Traffic Authority Review: Another SCAM in Market or LEGIT ? Traffic Authority Review: Another SCAM in Market or LEGIT ?

Traffic Authority Review: Another SCAM in Market or LEGIT ?

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On December 24, 2015
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Traffic Authority is developed by the pioneers of internet marketing traffic Dough wellens and Chad stalvey, their company formerly known as Infinite Leverage System. Here is detailed review of Traffic Authority.

Ever received an Email in your inbox stating that you can earn millions of dollars in a month by following this millionaire blueprint? I am sure you did, and just like a naive child, you clicked on the link, watched that video, got super excited, bought the package, told your girlfriend and the whole world you are going to be a millionaire in a month and told your boss to get lost. But, after a few days you realised, it was a hoax and you have lost quite a bit of money and you have made a fool of yourself.

Well, you are not alone, I have been there, done that, I lost, rather wasted over $2000 on such so called millionaire blueprints. I know many people who got scammed by these systems. While chasing the dream of self-employment and making money online from the comfort of my home,I kept buying these scams one after another hoping something will work out. I finally gave up after losing thousands of my hard earned dollars.

Traffic Authority review

Then I met this guy at an internet marketing event held recently, who told me about Traffic Authority. He said he has been using it for a while now and making huge commission, like thousands of dollars in a week. I didn’t believe him (obviously) it felt like one of those characters in those marketing video has come alive and is sitting in front of me. I asked him whether he is a staff or an employee working for Traffic Authority who is getting paid to promote the system, he assured me he is not an employee or employer at Traffic Authority.

He was introduced to by his brother and they both have been making huge commissions, he showed me texts on his phones stating the commission he has made so far, the figures were unbelievable. It got me pretty exited, but I was still not convinced as he was talking to a man who has lost over $2000 on such systems.

He then called his brother who assured me that this is a genuine system and people have made thousands of dollars within aweek. So with a heavy heart and lots of doubts in my mind,Isigned up for, and I must say it is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

I have covered all my lossI suffered by buying those scams and I have made a couple of thousand extra.So, let me tell you what traffic authority is and why you too should sign up for it?

What is traffic authority?

Traffic Authority is developed by the pioneers of internet marketing traffic Dough wellens and Chad stalvey, their company formerly known as Infinite Leverage System now Traffic Authority is known as the leader in providing quality traffic. Traffic Authority is a network marketing business which consists of new product line and targeted traffic, if you have done some research on internet marketing, then you must be aware about the importance of quality traffic, it is the most important part in generating sales and increasing your revenue.

Traffic Authority is the system where you will learn how you can set up and grow your business, Traffic Authority team will tell you about various traffic building software, and how much money you can make through them by following the steps they tell you to. It is a win win situation as they guide you step by step and help you make huge commissions.

Why Irecommend Traffic Authority?

One of the best things about traffic authority is that when you invest in it, you start getting traffic to your own business and websites for free. You can invest a portion of the money you earned from traffic authority in traffic packages, which will give you large grip inside the business and quality traffic.

Another reason I recommend traffic authority is because of its amazing training program, if you are a newbie this program is something you should go for, this is your gateway to a multimillion online business.

Core Products

Online Traffic authority’s package starts from $220 (basic plan) which delivers up to 190 clicks; the package starts from $220 and goes till $8397 (diamond package)

Traffic Authority Review packages

The packages are as follows-

Basic- $220

Bronze- $440

Silver- $660

Gold- $1097

Platinum- $2197

Titanium- $4297

There are two more products available

Traffic optimizer tool- $27/ month

Traffic academy training- $97/ month

How much commission can I make?

As a reseller or an affiliate, you can make $100 per sale of basic package to $4000 per sale of diamond package. You can also earn commission by selling their tools like Traffic customizer $27; you will get $20 for every sale made.



One of the best things about traffic authority is that they provide a mentor who will work side by side with you, guide you and train you. Having a mentor can prove to be a great thing as they teach you various things they have learned on their journey to success. Not every program offers a mentor to train you and guide you.

Traffic Optimizer

Traffic optimizer provides fully customizable capture page which will give you control over sales

Trafficoptimizer consists of various tools which will help you in elevating your sales and revenue

Advance link tracker

This tool will give you details about the traffic as where are they coming from, with the help of this data you can develop a marketing strategy and customize your website.

Pop Ups, Timers And Exit Pages

These tools will help you in optimizing your lead generation technique by making the necessary changes required and customizing your sales funnel.

Split Testing Software

This tool will help you to test the various versions of your website you have made; it will give you the details about conversion rate, traffic and the success of each website separately.


Fully Through this tool you can build a fully customizable email capture page, you can also select the template you like and customize it as per your desire. You will get access to capture pages and marketing materials having a high conversion rate.


When you invest in traffic authority you get access to traffic academy, it is something which will help you a lot in the long run, and give a solid foundation to your career.Traffic authority is the program which is continuously updated with the latest training courses, in which top internet marketers of the world will train you and prepare you for the internet marketing world.

Once you start following their advice and blueprint, you will start seeing the difference, in your sales and revenue. You can also sell Traffic academy as a reseller and make a nice commission.


Is Traffic authority good for you?
Traffic Authority testimonials
I strongly recommend traffic authority to fellow internet marketers, if you are reluctant then I understand, so was I. I almost ignored this program, but thanks to my friend I met, I didn’t. It is not only a blueprint to success, it also prepares you for various things you will come across in Internet marketing, it prepares you to take advantage of various opportunities lurking. I have seen people making thousands of dollars in 7 days, Imyself have made quite a sum. I hope you will make the right decision and invest in this program. It will change your life.


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