WebinarJam Pricing 2022: How Much Does It Cost? (WebinarJam 14-day Trial)

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In this post, I am going to tell you about WebinarJam Pricing along with the extended 14-day trial for you.

WebinarJam has turned out to be a great life-saver for the people during the COVID times.

Webinarjam has a varied range of features that are very useful for all business meetings. The platform is secure, and adds the cherry on the top of the cake when it comes to the business since there is always a chance of leaking confidential information which is generally discussed during the meetings.

But, the company has made various changes in its pricing plans and offerings. Due to the cost structure, people also get confused about the WebinarJam pricing.

What is WebinarJam?

A cloud-based solution, which has really turned out to be helpful for businesses in creating and conducting webinars online.

This platform includes all the features which are generally present on social media such as streaming live on Facebook as well as Youtube and has private rooms for broadcasting some of the important messages.

Apart from these features, during the conduction of the webinar, the conductors and the presenters can design the webinars with the use of existing slides, animations, or videos, or even by sharing the screen of the computer with the attendees.

After the creation of the content of the business on the online platform, the attendees can register online with the help of the landing pages which are pre-existing and pre-designed.

This page can easily be hosted on the website of the company or even on the server of the WebinarJam.

This platform also allows the businesses to customize the landing pages as promotional content of marketing, and buttons related to call–to–action and also provides the links to visit the pages which are for the paid sessions.

By integrating with platforms like Google Hangouts, WebinarJam permits the businesses running on their platform to create the sessions on Hangouts automatically for the webinar.

Apart from that, this platform also corresponds to the famous autoresponder solutions like Aweber and ListWire which allows the businesses to forward the details of the registrants of the webinar to the third-party tools.

Webinar Jam Pricing: How much does WebinarJam cost?

Webinarjam has created three awesome and flexible plans for their customers to choose from according to the features you are looking out for. These plans are charged according to the features like number of attendees, hosts and duration. 

WebinarJam cost structure

The three plans are:

  • Basic: $499/year for 500 attendees
  • Professional: $699/year for 2000 attendees
  • Enterprize: $999/year for 5000 attendees

As for the first time users, WebinarJam gives a 14-day trial which you can extend to 30-day trial. (I will tell you how!)

WebinarJam Basic plan:

Starting with $499/year, this plan allows you to have as many as 500 attendees with 2 hosts and is the best option for beginners.

This plan gives you a chance to conduct unlimited webinars for the whole year with a maximum duration of 2 hours per day. I think 2 hosts are more than good for a webinar with 500 attendees. 

In case, you have multiple hosts, you can try the above tier.

Since it is a webinar conducting platform, I found it cool that they have added the feature of sharing a drawing board on a screen which makes it virtually pleasing to attend. 

With sections like poll sharing and rescheduling of webinars, this plan has made it worth standing as the basic one since it has such amazing features as automatic recording, chat messenger, and email/ SMS notifications. 

The basic plan also gives you the features like:

  • Paid webinars: You can create paid webinars and integrate them with a payment gateway like Paypal or Kartra tool by creating password-protected rooms.
  • Live chat with your audience. Talk to them in real time.
  • Send pre and post-webinar email notifications and updates as a part of your marketing funnel.
  • Webinarjam has a ‘Replica Replay’ feature to automatically record your webinar and mimick ‘Live Room’.
  • You get the easy sharing option for PDF with your audience for better engagement.

WebinarJam Professional Plan:

This plan begins with $699/year granting a maximum of 2,000 attendees by 4 presenters basically meant for professionals. So, you will pay an extra $200 for more than 1,000 attendees and add more attendees. 

The duration of webinar extends to 3 hours here. 

All the other options that are included in the basic plan such as drawing board, poll sharing, and handouts, rescheduling webinars, automatic recording, chat messenger, email/SMS notifications, etc are all included in this plan as well.

However, the two additional features are: Panic button and Always-On Live room.

Panic Button: 

If you’re having problems with your webinar, use the panic button to save yourself. You can also use it if there are technical difficulties. This button will give you a new live webinar room and transfer your audience there automatically.

Always-On Live Room: 

If you are doing live webinars on a regular basis, you can reserve a room using the ‘Always On Room’ feature. You can do this on any day of the week, and it will stay open 24/7 with your own branded URL link.

This way it is easy to share because the link will never change.

WebinarJam Enterprise Plan:

This has to be the best plan for someone who is looking out to take their webinar hosting career such as large businesses to the next level on a large scale.

With $999/year, this plan grants allowance to as many as 5,000 attendees with 6 hosts presenting the session for a maximum of non-stop 4 hours.

But when it comes to features, it has the same options as given in the professional plan. Unlimited webinars with attributes like automatic recording, rescheduling, chat rooms, paid webinars with live offers, and email/SMS notifications.

Besides the panic button and always in the room, the enterprise plan has another amazing feature. The control panel feature gives you a backend for the webinar operations.

While the presenters are presenting, the team can work and coordinate to make the webinar live. They can respond to messages, reply in private or leave comments as presenters.  We have shared more intriguing features of these plans in WebinarJam Review.

How to cancel WebinarJam?

In case you want to cancel your Webinarjam subscription, you can submit a ticket and choose the basic account information. 
From this option, select the billings and refunds and fill out the details to get a refund which will be processed within a few days.

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WebinarJam is clearly one of the best webinar software in the market that offers impressive features at affordable prices. Be it beginners or large-scale businesses, going with Webinarjam is the most economical choice that can be made that also covers up the adequacy of features running along. 

The competitors of webinarjam in the market are mostly those who offer a very limited range of features at expensive prices or there are some affordable ones that are not recommended for webinars but rather are good for meetings.

In a nutshell, WebinarJam is not just for people outside of your organization, it can also be used for improving internal communication within the boundaries of the business as well.

Be it work from home or work from an office, the engaging features of webinarjam have made it an impressively engaging platform that is building team communication.

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