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If you are looking for a tool to provide you with fast files transfer over other copying or moving solutions, then TeraCopy is a great option to consider.

In this article, we have shared the best and latest TeraCopy Coupon Code & Discount Code September 2021. Use these coupons and save up to 50% on your order.

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FAQs About TeraCopy Coupon Codes

💁‍♀️ How much can I save with TeraCopy Coupon Codes & Promo codes?

With the TeraCopy discount code, you can get a good discount and you can save up to 30% on your purchase.

🙆‍♂️ How often does TeraCopy update new discount code?

TeraCopy releases new coupons every day throughout the month. You can get the best coupons and discount code in this article as we keep adding new promo codes every day.

🙋 What is the best valid TeraCopy discount that I can use?

To save the best on your purchase you can get: 40% Off Codesector TeraCopy Pro Coupon Code, 20% OFF TeraCopy Pro Discount code and more

🧏‍♂️ Can I use more than one TeraCopy Coupons & Promo codes for my order?

TeraCopy only allows you to use one coupon or promo code per order. You can use the coupon that gets you the value and delivers the best savings.

🤷‍♀️ How many coupons are available for TeraCopy ?

At the moment we have listed 7+ TeraCopy coupons and deals. You can select the best offer as per your requirement and save BIG!

How To Apply TeraCopy Coupon Code?

  • Click on the above discount image and go to the official website of TeraCopy. After going thru its features you can click on either “Download” to instantly download the free version or click on “Buy” to buy the Pro version which is used for Business purpose.

TeraCopy Coupon Code

  • Choose the license as per your feasibility and affordability and click on Buy. You can also look for volume discount session given below for extra advantage.

TeraCopy Volume Discounts

  • On the next page, you will see the shopping cart with your selected product.

TeraCopy Checkout

  • Below the same page, you have to fill in all the personal details ad payment options. After filling up the details, click on “Place Order” and enjoy the TeraCopy tool for faster transfers. The secure ordering method is offered by Avangate.

TeraCopy Billing Info

You might have questions about TeraCopy Coupon like:

– Is TeraCopy offering any coupons today?

– How often does TeraCopy release new coupons?

– How do I find TeraCopy coupons?

– What’s TeraCopy’s best coupon discount right now?

– How do I use my promo code for TeraCopy?

–  Can I use more than one TeraCopy Coupons & Promo codes for my order?

Popular TeraCopy Coupons | TeraCopy Pro Discount Coupon 

Here are some of the popular TeraCopy promo codes and deals:

Discount About TeraCopy Coupon Expires
20% Off Get 20% OFF On TeraCopy With Coupon Code September 2021
40% Off 40% Off Codesector TeraCopy Pro Coupon Codes September 2021
50% Off 50% OFF Code Sector Coupon Codes September 2021
20% Off Get 20% Off on TeraCopy for Windows September 2021
Deal Code Sector Discount Coupon & Coupon Codes September 2021

Quick TeraCopy Review Summary

The Windows copy and paste function is slow.

TeraCopy improves the speed of your copy operations by up to 5 times, allowing you to work faster. It also adds useful features like checksum calculation and permanent delete that are missing from windows.

If you want a better copy experience on your PC then download TeraCopy now! This software will make copying files in windows easier than ever before.

Here are the 3 key reasons why I can easily recommend TeraCopy to anyone:

  • TeraCopy will be the fastest, most reliable way to copy and paste files.
  • You’ll never have to worry about lost data or corrupted files again.
  • With TeraCopy, you can finally feel at ease with your copying and pasting needs

Click here to try TeraCopy and increase your file copy/paste speeds today!


What is TeraCopy? 

TeraCopy is a software that improves the Windows copy and paste function and adds useful extras features like checksum calculation and permanent delete.

TeraCopy offers a number of features that don’t come standard with windows. TeraCopy can speed up your copying and provides a lot more control over your transfers

Why We Recommend TeraCopy? [Best TeraCopy Coupons]

Why We Recommend TeraCopy

TeraCopy is a committed file copier which is a sure advantage over other Windows local moving solutions. For instance, if you want to copy a significant number of file in Windows, and one of those is corrupted, the whole process has to be started from the beginning.

You will not even know which one is copied and which one is let form such a huge selection. But TeraCopy will mark the uncopied file and let you know which ones have failed functioning during the process. So it is a big time saver.

TeraCopy validates all the file by rechecking whether the duplicates re same as the originals, otherwise it won’t make any sense to just copy incomplete or broken files. This option might take double time than others but indeed is a useful feature.

Another feature- MD5 hash algorithm is used for monitoring and verifying data integrity against unintended fraud.

TeraCopy Pro Best Features

It also integrates well with Windows as it can be used as a default copy/move option in File Manager. TeraCopy shows all its operating preferences in the Preference window.

The free version give you limited access to its significant features. The paid version that is TeraCopy Pro will give you access to few additional great features like:

  • Copy/move to your preferred folders.
  • Keep reports as HTML and CSV files.
  • Choice files with the similar extension/folder.
  • Eliminate the chosen files from the copy line.
  • Trusted by forensic experts.
  • Copy locked files.
  • Saves the time of saving files.
  • And more.

How To Use Teracopy?

To use TeraCopy, open TeraCopy.exe and follow the prompts to select the source and destination drives and folders respectively.

TeraCopy will start copying instantly or you can configure a number of settings before TeraCopy performs the copy operation.

TeraCopy features options for canceling, pausing, resuming, deleting files after copy operation is finished, changing the priority of the copy operation – and lots more.

TeraCopy Pricing Plans: How Much Does TeraCopy Cost? 

 You can get TeraCopy from here – https://www.codesector.com/purchase

  • TeraCopy for Windows will cost you $24.95
  • Direct Folders Pro for Windows will cost you $19.95

TeraCopy User Reviews & Testimonials: 

Your app did in 30 hours what has been taking me weeks and weeks to do piecemeal at a time. The amount of time I wasted in aborted processes and babysitting file copies easily cost me thousands of dollars in lost productivity and delays in work delivery. – Richard Hoefer

TeraCopy is a nifty piece of freeware that improves the Windows copy/move function and adds useful extras like checksum calculation and permanent delete. – CNET

TeraCopy Pros and Cons 

Here are the pros and cons for TeraCopy:

TeraCopy Pros

  • File transfer is really good
  • Updates keep coming
  • Increases copying speed drastically
  • Easy to use

TeraCopy Cons:

  • Sometimes it takes too much time to calculate

TeraCopy Alternatives & Comparisons

Here is a comparison between TeraCopy and its top 4 alternatives:

TeraCopy Vs. FastCopy

FastCopy is the fastest, but only by a hair, since Teracopy is extremely close behind and nearly as rapid when copying to an external drive, while Windows is a little slower, particularly when copying to an external drive.

While FastCopy is the quickest, TeraCopy integrates better with Windows and has a more attractive interface with progress bars; it also includes the option to pause copying.

FastCopy can be integrated with Windows as well, but… when ‘pasting,’ you must right-click and select Paste (fast copy) from the menu; then, when its copy window appears, you must click the “execute” button…this alone can add three seconds to the copying process.

FastCopy includes several sophisticated buffer options that enable you to change buffer sizes, which may enhance (or worsen) copy speeds. I believe that if you copy a LOT of data often, FastCopy is for you – but if most of your copying is to an external disk, TeraCopy is preferable.

TeraCopy Vs. RoboCopy

RoboCopy is nothing more than a graphical user interface for the built-in Robocopy command-line tool included with Windows Vista and above. It is not for the faint of heart, since many of the buttons and checkboxes correspond to command-line switches.

Teracopy and RoboCopy in comparison to a big folder containing *MANY* files (my PortableApps folder:) XP3, transferring a gigabyte-sized folder 6 minutes is the estimated reading time.

TeraCopy is one of the most well-known alternative file copiers, having won over users with a user interface and capabilities that might be described as “just sophisticated enough.”

Ultracopier Vs. TeraCopy

Ultracopier is a file copy application with a plethora of sophisticated features like pause/resume, speed restriction, themes, and foreign language translation. BRULE Herman created this piece of software.

TeraCopy is a Windows file copy tool. Codesector. TeraCopy does not come with the option to merge files while Ultracopier misses file transfer and shell integration features. I would recommend one to go for TeraCopy

TeraCopy Vs. Copy Handler

TeraCopy is a little software that was created to copy and transfer data as quickly as possible while also offering the user a wealth of capabilities.

In this battle, TeraCopy is the clear winner. The biggest problem with Copy Handler is that it does not offer cloud storage at all. Also, its file sharing and backup, file management, and more features are less efficient as compared to TeraCopy. 

Conclusion – TeraCopy Coupon Code & Discount Code 2021

Overall, TeraCopy Pro is an excellent choice when it comes to saving time while copying or transferring files.

The Pro version offers quite a good features and access while moving files to certain folders. The features like drag and drop option, data verification, faster workflow and issues tracking mechanism are the best ones.

Wan to know more about TeraCopy? Check out their about us page. To get update from TeraCopy you can follow them on Twitter, and YouTube.

You can take advantage of TeraCopy Pro Discount Code September 2021 and save more.

TeraCopy On Twitter:

Here are some tweets from TeraCopy Twitter handle:

TeraCopy On YouTube

Here are some videos from TeraCopy YouTube channel:

‘New folder with selection’ feature

Verifying downloaded files with TeraCopy

Wiping files with TeraCopy

TeraCopy Pro is an excellent choice when it comes to saving time while copying or transferring files. The Pro version offers quite a good features and access while moving files to certain folders. The features like drag and drop option, data verification, faster workflow and issues tracking mechanism are the best ones.

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  1. TeraCopy Pro is a godsend. It completely fixes the problems with Windows’ copy and paste ability, and it even speeds up your transfer speed so you can do more work in less time!

  2. TeraCopy Pro is a godsend. It completely fixes the problems with Windows’ copy and paste ability, and it even speeds up your transfer speed so you can do more work in less time!

  3. TeraCopy is my favorite software for transferring files, because it makes the process of copying things easy. I love how it works to improve my productivity by working twice as fast. And lately, with all these huge updates, you need all the help you can get!

  4. TeraCopy is a life savior when copying files. I used to dread the process of backing up my files but with TeraCopy, it’s almost pleasant and easy, especially using its Recovery Mode so you don’t have to go through the process again.

  5. TeraCopy is a powerful file copy software built with reliability, robustness and user friendliness in mind. In case of a copy error, TeraCopy will try to recover the data from the most recent backup version by copying entire files from one folder or disk to another. And can also wait for network or device reconnection if necessary.

  6. I’ve used this software for years now because it makes me feel like I never have to wait for files I’m copying or transferring, so if you’re looking to speed up your copy operations then this is the program you need. The best feature is that there are no annoying advertisements!

  7. TeraCopy is life changing if you are a laptop user! I had an issue where my computer died during the transfer of over 300GBs. The only thing that kept me from pulling out my hair was this program. It did its job flawlessly and did not stop the whole transfer process when it found issues with one file or another. If anything, TeraCopy just skipped it to get on with the rest of the files quickly – which saved me so much stress knowing I wasn’t going to have to start over again later…or worse yet, buy additional external hard drives for storage space.

  8. TeraCopy Pro changes the way you copy files for good! This differentiates it from other file transfer tools because TeraCopy lets you transfer data up to 5 times faster, saving you time while doing your work. You can also select what type of logs are created – this is a great feature not found in any other tool out there. Not only does TeraCopy improve functionality on copy speeds by up to 5x but it also adds features like checksum calculation and permanent delete which windows doesn’t offer either. I recommend taking it for a spin today – that’s if you’re fed up with slow speed or lack of specific features that competitors have already added years ago!

  9. TeraCopy is an extremely powerful, but also easy to use file transferring utility. It has everything you’ll need to transfer large files with the maximum speed possible. It’s very intuitive and has handy features like “wait for network connection” which saves you time when transferring files through networks where disconnects are common. If anything goes wrong during your transfer, TeraCopy tries to fix it automatically before continuing on its way – so not only will this cut down your waiting time significantly, it’s also much safer than other methods that just break off in case of a problem.

  10. The best file transfer program on the market. Period.

    TeraCopy takes care of everything when copies files by speeding up copying by 5 times – saving time and energy while cutting down one click time in half! One feature that absolutely blows me away is “permanent delete” which lets me easily wipe off any files I want gone forever with just one swift delete blow.

  11. I have been using TeraCopy for a few months now and am happy to say that it is the best I have seen. Sometimes copying files can be a hassle, with drives going offline quickly. With TeraCopy, those problems are gone as they offer intelligent error recovery or allow you to skip over any copies that fail. An added bonus is their detection functionality which helps me keep my transfer time down!

  12. TeraCopy is by far the best program I have ever used. It’s fast and easy to use, and allows me to get so much more work done than I was before.

  13. Files usually go missing in transfers, but not with TeraCopy! It’s easy to use- just select which files you want to copy. With its back up plan if it can’t recover your data – you won’t have file issues the next time around. With lots of benefits, this is definitely a transfer program worth downloading for all your transferring needs.

  14. Of all the slow, time-wasting tasks I have to do on my computer these days, copying and transferring files is one of them. I hit a new low when copy speeds accounted for more than half of file transfer times–with TeraCopy Pro that’s never been an issue. It’s easy enough to clean up those old files at breakneck speed.

  15. I’ve been using TeraCopy daily for two years now, and my life is so much easier! Every time I backup to an external hard drive or copy files over to a network, TeraCopy saves me hours of time (I can’t imagine not having this app installed anymore).

    You know how when copying big folders with lots of small files they all take really long? Just drag them into TeraCopy Pro instead, then just sit back and let it do everything automatically for you. When utilizing basic features like quick copying by dropping your folder onto the icon or transferring data without interruption, the software will save you dozens of precious hours.

  16. This is the best copy-paste program I have ever used! You might be thinking, ‘so what makes it so great?’ It’s easier than basic copy and paste because you can process batches of files in one go. What does that mean? With my favorite TeraCopy, all you need to do is select which files are worth saving during a transfer – whether they are an unsaved work document or music already saved on your iPod – and click Copy to keep them safe with low chance of errors respectively. But here’s the kicker: if there are any copying errors – typically caused by power outages or something else outside of our control, most programs would stop transferring files altogether for an indefinite period until it finishes them but not my new favorite

  17. I’ve been looking at TeraCopy Pro for a while and finally decided that I should buy it. This software is the best. It’s easy to use, quick, and intuitive.

  18. TeraCopy can copy files for you up to three times faster than any other program out there–I’m sold! All you have to do is input or select your source and destination files, click Copy and then go about the day with those extra minutes that you didn’t even realize you needed. Seriously stop wasting time using Windows File Manager like an amateur like me did before!

  19. TeraCopy Pro really came in handy – it’s great for creating backups without slowing down my computer! It’s also terrific for copying files between hard drives, flash drives, CDs and DVDs.

  20. The best thing about the app is that I can copy data to another location four times as fast. Other tools take forever, but with TeraCopy Pro, it’s over in one second!

  21. I been using TeraCopy for a month and I can finally sleep tight! Thanks to this software, I no longer have to worry about my hard drives filling up with files.

  22. Don’t waste another precious minute of your time waiting. Use the best software around – TeraCopy Pro!

  23. Sometimes you need fast methods of data transfer. With TeraCopy Pro, moving files just got easier than ever! Transferring thousands of gigabytes with ease is one of the many benefits this tool has to offer.

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