Trade Ideas Coupon Codes, Promo Codes, & Discount Codes October 2022– Get 50% Off Trade Ideas + Free Trial- How To Redeem Coupon Codes?

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We all know that Trade Ideas is a great platform for stock market investors, but it’s also pretty expensive.

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FAQs About Trade Ideas Promo Code

✅ How do I get the best Trade Ideas Coupon?

We update our article every day with the latest Trade Ideas coupons that are available. You can use any of the mentioned deals and offer and save a huge on your order.

🤔 How to Apply Trade Ideas Coupon Code?

Step 1 - After picking the deal you want to buy, click on the Get Deal button and head to the checkout process. Step 2 - On the checkout page, you will get an option to ‘apply coupon’. Step 3- Once you apply the code, you will see the discounted amount on your payment page

🙌 How many discount codes or deals are available for Trade Ideas?

At the moment, we have listed more than 25+ live deals and offers on Trade Ideas. You can click on the Get Deal button and claim your discount. Hurry Up!

😎 Which is the best offer On Trade Ideas?

The best offers that you can get on Trade Ideas today are: 15% Off Trade Ideas Orders, 25% Off Market Research & Opportunity Detection, 25% Off Trade Ideas Orders, and more.

🤟 How accurate is Trade Ideas?

Our unique technology allows us to see the exact ads shown on thousands of placements in real-time.

🤓 Does Trade Ideas offer a trial?

Sorry, we do not offer any trial periods at the moment. However, you can sign up, and if you think it isn’t for you, you can request a refund within the first 24 hours.

🤔 How much does Trade Ideas cost?

The standard package for Trade Ideas costs around $99 per month and $2068 if you choose the annual subscription.

🤨 What is Trade Ideas?

Trade Ideas is one of the most popular independent scanners in the market. The platform offers countless integrated analytics that provides unique real-time business opportunities.

How To Apply Trade Ideas Promo Codes?

Step 1 – After picking the deal you want to buy, click on the Get Deal button

Step 2: Select between the Standard and Premium plans and head to the checkout process.

Step 2 – On the checkout page, you will get an option to ‘Enter Coupon Code’.

Step 3– Once you apply the code, you will see the discounted amount on your payment page

You might have questions for Trade Ideas, we will try best to answer:

  • Are Trade Ideas free?
  • is Trade Ideas a broker?
  • Is Trade Ideas premium or standard?
  • Can I use Trade Ideas with ThinkorSwim?
  • Do Trade Ideas chart?
  • Do trade ideas have an app?
  • Are there any new Trade Ideas coupon codes?
  • Can I Use Any Broker With Trade Ideas?
  • How Do I Learn How to Use Trade Ideas?
  • How much does Trade Ideas Pro cost?
  • How Do Trade Ideas Work?
  • Is Trade Ideas Right for Me?


Trade Ideas Overview: 

Founded in 2002, Trade ideas is a stock analysis tool that provides traders with numerous integrated analytics and pre-configured analytics.

This essentially simplifies your business decisions through a fully analyzed stock analysis. On the platform, you can see what actions the messages take and move up and down in real-time. In addition, the purchase offers, the short-term, and the departure time are proposed.

This is especially beneficial for traders who want to remain active in the market but do not have time to perform due diligence before trading.

From the warning windows to the map windows, the theater, the artificial intelligence, and the backtest, the platform offers many products.

Trade Ideas Coupon

It also contains tons of tutorials and videos. Trade-Ideas is one of the most popular independent scanners in the market. The platform offers countless integrated analytics that provides unique real-time business opportunities.

Trade-Ideas Pro (IT) is the ideal solution for anyone looking for ideas without interruption during trading day.

It’s also flexible enough for users to create their own policies or a hybrid version that combines integrated strategies with a simple drag-and-drop without having to learn a programming language.

IT has really evolved over the years and has become much more user-friendly from the start, allowing users to access it without much explanation.

However, each participant will be given individual training with a trade-ideas trainer to thoroughly learn the system. There are also many videos and tutorials.

The software is accessible through a browser and is downloaded for the most frequent users as a separate program.

Best Features of Trade Ideas: 

Here are some of the best features of Trade Ideas:

1. Properties of the Platform for Commercial Ideas

As mentioned earlier, the platform has evolved significantly over the years and is extremely user-friendly, especially for the first user who provides a channel bar, which is a tab-based graphics menu made up of possible topics and choices Your analysis, Premarket, Trending, Penny Movers, Energy, etc.

The graphics make the categories clear and increase the intuitive nature of the software. You can access the platform online via a browser or download it as an independent program.

I prefer the independent platform because everything is easier to integrate and allows more windows and simpler designs.

2. Diagrams

Creating graphics is not the main tool of the platform, but it is certainly a great addition. The graphics provide visual and instant confirmation of alarms including inputs and outputs.

Therefore, you do not need to leave the platform to view the alarms. In addition, the platform helps you to resize your graphics, draw lines, arrows, or even make notes in the graph.

In addition, you can choose between different time periods for which you would like to receive notifications.

3. Alarm window

This feature is especially important for traders who do not have the discipline to execute transactions according to a particular strategy.

Alert windows allow you to transfer and view events in real-time.

Of course, this depends on the filters and warnings you select. With this feature, you can also graphically add columns to your specific specifications so you can see them at a glance multiple times.

You can also view the historical alarms of the day by simply scrolling through the window.

Who Is Trade Ideas Best For?

Trade Ideas Used By Leading Investors

This platform is ideal for operators who operate on the same day and who trade before or after the market. Alternative operators also find good ideas for transient oscillations when setting delay parameters for longer delays. Graphics and dealers based on graphics have a constant flow of ideas.

In fact, the biggest problem is not spreading too much and having too many warnings. This applies to all scanners. It’s useful to have a solid negotiation method and use the scanner as a pure idea generator to consider adopting ideas that fit your style.

Business Ideas for Artificial Intelligence – Prepare for the future

Artificial intelligence is everywhere these days. In recent months, many companies have announced significant progress in integrating artificial intelligence into their products and services.
But what can artificial intelligence do for every trader?

Currently, artificial intelligence is just beginning and this trend will continue for many more years.

Popular Coupon Codes on Trade Ideas

Discounts Description Updated On
20% Off Get 20% Off Sitewide October 2022
50% Off Get 50% Off all orders on Trade Ideas October 2022
25% Off Grab 25% Off on Trade Ideas October 2022
$8.99 2 Weeks of Trade Ideas Premium for $8.99 October 2022
$1068/yr Get Standard Plan at $1068/yr October 2022

Trade Ideas Review – Best Trading Tools

Here are some of the best tools that you get with Trade Ideas:

1. Trade Ideas Scanner

With Trade Ideas Subscription, you get to pay for the stock scanner. The platform offers both pre-built scans as well as customizable scans.

Just set up a few configurations according to what your requirements are ( viz. Average Volume, Minimum and Maximum Price Range, Exchanges); the pre-built scans are robust enough to let you plug and play out of the box.

Trade Ideas Scanner

The pre-configured scans are one of the most convenient tools that are offered by the platform.

It is easy to find incredible trade setups all in real-time each day with minimum effort. The scan also lets you catch the beat of the market and understand the ongoing action. 

The seasoned players of trading tweak the pre-built scan or create the scans of their own, and for them, TI offers filters that are super easy to use as well as windows for parameter configuration that can flow really well.

2. Trade Ideas Chat Room

The Trade Ideas Chat Room is completely free for both the non-users as well as the users who have registered on the platform. The room for live trade is open from EST 9.00 AM to 3.00 PM on most of the weekdays.

There are post-market recaps right after the market closes.

The live room for trading is a pretty informative one. Here you will find the moderators that share patterns, trades, and setup all through the day. Each day witnesses more than 400 attendees on a regular basis.

As a free room for trading, it is pretty robust. Though it might not be able to replace the premium and robust chat rooms like the Investors Underground, it can still prove to be a great free option.

3. Trade Ideas AI Review

Holly, the AI engine is unique and distinctive for retail scanners.

This portfolio manager/advisor/Robo-trader is powered by Artificial Intelligence and can automate the trade positions that can get triggered from one or the combination of the 35 strategies.

Holly can run millions of simulations over the night for creating a buy as well as sell list of the stocks with the triggers that can qualify.

Users can also opt for tracking the performance of Holly or/and piggyback trades at their risk. The results of the performance are pretty impressive.

4. Trade Ideas Brokerage Plus

Once you are done with testing the strategies in Oddsmaker Tool, it is possible to automate these by using the Brokerage Plus feature.

It lets the traders define their strategies for trading, trade automatically and build their scans. You can also connect the Trade Ideas to the broker for placing the trades on either semi-auto-pilot (manual entry, auto-order setup) or auto-pilot.

Currently, Brokerage Plus is available only for the Interactive Broker account.

This is probably one of the most exciting and innovative features of the TI software program. It is important to use the software with caution and care, chiefly when familiarizing with it.

5. Trade Ideas Charts

Trade Ideas Chart enables about 10 to 20 chart windows on the basis of the subscription plan you choose.

This makes the process of pulling up a chart on the platform directly a lot more convenient instead of using a separate platform for charting in order to analyze the candidates.

Price alerts too can be added by the users directly on the charts they select. As it is not a charting platform and thus you cannot expect a lot of indicators on the chart.

The indicators are there solely for the convenience of the reference stocks which pop-ups on the scans.

How Much Does Trade Ideas Cost? 

The platform only offers its customers three subscription packages based on their experience as a merchant.

Trade Ideas Cost

The first is the standard package, which costs around $118 per month and $1068 if you choose the annual subscription.

With this package, you have access to real-time data, graphics, alerts, custom formulas, checklists, channel bars, and price-sharing prizes that are limited to 10 alerts.

Then there’s the premium package, which costs $228 a month and $2286 a year. This subscription set includes all features of the standard package, as well as some advanced features like:

  • A.I. Virtual Trading Analyst—Holly
  • Chart Based A.I. Trade Assistance
  • Risk Assessment
  • A.I. virtual trading analyst,
  • Entry and Exit Signals
  • Build and Backtest any Trade Idea
  • Autotrade w/ Brokerage Plus and A.I.


Trade Ideas Promo Code

💰  Price


😍  Pros

The automatic trading function offers a lot of flexibility.

😩  Cons

The graphics have very limited indicators


Trade Ideas is one of the most popular independent scanners and offers countless integrated analytics and real-time business opportunities.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Trade Ideas Pros and Cons

Why I recommend Trade Ideas:

  • A free and moderate live space offers great ideas to beginners and experienced traders
  • There are many customization options.
  • The automatic trading function offers a lot of flexibility.
  • Contains a very informative blog.
  • Supported by excellent customer service.
  • Excellent presence in social networks.
  • You have access to data in real-time
  • Many free tutorials and training videos for getting started
  • Managed by people with many years of experience in different areas, such as: In business and finance technology.


  • As a beginner, you may feel overwhelmed by the information available on the platform.
  • The graphics have very limited indicators
  • It does not offer broadcast messages, but selectable titles.

Trade Ideas Reviews & Testimonials

testomonials user testomonials

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Top 3 Best Trade Ideas Alternatives

Here are the top 3 alternatives of Trade Ideas:

1. TrendSpider

trendspider review

This highly customizable platform is known for relying a lot on the machine-learning. The charts on this platform are worthy of sampling out, and you can also easily identify the trendline.

It is easy to use, and you can also opt for either light or dark layout. If you are always super busy, you can just start off with an automated tool for charting.

In case you are in search of much more flexibility, the technical indicators offered can be pretty helpful. The platform is known for the great customer support it offers.

2. Black Box Stocks

black box stocks overview

If you are in search of a system that can combine Artificial Intelligence with advanced-level market data, Black Box Stocks is the best pick.

The platform boasts some great charts that can be easily adjusted in various time intervals that range from 1 minute to monthly according to your convenience.

Their team offers you volatile indicators that can be used for tapping the pulse of the market.

If you are someone in options trading, then the option scanner offered by the platform gives you an edge that is needed for making the extra bucks. The platform also has a pretty helpful community, a lively room for chatting, and webinars that offer training.

3. TradingView

tradingview review

TradingView is a charting and analysis system that enables you to compare price charts from different markets.

It’s best known for its downloadable app which gives access to the tools even while on the move, so traders can stay ahead of market developments when they’re not in front of their computer screen!

Trading View offers stock-related information, as well as foreign currency pairs like forex trading, does. The company also provides insight into cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum but if this isn’t your thing then don’t worry because there are other options available on the Trade Ideas alternatives list too.

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Conclusion:- Trade Ideas Promo Codes & Coupon Codes October 2022

Trading stocks that are not in line with your personal negotiating style will certainly be frustrating. Fortunately, you can make correct business decisions with Trade Ideas.

That way you do not have to analyze the markets yourself.

That’s why he worries less and enjoys more exchange.

You can now get all the information on these amazing “Trade Ideas”. Share your Review about Trade Ideas in the comment section. Have you ever used Trade Ideas for your business?

So, don’t wait and go for the Trade Ideas promo code. Also, share Trade Ideas promo codes and offers with your friends and on your social media channels.

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15% Off
15% Off

15% Off Trade Ideas Orders

Trade Ideas is one of the most popular independent scanners and offers countless integrated analytics and real-time business opportunities.

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  1. Trade ideas has been around for quite a long time, providing traders with information on all of their stocks. You can do everything from analyzing how the stock is doing so far this year to seeing what the charts predict will happen in next week’s open.

    Trade Ideas provides something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner who needs quick success tips or a Trader pro who wants to hone your skills. Beginners can use Trade Ideas as an easy way to find which investments suit them best and earn more money over time with larger returns. The app gives recommendations based on previous trends showing that it cares about its customers’ financial wellbeing. One of the most important reasons why this product is so popular is because it covers just about every single company and plus i am glad that I used their coupon codes and saved my money.

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