WordPress hosting provider.

Templ.io has a cutting-edge, unique control panel that enables you to quickly create a WordPress/WooCommerce website on the rock-solid Google Cloud infrastructure.

After a ten-day trial period, I switched to a paying client and hosted my Amazon affiliate websites with them.

All I can say is that Templ.io may be a viable option for WordPress shared hosting if you’re considering making the switch.

Templ.io Review: What is Templ.io?

Templ.io is a 2017 startup established in Sweden. Templ.io also offers WooCommerce hosting.

A dedicated setup for your e-commerce site is included at no additional cost.

The fact that Templ.io is focused on WordPress has several benefits.

Templ.io - Templ.io Review

Not only is the server stack optimized for WordPress, but the software deployed during account creation is also optimized for speed.

Additionally, if you get stuck along the route, there is 24/7 specialist help available.

Templ.io Review: 6 Major Features

Templ.io has all of the capabilities you’d expect from a managed WordPress hosting provider, plus some.

You get one free WordPress installation, support moving an infinite number of websites, Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, and daily backups.

All Templ.io plans have the same features and tools, perfect if you’re hosting one website and don’t want to lose out on any of the higher-tier plans’ perks.

The entry-level plans are relatively restricted in storage space and bandwidth, which means you’ll ultimately need to upgrade if your website develops in size.

Templ.io charges an additional cost for hands-on WP updates. The pricing for this service is $69 per occasion. This is a hands-on update service where the expert team makes sure your website is working properly after your WordPress, plugins, and themes are updated.

Let’s examine some of Templ.io’s most intriguing features in further detail. If you’re not concerned about the price, this host has a lot to offer.

Tools That Are Developer-Friendly:

Templ.io provides SSH access to all plans, so you can work with WordPress using WP-CLI if you like.

Additionally, a staging site is available, allowing you to clone websites and test modifications before they go live quickly.

If you work with many developers, you may control who access your account.

A few features are listed below :

1. Guaranteed Hacked Protection:

While most web servers charge an additional fee for good website security, Templ.io takes a different approach.

Along with Google’s amazing security features, such as DDoS protection and data encryption, you receive frequent malware scans from Templ.io to guarantee your account is not hacked.

If your website is hacked while being hosted on Templ.io, tech support will offer to remove any bad code and restore your site. That is enormous, as someone who has had to clean up after a hack will attest.

2. Caching and CDN Management :

 A GCP server is delivered without any software, which means you’d ordinarily have to install everything yourself.

However, with Templ.io, the provider’s proprietary server stack is pre-installed and ready to use.

Additionally, Templ.io has server-side caching to help your website load quicker, and the Google Cloud CDN ensures that your content is delivered quickly to users from all over the globe.

Unlike other servers, you are not required to install or set up the CDN. Contact tech support, and they will take care of it for you.

3. Powered by Google Cloud :

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a household brand in the world of cloud computing, and for a good reason.

You may expect increased speed, stability, security, and scalability when you host your website on GCP.

Additionally, with Templ.io, you won’t have to worry about procuring, configuring, or managing your server — the team takes care of everything for you.

Google Cloud

Additionally, you may scale your resources up or down without experiencing any downtime.

Additionally, you get to select from over 20 of Google’s data centers worldwide, allowing you to host your website as near to your target audience as feasible.

Additionally, you may transfer data centers as required.

4. Assistance with Debugging :

 Another significant advantage of Templ.io. If your website is running slowly or not at all, the majority of web providers will inform you that resolving the issue falls beyond the scope of their service.

Templ.io assists with debugging, and the support staff will provide recommendations to optimize your loading rates.

Additionally, when you migrate a website for the first time to Templ.io, you get a free performance evaluation and repair.

You may select this service afterward, but it will be somewhat costly.

5. Compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce :

The fact that Templ.io is focused on WordPress has several benefits.

Not only is the server stack optimized for WordPress, but the software deployed during account creation is also optimized for speed.

Templ.io WooCommerce

Whether you’re creating a commercial website or a WooCommerce platform, you won’t need to spend hours tweaking settings to ensure your site runs fast.

Additionally, if you get stuck along the route, there is 24/7 specialist help available.

6. Control Panel Simplified :

Templ’s custom control panel is one of its most appealing features since it significantly simplifies hosting maintenance for you.

Control panels such as cPanel or Plesk, often included with managed WordPress sites, sometimes provide a slew of settings and functions you’ll never use.

However, Templ’s control panel is clutter-free, giving access to all critical features such as domain administration, email, use statistics, backups, and even data center location.

Templ.io Review: Few Major Benefits

A few amazing benefits are listed below which will surely blow your mind :

1. WordPress Proficiency :

24/7 support from a friendly staff of WordPress and WooCommerce experts.

Templ.io WordPress - Templ.io Review


2. Optimization of performance :

When you migrate to Templ, you’ll get a free thorough speed optimization of your site, including resolving problems that cause load times to slow.

3. Staging :

Utilize a staging site to validate changes before they go live.

Utilize it to test a new plugin, upgrade WordPress securely, or conduct creative experimentation.

4. Priority is given to security :

Transfer security to Templ and abandon your worry of hackers.

Your website is protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with strict monitoring, frequent software upgrades, free SSL, and round-the-clock assistance.

5. Daily Restores :

Daily backups of your website are made and kept in a secure location for a month.

If a modification causes an error, you may always revert to an earlier version with a simple click.

6. Google Cloud Platform :

Bid farewell to shared hosting, and welcome to the web hosting future.

Take advantage of Google’s secure, lightning-fast, and absurdly dependable cloud infrastructure.

7. Debugging :

If your theme or a plugin is producing issues, contact Templ to resolve them.

Templ.io Performance :

Because Templ.io is hosted on GCP, it is quite unlikely that you will have any performance or uptime concerns.

Indeed, your website will be housed on the same cloud platform as Google Search and YouTube.

When was the last time you heard of one of these services ceasing operations?

All plans include solid-state disks (SSDs), about 20 times quicker and more dependable than traditional hard disk drives (HDDs).

Templ.io utilizes the Nginx web server rather than the more widely used Apache, resulting in increased speed and reliability.

Additionally, you get Templ’s performance-enhancing package, which includes server-side caching, the newest PHP versions, MariaDB, Redis object caching, and Quic, the next-generation internet protocol.

If this all seems like nonsense to you, have no fear: Templ.io takes care of everything, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your website’s lightning-fast loading rates.

To provide an even better experience for your visitors, you may choose the data center that is nearest to them.

Templ.io now utilizes over 20 GCP data centers and adds to this already remarkable number.

However, what about availability?

Templ.io offers a reliable 99.95 percent uptime guarantee backed up by a service level agreement (SLA).

While the supplier does compensate for downtime, it is exceedingly improbable that you would encounter any.

Templ.io Review: Pricing

In comparison to low-cost shared hosting, Templ.io’s plans will seem to be rather costly.

Indeed, suppose you do not need managed WordPress hosting or the capabilities associated with cloud hosting.

In that case, you are better off with a less expensive provider (you can see all the best deals on our web hosting coupon page).

However, compared to comparable managed WordPress hosting providers, Templ’s costs are just slightly more than average.

And, with all four of its plans hosted on Google Cloud Platform, Templ.io is well worth the premium.

There is further good news. Templ’s price structure is clear, and the firm does not attempt to lock you into long-term contracts.

While you get a discount on yearly subscriptions, unlike with other hosts, you are not subject to high renewal costs.

One important disadvantage is that Templ.io does not give a money-back guarantee, but it does offer a free 10-day trial to allow you to evaluate its features before deciding if it is best for you.

Although Templ.io supports all major credit cards, alternative payment methods are not enabled by default.

To utilize PayPal, you must contact customer service and request manual payments.

You may be required to pay quarterly rather than monthly.

They have 5 pricing plans to offer :

Templ.io Pricing

Micro: This one is for simple sites and will cost you $ 15 per month if paid monthly and $ 14 per month if paid annually.

Small: This one is for ambitious sites and will cost you $ 29 per month if paid monthly and $ 27 per month if paid annually.

Small Plugs: This one is for growing sites and will cost you $ 54 per month if paid monthly and $ 50 per month if paid annually.

Medium: This one is for established sites and will cost you $ 79 per month if paid monthly and $ 73 per month if paid annually.

Large: This one is for senior traffic and will cost you $ 149 per month if paid monthly and $ 136 per month if paid annually.

Templ.io Review: Pros & Cons

Below you will get to know about the pros and cons of Templ.io which will help you understand and choose better.

Templ.io Pros :

  • Best Customer Support Tech Stacks
  • Innovative Control Panel
  • Google Cloud + CDN + DNS
  • Industry Best Performance

Templ.io Customer Review and Testimonials

Customer Review

Customer Review

Quick Links :

Conclusion: Templ.io Review 2022

Templ.io is a rapidly growing managed WordPress platform with many features, speed, and security to offer.

While its rates may deter those searching for a low-cost hosting option, if you operate a high-traffic website, an online shop, or a web development studio, the simplicity of a managed WordPress service powered by GCP is well worth the premium.

Not all websites need the level of speed provided by Google Cloud Platform, and there is no reason to pay for things you will never use.

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