24 Types of Life Coaches In 2022 – You Need to Know

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This post is about 24 Types Of Life Coaches In 2022. You don’t want to miss out on these!

Types of Life Coaches In 2022 – You Need to Know


A coach can be a mentor, an accelerator, or even a guide or teacher. I have hereby featured 24 Types of life Coaches, with their proper insights, I have also covered its pros and cons.

There’re various fields of being a life coach. You can choose any of these according to your skills if you really want to help people and become a successful life coach.

If you are still worried about the steps and confused as to how to become a life coach, these are the beginners’ guides and reviews from my end from the very basic step.

So without wasting much time let’s get started, shall we?


A coach is generally a person who takes an initiative to take a person out from their current state to their wannabe state. Life coaching is a very broad field that almost covers up every type of person in society.

Where one life coach can help you with weight loss, another might help you with your business strategies. All of these different fields and types of Life coaches have been discussed below.

But before moving onto them, I would also like to give you suggestions as to where you can get the best of the training and certified courses for the same. Go ahead and have a look.

Where to expect the best from?

Here are some amazing Life Coaches who have brought about a change in the economic and social prospects of people’s lives.

  • Tony Robbins Coaching Class


Tony Robbins is considered to be one of the leading brands in making people millionaires and helping them in their economic strategies, so below if you consider becoming an Economic or strategic life coach, this coaching site is the best recommended one.

Types Of LIfe Coaches Tony Robbins

  • Coach Training Alliance


For any other type of coaching, you can visit this website which has one of the best-certified courses for being a Life Coach. You’re going to enjoy the training and help make a difference, you can check out our Coach Training Alliance Review As well, we have covered a detailed analysis of this course.

Types Of LIfe Coaches Coach - Training Alliance

  • Teachable Online Life Coach


This is another wonderful site that helps you become a successful online life coach and guide a lot of people in the specific sphere you want to choose.

Types of Life Coaches

  1. General Life Coach 

Let’s start with the most general field in these types. Sometimes, of course, we do not recognize the issue we are going through.

You just feel like there is something wrong and are just not able to digest anything happening around you. No matter what, a person is not able to address what he/she is going through.

This is the time when people need the right direction, and here’s where the concept of being a General Life Coach comes into the picture.

Types Of LIfe Coaches General life Coach

It’s like you aren’t addressing one specific type of issue but just a general problem as a whole. In this type, there’re various types of training instead of concentrating on one type of coaching.

There are, of course, very specific types of coaching but this pertains to just general life coaches. Sometimes people don’t have specific issues to be addressed but just need some support and direction.

A General Life Coach may have training in a variety of areas rather than concentrating on building healthy habits and helping your subject to grow.

  1. Personal Life Coach

A personal life coach is rather an indefinite type of coaching, but it revolves around the problems and difficulties of your client’s personal life.

This type of coaching mainly revolves around stress and anxiety. Being a personal life coach, it is your duty to help your subject to get unengaged from all the unhealthy habits and focus more on the healing and happy ways of managing stress.

You need to help your subjects to build more enthusiastic habits and learn a proper way to deal with stress.

24 Types Of LIfe Coaches Personal Life Coach

  1. Spiritual Life Coach

As the name is self-explanatory, being a spiritual life coach means to dive into the real spirituality of life and bring out the true spirit within you, and help your subjects to do the same.

This type of life coaching doesn’t involve any programmable method but solely depends on your subject’s peace of mind and approach to spirituality.

As a spiritual life coach, it is your duty to help set goals and create plans for your subject which involves your mindfulness as well.

  1. Christian Life Coach

Being a Christian life coach is just what it sounds like. People who are supportive of the religion of Christianity will be benefited the most out of this.

As a Christian life coach, you need to support your clients to live a life in the presence of Almighty. You need to make sure that your subject develops a personality of who both you and God are proud of.

24 Types Of LIfe Coaches Christian Life Coach

  1. Life Skills Coach

The idea of a Life skills coach is to help people move forward in life.

The main concept lies in removing the hurdles and making the journey of an individual easy to go.

However this is a very general type and doesn’t have a specific course for the same, but if one of the most important aspects of being a life coach.

You can come times also term the ideologies of a general life coach and a life skills coach to be almost the same.

  1. Business-oriented Coach

Business coaches aren’t like life skills or general life coaches. Whether you choose to outshine your position in the company or just be a better individual at your workplace, business coaches will help you do the same.

They aspire in guiding you towards a better position and be the star of your company.

Business coaches also do train a whole lot or a group of people in the sector of the company, teaching everybody to work and stay in harmony as well.

Good coaching reviews - Life - Coach - Training - Certification

  1. Executive Coaching

Executive coaches help those people at work who aim at increasing their potential output. These executives only strive in seeing their graph of success increase exponentially.

Hence, executive coaches help these kinds of people increase their ratio of success, teach them to deal with clients in a better way to develop healthy habits at the workplace, and a lot more.

If their subject is already at the top, executive coaches make sure that at no time does this peak of success drop even over an inch.

  1. Career Coach 

If you are a person who aspires to be a career coach but thinks business and career coach to be the same, then you’re mistaken, my friend.

Being a career coach requires you to specialize to support those subjects who want to kick start or bring about a course or change in their career.

It can either be after completion of the degree or a failed business or just a build-up after a depression, it can be absolutely anything.

Life Coach Training Programs

But business coaches deal in subjects which are already built. And career coaches deal in starting everything for their subjects from the core itself and help them discover their true passion.

  1. Financial or Money Coach

In my opinion, this is the most vital job in today’s world. There’re a lot of people in this world struggling with money.

Every person feels that they are the ones alone going through this crisis, not knowing the fact that there are millions similar to him who are facing the exact same situation. Well, in such cases a financial or Money Coach is trained to help people make wise decisions with their money.

Instead of directly commanding you what to do, he/she will help you understand the true essence of money and make you aware of the advantages of saving up and investing well.

Financial coaches help you save, create a budget, and make smart financial choices in their subjects.

  1. Leadership Coach

You can do Leadership coaching as a part of business coaching.

This type of coaching helps you be a successful leader and improve your roles as an executive or manager.

A leadership coach specializes in inculcating qualities in their subjects and helping them work right from where they are. They enhance their subject’s natural skill set and creates a pathway for them to grow.

Tony Robbins - Platinum - Partnership - Luxury - Platinum - Events

  1. Holistic Coach

This is a type of life coaching which has gained popularity in recent years.

A holistic coach won’t work with just one or two aspects but looks at the broader perspective of your experiences.

A lot of time and energy are dedicated. It involves your body, spirit, and mind completely so that these parts come together and help you to help your subjects in a better way possible.

Holistic coaching helps you answer questions like- should I leave non-veg food? Should I convert my religion? And so on and so forth.

  1. Relationship Coach

Relationship coaches are mostly popular in the mid ages. They specialize in helping a relationship to sail smoothly.

A relationship coach can give advice to a person dating, or married or someone who’s willing to take their relationship to the next level, etc.

It’s like, relationship coaches help you to communicate well with your personal needs to your partner, and makes it a point that both of you grow together physically and mentally.

Life Coach To Guide You

  1. Mindfulness Coach

I’m sure that someday, you as a person would also be confused in life and you would just want to take one day at a time.

You’re so confused to leave everything as they are and take up things one by one that you mess it all up. This type of coaching utilizes the foundation of peace. It helps you understand the rules of mindfulness and work through your blockages.

 Mindfulness coaches make sure that you see and understand your problems clearly and meditate well so that you can set your plans and goals effectively present and see your blockages clearly.

They help you find your time and teach you to live one day at a time.

  1. Divorce Coach

This is one of the most painful coachings of them all. God forbid we don’t need more coaches and situations like these.

Unfortunately, we do encounter these situations frequently in the world.

A Divorce coach is a type of coach who is not a lawyer and neither a mediator but is just present as support throughout this difficult time.

He helps keep their subjects calm in this process and make wise decisions.

Life Coach Quotes and motivation

This type of coach mainly emphasizes on the part where his subjects don’t make any decisions in haste and which also helps them move ahead in their life with the least pain as possible.

  1. Business leadership coach

Being a business leadership coach is considered to be idealistic in his/her work. He needs to train managers and supervisors who are basically leaders in their respective fields. They make a significant mark in the life and economy of the country and its people.

So taking the skills of these people to the next level is a task on its own.

Hence business leadership life coaches are considered to be idealists in creating the best business leaders of tomorrow.

  1. Health Coaches

Health coaching doesn’t only refer to diet or remaining healthy all the time, but is a very vast term that involves weight management, supplements, diets, nutritional value, and holistic approaches as a whole.

Health coach generally helps you to take good care of not only your body but your peace of mind as well.

Learning to eat healthy which will automatically affect your mind, body weight, energy is what a trained health coach has to look after. A health coach is someone who can literally bring about a lifestyle change in his subjects.

  1. Small Business Coach

Small business coaching is another type of business coaching where various small business coaches work together in building a small but successful business.

The most important factor in this field is to gain confidence in your product and service and make wise decisions in scaling up your business.

One of the most effective sites and people to take advice from is Tony Robbins.

Programs - Life - Coach - Training - Certification

  1. Dating Coach

A dating coach is a coach who helps you with your dating life and protects you from all the wrong steps you can take while dating.

Well, a dating coach isn’t a matchmaker but helps you find someone who’s good for you and suitable as a partner. He doesn’t stop you from going on dates but gives you directions as to what to do when you’re on a date.

  1. Sober or Recovery Coach 

Sober coaching also called recovery coaching is a life coaching type that helps individuals recover from some kind of addiction.

It is the task of sober coaches to help you recover and build a healthy lifestyle again. They teach you how to have fun without drinking and smoking and teach you the true essence of life.

Certified - Coach - Program - Life - Coach - Training - Certification

  1. Health and wellness coaches 

Health and wellness coaching again is a very broad term and not only help you achieve the dream body but helps in building an overall development in your lifestyle as well.

Unlike the trainers in the gym who only give you a diet or specific exercise, health, and wellness life coaches make sure that you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle by working it out together with you.

They motivate and challenge you and constantly remind you of your end goal.

  1. Career coach

Whether you’re a confused newbie or a professional facing a career crisis, a crisis is a crisis and doesn’t spare anybody. Here is exactly where career coaches are called out for help.

They give you what you need and help struggling people improve or build their career all along the way. They make sure that you match the required skill set and give in your best.

life coach events

  1. Transitional Coach

No matter what we need to admit that our life needs continuous transitions at every stage of life.

From going to school to being a graduate, choosing a career to get married, having kids to moving out of the house, a transitional coach helps you with every stage of your transition. It makes sure that it is smooth and acceptable.

  1. Sports Coach

I know what you’re thinking about. Well, no this isn’t about being the coach of any specific team or sport, but a specific coach who helps an athlete or team in more of a psychological way. It can either motivate or help an athlete recover.

  1. Relationship and family coach

No matter how happy you are in your life and family, there are some small issues that can disturb the peace of the house.

A relationship coach helps you realize that these issues are temporary and can be overcome by overlooking the faults of our peers and family members. I hope you are well versed in all the doors of types of life coaches that are open to you.

Pros and Cons

The Pros-

  • There is someone listening to you, the one to whom you speak your heart out.
  • Help to solve a business problem or a relationship problem.
  • A good life coach not only enables you to flush out your frustration.
  • A good life coach makes you more actionable.
  • The adrenaline rush is on, the motivation levels are always high.
  • The best life coaches lead to your self-awareness which enables you to bring your best out.
  • A good life coach is a like-minded person.
  • Help to rectify your weaknesses.

The Cons- 

  • It is very expensive.

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FAQs – 24 Types of Life Coaches

❓ How many coaching sessions will I need?

You can have as many or as few coaching sessions as you like. Because many coaches operate over the phone or via the Internet, the sessions can easily fit around your schedule.

❓ Can I have coaching online or by telephone?

Lots of coaches offer online and telephone coaching for individuals who are unable to meet them face-to-face or find these services easier and more convenient.

❓ Is Life Coaching Different from Counselling?

One difference between counseling and life coaching is that counseling can investigate the causes of mental health problems. It often focusses on your past to help you understand your current issues. Life coaching focuses more on the future to encourage personal-development and self-improvement

❓ How can I find a Life Coach?

There are many resources online where you can find the right coach for you. You can search for specialist business coaches, relationships, spirituality, or even creative coaches (if you need some help finding creativity in your life!).

Conclusion – 24 Types of Life Coaches In 2022

I just want you to know that before choosing any of these types of life coaches, make sure you are ready to accept the challenges and bring about a change in someone’s life.

How much ever easy it might seem from your side, reality shows you a different picture eventually. 

You can deal with your problems at once, but taking people out of their issues is quite a task. I hope this information proves out to be of some help to you and boosts your confidence to choose a career firmly.

Happy Coaching!

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