WebinarJam Studio 2022: Is this Webinar Tool Good Enough for Your Business? (Are WebinarJam Legit?)

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Heard of WebinarJam Studio? If you haven’t, we will tell you everything you need to know about it. 

Do you know 57% of marketers run 50 webinars per year?

A decent webinar is essential for businesses in order to be ready to offer ample opportunities to its attendees to attach with different attendees & hosts through interactive Q&A sessions, live polling sessions, & different partaking competitions & giveaways.

Your sales team, marketing or R&D; everyone needs a webinar to get a better understanding of the product.

If you’re trying to find webinar solutions that don’t need your attendees to either transfer a webinar package or any browser plug-ins to participate within the webinar, then a browser-based webinar answer is perhaps the most effective bet for you.

One such browser-based webinar is WebinarJam Studio, which is widely acknowledged around the world for its extremely effective, absolutely customizable, and fast solutions.

Unlike package webinar tools or software webinar tools, browser-based webinar tools don’t need the attendees to download any software or download any further browser plugins so as to attend the webinar.

I’ve been using this tool for a couple of months and I love it. In this article, I’ll be discussing this amazing software “WebinarJam Studio”.

What Is WebinarJam Studio

WebinarJam Studio

WebinarJam Studio offers you all the partaking & interactive audience participation options, that embrace providing the entire virtual event setup, compatible device support, customizable solutions that match a need of the hour that arises throughout the course of the webinar, & offer enough military operation options to assimilate & analyze all the info collected throughout the webinar.

They allow up to six presenters and up to 5000 attendees to collaborate and share their data on the screen.

In addition to those options, WebinarJam studio conjointly offers you innate security & privacy options, to safeguard all of your confidential & vital data from any outsiders or uncredited individuals/teams.

With this software package, you get adequate privacy & safety features, monetization options, stigmatization & support options, unlimited streaming capabilities, & multi-device support compatibility for guaranteeing all attendees will attend with their alternative of devices.

WebinarJam Studio aims to deliver simply the correct factor for you and supply perfect live streaming, webinars, remote meeting solutions or virtual meeting services, event streaming, information science-primarily based streaming, etc. among a bunch of alternative services in step with your wants. 

WebinarJam Studio is extraordinarily useful for leading webinars, online conferences, conferences, or sales demos. Attendees don’t need to install something, however identical applies to hosts – it’s dead the cloud, accessible, and easy to use.

I’d recommend checking this software package out conjointly for a few alternative reasons, as well as direct live broadcasting, several integrations, prime quality, and prospects of blending audio, video, show, and chat at intervals of one webinar.

Features of WebinarJam Studio: WebinarJam Reviews

webinarjam features

  • No separate software:

WebinarJam is the only webinar platform that runs completely on the browser i.e. Online with no requirement of installing new software for downloading any applications for that matter.

  • High definition video quality and transmission:

With the feature of allowing unlimited attendees to the webinar, the most common problem that people will face is the video quality.

But WebinarJam has solved this issue with its high definition video capturing and transmission feature that made it possible to counsel 1000+ attendees without losing its clarity. 

  • Attendee Communication:

With a large-scale business, you will need to hold webinars with as many attendees as possible. But if these attendees are not communicated personally then you might create a reckless impact on them. Hence, losing visitors.

So, WebinarJam has made it easier to vanish all the barriers of communication with features like email or SMS notifications, sharing polls, handouts options for sharing documents, such as pdf during the live webinar itself. 

  • Facebook and Youtube live streaming:

With businesses being promoted through advertising on Facebook and youtube, it is very important to showcase the events that are taking place in your business that shall help in drawing the attention to the potential audience.

For this, WebinarJam grants you to share your event live on Facebook or youtube through one-click solutions that catch eyeshot and creates apprehension by putting up countdowns of upcoming events, etc. 

  • Multiple hosts support:

Creating a calm environment for the attendees must be the priority of any business, be it a large scale or any startup.

This requires friendly interaction with participants and the availability of multiple providers of help, meaning multiple hosts. WebinarJam chooses people who have experienced a good amount of knowledge in fields being discussed and grants hosts support to create such an environment.

  • Email/SMS notifications:

Keeping your attendees updated at every point is a very crucial step in building good connections. For this, following up on a little setup process will make things easier for you.

Just add on the sender and receiver’s phone numbers and email addresses, whichever you deem will be efficient. If you have chosen to add phone numbers then make sure to write it in +CAT format and select the destination from the agent’s list. 

  • Attendee management checklist:

This is an important feature of the attendee to be able to join the webinar. Cause, everyone needs a little guidance at the beginning, right?

So, starting off with joining, the host grants a webinar link through a confirmation email, and using this handy tool, an attendee can easily join the webinar.

If in case there is a loss of connection or poor network quality then the refreshing button on the bottom of your screen will help you out in rejoining the session.

Before doing this, you have to make sure that you close down all the other programs running in the background to ensure you don’t get any hardware or software conflicts and affect your PC or phone.

  • Post-event Communication:

This feature of webinar jam follows the boolean logic of “if. Then. do” which actually means creating a simpler performance plan for the attendees by allotting them with specific actions using accurate communication points.

Also, every being who creates loves to gain feedback. Likewise, the businesses delivering webinars through webinar jam too, look out for your precious feedback by granting post-event communication. This is where you can leave your messages and display them to other audiences as well. 

  • Whiteboard:

During my very first webinar, the serious talk of professionals has literally put me to sleep and I regretted not having an interactive session.

But with all the technology updates taking place, webinars have been made a fun place by letting you project your work directly on the screen, be it presentations, drawings, diagrams, training videos, demos, or mind maps. All these have made it an incredible experience to be a part of.  

  • One-click registration:

WebinarJam has introduced an impressive feature of one-click registrations where the support center sends you a link in your email and automatic registration can be done with a click on the said link.

You can save yourself the grinding work of form-filling that is almost annoying to just anyone.

  • Third-party integration:

It has been among one of the extensive attributes of webinar jam to be able to meet up and communicate with people other than their own institution by allowing cross-platform tagging.

I can ensure you won’t regret the reliability, that I am suggesting here with third-party integration as well as shopping cart applications.

  • Multi-language availability:

A much-awaited and impressive feature of webinar jam is its option of translating the user’s language to the customer’s preferred language since Drawing an international audience to your business can be a major turnaround to your business’s growth as well.

  • Panic Button:

The panic button feature has been one of the most liked features for which many businesses are choosing webinar jam.

Any error in the running webinar that might lead to the functions being stuck on point can be solved by clicking on the panic button where it creates a new session and adds all the attendees into the new webinar room.

WebinarJam Studio Cost & Plans: How much is WebinarJam Studio? 

With WebinarJam studio, you’ve got 3 plans:

webinarjam pricing

1. Basic:

WebinarJam’s Basic setup costs $499/12 months. This plan offers you unlimited webinars for a maximum of 2 hours per day.

In this plan, 500 attendees can be there in the webinar with 2 presenters. This plan is perfectly suitable for beginners and budding businesses.

2. Professional:

WebinarJam’s professional setup costs $699/12 months. This is an extraordinary deal as it offers unlimited webinars for a maximum of 3 hours per day.

This plan allows up to 2000 members in a webinar with 4 hosts to present the meeting. In this plan, you will get the:

  • Panic button (if something goes wrong in the meeting, then automatically a new room will be set up and all the members will be shifted there).
  • Always-On live room(there will be a reserved always-on exclusive room for your business. The URL will contain your company’s name and it will never change)

3. Enterprise:

Enterprise setup is specially planned for bigger firms. At $999/12 months, you will get to host unlimited webinars for a maximum of 4 hours per day with 6 hosts and 5000 participants. In this you get

  • Panic button
  • Always-on live room
  • Control- center ( this feature allows your staff to handle the event from a separate room, whereas you can focus on your work)

Other than these, the plans allow you to have these amazing features in your webinars:

  • An excellent tool that can send notifications to customers who have registered themselves.
  • Events can be supervised and live chat.
  • There can be multiple hosts as well. 
  • Questioning and Answering sessions along with the inclusion of Analytics and reporting.
  • There also seems to be a provision to share screens and promotions on social media.
  • Webinar rooms are strongly shielded by passcodes. 
  • Permits the users to plop in the pre-recorded clips into the webinars for presentation goals.
  • 24/7 technical support is available, even at the most basic level.
  • Live polling, hand raising, and feedback.
  • A drawing board to make the webinar more interesting and informative.
  • You can also record webinars and download them for sharing.
  • These offers are worth trying for astonishing experiences in your webinars.
  • In addition to having great features, this software comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

WebinarJam Studio Pros and Cons


  • The panic button 
  • Password protected events
  • Performance analytics
  • Best Customer support
  • Automatic recording
  • Event scheduling management
  • Third-party integrations
  • Customized page builders
  • Best user interface
  • Excellent handouts, chat, polls.
  • Smooth Quality of signal with separate webinar rooms
  • Easy merging of live presentation with pre-made audio/video content.  
  • Always-on live room
  • Multiple webinars in a month


  • Delay in coming live
  • Engagement is disturbed because of user interface issues in the confirmation email, where attendees complained of never receiving any email hence missing out on the main event. 
  • Customer service is poor that leads to non-retrieval of response from the host.
  • Communication lag between hosts and the receivers and struggle to maintain the integration. 
  • Language translations in certain countries have been slightly incorrect like german, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, and others. 


WebinarJam Studio

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Various sales and marketing tools

😩  Cons

No evergreen webinar option


WebinarJam Studio solves the largest challenges of contemporary video conferencing. It’s an all-in-one platform that delivers each video conferencing and webinars in a very exclusive and user-friendly interface for all its customers. 

Overall Rating 4.5/5

WebinarJam Studio Best Alternatives & Competitors-

Adobe Connect

adobe connect review

Adobe is known for the Adobe artistic suite of merchandise and additionally providing webinar platforms to organizations that are spectacular and cost-efficient.

There is a spread of options during this platform and may even be integrated with Microsoft Outlook.

A number of its features such as mobile collaboration, high-quality video and audio, escape rooms for focussed discussions, and many others attract the audience. Adobe Connect value starts at 45$/month for twenty-five attendees.


Demio permits you to access their surveys and polls, exclusive offers, Immediate action buttons, and live documents along with QnA sessions.


WebEx is quite a webinar platform, consisting of a wider variety of options for holding on-line conferences, events, coaching sessions, interactive shows, and team collaboration.


If one desires to choose an easy and complete browser-based platform on each mobile and system then the choice is MegaMeeting.

This platform conjointly has no explicit limit for no. of attendees at a time to at least one will relish this profit. It comprises all basic operations of a typical webinar and is incredibly value effective because it values you only 39$/month.

Blackboard Collaborate

blackboard review

This webinar software system has been designed for academic purposes solely.

They need special service support for this and resources obtainable for education, government, and business information. This software system is on free trial and valuation set up is upon request.


brainshark review

This software package is constructed for business internal use specifically. This conferencing tool will be used by the company’s staff effectively.

It provides us with many options and resources which will be used for coaching purposes of staff and have controlled excess. This software package conjointly has trials and evaluation is upon request.


This platform is additionally so helpful if your audience is large. The client may be a company that will nothing however deliver a net conference tool and that they are experienced at it.

This conferencing platform has all typical options and is designed for those who use net conferencing for a giant audience. it’s trial use and may be requested for rating.


zoom review

Zoom appears to be a common conferencing tool that supports business conferences, alliances, and reliable webinar outcomes.

There’s no automation offered with Zoom however you get a credible system for AN improbable modest cost provided all you wish is live webinar sessions. Low costs return at a price but there’s little within the method of webinar promoting options with Zoom.

Google Hangouts

Along with chatting and simple voice calls, this tool is effective in hosting a webinar.

This amazing software from Google allows HD videos and calls, screen sharing, and has many other add-ons, but the main disadvantage of this software is that it allows only 25 participants to join a webinar whereas 150 people can join for audio conference calls.

Also check: ResellerClub Hosting Review


WebinarJam Customer Reviews & Testimonials: (What WebinarJam users say?)

WebinarJam customer reviews and testimonials

A lot of customers of WebinarJam have been satisfied with the platform. Here is what WebinarJam users say:

“WebinarJam lives up to all the hype it has been given. From the very thought out features to the stellar customer support this webinar is hands down the best one we have used. While other platforms have different limitations WebinarJam allows so much more and from a value standpoint, it is the best hands down.”

Michael Moyers, WebinarJam User

“WebinarJam provides incredible value, is easy to use and automatically records my webinars for instant replays! It’s the best webinar software on the market.”

Angela Hauck, WebinarJam User

“This software changed my life. As soon as I start to use it I changed my way of selling. Use of WebinarJam gave me an opportunity to work at my full capacity, because I’m no longer searching for clients – they come by themselves after every webinar.”

Dimitrije, WebinarJam User

“I took [WebinarJam] for a test drive and… that was IT!

It’s easy to use, has lots of features that we love (we have a mastermind group) especially the fact that it automatically records our meetings. Oh, and the registration templates are sooo cool. 🙂 I’m happy with my decision.”

Cristian, WebinarJam User

“I’ve been using WebinarJam for almost 2 years now, and I love it. No Webinar service comes even moderately close! Especially since the WebinarJam upgrade… I’ve also gotten a LOT of use out of the survey feature on the registration page. 20-50% of my subscribers fill it out, and it really helps to guide the presentations.”

Nick Haubner

I’m new to using WebinarJam, but I have to say that right out of the blocks I feel comfortable and supported. The user interface is super simple, the instructional videos answer all of my questions, and I had a webinar up and ready to go in a matter of minutes. Yeah, I’m still learning – but man, these guys have taken a load off my plate by making it so damn easy. If there’s anything they haven’t thought of yet, I sure as hell haven’t seen it.

FAQs | WebinarJam Studio

🙆 Is WebinarJam secure?

Yes, WebinarJam is designed in a way to give you a risk-free experience of delivering any webinar services.

🙋‍♀️WebinarJam reliable to use?

Out of all the competitors, Webinar Jam has been chosen to be the most reliable platform for conducting events with as many as 5000+attendees.

🙎‍♂️ Does WebinarJam any better than any of its competitors?

Webinar jam is remotely distant from any of its competitors for its pricing, reliability, broad options, and flexibility with features most demanded by marketers.

🧏‍♂️ Does webinarjam offer online services?

Yes, a tremendous amount of services are offered by Webinarjam where the host can share documents, such as pdfs, and share screens for the attendees to go through information for a clear idea during the webinar itself.

🙎‍♂️ How do I get started on WebinarJam?

You can follow the link mentioned in our blog to get started with WebinarJam. Sign-up on WebinarJam. You can also download the plugin and install it for quick use of WebinarJam.

🙋‍♂️ How does WebinarJam work?

The platform runs with a single participant or multiple participants and they can take webinars, discussions, hold meetings and live stream information or chats and also highlight them one by one using the dynamic and the flexible controls of the layout. The attendees are free to pose questions while the webinar is going on

🧏‍♂️ How much does WebinarJam cost?

WebinarJam costs around $499/year. It also offers a free trial.

Conclusion: Is WebinarJam Studio Right Webinar Tool For Your Business? WebinarJam Studio 2022

WebinarJam Studio solves the largest challenges of contemporary video conferencing. 

It’s an all-in-one platform that delivers each video conferencing and webinar in a very exclusive and user-friendly interface for all its customers. 

All the attendees have 100 percent browser-based, which creates it extremely accessible; change of integrity and gathering is fast from one click.

The entrepreneurs can easily customize it, along with a wide range of white-labeling choices for a personal branded answer. For developers, it comes with an API and simple yet extensive integration.

WebinarJam is a full-featured live webinar software system that’s the simplest on the market straight away. It’s employed by over 30,000 businesses and I’ve used it extensively to run webinars.

It’s simple, reliable, and contains a host of options to create your webinars participating. You’ll be able to manage the full selling result of the landing pages to email automation at intervals.

It additionally contains a host of options to convert videos into customers throughout the webinar.

I believe all of these features (and some more I didn’t mention) make WebinarJam Studio the best software to host webinars on.

While you’ll find some of these features in other webinar platforms, you won’t find them all together in a user experience-driven package like WebinarJam Studio.

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