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This is an article on Whizlabs Discount codes available on their courses, that would not only help you get some quick information about the kind of courses and services they provide but would also help you to get some discounts over the services and courses that you choose to buy.

Whizlabs Discount Code -Microsoft Certification

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How to Use Whizlabs Discount Codes?

Whizlabs coupon codes and offers

You just need to follow some quick simple steps to make use of these coupon codes. There is nothing difficult about that, just a few simple steps are all that you need to save a few bucks on your purchase of services and training at Whizlabs.

  1. When you tap on the coupon codes provided here, you will automatically be taken to the official site of Whizlabs.
  2. There, you may go through all the available services and training and can decide what is good for you, and which one you want to buy for yourself.
  3. Add them to the cart and proceed to check out.
  4. Provide with all the details necessary regarding placing the order, such as your name, address, contact number, mode of payment, etc.
  5. Once everything is done, place the order.
  6. And when the order gets placed, you may take the advantage and benefits that the training and services at Whizlabs provide you.

These coupon codes are very helpful when it comes to saving a few bucks while purchasing the training and services that you go for to give your career, a boost.

Whizlabs Discount Codes 2020: Get 47% Flat Off

About Whizlabs

Whizlabs is an online training course provider and is one of the best in the industry. Whizlabs provides online certification training in multiple streams and disciplines such as Java, Big Data, Project Management, Linux, Agile, CCNA, Cloud Computing, and Digital Marketing.

Whizlabs has completed almost 19 years of success since it was first launched in 2000. They have helped more than 100 companies, and more than three million customers, professionals all over the globe to give a boost to their careers with the range of courses across the multiple domains.

Whizlabs promo code- Whizilabs

Whizlabs offers global access to certification training to its customers and was founded with common beliefs, technology, innovation, and partnership with world-class experts.

The vision at Whizlabs is clear and they work in partnership with communities all over the globe, unbounded with boundaries.

The focus at Whizlabs is to become the leading high-quality online certification course provider to professionals over the globe.

Certification Training at Whizlabs

  • Cloud Certification Training

Days are gone when one saved data and information on the hard drives, people now prefer saving and uploading them on Cloud.

So, what Cloud is, it is a technology that helps you save your important data by simply uploading them, this way you do not have to worry about the hard drive space available and it is far more convenient, as anyone with whom you share your login and password can access it, and no one else.

Whizlabs Discount Code -Cloud Certification

The online courses and exam simulators available at Whizlabs would help you prepare for the certifications in a better way and establish a career in Cloud Computing, and with them, you can also enhance your IT skills, if you are not into a career-making in this field.

Why a Career at Cloud Computing?

Soon, Cloud will be as compulsory as the Internet. The increased use of this Cloud technology is resulting in more demand for Cloud Computing professionals.

So, you can gain adequate knowledge in the field with the AWS, Azure, Cloud Security, and Salesforce courses available at Whizlabs to succeed in your career.

Cloud Certifications

Cloud Computing has evolved. The Cloud services are further divided into three categories: Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

The most popular public cloud service providers are Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Platform, IBM, and Salesforce. At Whizlabs, you will be helped to get certified in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Salesforce. Start your preparation and become an expert.

  • Amazon Web Services Certifications

These are focused on the technical knowledge of the AWS platform. For candidates working at different levels, i.e., Associate, Personal, and Speciality, Amazon offers a range of AWS certifications.

Out of the three, the Associate certifications cover the roles of Solutions Architect, Developer, and SysOps Administrator.

Once you are certified at this, you may further take a Professional (DevOps Engineering or Solut6ions Architect), or Speciality (Big data or networking) certifications.

Whizlabs Discount Code -AWS Certification

At Whizlabs, you will get a variety of online courses that would help you if you want to build a career in this field. Moreover, a number of Whizlabs as coupons are available from time to time with a huge discount.

  • Microsoft Azure Certifications

It does not matter if you are pre-skilled or not in the Cloud, Azure certifications would help you to get more opportunities for your career growth.

Today, there is a huge demand for professionals with Azure knowledge and experience, and if you want to be an Azure professional, then Microsoft certification is a primary requirement.

Whizlabs Discount Code -Microsoft Certification

Microsoft offers certifications which are of three levels, one is Cloud Platform Associate, second, being Linux Associate, and lastly, Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Solutions Expert.

Whizlabs offers a variety of free tests and exam simulators for Cloud Associate Certifications.

Apart from all these, you also get a lot of other cloud certifications such as Google Cloud Certifications, Cloud security Certifications, Salesforce Certifications, etc. that you can explore by visiting the official site of Whizlabs.

Big Data Certification Training

The Big Data Certifications at Whizlabs is based on the Hortonworks Data Platform, which is a market giant of Big Data platforms. Whizlabs has launched it’s Big Data Certifications courses because it has realized the need for interacting with data and increasing its comprehensibility.

Whizlabs Discount Code - Big Data Certification

They create content that would not fail to aid data developers and administrators to gain an edge over others in this competitive world.

Why Big Data Certification Courses?

The courses at Whizlabs are designed such that students are trained as per the industry standards, along with the trends currently at play at the market.

HDP certification courses are such that it is mandatory to accomplish some mentioned test objectives on a live installation of the Apache Hadoop.

The courses are designed with due attention given to including as many topics as possible as the Hortonworks offers no practice tests for aspirants.

These courses can be pursued by all, no matter professionals seeking to enter Big Data domain or the professionals seeking to give a boost to their developmental skills, with the focus being on both Administration, and Development.

Big Data Certification Courses

Beginners of Apache Hadoop and system Administrators are suggested to go for the HDPCA course whereas developers and advanced users should target the HDPCD Spark Certification.

And after completing these HDP certifications, more than 65% of the employers have stated that they see an improvement in the application expertise of the candidates.

HDPCA is a Management and Administration certification course while HDPCD is a pure developmental certification course.

  • HDPCA (Hortonworks Data Platform Certified Cluster Administrator)

Using this Whizlabs’ HDPCA certification course, you can kickstart a career in Apache Hadoop and Big Data frameworks.

The primary objective of this course includes acquainting data professionals to handle big data systems, maximize the use of commodity hardware to aid business needs, introduce the underlying functioning of Apache Hadoop, etc.

The course is designed in such a way, that even if you do not have any Background knowledge of Apache Hadoop, you can learn it efficiently.

Whizlabs Discount Code - HDP Certification

  • HDPCD (Hortonworks Data Platform Certified Developer)

The HDPCD Spark Certification Course, one other performance-intensive certification course for Apache Spark Developers on the Hontonworks Data Platform, where Apache Sparks is a fast technology, in-memory data computation engine which facilitates Data Science, Machine learning, Streaming applications as well as in providing iterative access.

This technology is currently being used by Samsung, Yahoo, TripAdvisor, and many more.

  • CLoudera Certified Administrator ( CCA – 131)

This certification is an accreditation that validates one’s cluster administrator as well as the core systems related skills, and not just this, this certification also demonstrates these skills as required by the organizations and the companies which deploy Cloudera in their work discipline.

This certification is a practical exam based on Cloudera technologies, which is a remote proctored examination that can be taken from any place and that too anytime.


Blockchain is a technology that is supposed to be ruling the IT world for a very long time, with its innovative and revolutionary technology.

Making transactions have become quick and that too with cheaper intermediaries, Blockchain technology has empowered millions of users in over 140 countries around the globe.

Whizlabs Discount Code - Blockchain

The certification in Blockchain proves that one has in-depth knowledge and understanding of Blockchain technology and even has the capability of building a business based on this technology.

This certification course gives you recognition as a certified Blockchain expert as well as adds credentials to your resume. And not just this, it also brings more opportunities to you and increases the chance of getting a better job.

Why choose Whizlabs for the course?

Since Whizlabs is dedicated to helping the professionals to get certified and also give their careers a new direction and a boost to their career graph, they also work very hard to improve every bit of content that is available out there for certification preparation.

Along with all this, the practice questions that Whizlabs provide comes with a detailed explanation that would justify why an answer is right or wrong.

Every content is prepared by certified experts who are working constantly into the world of Blockchain technology.

The contents at Whizlabs are regularly updated to provide the students with up-to-date content, and even the queries of the students are resolved by the experts real quick.

They focus more on the confidence of exam aspirants to pass the exam in only the first attempt

Java Certifications

  • Oracle JAVA Certification Exam Preparation

The Oracle Java Certification exams which were earlier known as Sun Java certification exams are well-respected certification programs in the JAVA industry, and it mainly focuses on main job roles in software application development as well as enterprise architecture.

Java certification coupon for Whizlabss

Which JAVA Certification is best suited for your needs?

Four levels come under this certification program, they are:

  1. Associate
  2. Professional
  3. Expert
  4. Master
Associate Level Certification

If you are new to Java, through this program, you can acquire a base set of knowledge that would enable you to enter into a career based on application development or software project management through Java technology.

Professional Certification

If you want to demonstrate that you have acquired enough required skills in the field, you should take this exam. When you earn this certification, it will take your Java career to a new level.

Expert-level Certification

These exams are meant to test the knowledge of the candidate in any specific area in Java EE technology. It gives a notch up in your Java career from a  programmer level, and these are very important to advance in your Java career path.

Master Certification

It is the final step when it comes to Java certification program, and by achieving this, you can set yourself a class apart, and is also responsible for architect and designing Java Platform, Enterprise edition technology compliant applications that are scalable, flexible, and highly secure.

Linux Certification

Linux courses are also offered at the Whizlabs covering every aspect of the Linux. Whizlabs is headed by a team of experts and thus gives regular practice tests and the detailed reports for the weak areas.

Whizlabs Discount Code - Linux Certification

Whizlabs gives three Linux courses namely:

  • Red Hat Certified Engineer Certification
  • CompTIA Linux+ Certification (Lx-103)
  • CompTIA Linux+ Certification (Lx-104)

Thus, Whizlabs covers the most popular and important courses for the basics as well as the advanced LINUX.

Whizlabs also offers courses for Blue prism, Digital Marketing, and Six Sigma. Check out the full list of courses and benefits.

Why Choose Whizlabs?

At Whizlabs, the training provided is the best-in-industry and are provided by the highly experienced and competent industry experts, and since they believe that education has the power to transform the world, they are dedicated to providing the best services and courses to its customers.

They together are bringing a positive change for everyone when it comes to career transformation. The study materials and exam simulators that are provided by the Whizlabs are curated in such a way to help the professionals to get certified, and so help them to achieve their goals.

Whizlabs gives the most affordable online certification and training courses that are available for the free test as well as the paid practice test papers.

Whizlabs free practice tests

You can get the certification for hot topics such as JAVA, Blockchain, Linux, Python, and various other programming languages.

Above all, it gives various Whizlabs coupons and can give you discounts of up to 30% on each course.

Are the Courses at Whizlabs Affordable?

If you talk about the pricing, Whizlabs certainly gives reasonable pricing for all sets of courses. You can get access to the free test papers for practice and also purchase the practice papers that interest you.

The price for each course varies according to the demands. For instance, AWS Certification practice tests would cost around $10 while Google Courses may cost around $20.

Blockchain practice papers are even cheaper and may cost just $7 whereas the online course for Oracle costs $7 exclusive of the test.

Each course varies in duration, delivery, reports as well as the cost.

Quick Links

FAQs | Whizlabs Discount Codes

👍Is Whizlabs good?

Whizlabs is the best exam practice program available in the market. Its user interface helps to practice mock exams as well.

⏰How many questions are on AWS Solutions Architect exam?

AWS certification Exam has 65 questions and the given time is 130 minutes.

👉How many times can you take AWS certification exam?

A person is allowed to take AWS certification exam 3 times a year from the date of your first attempt. You need to submit a full exam fee each time.

🔥Does AWS certification expire?

AWS certification program is valid until 3 years. Between which you need to demonstrate your continuous expertise through a process called recertification.

Conclusion | Whizlabs Discount Codes 2020

Whizlabs is a leader when it comes to online training programs and that too of high quality. They provide online certification training in various disciplines such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, Java, Agile, Linux, and Digital Marketing.

Whizlabs has also been awarded as the most innovative Indian IT company by NASSCOM in 2004, as the company is helping professionals and advance their careers too.

The company is dedicated to helping the students learn the skills they need to achieve their goals and take their careers a level up.

50% Off

50% Off Any Courses

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The team behind this company has a mutual passion to give their students world-class training in fields that are growing rapidly in the IT world, and can immensely help them to succeed in their lives.

And when along with all this, you also get some Whizlabs discount using the coupon/discount codes provided in the article, it all gets a lot better.

So, do not wait for any more, just head to the site of Whizlabs, i.e. Whizlabs.com and scroll through the available courses and go for what you think could help you in giving a boost to your career.

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