VOIP.com Review 2023 March -Experience Unlimited Calling At Cheap Price

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About VOIP.com 




VOIP.com is among the best VOIP services available today with international and domestic plans, which work for small businesses and homes. All of the plans come with a second line free and you even get one month of international calling for free with more than forty-five calling features.

It even has softphone and mobile capabilities included, not to mention terrific customer service. Despite the high cancellation fee, it is still one of the best VOIP services out there.

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VOIP.com Review 2023 March -Experience Unlimited Calling At Cheap Price

Calling plans

All its plans come with unlimited calling to the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. You also get an hour of free calls to international destinations. If you require additional minutes every month for making international calls, you can opt for their minute-by-minute rates or go for their global plan which lets you make unlimited calls to seventy-five countries.

The main difference in the pricing here is whether you choose to commit to 1 or 2 years of service if you want to go with the monthly plans instead. The longer the plan you choose, the monthly fees will reduce, but the cancellation fee will go higher.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee on offer too, so, you will be able to try out the service and see if it’s what you need before making any decisions.Calling plans

Calling features

Since VOIP.com are offering business and home services, there is a huge set of features available that makes it a great choice for both business as well as home users. Some of the most useful features available for them include call transfer, speed dial and call blocking.

The blocking function allows you to program specific calls which go straight to voicemail or give the dialers a busy signal each time they call even if your phone isn’t busy.


One of the most amazing features available to families or people who are running home-based businesses is the additional phone line. Even though it will be using the same number and same account, you will be able to have two calls going on at the same time independently of each other.

This means your daughter can chat with her friends, while you are making important business calls on the other end.

There is even a call conferencing feature which will allow you to talk to multiple people at the same time. This is a terrific option for people who are at business meetings or are running group homework sessions through the phone.

The service even supplies you with toll-free numbers or virtual phone numbers if you need them. A virtual phone number will let you assign specific numbers to your softphone and then you can use your computer to make phone calls instead of needing to have a telephone around. One more nice aspect of all of this is you will not need to use numbers that are local to the area you are located in.

If you have friends or clients in another city, you can choose virtual numbers in that city so that they can call you and only have to pay local rates. It does cost a little more to have this feature, but it will mean a lot of savings for the people around you. If you opt to go with a toll-free number instead, they will not have to pay anything at all. This costs a little more too.voipo busness slutions

Phone features

The mobile app which comes with this service allows you to benefit from its cheaper internet calling rates even when you are using your smartphone. All you need is access to the internet, and you will not have to pay for roaming or any international call charges. If you would like to be able to make calls using your computer, you could opt for the softphone option too.

Even though they provide you an adapter, if you already have a VOIP device which you were using earlier and want to continue using it, this service will be able to accommodate it. It can even handle faxes if need be.

You get to choose between SIP and PBX trunking when you are using this service. There are a number of different plans to choose from, and you will certainly find something to suit your organization.

All plans are very easy to install and have a 99.99% guaranteed uptime. This is something that very few other VOIP.com services offer. Once you have got your account set up and running, you can manage it using the online portal.

voipo features

You can even use this portal for adding or deleting users as need be. You can add or delete auto-attendants and adjust all of the call settings this way. There are a number of simple customization options available which allow you to make every business plan suit your requirements perfectly. What’s more, the plans are easily scalable which means they can grow with your business.

The online portal can also be used for paying bills, viewing call logs and adjusting settings as required. There is absolutely no need for you to contact them if you would like to upgrade or downgrade your plan. Simply log in and choose your new plan.

If necessary, you can pay the additional charges and start with your new plan right away. Your account can also be used to set up call forwarding rules, including fail safe numbers where all of your calls are sent if there is a power outage.

Help and support

The installation is very easy. All you need to do is connect the cables from your internet into your router and download this software to your softphone. If you are facing any issues when it comes to this installation, billing or feature, you can visit their searchable knowledge base available online. You will find instructions for everything you can do with illustrations too.

There are a number of forums for you to go through too. However, if this isn’t enough, you can chat with their service representatives or call them on the phone. This VOIP.com service provider has a real efficient customer service team.


  • Free second line
  • Reliable phone systems
  • Easily scalable
  • Easy online account management


  • High cancellation fee

Summary: VOIP.com Review 2023 March -Experience Unlimited Calling At Cheap Price

This service places a lot of importance on flexibility. It lets residential customers choose the terms when it comes to their contract and allows businesses to mix and match their extensions the way they see fit. Those who have family or friends living in another country may just be able to find cheaper plans for international calling with some other service. Still, this doesn’t hide the fact that VOIP.com is one of the best VOIP services out there today.

Their business enhancing features and great service make it among the best VOIP.com providers irrespective of your need. The plans are more than comprehensive and have a number of options which can help you make the most of the service. All in all, it’s an excellent service.

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