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titan mattress discount coupons

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About Titan Mattress

At Brooklyn Bedding, they recognize there’s no one-size-fits-all mattress. They created the Titan by Brooklyn Bedding as a plus-size solution for plus-size sleep. Titan mattress is the part of Brooklyn bedding. Brooklyn bedding designed and created titan mattress. At Brooklyn Bedding, they take the sleep experience personally. They have created custom crafting sleep solutions based on your real time feedback. Introducing the Titan by Brooklyn Bedding, their response to your demand for plus size innovation for plus size sleep.

titan mattress discount coupons

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How to grab your Titan mattress discount coupon codes and help yourself save some valuable money?

titan mattress coupons

  • Go to the website by simply clicking the discount coupon button.
  • Explore the different products and choose the desired one.
  • Carefully read the instructions if any or you can click the add to cart button.
  • Next page will ask you to fill some necessary details very carefully.
  • Than choose the desired payment option and click on the checkout button. Don’t forget to enter the Titan Mattress Discount.
  • There you go your work is done and let them do theirs and let them ship you the best mattresses to your doorstep, free of cost.


Why Titan mattress have the abilities to become your first priority as a plus size sleep?

Titan mattresses are designed with substantial support for heavier sleepers. The Titan pairs two layers of the highest quality foam with heavy duty, premium coils. Titan mattress delivering extra lift and extra durability for the life of your mattress. It’s Firm-level support balances just the right amount of pressure point relief with a substantially solid surface for plus size sleepers. Titan offers 1” layer of quilted, gel memory foam. It helps resists body impressions and provides optimal cooling comfort while you sleep.

It also offers a 2” layer of patented TitanFlex™ foam. Titan helps delivers responsive contouring with targeted pressure point relief. With a 6” core of up to 1,024 individually encased TitanCaliber™ coils. It provides industrial support, coupled with superior motion isolation. Titan mattress thoroughly engineered one layer at a time. The Titan is one of the only beds sold today that is specifically designed for heavier individuals. Support is a key strength. It provides an even, comfortable surface for sleepers in any weight group.

Also provides a 2” high density foam base. It adds durability to the mattress while reinforcing individually encased coils as they compress. All the products by Titan mattress are delivered in a box, allowing for easy transportation from your door to your bedroom. Titan mattresses are custom made in the U.S.A. with a 10-year warranty. They Offer a 120-night risk free trial to ease your tension and make you sleep stress free. If you weigh more than 250 pounds and spend the majority of the night on your back or stomach, you should seriously consider this mattress.

plus-size solution

Plus size mattress

Those with plus-size figures do not need to compromise on comfort in order to receive the support they need. With Titan mattress, Brooklyn Bedding has hit the market with a hybrid nicely balanced. Complete your sleep experience by also shopping comfortable and fluffy pillows, sheets and encasements. Upgrade your sleep with pillows that offer the ultimate contouring and support. Enhance your comfort with their super soft and breathable sheets. Encasement provides 360°-degree protection for a healthier night’s rest.


  • Plus size solution for plus size sleep
  • Designed with substantial support for heavier sleepers
  • delivering extra lift and extra durability
  • Thoroughly engineered layers
  • Quilted top with gel memory foam
  • A layer of patented TitanFlex™
  • A core of up to 1,024 individually encased TitanCaliber™ coils
  • A high-density foam bases
  • Complete your sleep experience with pillows, sheets and durable encasements
  • 120-night risk free trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Ships in a box

real time feedback


They are confident they have made the best bedding products. So, they back them with a generous trial period of 120 nights! They do require that you try their new mattress for at least 30 days from the date of delivery. This gives you ample time to properly adjust to the new materials. The trial date begins when you receive your mattress and can only be used once per customer per calendar year.

What is the warranty period they are offering?

All Brooklyn Bedding mattresses purchased in a Brooklyn Bedding store or at BrooklynBedding.com come with a full 10-year hassle free warranty that covers any defects or body impressions that measure 1″ or more. Their pillow comes with a 3-year full replacement warranty that covers any defects in the material. Their sheets come with a 1-year full replacement warranty that covers any defects in the material.

sleep solutions

Some facts/information about Titan mattress:

Titanmattress recommend rotating your mattress 180 degrees every 6 to 8 months. This rotation helps evenly distribute weight across the bed. Brooklyn Bedding mattresses should be rotated every 6 to 8 months but never flipped (or inverted). Their mattresses are designed with comfort layers on top and support layers on bottom. They also use higher quality materials that last much longer than traditional mattresses, eliminating the type of wear and tear that requires a mattress to be flipped.

Brooklyn Bedding does not use chemical fire sprays or chemical retardants in their mattresses. They do use the highest quality fire retardant socks—a fabric made of a non-woven silica/rayon/polyester/cotton blend. For more information regarding fire retardant fibers, please research Jones Fiber. All mattresses develop minimal body impressions on contact. They have specifically chosen the most durable foams in the industry with the highest material integrity to minimize body impressions and maximize restorative properties.

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Conclusion- Titan Mattress Discount May 2020

They use the safest materials in the mattress industry, guaranteed. Their foam is CertiPur Certified, which means its toxin free and meets the highest health standards in the industry. If you’d like a personal recommendation or further help selecting a firmness level, you can speak with a Sleep Specialist via email or chat.

So we hope that you find Titan mattress helpful for your sleep requirements and are ready to use the Titan Mattress Discount to save yourself some valuable money and don’t forget to share this with your friends.


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