TextMagic Review 2020 : Is It The Best Bulk SMS Service for Business (30-Day Trial) {Drafted}

In this article, I will give you a quick review of Text Magic and let you know a lot more about them, their services, and the advantages of using their services.

So that before actually buying their services, you must know what they offer, and what is actually the review of their service from those who have already experienced it!!

Text Magic is one of the best SMS companies that I have come across recently that can be profitable for your business. Although people are using lesser text messages this day, the businesses have expanded its use as an important tool for marketing and communication.

TextMagic Review 2020 : Hurry! Up Get 30 Days Free Trial Offer

About TextMagic

TextMagic is an SMS company which is based in the United Kingdom, and was first established in 2001, and since then, it has been helping businesses to improve their communications and telephone marketing by sending and receiving text messages online, which gives a boost to their communications sector, which in turn helps their business a lot.

The company provides its customers with an easy-to-use business texting platform with the option of complete flexibility, security, reliability, TextMagic Review- TextMagicand oversight to give a boost to the communication with the customers, as well as staff and improves SMS marketing results.

The founder of the company first started the business as a side project, by taking into account the increasing popularity of text messages at that time. He noticed that the mobiles phone were changing the ways in which people interacted with each other, and so came up with the idea.

The company works on the algorithm of Application to Person (A2P), and as it is a more secure, and reliable way to reach almost anyone on the globe, the company has gained value over time. The company has more than 10,000 active clients, and connecting with the clients through text has become the new reality now.

Getting Started at TextMagic

Starting at TextMagic is absolutely easy and you would never regret this, for sure. All you need to do is, follow these three easy steps and get started:

To start with, you can get a free trial for the service.  I signed up for a Free Trial and few services are available in this plan.

  1. Create a free TextMagic account – You can sign up for TextMagic for absolutely free, so, sign up for free and see how it works and how easy it all is. You can try all the features and use your free credits and send texts anywhere in the world.
  2. Load prepaid Credit – When you send your first bulk message, you can use TextMagic’s simple prepaid credit payments to pay on the go, plus, there are no additional charges, contracts, hidden fees, or ongoing costs.
  3. Send and receive SMS – You can now send and receive SMS whenever and wherever you need, with TextMagic’s simple self-service user-interface. The process is quite simple just as you send mails or texts from your phone.

Features at TextMagic

This service is really helpful and comes handy when you need to send short, and accurate text messages to customers, or clients, partners or employees, they are cost-effective, efficient and a secure way of communications.

TextMagic Review- TextMagic Features

How can you connect? Well, you can opt for any of these options to connect through your clients:

  1. Sending texts online – With this feature, you can send a text online to your customers, staffs. All you need to do is import the contacts and manage the lists through our TextMagic account and operate it from there.
  2. Email to SMS – We all know that sending texts through emails are a lot easier, you just simply need to convert your email to a text message and then deliver it. A good thing about this feature is that after you send, the further replies come as mails.
  3. SMS Gateway API – You can integrate the SMS gateway with the TextMagic website or software, and you can do that using the available SMS API tools and add text messages as an important tool in your business workflow.
  4. SMS Software for PC and Mac – TextMagic is a desktop program that gives you full authority to send targeted text messages to business clients or customers one at a time or in a bulk, no matter what.
  5. Two way SMS – You can also send and receive text messages with the online SMS chat. It is the perfect mode for remote communication with staffs or customers.
  6. SMS Distribution list – This is kind of a broadcast list that you make that, when you send a text in that list, it is automatically forwarded to all the mobile numbers in that list.
  7. Receive SMS online – You can also use the dedicated or shared SMS numbers at TextMagic to receive inbound SMS and also replies from the customers and clients or staff to your text messages.
  8. Global coverage of SMS –Yes, you can reach your customers or staffs or clients worldwide with over 1000 mobile networks spread over 200 countries, hence giving a boost to your business globally.
  9. App for iOS and Android – You can also receive and send text messages more quickly by using the application. And not just this, you can also create lists and contacts, manage your campaigns, on the go, using the app. It is super handy and convenient.
  10. Zapier SMS Integration – Now, you can use Zapier to connect TextMagic with any of the other favorite application of yours. This automation helps your business a lot.
  11. Single sign-on for enterprises – This feature allows you to easily give access to the staff members of your account, once you log in with your secure identity provider credentials.
  12. Enterprise SMS Solutions – Thee solutions include role-based access, audit logs, and also SSO, which are some of the many other features that would not fail to boost your business.

All-in-one Business Texting and Messaging Software

Why I loved Text Magic, even more, is because of its robust features and versatile options that let you enhance your communications and improve business operations thus giving you a boost in what you do.

TextMagic Review- All in one Business

Following features let you manage everything super easily, and how:

  1. Sub-accounts for your team members – If you sign up for TextMagic, you also get to create sub- accounts for your team members, so that they also can have access to all the features. SMS credit is distributed through your main account.
  2. Virtual Mobile Numbers – If you have a dedicated number for your business, you will receive messages from different numbers without even texting them first.
  3. SMS sender ID – You get a feature to display the name of your company as the sender of a text message, which converts your simple message into a strong business tool.
  4. Long Text messages – you can send long length text messages, of length up to 918 characters. This feature can be used when you think that 160 words are not enough to convey what you want to.
  5. Language and Unicode SMS–With this feature, you can send and receive text messages in any language, be it in English, Arabic, Japanese, Chinse, Russian or any other language that you want it in.
  6. SMS Stop command – The subscribers of yours also have a feature to send STOP, that would help them get unsubscribed from your messages, allowing them to opt out any time and educing your costs.
  7. Analytics and Reporting – You can use the TextMagic admin panel to use access performance metrics such as delivery, reply rates, and costs and also export data whenever you want.
  8. Text messaging that is Secure – All the sites and services at TextMagic are secured with SSL/HTTPS and the contacts of yours, along with the messages and accounts are fully backed up 24/7/365. So, relax.
  9. Voice calls forwarding – There is a feature using which you can forward your TextMagic number to any phone so that the potential customers can call you back in response to the text of yours with a single click.
  10. Incoming Messages Automation – You can also create automatic rules t process incoming text messages, which includes auto-replies and adding subscribers to lists.

Pricing: TextMagic Review 2020: Hurry! Up Get 30 Days Free Trial Offer

Text Magic offers the 30-Day Free Trial for its services. It gives the free credit for premium pack.

With the pay as per you go, the pricing plan varies from location to location. There is a price calculator for Text Magic. 

Simple SMS Pricing for Business

You can try TextMagic free for the first 30 days, and when you like it, you can further pay and get a pack for the service to continue. You can also benefit from the following features:

Text Magic Review with coupons

  • No account fees- This means you don’t have to set up an account. You only need to pay when you send texts.
  • Pay as you go – This feature lets you add and spend credit as and when you need. You can have total control of it.
  • Your credit never expires – The credit that you by at TextMagic would never expire, so no worries, buy credits, and keep them active as long as you want.
  • Cancel Anytime – There is no contract or commitment when you purchase at TextMagic, you can cancel whenever you want. The service is completely flexible.
  • Money Back guarantees – Yes, when you ask for any unused credit refund, the TextMagic does that, without even asking anything. So, no worries about any credit blocks.

Frequently Asked Questions about TextMagic

  1. How is one charged for using TextMagic services?

TextMagic is known to provide a 100% prepaid service. There are a number of packages: $10, $20, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000, $2000, $3000, $5000, or $10000. TextMagic can also deduct credit from your account balance for the services such as:

  • To send text messages or ‘Text-to-Speech’
  • If applicable, then dedicated number subscription
  • Call forwarding
  • Carrier lookup tool

Also, the messages and text prices also depend upon the country, the message length, and the encoding involved.

  1. How secure are payments on the TextMagic website?

Talking about the credit or debit card details, the website does not store them. All payments data and details are secured and stored by a third-party PCI-compliant payment gateway, hence, everything is secured.

  1. How long does it take to load credit to the account?

If you are paying through credit/debit card or PayPal, then the SMS credit is loaded instantly. But if the fraud protection tool notices any high-risk score at TextMagic, it may also take about 24 hours to do so. But if you are making a bank transfer, then the credit is loaded once they receive the money.

  1. Can the auto-recharge feature be disabled?

Yes, of course, the auto-recharge feature can be disabled whenever you wish to do so. It is highly recommended that you use the Auto-recharge feature only when:

  • You have a dedicated number subscription
  • You use a call forwarding facility
  • Your service operations are very dependent on SMS service.
  1. Can a refund be received for any unused credit?

You need to contact TextMagic in case you want a refund of the unused credit. You need to include your name, company name, email address, and the reason for which you are requesting a refund.

  1. Can the credit card details be removed anytime?

Yes, you can undoubtedly remove all the details regarding your credit cards whenever you want on the Auto-recharge page.

  1. Are the customers charged VAT?

UK Customers – The UK customers are supposed to be charged a 20% Vat.

text magic bulk service review

EU Customers – If you do not want to pay Vat, you need to enter your registered company VAT number to your Account page. Once all of this is done, you would no longer be charged VAT.

Customers outside EU – These customers would not be charged any VAT.

  1. Does TextMagic offer post-paid accounts?

No, unfortunately, TextMagic is not offering this feature currently. The service here is 100% pre-paid.

Contact TextMagic

You can reach out to TextMagic by filling out a form on their official site, where you will be needed to provide with your name, business email, company name, subject, along with the message that you want to attach with it, or any query of yours, or any other issue, and the customer support executives revert back as soon as they can.

Pros and Cons:


  • Secured: The service by Text Magic is too secured and requires the authentication for the business. No one can use your business name to send texts. The company promises to protect with SSL certificate. Neither does it store any data or card information.
  • Email to SMS service: You can simply send the text messages from your email. This is simple. TextMagic converts your email to texts.
  • Affordable Pricing: Text Magic gives affordable pricing for sending texts. You don’t have any subscription. Just pay for as much as you use.
  • Easy Setup: Everything right from creating the account to getting started with the service is a breeze here.
  • For All Business: It is perfect for all kinds of businesses, be it the Freelancers, Large Enterprises or Medium ones.
  • Customer Support: You can reach the customer support team through email, phone, live chat, and ticket support.


  • Free Trial is available only in few countries.

SMS Affiliate Program at TextMagic

The program goes like this: Refer customers to TextMagic using this program and you can earn 10% revenue with every single purchase they make. It is like a ‘refer and earn’ kind of system. This program comes with the following features with it:

TextMagic Review- Affiliate Program

  • 10% commission
  • Earn commission on any products or services that the referred customers buy from TextMagic
  • Your referred customers will help you in bringing credit each time they make a purchase, and this offer has no time limitations.

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Conclusion: TextMagic Review 2020 : Hurry! Up Get 30 Days Free Trial Offer

TextMagic has been delivering text messages since 2001. This is one of the best SMS Company in the industry today. It is helping greatly in the improvement of business communications, and mobile marketing all around the globe with its extraordinary features and services that you can avail at exemplary lower prices.

Their platform provides easy-to-use user-interface that each of their customers can freely use to give a boost to their workflow.

The stats alone are sufficient to tell about the performance of the company in bringing the business world a revolution through their flexibility, oversight, security, and reliability to improve SMS marketing results and communications with staff and customers.

The stats suggest that approximately 3.5 million texts are sent per month at this platform, with an average 98.4% of delivery rate, and the company has over 100000 users who have come together with TextMagic since 2001, which is a big sign of the satisfiability among the customers, and the quality of services offered at TextMagic.

I have profoundly shared the Text Magic review for business platform for all the business texts and have found it amazing. This was my detailed review of Text Magic and you can try Text Magic Free trial here.


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