Urtasker Coupon Codes 2022: Get Upto 30% Off Deals

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If you own an e-commerce store or are planning to do so, you will need various tools in the future.

These intuitive tools provide robust features that can give you better returns. Urtasker is one such tool that works as the e-Commerce assistant tool for different stores on Amazon as well as eBay.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ What is a Urtasker?

Urtasker is a top-notch virtual assistant service provider company that provides end to end e-commerce solutions for multiple channels.

⭐ What are the subscription plans for Urtasker?

This store оffеrѕ promo codes аnd UR Tasker Coupons fоr dіѕсоuntѕ оn its website аnd сurrеntlу has асtіvе UR Tasker Coupons рrоmо codes and UR Tasker ...

In this post, we have featured the Urtasker Review with Coupon Codes 2022 for e-Commerce assistance. It will give you various discount coupons for urtasker here.

Urtasker coupon codes 2022 – 55% Off

And not just this, you will also get to know about their products and services’ reviews which would help you to better know what you are going for, before actually buying them.

E-commerce Digital Marketing Agency - Growing Brands
E-commerce Digital Marketing Agency – Growing Brands

How to grab Urtasker coupon codes?

  1. Open the official site of Urtasker and go through the products and services available on their site.
  2. Find the perfect product for your business needs and add them to your cart.
  3. Check out and paste the applicable coupon code in the section of coupon code in order to avail of the available offer.
  4. Provide all the other required details to complete the order like your address, number, and other details.
  5. Select the payment mode as per your convenience and place the order.
  6. Once the order is placed successfully, sit back and relax. The order would be at your doorsteps within the given time, and you would be able to avail the best out of it and take your business to a whole new level.

Urtasker Review With Promo Codes 2022

About Urtasker

Urtasker is a top-notch virtual assistant service provider company that provides end to end e-commerce solutions for multiple channels. They have served around 200 customers now and was first started in 2015.

Urtasker Review with Promo Codes -Urtasker

The concept came from the hardships of the founder when he first started selling on Amazon and eBay, it all became very difficult to manage it all, and that too with a full-time job.

People were hired through posts on different job sites. And finding the experienced ones was even tougher.

After all this, the founder, Touseef Choudhary, felt the dire need of a company that could help him out with all the processes, which can provide a hustle-free, trusted, and cost-effective outsourced business solutions for platforms as Amazon, eBay, or Shopify.

He built a team on his own, by bringing together the best people from the fields of marketing and technology and trained them all on e-Commerce sites as Amazon and eBay.

Urtasker’s Services:

  1. Amazon PPC Management

If you are worried about as to how to run an effective Amazon PPC campaign of ads, do not worry, URTasker has a team of experienced people that you can hire.

They can create highly effective campaigns that would not only optimize your current Amazon PPC Campaigns but would also lower your ACOS but also maximize your profit.

Urtasker Review with Promo Codes -Amazone PPC Management
Urtasker Review with Promo Codes -Amazone PPC Management

The team starts with a full keyword audit, followed by monitoring and updating your campaigns in order to produce maximum results out of it.

What would Urtasker do for you?

  • Maximize PPC Campaign results
  • PPC keyword audit
  • Campaigns per product
  • Manual vs Auto
  • First-page display
  • Return on investment
  • A root cause of revenue leak
  • Keyword Ranking
  • First-page display
  • Negative keyword
  • Keyword Research
  • Build new PPC Campaigns
  • Campaign Management
  • Review and Reporting
  1. Amazon Account Management

If you have been looking for Amazon FBA, then you are at the right place because Urtasker has knowledgeable and experienced teams in this field too. Since they have worked with a total of 200 wholesalers, manufacturers, and third-party sellers, they kind of have understood the drill at Amazon.

Urtasker Coupon code - Get Audit of your ppc

No matter if you are just starting or established sellers, you can rely on them for all your Amazon needs. They also know that not all businesses can work in the same way, with the same processes, so they also have the option to customize as per your business needs.

Their Amazon Account Management includes a free audit of your account and then they perform the following services:

  • Seller Account Management
  • Inventor Management
  • Product Listing Optimization
  • Order Fulfillment Management
  • Marketing, PPC Advertisement
  • Seller Feedback Management
  • Customer Support
  • Reporting: Sales and Profits

What do Urtasker’s services include?

  • Profitable product Research
  • Price Analysis
  • High demand-Low Competition
  • Product feedback or score
  • Confirmation via multiple tools
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Amazon Product Listing
  • Amazon Listing Optimization
  • Amazon FBA Reimbursement
  • Amazon Customer Service Support
  1. Amazon ungating Service

Amazon has introduced “ungating process”, which involves Amazon sellers to undergo some processes to get products they want to sell, and this is introduced to protect their customers.

The process of reselling products on Amazon has become a bit more challenging, which in the past was easy as once you have submitted receipts from a wholesale store showing

Urtasker Promo Codes -Amazone Ungating Services

you have purchased products using legitimate methods. But the team at Urtasker provides their customers with proper guidance and documents that one needs in order to get his account ungated.

Urtasker ungates grocery, watches, automotive, music, fashion jewelry, major home appliances, clothing, luggage, shoes, and whatnot.

How Urtasker helps with Ungating Service?

  • They work on time
  • Category approval – 24 hours
  • Subcategory approval – 3-5 hours
  • Days Brand Approval – 3 days
  • Sustainable Service
  • Over 80% return customers
  • Live chat available 12/7
  • Offices in Europe and US
  • 100% Money-Back Insurance
  • You only pay for the approval
  • Full PayPal protection for refund
  • No cure – No pay!
  • Safety and Privacy
  • No access to clients account
  • Always follows Amazon TOS
  • Clients privacy treated with NDA
  • Dedication with work
  • Full cooperation with client
  • Proper Communication and Reporting
  • Consultancy on each step
  1. Ebay Account Management

Our eBay team, which is highly experienced, focuses on delivering a hassle-free shopping experience that in turn supports positive engagement, and also improves conversation rate.

Urtasker -Ebay Account Management

Urtasker assigns a highly skilled account manager to help you optimize the product listing by improving the product visibility, and also managing the sales, promotions, and inventory.

What Urtasker can do for you?

  • Inventory Management
  • Managing and creating a listing
  • Bulk listing from files
  • Listing Template
  • Amending listing Directly on eBay
  • Listing Online Auction
  • Item specification
  • Revising Items
  • Order Processing
  • eBay Advertisement
  • Reports Management
  • Performance Management
  1. Com and Walmart Listing expert

If you have been approved to sell on Walmart, then you must take advantage of Walmarts feature which includes high exposure, only pay when you make a sale, and plus, no brand gating fees, along with flexible return policy.

Urtasker new way to sell -Walmart Listing

If you are willing to get the most out of your product listings by giving a boost to your product visibility and thoughtfully managing your account on Walmart, then you can totally rely on Urtasker’s experienced team.

What does Urtasker do for you?

  • Inventory Management
  • Listing of products
  • Product Research
  • Bulk uploading of products
  • Product Content Optimization
  • Basic Product Editing
  • Collection creation and setting
  • Store Management
  • Shipping and order management
  1. Shopify Expert

If you are working on a Shopify site and looking forward to giving a boost to your sales through promotion and proper Shopify management, you are at the right place.

Urtasker coupon - Time to build your shopify store

At Urtasker, they have a highly trusted and skilled Shopify team which never fails in delivering highly professional designs, to decrease your bounce rate for best SEO demand, easy to use navigation with a dropdown tree, collecting and producing grid alignment, product optimization and a lot more.

What Urtasker does for you?

  • Store Management
  • Shopify Store development
  • Store theme Uploading
  • Store theme Customization
  • Optimization of theme and stores
  • Shipping Setting
  • App installation and configuration
  • Payment Gateway setting
  • Inventory management
  • Advertisement
  • Customer Support

With Urtasker’s services, be sure that you can freely avoid job advertisements, lengthy proposals from VA’s, plus, you can be on-board within hours. Manage your business more efficiently and expand it on sites like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify with super ease.

Schedule a free consultation call

Yes, you can also arrange a free consultation call with the Customer Support team at Urtasker by entering your name, email address, contact number, country and concern. Just visit the official site of Urtasker, i.e. urtasker.com to know more about this, and also to schedule your call.

How do Urtasker works?

  1. You can take the free trial by scheduling a consultation call at Urtasker.
  2. Onboarding Process
  3. You can hire your own Virtual Assistant which would help you boost up your business.
  4. Manage your business, more efficiently, and smartly than ever before.
  5. Focus on strategies and grow, while the VA works on boosting your business.

Urtasker Pricing:

The thing that I didn’t like about urtasker is that they do not have any set pricing plans. You will have to set up a meeting and schedule a 15-minute call for the same.

Before that, remember to fill out the details about your business and the requirements for the business that could help you out. You can reach out to the team of experts and seek the right service.

At last, you can ask the team for the discount coupon codes for urtasker that can get you some discount on your pricing. Urtasker also offers a 5-day free trial before starting your services.

Contact Urtasker


150 Motor Parkway, suite 401,

Hauppauge, New York, 11788

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 16319938899

You can also contact Urtasker by dropping a message at their site through your email, name country, company name, contact number, and the subject that you need help about. They revert back to you.

Apart from all this, you can also subscribe to the Newsletter and get urtakser newsletter discount where you will be able to get the latest offers and news and updates about E-Commerce together with offers and deals on urtasker at your email.

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Conclusion – Urtasker Coupon Codes 2022

Urtasker has transformed the lives of business persons, and they have been able to do this with the help of highly trained and skilled VAs which would handle your daily tasks, processes, and functions of different fields of your business, so that you can completely focus on strategies to boost your business and give it a new direction, in terms of success.

This process increases the productivity of businessmen, and lowers costs, and gives them unparalleled profit.

They have made the online business a lot easier through their innovative and revolutionary approach.

Urtasker has understood, applied, and maintained the values that are needed for consistent success in any business, and this is something that has gained them their names through 200 of their customers until now.

Urtasker is where it is today with its drive for perfection, and desire for the professionalism that assures its global clients and businesses the best of their products and services.

If you need an e-Commerce assistant, choose the right Urtasker coupon codes for you and start today by scheduling a free consultation call.

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