Thrivecart VS WooCommerce 2023: The Ideal Comparison

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In this blog you will find the comparison of Thrivecart vs WooCommerce 2023: Which is the best shopping cart?

When we talk about eCommerce stores, the most essential part of an eCommerce store is the Shopping cart.

Shopping cart helps you collect the payments safely as well as it also shows your products to your website visitors. Shopping Cart is basically a software which helps visitors to make a purchase online on an eCommerce store.

While checkout, the software calculates the total amount which includes the taxes, shipping charges (if any), handling charges (if any) and other parameters. It completes the shopping experience.

The confusion lies when you need to choose a cart. When I newly stepped into the eCommerce industry everyone had a different product to recommend. It took me a good amount of time to figure out, which one is the best for me and my clients.

ThriveCart & WooCommerce are the two most recommended tools for shopping carts.

In this blog, we are going to compare ThriveCart and WooCommerce. By the end of this Thrivecart vs WooCommerce Review blog, you’ll know and understand which is the right tool for you.

We will talk about the key features of both the tools, pros & cons, pricing, etc. So without any further due, let’s get started and know more about both the tools.

Thrivecart vs WooCommerce 2023: The Ideal Comparison

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ThriveCart is basically a software which helps eCommerce businesses to sell products (Physical goods or Digital Products), subscriptions, services to the audience.

Thrivecart is a hosted shopping cart software which helps you with much more than just taking payments and selling products. It supports integration and affiliate programs as well.

ThriveCart has many appreciable key features, we will talk about all the important features in this blog.

Key Features of Thrivecart

  • Easy to use

Being a marketing professional myself I have come across several tools. I have tried and tested innumerable similar tools and I can confidently say, this is the easiest tool to use.

The interface ThriveCart offers is impeccable.

You can easily use this tool without having any technical knowledge, coding knowledge or any prior training.

Being a Non-Techie, this is one of the highly recommended tools for managing your e-commerce especially if you’re looking out for a tool for your eCommerce store’s checkout process.

  • Supports Integrations

I remember when I recently got into the field of Digital Marketing, one of my managers told me “Think 360 degree, look at all the important parameters while creating a campaign.” These lines stayed with me since then.

Focussing on all the important elements requires integration. Whenever I think of choosing a digital marketing tool one of the features which I look out for is, whether the tool/ software supports integrations.

Thrivecart vs WooCommerce - Thrivecart Homepage

Nowadays, almost all major tools support integrations, but until a few years back not every tool supported integrations which turned things quite complicated.

Well, let’s talk about our current tool, ThriveCart.

ThriveCart supports integration, it supports and lets you integrate all the major CRM tools/ software, CRM tools, Email Marketing tools, etc.

ThriveCart also lets you integrate all the major payment gateways, webinar platforms, etc.

The best part about ThriveCart is, the integration process is very easy and hassle-free.

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  • Auto-Respond Support

It’s 2020, we are living in an era of Automation and Autoresponders.

Being in the eCommerce industry for a while now and in the field of Digital Marketing for some years I cannot emphasize enough how important Auto-responders are.

Autoresponders help you build a good customer relationship, as the user doesn’t need to wait for a manual reply from your team every time they mail with an issue or query.

Just like I mentioned above, ThriveCart supports and allows integrations. You can integrate your Auto-Responders by setting them up.

ThriveCart supports all the major marketing and automation tools. To name a few, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, HubSpot, GetResponse, InfusionSoft, etc.

It also supports integrations via HTML forms or Zapier.

  • A/B Split testing

I am writing content, running ads, writing ad copies for years now. But even after working for years in this field I really don’t know what will work for my brand or my client’s brand well.

Sometimes, a little change in the copy or small element configuration leads to a big difference in the audience response.

Testing is highly important and essential to know what’s working and what’s not.

A/B Testing is another feature I personally mostly look out for before choosing any tool/ software.

ThriveCart offers A/B Split testing which allows you to test the various variations of your cart and let you see which one is performing well. This process is quite easy to do and pretty quick to set up and understand.

Through A/B Testing you;ll come out with the best page which will actually bring you conversion.

A/B Split Testing helps you maximize results and also saves your time. You can easily test the functioning of the page, elements of the page, offers your store has, etc.

Thrivecart vs WooCommerce - Thrivecart Features

  • Shopping Cart Templates

ThriveCart has very limited Cart templates but I must say, ThriveCart believes in Quality, not Quantity. ThriveCart offers highly convertible templates.

These templates have already been tested and presented to you. The conversion rates and campaign success depend on a lot of other factors than just the template. So choose the right template and customise it as per your offer or brand.

These templates are easy to customize.

To be more clear, as of now thriveCart has only 4 templates which include the following:

  • Two-step checkout
  • One-step checkout
  • Embeddable checkout
  • Popup checkout template

You can choose which best suits your marketing purpose.

  • Upsells & Downsells

For some reason, ever since I stepped into the world of eCommerce Upsells and Downsells are my favourite parts about eCommerce.

The basic idea behind Upsell and Downsell is to provide solutions to your customers or visitors by offering them your higher services or products.

Upsells are presented immediately while checkout, these aren’t the Bump offers.

These offers are mostly offered by online learning platforms.

ThriveCart supports upsells and downsells which can prove to be really beneficial for eCommerce businesses if used efficiently.

  • Affiliate Management

ThriveCart provides you with an Affiliate Management System which allows you to manage and pay the affiliates who are helping your business by bringing customers to you.

ThriveCart’s Affiliate Management system is very easy to understand and setup, you would not require any technical help from a developer or anyone else.

You can easily run your affiliate program with ThriveCart.

  • Tracking & Monitoring

When you have an eCommerce store or a website it is highly essential to know it’s performance without having to deal with those excel sheets.

With ThriveCart’s performance indicator, you can easily see the live traffic on the store, the conversion rates, daily revenue, lifetime revenue, you can even manage subscriptions, projected revenue, forecasting and much more on your screen with a single click.

ThriveCart has a lot of other amazing features which you can explore on its website or I would suggest you use the tool and know it better. It’s hard to cover each feature in this comparison blog.


Thrivecart Pricing Plan

ThriveCart basically has 2 pricing plans; ThriveCart Standard & ThriveCart Pro.

ThriveCart Standard costs $495 & ThriveCart Pro costs $195. Both the prices are one time costs. You don’t need to renew the license. Now, let us discuss the pros and cons of Thrivecart in this Thrivecart vs WooCommerce Review.

Check here for detailed Pricing

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Pros & Cons of Thrivecart:

Pros of Thrivecart

  • Easy to understand and use.
  • Allowed to sell subscriptions.
  • Everything is hosted.
  • Supports affiliate programs.
  • Allowed to embed checkout on your website.

Cons of Thrivecart

  • Limited gateway of payment support.
  • Product fulfilment system need a third party service.
  • Translation issue.
  • User Interface can be improved.
  • Limited designs.
  • Does not have different pricing packages to offer.


Basically, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin which can help you convert your normal WordPress website into an eCommerce store.

Just like WordPress, WooCommerce is also an open-source plugin. It means it’s completely free to use, in case you want some additional extensions you can make a purchase.

You can easily download the WooCommerce plugin, add it to your WordPress site and start using it without any hassle.

The very first time when I got introduced to the e-commerce store, WooCommerce is something I got introduced to. As the organisation I was associated with had their site built on WooCommerce and trust my words even without the premium additional extensions the plugin/tool works quite decently.

Don’t stress over buying the extensions.

Key Features of WooCommerce

  • Builtin Blogging

Ever since I stepped into the world of Marketing, or Digital Marketing to be more accurate. I heard one sentence at a loop by every expert and every marketer, “Content is the King”.

And the very first feature of WooCommerce we are going to talk about is “Builtin Blogging System”.

With WooCommerce you can easily post your great content on your eCommerce site. And as a marketer, I would highly recommend you to post content, relevant content because it helps in SEO.

Publishing content on the eCommerce website not only helps you in Ranking, but it also helps you build a strong brand presence which leads to great sales and brand credibility.

With WooCommerce, you can also do the product rating and reviews which will also impact your SEO, Brand Credibility, and create a more amazing shopping experience for your visitors.

Good content will help you convert your website visitor into the buyer.

  • Product Checkout pages

Product checkout pages is one of the common features which ThriveCart and WooCommerce has to offer.

Having used both the software I would say, WooCommerce is much ahead in comparison to ThriveCart.

Thrivecart vs WooCommerce - WooCommerce Homepage

WooCommerce offers beautiful customisable product checkout pages which are also complemented by landing pages and other amazing customizable options which are highly essential for a shopping cart software.

You can either customise WooCommerce templates simply by using the “Drag & Drop” feature or if you have an in house developer or you know the basics of coding you can easily add the shortcodes of your products to add in the blog post.

With WooCommerce, you can even create beautiful landing pages for straight checkouts.

  • Advanced product sorting

Sorting products based on their category, size, price, colour, product type, etc is highly essential for making the customer experience amazing on your website.

WooCommerce allows you to customise sorting, you can sort the products the way you like, depending upon the type of products you sell.

Sorting products make your customer experience more personalised and easy, it also helps you in search engine ranking.

And both the factors influence more sales and brand credibility.

Thrivecart vs WooCommerce - WooCommerce Features

  • Supports Integrations

Being a big fan of 360-degree marketing, I would say, this is the feature I look out for in every marketing tool I get introduced to.

With WooCommerce you can integrate all the major marketing third party tools like MailChimp, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, Google pay, Apple Pay, RazorPay, etc to your website.

By integrating the tools you can easily automate the emails and other important processes.

WooCommerce supports all the major third-party tools and the integration process is quite simple.

  • WooCommerce Theme

WooCommerce offers a lot of themes, you can pick the theme which best suits the season, or your brand whichever you think will perform well for your brand and business.

It also includes the default themes by WordPress.

These themes are easy to customise and use. In case you choose a theme and you’re not really convinced with the way it looks and you want to change another theme, you can easily do it.

  • Extensions


Until now, whichever feature we talked about is absolutely free to use. Extensions aren’t free to use. They’re premium which are quite expensive.

WooCommerce has more than 400 extensions. WooCommerce has extensions for shipping, payments, marketing, accounting, etc.

These extensions also allow you to customise the product pages, help you improve the navigation, add more advanced features to your shopping cart, add checkout, etc.

WooCommerce does not support affiliates directly but through paid extensions, you can display the affiliate marketing links.

  • Order & Inventory Management

I call Order & Inventory Management as the heart & soul of the eCommerce store. With WooCommerce you can keep your customers updated with the stock you have and the order details after the order is placed.

This feature helps you give a better customer experience to your website.

With this feature, you also get one-click refund in case the order cancels for any reason.

This feature is absolutely free.

  • Unlimited Customisation

Customization of the website is highly important, it makes the website looks more relevant.

With WooCommerce,  you can easily customise your website as much as you want without any charges or limitations.

  • Tax Option

Tax Options

Tax slab is different for different areas, countries, and businesses. You can set the tax details in your store depending on the areas you ship and your business details.

WooCommerce will automatically calculate the tax details and automatically display the bill amount.

You don’t require any third party tool to calculate the taxes.

Well, we talked about the major and important features which WooCommerce has to offer. WooCommerce also offers some other important features which includes coupon creation, SEO, Dashboard for report summary, Detailed insights, Social Media Integration of your website, etc.

I would highly recommend this tool.


WooCommerce’s pricing plans are the most complicated ones. Let me tell you, WooCommerce is absolutely a free plugin to use for WordPress website and trust me it’s features are amazing.

But, it offers you around more than 400 extensions and every extension has a different cost. You can visit WooCommerce’s website and understand the pricing as per your marketing needs.

The extensions cost around $3/Month to $700/Month.

Not only extensions, but it also offers Themes, Plugins, Domain, Hosting, and entire setup. Now, let us discuss the pros and cons of WooCommerce in this Thrivecart vs WooCommerce Review.

Click on this link to see detailed plans

Pros & Cons of WooCommerce:

Pros of WooCommerce

  • Can be customised.
  • Plenty of extensions and integrations available.
  • Supports major payment gateways.
  • Supports upsells and cross-sells.
  • Self-hosted.
  • Support team is really helpful.

Cons of WooCommerce

  • Setup is not so easy.
  • Supports only WordPress websites.
  • You need to make a purchase if you need more extensions.
  • Does not support affiliate marketing.

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FAQs | Thrivecart vs WooCommerce

🤨 Does changing my product price of Thrivecart affect existing Subscription?

ThriveCart allows you to adjust the pricing of products at any time, even after they are sold.

🧐 Do WooCommerce themes work on

Yes. The themes that you purchase from WooCommerce work on self-hosted WordPress installations that are made possible by

🤷 Can I add multiple payment options to my checkout using Thrivecart?

Yes, you can add multiple payment options to your checkout. You can add options like autoresponder, way the customer's purchase is fulfilled, commissions your affiliates earn, and many more.

💁‍♀️ What theme does use?

WooCommerce website is using a child theme based on Storefront. It is all powered by WooCommerce and some custom code.

Conclusion | Thrivecart vs WooCommerce 2023

Finally, we are at the end of this Thrivecart vs WooCommerce Review 2023.

I am sure you’re wondering, Which is the best tool for my Business?

Well, I am here to answer you and clear your doubt.

It’s clear both tools are amazing, and have few common and a lot of different features.

You can choose the tool based on your own technical knowledge, and knowing your business needs.

In my opinion, I would recommend ThriveCart for Newbies and small businesses which needs a simple eCommerce setup.

I would definitely recommend WooCommerce for people who understand WordPress, or a business who already has an internal developer.

Being honest, and writing this from my experience WooCommerce is quite complicated.

Ultimately, my final words are, You know your business, brand, and most importantly your Business requirements and budget better.

Considering all the aspects you can make the choice.

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