What You Can Do With The RoseHosting Cloud PHP Stack

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This blog post will go over What You Can Do With The RoseHosting Cloud PHP Stack and the PHP Stack in greater detail, as well as what you can do with it on the RoseHosting Cloud platform.

According to some rankings, PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages. It is used on nearly 80% of websites.

The PHP stack includes everything that interacts with PHP, such as operating systems such as Linux, web servers such as Nginx or Apache, databases such as MySQL or MariaDB, APIS, and many other things.

The following steps will demonstrate how to use the PHP stack on the RoseHosting Cloud platform. Let’s get this party started!

Login to RoseHosting Cloud Platform

To begin, use the URL to log into the RoseHosting Cloud Platform. https://app.rosehosting.cloud.

things to do on a rosehosting cloud php stack

Environment creation

Once logged in, go to the top menu and click the green “NEW ENVIRONMENT” button.

using rosehosting cloud php stack

Find and click on the “PHP” tab in the newly opened window, as shown in the image below:

On the left, you can see the two PHP application servers provided by the RoseHosting Platform web servers, Apache and Nginx.

They are followed by scaling options such as vertical and horizontal scaling. You can also select the PHP and web server versions for your environment in this section.

The completed calculation of the price for the previously selected nodes is shown on the right. This is the name of the PHP environment. Once everything is in place, click the green “Create” button to start creating the environment.

You must allow time for the PHP environment to be created.

things you can do with the rosehosting cloud php stack

Once the environment has been created, you should see the up and running status shown in the image below.

PHP Application Deployment

With an already created PHP environment, deploying the PHP application couldn’t be easier. The RoseHosting Cloud provides a variety of deployment options, including local archive files, URLs, GIT/SVN, Bitbucket, and others.

rosehosting cloud php stack how to set up

Domains Management

An additional domain bound to the application can be used to access the PHP Cloud stack. This is accomplished by clicking on the “Settings” icon, entering the domain name, and binding by clicking on the green “Bind” button:

PHP Application and Database Connections

The RoseHosting Cloud platform offers fully manageable and scalable database servers. The database servers are simple to install and use in the PHP environment. MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB are among the database servers that are available.

setting up rosehosting cloud php stack

PHP Security

SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer / Transport Layer Security) security is the industry standard that is supported by our RoseHosting Cloud platform and is responsible for the encrypted connection between the web server and the browsers. Aside from that, the security of PHP applications can be customised through the PHP configuration file known as the “php.ini” file. Another way to ensure application security is to configure the firewall in our PHP environment by selecting the “Firewall” menu in the settings section:

what can you do with rosehosting php stack

These options allow us to control the node’s availability both outside and inside the RoseHosting Cloud platform.

Modules and Accelerators

Different PHP extensions can be used to extend the environment’s functionality. There is an option to use the default PHP extension or to upload your own. By clicking on the “Config” button for your app server, you can enable the extensions.

rosehosting php stack features

PHP accelerators can be used to improve application efficiency. The application’s efficiency is increasing due to the caching of previously compiled PHP code.

With these points, it was explained how to create the PHP cloud stack and what you can do with it on their RoseHosting cloud platform. There were some hints about application security, domain management, database connections, extensions, and so on. Other important aspects of the PHP cloud stack include PHP clustering, Automatic Horizontal and Vertical Scaling, Manual Horizontal Scaling, and many more that their administrators can easily explain.

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