TextSniper Review 2024: Best Affordable OCR App For Mac Users?

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TextSniper Review


Text Sniper is a simple OCR application with extensive features. These are the keywords: “simple” and “powerful.” It’s a productive pairing. It allows you to take text from the screen and temporarily save it in the clipboard. A snapshot of the text is all that is required to identify a random string of limited text.

Out of 10


  • Works with English and many other languages
  • An additive clipboard is practical
  • Text-to-speech assistance
  • Simple interface
  • Affordable one-time license price
  • Setapp provides a 7-day free trial


  • Nothing to copy or preview when scanning
  • Renewal costs may apply to licences for significant changes or new features.


Price: $ 7.99

Copy-Paste is one of the most frequently used commands on computers and mobile devices.

The command facilitates the transfer of data from one location to another, whether it be a virtual address, a required field on an online form, or file content that has to be relocated.

However, what if the data is not selectable? From YouTube videos to PDFs, photos to online presentations, and screencasts to GIFs, the 21st-century data format is fully digital.

Traditional Copy-Paste will no longer function under these conditions, which is why OCR is making tremendous progress (optical character recognition technology).

Obtaining the digital data and inputting it manually is a viable option, but this will only improve efficiency and will considerably reduce your production.

TextSniper is the only answer to this copy-pasting problem by combining the greatest clipboard functionality and OCR technologies in a single package.

TextSniper Review 2024: What Is TextSniper?

TextSniper is an excellent Mac application for extracting text from photos and other digital files.

As long as you run the most recent version of macOS, it supports English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Ukrainian, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese languages and has a basic and straightforward interface.

TextSniper Review

TextSniper’s sole drawback is that it might be imprecise when scanning text, including several numbers, symbols, or emoticons.

You can preview scanned text without copying and pasting it into another editing program or notepad to examine the results.

TextSniper is an excellent and inexpensive OCR software application for extracting text from any picture or media. TextSniper is a no-brainer if you’re in the market for a low-cost tool like this and you’re using a Mac.

Who Is TextSniper For?

Copy Copying and pasting content on several platforms is a daily occurrence. With the globe trending toward digital media, most texts and data are in digital format.

TextSniper may be quite useful for those who spend the majority of their time on Apple devices, whether for business or personal reasons.

For instance, if you work in data entry, you likely spend most of your time searching through digital data. You know how much TextSniper may boost your total productivity in this situation.

TextSniper Is For

TextSniper will come in if you need to copy text from a screencast, YouTube video, a non-interactive PDF, or a website that does not provide text selection.

In addition, the tool may expedite the whole process of data input, resulting in a more advanced competency.

TextSniper is also a fantastic software for students, particularly in light of the online session scenario predicted to be the future of education.

TextSniper enables students to extract text from online courses, presentations, and video tutorials in a matter of seconds, allowing for more effective note-taking as video conferencing services facilitate frequent online sessions.

TextSniper: Additional Features

Sometimes, the amount of features a software provides is proportionate to its quality.

TextSniper provides intriguing features that improve the text recognition process and facilitate the efficient management of collected information.

1. Ability to quickly import photos from iPhone or iPad

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi must be enabled on your iPhone and Mac, and both devices must be in close contact with one another to operate. It is impressive how effectively it performs when properly configured.

When you click the “Take Photo” button on the TextSniper drop-down menu on the iPhone’s Menu Bar, the iPhone’s camera opens instantly.

You may then click an image of the text you want to copy and paste it into a document on your Mac; for example, some notes that a friend loaned you temporarily.

Then, as soon as you click the picture and confirm that you wish to use it, TextSniper instantly copies all the text in the photo and presents a notice box showing that the text has been copied successfully.

2. Text-to-Speech

Text-to-speech is a nifty little function of TextSniper. It is beneficial for both the sighted and the visually handicapped.

Text-to-speech begins as soon as the text is captured. However, I did not like the absence of readily apparent on-screen controls to stop, play, skip, and adjust the volume of the voice playback.

You can only pause the narration through a keyboard shortcut or the app’s dropdown menu in the Menu Bar. You may also adjust the voice playback speed inside the application’s options.

TextSniper Text-to-Speech Features

In addition, the voice sounds fairly robotic, unlike the speech produced by some recent text-to-speech systems, which sounds almost natural.

And the worst thing is that you are obligated to endure it. There are no other speech choices.

TextSniper is (once again) one of the few OCR applications that support text-to-speech capability, despite its flaws. Even Live Text does not allow chosen text in photographs to be spoken.

3. Additive Clipboard

Beginning with Additive Clipboard saves time when capturing large quantities of text. Typically, you would copy and paste a section of text to save it.

However, if you are working with text recognition on a huge document, the continual dance of copying and pasting the text might quickly become monotonous and even annoying.

With Additive Clipboard, you may copy text from the screen without copying it again. This allows you to discard the text collectively. I’ve learned that not only is this method more efficient, but it’s also easier on your patience.

You may activate Additive Clipboard by assigning a key combination or navigating to the TextSniper menu item in the macOS Menu Bar. The intelligent nature of Additive Text is my favorite feature.

When you capture a bit of text and paste it into a note in the Notes app and then continue to capture it and put it into the same note, the text is not duplicated. Instead, it just pastes any additional text acquired after the first paste.

So, if I write a new note and attempt to paste the new content, it is appended to the old text already stored in the additive clipboard.

Considering how clipboards function, the quantity of text you can save depends on your Mac’s RAM and storage.

I attempted to copy the paragraphs of this post individually, but they have remained in the Additive Clipboard since then.

TextSniper additionally allows you to activate a feature that automatically refreshes the Additive Clipboard whenever you paste using the Command + V shortcut.

Comparing Apple’s Live Text to TextSniper’s Additive Text functionality is irrelevant. Additive Text is only required when you cannot copy large quantities simultaneously.

This is virtually always the case with TextSniper since Mac’s screen can only display so much text.

Why Do I Recommend TextSniper?

The greatest strength of the application is its user-friendly, minimalistic interface. Technically, you capture a snapshot of whatever is shown on your screen; TextSniper does the rest.

TextSniper is a valuable tool whether you are a writer, content producer, student, teacher/trainer, sales or marketing professional, HR, researcher, or analyst. Below are other qualities that make it appealing.

I appreciate it when an app goes above and beyond to make things easy for its users. And TextSniper has several clever techniques.

1. Line Breaks

Surprisingly, the program also considers the line breaks in the text. Therefore, when you paste, the text is not jumbled, and the formatting is preserved.

2. Shortcuts

Dislike the CMD+Shift+2 keyboard combination? You may alter it according to your preferences. In addition, you may configure shortcuts to activate/deactivate Keep Line Breaks, Text to Speech, and other functions.

3. No Mess

This is a significant benefit for me; the app’s icon does not clutter my desktop or Dock. It operates well in the background, and the little icon in the Menu Bar is ideal for launching the application when necessary.

4. Addictive Clipboard

Switching between the text and a notepad may be annoying when reading an article and wanting to clip many passages. TextSniper offers an excellent answer. When enabled, the clipboard collects all copied text and pastes it in a single operation.

4. QR code and barcode reader

This is a clever inclusion, given that QR codes are becoming more popular and widespread. TextSniper could capture and extract text from any barcode or QR code.

However, text recognition is more seamless. It did not function when I made a bespoke QR or QR containing links, but I was able to collect and read existing barcodes and QR codes.

5. Quick and accurate

Thanks to powerful OCR technology, the snip is instantaneous and astonishingly precise. I threw numerous curveballs at TextSniper, from the secondary menu to advertisements, and it did not disappoint.

Specifically, it struggled with computer codes and symbols. As for languages, the program’s Catalina version only supports English now.

TextSniper Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

The pricing plans of TextSniper are as follows –

TextSniper Pricing Plans

All you have to do is go to the official website of TextSniper from here, hover your cursor to ‘Buy now, and choose a plan from these.

You can select a license as per your business needs. As you can see, the pricing of TextSniper is one-time, and it is negligible.

You can also use TextSniper and a lot more apps for free. Here is how.

Step – 1: After going to the official website, click on ‘Try it free.

Got To The Official Site Of TextSniper

Step – 2: Click on ‘Try Free’.

Try TextSniper for Free

Step – 3: Click on ‘Download Setapp’.

Download Setapp Of TextSniper

Step – 4: Fill up your email address and click on ‘Continue’ or choose Facebook or Google to signup.

Fill up your email address

That is it. On Setapp, you will see a lot of applications that you can make use of. Setapp offers a 7-day free trial. You can use TextSniper and many other apps for free for 7 days using Setapp.

Also, after purchasing TextSniper, you get a 7-day money-back guarantee.

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Conclusion: TextSniper Review 2024

Whether a student or a working professional, obtaining and using data from various sources will be a regular occurrence for you.

This feature-rich application facilitates the cloning of text from digital photos and presents them in handy ways, such as the simple text-to-audio function.

From the user experience to the precision of the OCR function, TextSniper is the next-generation solution for data sorting that significantly increases processing speed.

TextSniper is an excellent utility tool due to the additional capabilities that load, the app’s essential functions, and the inexpensive purchase.

With the assurance of the money-back guarantee, you should feel comfortable testing it without worrying about the few bucks you’ve invested.

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