WebinarJam Free Trial 2023: Steps To Claim 14-Day Trial for $1

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WebinarJam is a top webinar platform among the different ones we’ve tested. However, the best software also has a high cost that might be too much for many users.

But here’s where the WebinarJam free trial can help you!

The good news is that WebinarJam gives you a chance to use it for 14 days without paying a lot.

WebinarJam is excellent webinar software. You can try it for 14 days for just $1.

In this article, we will guide you on how to get your free trial. Remember to read until the end for special discounts and offers!

So, let’s assist you in getting your WebinarJam free trial. 😉

Unfortunately, this special trial offer will only be valid for a short time. WebinarJam trial is available for a period of 14-days.

Overview of WebinarJam Free Trial

Webinarjam free trial

Before, WebinarJam used to give its users a free trial for 60 days. However, it stopped this offer and now provides a free trial for 14 days.

Although the trial isn’t completely without cost, you can try out all the things WebinarJam can do for just $1. This means you can choose any plan you want and use it for 14 days after paying $1.

You can use your card to pay $1 and use all the things WebinarJam offers for two weeks!

Honestly, we think spending $1 is a great way to try out one of the best webinar platforms online and find out if it’s really as good as people say it is!

Is WebinarJam 60-Day Trial Available?

Wondering if WebinarJam offers a 60-day trial? 🤔

WebinarJam used to offer a 60-day trial earlier but they have changed it to 14-day.

Both WebinarJam and EverWebinar have undergone significant changes, which could explain why the 60-day trial was eliminated.

I hope their current trial offer lasts long enough for you to take advantage of it at the very least.

How to get WebinarJam Free Trial?

The WebinarJam free trial is easy to obtain.

All you need to do is go to the WebinarJam website by following this link. When you click on this link, a pop-up for a 14-day trial will appear.

You will be directed to a page where you can fill out your information.

Step 1: Visit WebinarJam for a special promotion available using the link here.

Step 2: Select the “START YOUR TRIAL” button.

WebinarJam free trial

Step 3: Select your plan based on your needs and click the “Start My Trial” button on the plans & pricing page.

webinarjam pricing

Step 4: To activate your trial, fill out the form and proceed.

WebinarJam free trial period form

Step 5: Proceed to checkout and complete the payment of $1.

WebinarJam $1 trial checkout

Congratulations! The 14-day WebinarJam trial has begun.

During your 14-day trial, you will have the opportunity to examine all of WebinarJam’s features and then determine whether or not this platform is right for you.

And if you’re not satisfied with WebinarJam after you’ve paid, you can get a full refund by contacting the WebinarJam support team within 30 days of your purchase.

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Whom is WebinarJam Best For?

WebinarJam is a webinar hosting platform ideal for businesses and organizations who want to connect with their target audience, customers, and employees in a powerful way.

It is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to host either live or automated webinars with up to 1,000 attendees. WebinarJam stands out from its competitors by offering an intuitive interface, advanced features, and reliable performance.

The platform is also optimized for mobile devices, making it easy to host webinars from any device. With its suite of powerful tools, WebinarJam allows businesses to increase their reach and engagement through webinars.

It is ideal for entrepreneurs, educators, trainers, marketers, and sales professionals who must deliver engaging presentations, interactive webinars and effective online courses.

WebinarJam is also great for anyone looking to build an engaged audience and grow their customer base.

Finally, businesses can use the platform to create automated webinars that run regularly without any manual intervention.

WebinarJam Free Trial: What is included in WebinarJam Free Trial? 

WebinarJam 14-day trial will give you the following features:

  • Create a live webinar that your attendees can participate in (no download or installation necessary) with these tools.
  • Chat with your audience in real-time and interact with them (both private and public)
  • Webinar rooms with password protection
  • Send an email and a text message to your registrants.
  • During a live webinar, you can share files with your attendees.
  • With the drawing board, you can improve your presentations.
  • Create live offer displays that are visually appealing.
  • Design interesting surveys and polls.
  • Automate the playback of a previously recorded video.
  • Start a live webinar, a scheduled webinar, or a recurring series right now (no need of downloading or installing anything)
  • Registration templates that are highly customizable and visually appealing
  • Create a paid webinar.

Does WebinarJam Offer Money-Back Guarantee?😎

everwebinar vs webinarjam- 30 day money back guarantee

WebinarJam offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the product.

All you have to do is contact WebinarJam’s support team, who will refund your purchase within 30 days.

You can cancel the WebinarJam trial anytime, but the $1 fee is non-refundable.

What is the pricing of WebinarJam after the Free Trial?


webinarjam pricing

Here are the WebinarJam pricing options available:

Basic Plan:

This plan costs $79 per year and has the following features :

  • Conducting unlimited webinars.
  • There can be 2 presenters in a session.
  • A total of 500 people can attend the webinar at a time.
  • Webinars of a maximum of 2 hours can be conducted.

Professional Plan :

This particular plan costs $229 yearly and provides the following facilities :

  • You can conduct unlimited webinars.
  • You can have 4 presenters.
  • 2,000 people can attend a session at a time.

Enterprise Plan:

This plan costs a whopping $379 per year but has many perks over the plans mentioned above. This plan is preferable if you have a huge audience as it has the following perks:

  • Unlimited webinars can be conducted.
  • A total of 6 presenters can be present for a session.
  • 5,000 attendees can be accommodated in a single session.
  • Always on live room features can surely save some of your precious time.

Pros & Cons of WebinarJam🔥

Pros Cons
  • Easy to Use
  • Limited Support
  • Users can automate email list and other features.
  • Lack of Integrations
  • Powerful Features
  • Affordable Pricing

WebinarJam Testimonials

webinarjam testimonials webinarjam testimonials

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Conclusion: Should You Get WebinarJam Free Trial?💭

The WebinarJam free trial is a great way to get started with this powerful webinar platform. With the 14-day trial, you’ll have plenty of time to explore all of

WebinarJam’s features and determine whether or not it’s the right tool for you. And if you’re not satisfied after your trial period, WebinarJam offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

WebinarJam Free Trial FAQs:

Can I use WebinarJam for free?

Though WebinarJam is not available for free, you can get the 14-day trial by paying only $1.

Does WebinarJam offer a free plan?

No. WebinarJam does not offer any free plans.

Does WebinarJam offer a monthly plan?

Unfortunately, No. WebinarJam only offers the annual pricing subscription plans.

Does WebinarJam offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee for WebinarJam.

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