Watch Netflix Outside USA with the 3 Easy Steps Guide 2019 November

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This post will give you complete knowledge on how to watch Netflix outside USA in just three simple steps. First let’s know why it is complicated and how to access it.

About Netflix

Netflix is an AMERICAN entertainment company. It is founded by REED HASTING and MARK RANDOLP on august 29, 1997 in CALIFORNIA. It provides streaming media, tv shows online. It expanded into film and production of television shows along with distributing these online in 2013. Its official website is www.netflix.com .

It expanded its business with some fabulous method by streaming media, and Blu-ray rental service. The company gets more exposure when they expanded internationally by streaming it contents available in CANADA and many more after that. Latest reports shows that it its services is being operated in over 190 countries. They entered in content production industry in 2013, with most interesting series house of cards. Till then both film and television series expanded exponentially.

After that they started offering something new called NETFLIX ORIGINALS contents of films and television through its online library. It released almost 120 plus original series and films in recent years. Recent surveys show that it had 109.5 million subscribers worldwide, with amazing 52.7 in UNITED STATES only. They are always putting effort to produce thrilling and amazing new contents and securing rights for additional contents.

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INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION: Watch Netflix Outside USA with the 3 Easy Steps Guide 2019 November

2007: it began streaming in United States.

2010: their first exposure is CANADA

2013: The company slowed expansion. Expanded in NETHERLAND

2014: it became available in AUSTRALIA, BELGIUM, FRANCE, GERMANY and       SWITZWERLAND


2016: started consumer electronics shows expanded to Syria and North Korea

2017: in this year they confirmed that they had completed licensing deal in Mainland  China.

This year they also have announced that, NETFLIX supports more than 20 languages for user interface and customer support.


NETFLIX is one the greatest legal TV and online movie streaming service. They had been expanding all over the world since January 2010 their influence is amazing I mean now they have started streaming others contents as their own TV shows.

But basically the problem is that once you are outside of USA, you can not get the permissions to watch all the latest episodes of some popular series like ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK< HOUSE OF CARDS and some of their great creations. People do not like this partiality at all because usually in this case USA gets all the best stuffs while we all have limited stuffs and lesser content. Why it so?  They do not care enough about sorting out their copy right issue. No need to worry I have got a solution to this problem that how you can access all the contents of NETFLIX outside USA

Here I am providing 3 amazing tips through which you can enjoy NETFLIX.

But, before getting into this we have to take precautions and checks all the security parameters of NETFLIX. It blocks your connection to its servers by blocking your IP address when you are not in USA. You can check it now by checking your own IP address right now by own IP address tool. Because, they have powerful tools and server which can easily find from where you are accessing.

  It seems very easy by changing your IP address, you are manipulating Netflix that you are in USA. Then definitely you can catch up all the latest TV shows and they will treat you like anyone else in AMERICA, and let you access all the contents.


  • Free and paid Web proxies
  • VPN service providers
  • Browse extensions and add on



In web proxies you get a server through which people set online servers to which you can relate or connect. If you want to watch Netflix other countries than USA ans access all the latest TV shows you will have to one thing connect to a web proxy server   that is inside USA itself. These are useful tools but will be quite difficult to use these tools when you are streaming videos.

As free web proxies have pros and cons because it is free so there will lots of traffic going through them which in results cause slow streaming. In order to watch that video you will have to wait for whole video to load before you watch it. But definitely anyone does not want to be in suspense during the ongoing show.



  • Absolutely Free
  • Work directly inside your browser




  • They can be slow
  • Streaming of video can be difficult
  • They can show you advertising
  • They are not really for streaming videos



A browser extension is basically a very simple piece of software which somehow alternates the working of your browser and also the behavior of all the websites around it. In browser extension there are so many extensions are there which can easily alters your IP address. Browser extensions can make us watch Netflix out from USA theoretically. But it is not easy as it look in needs some technical knowledge.

In some cases the browser extensions is operate via shared connections. The basic method is that when you connect them and share the bandwidth of a person in USA, getting their IP address, because of that you will also sharing your connection with others. This is really not secure because there is not enough bandwidth.




  • Pro service that works with your browser
  • You can unblock contents from all over the world
  • User available all over the world




  • Impossible to stream video in time
  • Anyone can route your network
  • Takes up bandwidth and CPU time



So first of all I would like to tell you WHAT VPN ( VIRTUAL PRIVATE   NETWORK ) is. VPN is a secured bypass between two or more devices. It is used to protect private web traffic from snooping and interference. You can hide your location using VPN.

These are also servers like web proxies you connect. But this one is the most suited way to watch Netflix outside USA. These are paid services which allow you to keep up live streaming. So you do not need to wait for torrent and ave a choppy version of Orange is the new black.

With this you will not only limited with accessing all the contents but they also provide a high level of security and a secure server with secure connection. All VPNs that has their servers in USA can be used for this purpose. It can do much more than unblocking Netflix  from other country than USA. Through VPN you access to multiple servers and enjoy all the entertaining contents from all over the world.

So here we go with best VPNs available in USA:


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nordvpn Black Friday DealHIDEmyASS

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  • Unlimited access
  • Secure and private
  • Super fast speed
  • Perfect for streaming in HD 


  • Paid service
  • Private access
  • Low cost at $3.55/month


These are few ways through which you can watch netflix outside USA. The first two are free while the third one is paid.

I think VPN is the best option among all the three to hide your IP address. And it is also safe and secure. You do not have to think about security measures. Access NETFLIX like boss.

Watch Netflix Outside USA with the 3 Easy Steps Guide 2019 November

Hope you enjoy surfing Netflix outside USA with the help of the three alternatives mentioned above. 

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