Five Best VPNs in South Africa 2022: Safest & Top-Rated

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VPNs are very necessary for safe internet browsing. in this post, you will find the Best VPNs in South Africa with all the important details.

South Africa, a faraway African country was treated as just an outpost for European countries in the past.

But it has left its past behind and moving forward with a strong economy and commercial influence.

The introduction of the internet has further connected this far away country to the rest of the world. The reach of the internet in South Africa is increasing day by day, and with its, a multitude of possibilities are popping up on the cyberspace front.

South African citizens are getting connected to other people around the globe, learning about a different culture, getting news about day to day happenings from different parts of the world.

Why Do I Need VPNs in South Africa?

VPN Services In South Africa

A variety of reasons could drift a person towards the VPNs in South Africa. Though the advent of the internet has opened a lot of possibilities and opportunities, it has also presented a lot of challenges too.

One of the many challenges is the propagation and distribution of morally wrong content such as child pornography which has to be prevented. Laws have to be enacted in order to prevent the misuse of the internet.

But sometimes these laws jeopardize the privacy of internet users. A VPN can protect user’s privacy online.

I wouldn’t recommend using free VPN services in African Countries.

Another reason could be that a lot of immensely popular video streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon prime do not provide their services in South Africa.

A VPN comes handy in this kind of situation, as it allows bypassing these restrictions and letting its users enjoy these services.

Another strong reason to use a VPN in South Africa is to prevent malicious hackers from getting their hands on user data such as bank details.

Sometimes a network you are connected with is not protected such as public or open wife and anyone with the right tools can read and store all the data that is traveling through these networks.

A VPN prevents it by encrypting the data so that no one can get their hands upon it.

Best VPNs In South Africa 2022: Detailed Pros & Cons








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Private VPN

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1) ExpressVPN

Best South Africa VPN- Express VPN

Compete customer satisfaction with its top quality features and excellent customer support is what places ExpressVPN on top of the list of best VPN in South Africa.

An extensive server network across 94 countries gives you a reliable connection with blazing fast speed so that you can perform a data-intensive task such as streaming HD videos without any lag.

You can change your IP address using African Servers and can enjoy all your favorite programs from different video streaming websites in full HD without any geo-restriction.

With unlimited bandwidth and P2P to connections allowed you can download movies and videos with torrent also.

Express VPN is the Best VPN For Netflix in South Africa.

Express VPN comes with AES – 256 encryption and OpenVPN protocols with DNS leak protection and kills switch that effectively conceals your identity and protects your privacy from all snooping eyes whether it be any hacker or government agencies.

Express VPN promo codes

A lot of efforts have been put in the user interface of ExpressVPN to suit even the user who is an absolute beginner. On top of all of this ExpressVPN offers a 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the service.


2) VPNArea

VPNArea Servers in South Africa

Many video streaming websites including Netflix do not want their content to be accessed even by a VPN in countries where they do not offer their services, so they place a VPN detection system in order to detect and block any user using a VPN.

VPNArea is considered to be an expert in dodging this kind of detection system, which means you can enjoy unrestricted video streaming from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many other video streaming websites such as HBO now, sky GO and NOW TV.

VPNArea has servers in 68 countries, all optimized for speed, perfect for online gaming, and P2P downloading.

No log policy guarantees your privacy by ensuring that no data about your online activity is being stored.

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No compromise to security either, VPNArea implements toughest security protocols including 256 bit AES encryption and OpenVPN protocol with IP switcher.

Customer support is good and VPNArea also gives 7 days money-back guarantee to test its services.

3) NordVPN

South Africa NordVPN Servers

NordVPN has a vast network of servers in 64 countries which will give you access to almost all online streaming websites including Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Security and encryptions are of the highest standards deploying double encryption over already stringent AES 256 encryption and OpenVPN protocols.

NordVPN South Africa also allows its users 6 simultaneous connections, which means your connection to the internet across all your devices is safe and you can even share your account with your friend.

NordVPN also offers a 30 days moneyback guarantee which ensures that users can get their money back in case they didn’t enjoy the services.

NordVPN pricing plans

Overall it is a fast and reliable VPN and meets all the criteria to be considered for the best VPN in South Africa.

4) IPVanish

IPVanish VPN In South Africa

The biggest selling pint of IPVanish is that its entire infrastructure is, including all its servers are owned and maintained by the company itself, which means no compromise in terms of quality.

High-speed server network spans 60 countries including the US, UK, and even South Africa which gives you access to all the popular streaming services with seamless streaming experience and continuous data transfer.

Security and encryption are at par with Express VPN or NordVPN. It has the best DNS Servers in South Africa.

No logs are maintained by IPVanish about user’s online activity and it also comes with 7 days money-back guarantee.

IPVanish Pricing coupons

5) PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is a Sweden based VPN is another good option if you are looking for the best VPN in South Africa.

It’s fairly priced and has all the security and privacy features that a VPN must have to be called best.

Though the server network is not as large as the other VPNs that are mentioned in this article it still has a fairly large network of 48 servers in 30 different countries that provide fast, stable, and uninterrupted connections with unlimited bandwidth good for streaming videos.

Security features include 256-bit encryption with 2048 bit encryption and IPv6 leak protection

PrivateVPN app is easy to use and supports 6 simultaneous connections across platforms including Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, and Linux.

It’s not only safe but also affordable and delivers good performance maintaining speed and keeping security and privacy intact.

How To Choose VPN In South Africa?

VPN Service in South Africa

  • A VPN service will let you bypass any government restrictions or blocked content, though access only those content that is constructive and useful for you.


  • A VPN gives you the freedom to access the extremely popular video streaming websites which do not provide their services in South Africa. This is particularly useful for ex-pats who are traveling to South Africa and want to watch their favorite programs from back home.


  • Lastly, a VPN will protect your privacy from any snooping eyes, and encrypt your data so that no can store it and use it to harm you in any way, this is extremely helpful when you are accessing the internet from an open network or public wifi.


🔥 Are VPN Legal In South Africa?

In South Africa, it is completely legal to use a VPN. If you use VPN for masking the IP address for illegal activities, that might be an offense

✅ Can I Use Free VPN For South Africa?

Free VPNs in South Africa may be risky for users. You cannot access the restricted content in South Africa with these VPNs. It lacks features like Kill Switch, DNS Leak Protection, and Encryption.

👉 Is Hulu Available In South Africa?

Hulu is not available in South Africa yet. You can access the Hulu US in South Africa using the VPNs in South Africa.

💥 How Do I Change To African Servers?

If you are outside South Africa and want to access the South African content, you can use VPNs to change your IP address to Africa. The VPNs can use proxy servers and change your location to South Africa.

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Conclusion: Five Best VPNs in South Africa 2022

A VPN is not only intended to unblock banned content or bypass geo-restrictions, but the true value of a VPN lies in the fact that it protects your privacy from the prying eyes.

If you are looking for a VPN in South Africa, always go for the Paid VPNs or reliable Free VPNs.

Chose any one of them and enjoy the real freedom of the internet without any restrictions. Make use of the money-back guarantee that comes with this VPN and find out what works best for you.

I hope you take full advantage of these best VPNs in South Africa.

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