WebinarJam Vs GoToWebinar 2022: Which Is Better Webinar Platform? (Top Pros & Cons Compared)

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Welcome to my WebinarJam vs GoToWebinar Comparison article. Let us read further to find the Webibarjam features, pros and cons compared with GotoWebinar features, pros and cons.




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Pricing $499/yr $109/mo
Best for

WebinarJam software is used by many businesses and industries for online marketing. It is actually software for live casting, event streaming, and webinar broadcasting.

GoToWebinar is a webinar software tool designed for engaging in online events It is ideal for the organizations with 10-50 employees.

  • Video Injection Tool
  • Guest Speaker
  • Multiple Webinar Sessions
  • Pre-recorded events
  • Webcast mode
  • Session recording
  • Video Injection Tool
  • Stellar Support
  • Quick Marketing Tools
  • Hubspot integration
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Webinar scheduling
  • No Automated Webinars
  • Outdated Dashboard
  • Poorly designed pages
  • Emails aren't custiomizable
Ease of Use

Set-Up takes less than a minute. Every feature is easy to handle and can be navigated easily.

Hustle-free but long set up for new webinar creation.

Value For Money

Reasonable pricing considering the bells and whistles with a 100% refund guarantee.

Highly-priced plans which are fit for large enterprises.

Customer Support

Fast and Easy Support. Panic Button is an amazing feature here.

24/7 customer support with live chat and forum assistance.

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As a marketer, you must be aware of how webinar plays a role in your life.

In the world of COVID and post-COVID, webinars play a crucial role in boosting sales and generating leads.

The problem with webinars is that they’re expensive and complicated to host, which means you can’t do them as often as you need to.

However, there are some amazing webinar platforms that are loaded with robust marketing features and integration capabilities. In this article, I am going to compare two such webinar platforms- WebinarJam vs GoToWebinar.

What is better between WebinarJam and GoToWebinar?

I have personally used both WebinarJam and GoToWebinar, and I have to say that I prefer WebinarJam. It just seems to have a more polished interface and feel more professional to the attendee.

Additionally, it has more detailed tracking of the funnel, including marketing tools like A/B testing. This makes it easier to gauge the success of your webinars and make necessary adjustments. The presentation tools are also much easier to use, which makes presenting your content during the webinar much simpler. And finally, the audience interaction tools are much more marketing-focused, which can help you better engage with your attendees.

All in all, I would definitely recommend using WebinarJam over GoToWebinar!

Both are helpful tools in conducting a meeting or webinar of more than 1000 students at a time. Isn’t it amazing while sitting in your comfort zone you can do any work that at times might get delayed?

Thanks to such tools that have made available endless webinars to explore in other fields as well. 

Overview: WebinarJam Vs. GoToWebinar Compared

What is WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is a cloud-based platform where people can give presentations and conduct a webinar without any disturbance like breaking a sweat or a specified time limit.

The best feature WebinarJam has is that it allows around six people can present on their screen at a time. Apart from this, if you are worried about the presentation being blurred or pixelated. WebinarJam provides super high-quality videos making it function smoothly. 

Besides, it is handy to use and automatically record the webinars for instant play.

What is GoToWebinar?

gotowebinar free trial

What a dreadful webinar? Why wouldn’t there be any interaction between the audience and the host? Since the meetings and live sessions have become virtual, it is necessary to connect with audiences in between to keep a check whether they are listening or not.

To turn monotonous sessions into interactive it provides many options like video, polls, questions, and answers that are present to boost engagement.

GoToWebinar is the best platform to conduct a video conference with colleagues, stakeholders, customers, and so on. GoToWebinar will also help in marketing and generating more leads at a less cost.

Besides, it assures complete privacy and security of all your meetings and training sessions. Once you will able to get familiar with all the features of GoToWebinar, you will use it in the future.

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Key Features of WebinarJam vs GoToWebinar

Reporting and analysis


WebinarJam provides an option of Analytics Traffic through which the host is easily able to analyze the report of attendees in the webinar. When anybody calls on a webinar or session, they expect traffic (audience) or attendees.

WebinarJam assists in knowing how many attendees are there and at what time they have entered. Also, information about the people who may change their slot timings at the very last moment.

You can know the other details of your audience like unique visitors, registrations, names, phone numbers, and so on. All this information will help you further in contacting your audience.


Knowing the details of attendees is quite a simple task in GoToWebinar. All you need to login in to GoToMeeting and select my meeting, you will see an option with history pop-ups, and after clicking on it you will straightforwardly get the list of attendees with their information.

Details include number, name, email id, and so on. The above information will allow them to their attendees updated about the details of the webinars and notes. Organizers can view the data for up to 12 months.


Both software is powerful in providing the data of attendees with their other details. The report is valuable in knowing who is likely to attend if you conduct another webinar. 

WebinarJam vsGoToWebinar: Ease of Use 


This software is handy to use. Anyone can conduct webinars via this software without any trouble. Some simple steps will help you to set up.

1) First, you need to select the category whether the webinar is on-demand, directory, and so on.

2) Select the webinar schedule such as multiple sessions, single webinar, or recurrent.

3) Now register and add email notifications. It will allow you to send emails. 

4) Last but not least, you can conduct a live webinar using unique options like polls, quizzes, and many more.


The webinar makes virtual communication effective in different ways. There are a few simple steps to start with hustle free webinars.

1) Choose the topic of the webinar and the date and time at which the webinar will take place.

2) Create an image for the landing page that includes the logo and theme of your webinar.

3) Create some effective hashtags to connect with the audience.

4) After all these steps, send the invitation to people through emails, WhatsApp, Instagram, and all other social media platforms.

5) Prepare relevant and knowledgeable content and practice it before presenting it to your audience. 

6) At last, don’t forget to record your webinar so that later you can upload it on the website or share it with people to generate leads.


Well, in this case, you will find it manageable to conduct virtual communication in both. Besides, GoToWebinar is best at usage. 

WebinarJam vs GoToWebinar: Event Security


Conducting a virtual video conference and webinar requires a high level of service. Even if teachers conduct the classes for students, they make sure that only students who don’t create any nuisance will enter. So, this type of webinar includes more than 2500+ people and requires more safety.

As some webinars may be for paying customers only or a corporate meeting. WebinarJam allows you to restrict people from entering and lock the room.


Security is the first concern when it comes to using any software. GoToWebinar respects skepticism and protects your live webinar and content.  Plus the privacy like password, data is your attendees, etc.

The user has the option to lock the room at the starting of the webinar or meeting so that there is not an interruption in between. Besides, you can restrict it only to the invite also. 


As security is the main trouble for people conducting webinars. In this case, both the tools are highly safe. You can have a free trial if you want to make sure which will better satisfy you. 

Pricing Plans of WebinarJam Vs GoToWebinar

Pricing Plans of WebinarJam

WebinarJam checkout discount coupons

4 pricing plans will help you to know which will best go with your company or idea. 

1) Free Trial- Free trial is available for users who want to explore the features. Also, no credit card details required for a free trial.

2) Basic plan $499/ year

This plan allows you to present 2 screens at a time and 500 attendees.

3) Professional Plan $699/year

Up to 4 presenters 

2000 attendees in the webinar 

4) Enterprise plan $999/year

Up to 6 presenters

5000 attendees can attend the webinar

Pricing Plans of GoToWebinar

gotowebinar pricing

3 pricing plans will help you to decide.

1) Free trial- Users can go for a free trial. There are only some features available. No credit card details are required. 

2) Professional plan $14/month 

100 attendees

This plan provides you with many features. 

3) Business Plan $19/month

500 attendees with advanced features like video editor, got onstage, and so on.

4)  Enterprise plan 

This plan allows you up to 5000 or more participants in the session. 


Well, pricing is all in front of you. Users can decide which will best for their business. As both tools provide a free trial, you can check up on that too. 

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WebinarJam vs GoToWebinar: Customer Support

Customer Support at WebinarJam

 Consumer support always plays a leading role in satisfying customers. WebinarJam provides you with 24*7 assistance and connects you with their consumer support team whenever you find difficulty in accessing it.

No matter what the issue will be, our team will be right there for you. Besides, for easy assistance to the consumer, it provides tutorial videos and information on the website.

However, users can also join the Facebook community, where millions of people discuss their marketing ideas and webinar strategies. 

Customer Support at GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar ensures that people will get assistance 24*7. Its consumer support, live chat, expert advice are always ready to resolve the issues faced by customers.

Even those who want to conduct an instant webinar also can anytime contact the GoToWebinar team experts. They will give you proper advice and guide you correctly.

The level of speed while answering the questions will amaze you. If anytime due to technical issues GoToWebinar support team might not be able to connect with you, can read the FAQs provided on the website.

Besides, GoToWebinar maintains customer relations as it thinks that as long as people are not satisfied there is no point in making one. 

Verdict: In this case, both the software provides 24*7 customer assistance, live chats, and telephonic calls. Nevertheless, by reading testimonials on the website, you will know how happy our clients are with GoToWebinar services.

WebinarJam vs GoToWebinar: Suitability for Users

Suitability for users at WebinarJam

It is a powerful platform to host long meetings and webinars. From sole entrepreneurs to big organizations, anyone can use this software at a low cost.

Besides, WebinarJam allows you to organize virtual events with good engagement.

Users can either go for a free trial or subscription. Companies that cannot be able to connect with their employees for a very long time must use this and make meetings and events memorable. 

Suitability for Users at GoToWebinar

Any person on the earth with a good internet connection and webcam can use this software handily. Users can engage with their audience effectively in many ways.

Using various features like question and answer, polls, and so on. They can also engage by presentations and charts by presenting their screen. These ways will help the audience to keep connected and update what is going on in the session. 


The webinar is a great feature that helps in connecting people in and around the world. Both the software has more than 1000+ users.

Again the concern comes to long-term benefits. GoToWebinar allows you to customize your brand to make it presentable to your audience. 

Webinarjam Pros

1) It is a user-friendly platform as people find it easy to set up and effortlessly 

2) It ensures the smooth running of the webinar until the end with recording. 

3) After using this, people are satisfied as it saves their time and cost.

4) You can customize the reminders and signup funnel that go to the attendees.

5) The best feature is the PANIC button that will help the users when the system might not work properly. They can simply create a new session without any worry. Also, it automatically pulls all the attendees into the room again.

6) The step by step tutorials and guide on the website is the best option they can provide.

7) It provides a wide variety of features that not only help users to engage the audience but also present things in their ways.

8) The quality of the recording of the sessions to upload on the website is amazing. 

GoToWebinar Pros

1) This software is very great to get the desired results.

2) Content creators must consider this platform for streaming webinars.

3) The quality it shares with everyone is always the best. Besides, you can truly rely on this tool.

4) People can engage with the audience by answering their queries in between and can go for a poll too. The audience can raise their hands for the poll purpose.

5) Users can also send reminders to their audience through emails or WhatsApp messages.

6) People find it very easy to use. This tool doesn’t require any special attention like an exploration of features and all. You can do this just half an hour before the webinar or meeting.

7) All the functions work smoothly all long as your connectivity is good.

Webinarjam Cons

1) As it provides different languages too like Germany, English, Russian, and so on. So, at times translations do not work correctly, creating puzzles in between.

2) It creates hurdles while sending emails as sometimes it triggers the spam folder or it might not reach the attendees on time.

GoToWebinar Cons

1) It is costly than Webinarjam. Though, it provides monthly plans, to access more features people have to go for a premium or enterprise plan. 

2) People are quietly disappointed with the reports. As it may not fully disclose the new participants and reports are not pull out for the specific dates.

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FAQs: WebinarJam Vs GoToWebinar

💁If my WebinarJam autoresponder will not work correctly?

It might be because of adding up a large number of fields in your form. Besides, it only requires HTML forms created by autoresponders instead of javascript in the code.

🙆‍♂️ The audience in WebinarJam speak and interact with the host and presenters?

The audience can interact in the chatbox. As there are unlimited people in the webinar so, it becomes tough to listen to everyone and then respond. Instead, they can put their questions and queries in the chatbox.

🙎‍♀️ On what devices we can easily conduct webinars and meetings?

You can hold the meetings and webinar sessions on the phone, laptop, or tab. Just ensure the internet connectivity. Other than that, users can use any device

🤷‍♂️ Is GoToWebinar free?

GoToWebinar offers a free trial, no credit card details are required. whereas the Professional plan starts at $14/month.

🙋 Is GoToWebinar the same as GoToMeeting?

GoToMeeting works as a type of online chatroom for group discussions and interaction, whereas GoToWebinar is a webinar software tool designed for engaging online events from anywhere in the world.

🙇‍♂️ How does WebinarJam work?

The platform runs with a single participant or multiple participants and they can take webinars, discussions, hold meetings and live stream information or chats and also highlight them one by one using the dynamic and the flexible controls of the layout. The attendees are free to pose questions while the webinar is going on.

Conclusion: WebinarJam Vs GoToWebinar 2022

Well after reading the whole article, you might get confused about which one you should use for hosting a better webinar. Though you are aware of conducting a smooth webinar, sessions and meetings are quite important. To know more we will help you in selecting the best for you. Starting, with the aim of both tools.

Knowingly both software aims to provide the best assistance to ensure your regular meeting and webinars will go great. Besides, the aim we have through the article that almost both are equally good at delivering the best results to their users.

Still, there are some features that you may have missed while reading.

Therefore, starting with the pricing plan GoToWebinar is costly than WebinarJam. Besides, to ensure more attendees users have to select a higher plan that provides all the features with a good number of attendees.

Whereas, Webinarjam is cheap as you can select the least pricing plan and still have a good number of attendees.

Moving further, WebinarJam has A/B testing, built-in marketing tools, webinar tracking funnel, etc. No doubt GoToWebinar, is also a powerful tool as it requires good connectivity. Otherwise, people will go for this.

Overall, both tools are best in satisfying their audience. As nothing is perfect so, these tools are not faultless in fulfilling all the requirements. However, I would suggest you go for a free trial of both and understand which will is best satisfying your needs.

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Finnich Vessal is an experienced affiliate marketer, he has been in the affiliate industry for the past 5 years and living his dreams online. Spending a larger part of his life researching on making money online through affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing systems. Now, he’s involved in creating a colossal catalog of his life-long research, intertwined with the glimpses of his day-to-day experience. Finnich is an active investor in other projects such as: GizmoBase, Newsmartwave, Imagestation, DigiExe Blog, and Expert Hoot.

7 thoughts on “WebinarJam Vs GoToWebinar 2022: Which Is Better Webinar Platform? (Top Pros & Cons Compared)”

  1. GoToWebinar is a great webinar software tool. It has quiet a good features like its very easy to set up a webinar-scheduling, branding, automated emails are great. Another being intuitive controls-very easy to figure out the controls while running a webinar. The audience participation-chat and audience questions are available. Customer service is quick to respond when something does come up.

  2. I’ve been using WebinarJam and it’s a great time using it.
    Best feature I have not encountered with other providers: The PANIC button. If anything gets wrong, some function gets maybe frozen and you are stuck – The genius panic button creates a complete new session and automatically pulls in all attendees into the new room. No extra work needed. Saved our lives on several occasions, and we use Webinarjam more than once a day.

  3. Webinarjam assists in knowing how many attendees are there and at what time they have entered. Also, information about the people who may change their slot timings at the very last moment.

  4. WebinarJam is the perfect online marketing tool. The huge array of templates really helps to set apart one Webinar from another. It makes it easy to host and manage webinars from a single interface. It’s a great option for small and medium-sized enterprises and is also a viable choice for enterprise-level companies who want a low-cost option for webinars.

  5. WebinarJam is a webinar hosting platform. It’s a great way to host webinars from anywhere, on any device. WebinarJam is easy to use and affordable.

  6. Webinarjam has some issues which make my work a bit slow.
    It does not have the ability to stream on multiple social media platforms at once and collect emails from those that want to watch. The lack of ability to allow attendees to sign up for email newsletter during the signup process is also a matter of concern.

  7. The problems I solved with WebinarJam was I was able to reach out to an increased audience with our training content, up-selling to the audience to promote services, having delivered to an audience of over 500 flawlessly.
    I would surely recommend it as it’s a solid platform with amazing marketing tools!

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