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In this post, we will give you access to the latest and updated VirtualShield coupon codes 2022 and all the details about it so that you can decide for yourself.

VirtualShield is yet another powerful and recognized VPN for you your safe and secure online activities.

It gives you full access to any website surpassing all the geo-restrictions. Protecting your data and keeping it safe is your right and you should have a power source to do it.

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How to grab the VirtualShield Coupon Codes discount?

  • Hop to the website by clicking the discount icon above and get to know all about what it does.
  • Decide on whether you want the plan for your family or only yourself, as VS has various plans as per your and your family’s needs.
  • After entering the pan preference, go to premium add-ons if you need it.
  • Fill up the login details and select the preferred mode of payment.
  • You can try it for 30-days also and then upgrade the subscription.

Get 30 day trial now on VirtualShield

About VirtualShield

VirtualSHield is a family-oriented VPN fully dedicated to your net privacy. It is very fast and easy to use VPN. It rises above other competitors on the basis of quickness, reliability, and grade- A customer support.

VS balances out its resoluteness as per the growing customer usages. VS is an outstanding VPN that strictly adheres to the policy of not storing any user data or logs for the purpose of privacy protection.

VirtualShield also progresses and begins its own exclusive software to accolade its VPN service incorporating “IdentiSafe”, the anti-spy application that impedes webcam and audio mic from unsolicited snooping.

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How does a VPN work?

  • To get this VPN function properly on your device, you have to just install it on any of your Mac, Android, Windows or iOS devices. VS is compatible with all kind of devices irrespective of their operating systems.
  • Login with your personal details and connect to the global network of servers. All you require to do is just click on it connect for the safest browsing ever.
  • After connecting to the VirtualShield VPN, your internet traffic and activities are fully protected and are in safe hands. No third parties or spy agents or ISP’s can peep into your surfing history or on-going activity. Your data is completely safeguarded and no one can interfere with it.

VirtualSHield not only protects your information but also gives you hands on to the latest deals and overcoming restrictions. The downloads are available for:

  • Microsoft Windows App
  • Apple macOS App (Mac)
  • Apple iOS App (iPhone/iPad)
  • Android App
  • Chrome Extension
  • Firefox Extension
  • Opera Extension

VirtualShield Coupon Codes


  • For Individual or Business

VS offer plans to guard both your family and your business. Family subscriptions comprise 15 gadgets under one plan, while our business plans let you add as many staffs as you want.

  • Compatible with Several Devices

They have planned the packages to allow you, or your family, or your business to all be connected to our protected network at the same time, all while still remunerating a reasonable rate.

  • Encoded WiFi

One should not use a public hotspot without safety. VirtualShield will fully encode your Wi-Fi link, blockading hackers and everyone else from retrieving any of your information.

  • Easy to Use

The difference between others and VirtualShield is the ease of use. They have designed the applications to be as simple to use as feasible. Just download, install, login, click and connect. No complex PINs or cyphers to remember.

  • Unclog Censorship

When using the VS VPN service, your website traffic is directed through their safe & encrypted servers. This means that any boundaries/control/ jams on your internet are sidestepped.

  • Shield Your Identity

VirtualShield’s VPN service goes well with all devices so that you can surf the web securely, steadily, and secretly using their worldwide network of servers and private IPs.

  • Keep Your Information Confidential

As VirtualShield lets you surf the web fully in incognito, the Internet Service Providers and other third-parties will be unable to watch (and vend) your internet action and surfing archives.

Why VirtualShield?

The whole thing about VirtualShield was planned for routine individual and business usages. No professional experience required, no intricate setup. Just download, click the link, and it’s done. Other reasons to choose this VPN are:

Supports all devices

VirtualShield VPN works on all major mobile phones and desktop platforms. At present, VirtualShield upkeeps with Windows PCs, Mac, iOS, Android, and Google Chrome.


Manufactured by keeping the users in mind, VirtualShield’s cell phone and computer applications are extremely easy to put into use. It only takes a single tap or click to shield yourself against the spying agencies or personnel.

Full support anytime

Have you got any queries in mind or are stuck in the middle of some process? They got you covered and have answers to all your questions and worries. Email them or live chat with a sales rep today to get more info about why VirtualShield is the top option.


VirtualShield offers a great support system to help the users to get quick answers without writing an email or chatting with them.

You can always reach out to them when you want but there are enough tutorials and knowledge base on the topics like:

  • Device setup for
  • Android Phone/tablet
  • Apple MacOs
  • Browser Extensions
  • Microsoft Windows
  • iPhone/iPads
  • VPN Service and related FAQs for all the above-mentioned operating systems
  • General topics like the announcement, using IdentiSafe and website management
  • Billing-related queries on accounts and subscriptions.

Available Add-ons

With the subscription, you can also go for the premium add-ons which will offer great additional services in case you have no knowledge about it. These add-ons include:

  • PROTECTION PLUS- $12.99/monthly

An additional level of safety that examines and hunks even the most malevolent DDoS and cyber-attacks.


Open and access USA content on Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, YouTube, and more, from any nation.

  • PREMIUM PHONE SUPPORT- $14.99/monthly

Get high-class access to their squad of proficient safety mavens for live phone assistance.

  • MONTHLY MAINTENANCE- $5.99/monthly

Their specialized safety professionals assess your account on monthly basis to ensure extreme safety.

  • IDENTISAFE BASIC- $49.99/yearly

Impede your webcam, microphone, securely erase documents, history, and much more! (Windows Only – Requires 12-month Plan)

  • IDENTISAFE PLUS- $79.99/yearly

All in Basic, plus safe file destroying, trash removal, and much more! (Windows Only – Requires 12-month Plan)


Both private and family plans are priced differently. So, it’s on you to choose any of it and then choose the available plans in both groups.

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VirtualShield Coupon Code Pricing

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$$How much does virtual shield cost?

Virtualshield allows 3 devices in the personal plan. The monthly subscription costs $10 and yearly $71

👍Does virtual shield keep logs?

VirtualShield does not record or track user activity. It is unmonitored and does not keep logs.

🔥Who owns virtual shield?

VirtualShield VPN, LLC, an LLC based in Delaware owns the VirtualShield.

Conclusion- VirtualShield Coupon Codes 2022

VirtualShield performs all the work for you. Your complete network becomes safe, private, and coded. Yes, it’s that simple.

Therefore, VirtualShield is a powerful VPN service for all your safety browsing. Its network is fast, consistent, and always accessible.

The VS VPN is built and designed specifically for unbeatable privacy protection. The prices are kept keeping in mind all kinds of users.

You can take the advantage of the VirtualShield coupon codes and avail subscriptions at reasonable prices.

I hope you got all the necessary information before choosing VirtualShield as your protection partner. Share the VirtualShield coupon codes with your friends and relatives.

And if you find it really a good choice, then do join its affiliate program and earn handsome commission by promoting it.

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