Wing Assistant vs. Magic 2022: Which is the Better Managed Service Platform?

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In this blog, I am going to discuss Wing Assistant vs. Magic, and which of them is a better-managed service platform.

Wing Assistant and Magic are among the best platforms for managed services across the globe. Both of them have trained staff and can help small to large businesses deal with tedious yet crucial tasks.

Both of them can provide you with the best of the virtual assistants you can ask for. The question is, which one out of the two is better? Let us find out.

Wing Assistant

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Pricing $6.24/hour $10/hour
Best for

Wing assigns dedicated assistants to business leaders, helping them focus on their core tasks. They cover time-consuming tasks like social media management, basic research, data input, and lead generation. Wing is your low-cost team member who can handle the tiresome work while you focus on expanding your business.

Magic is a personal assistant app that you can use on a daily basis to boost your productivity and make your life more enjoyable. Every day, magic gives you more time and allows you to focus on what really matters. It's one of the few "life enhancements" you can receive that actually works and makes a substantial difference in your life.

  • Integrations with your preferred apps
  • 8-hour coverage for business tasks
  • Dedicated, trained assistants
  • Assistants' work is supervised
  • Has a range of use cases
  • No additional fee for additional hours
  • Covers business and personal tasks
  • Costs 85% less than a traditional employee
  • Adaptable -- you can request your assistant to use platforms
  • Specialized assistants for specialized tasks
  • Subscription-based -- no lengthy contracts or lock-in period
  • It works as a valuable extension of a user’s existing team
  • There is no additional fee for additional hours.
  • Your assistant can hop into any app you’re already using
  • 24/7 support team
  • Wing doesn't do hourly rates and calculations.
  • Wing manages everything, which could matter more for hiring
  • No free trial
  • No money-back guarantee
  • No complete control in the hiring process
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What is Wing Assistant?

Wing provides CEOs with a devoted assistant who enables them to concentrate on their primary operations by taking over time-consuming tasks such as social media management, basic research, data entry, and lead generation.

Wing Assisstant

Wing Assistant is your inexpensive team member on whom you can depend to do all the tedious tasks while you focus on growing your company.

What is Magic?

Magic is not only the name of Orlando’s NBA franchise, a popular name for radio stations, or the occupation of David Blaine. Magic is also a personal assistant app that you can use to increase your productivity and live a more satisfying life.

What is Magic?

Each day, Magic offers you more time and allows you to concentrate on what matters most. It’s one of the few “life improvements” you can get that truly works and improves your life significantly.

How Does Wing Work?

Ask them to help you.

Step 1: Ask them to help you: Send them a text describing what you need them to do. If you’re more comfortable with working online, you can send a message to your assistant through your preferred application or online integration.

How Does Wing Work

Step 2:  They’ll get started on your request! Wing Assistants respond within minutes of your message, so you’re sure that your concerns will get immediate attention.  

That’s it. There is no step three. As soon as you ask Wing to help, they will start working on your problem and get back to you when they have solved it.

How Does Magic Work?

With Magic, you can download the app and begin messaging with them. That is all there is to it!

They answer rapidly – in a matter of seconds — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You will never have to wait until the next business day to get a response, and none of their responses are canned or sent by bots.

They constantly have personal assistants available online, ready to help you with any task you assign them.

The most difficult part about using Magic’s services might be deciding what to use it for, since they cover a range of use cases.

How Magic Works

They help new clients get started by suggesting that they start with their existing to-do list or by considering areas of their life that may be improved.

According to Magic, you do not need to have a clear plan for completing the task. Magic will speak with you to ascertain what you want and how they can best assist you.

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What Exactly can Wing Assistant and Magic do for me?

Anything. Seriously, anything is possible. Simply ask them.

True, they will not steal a bank for you. Or build a time machine for you.

However, they will accomplish any task as long as it is legal and possible. Wing Assistant primarily assists with business tasks, but you can ask it to fulfill personal to-do lists as well.

For example, if the activity is straightforward, such as making a phone call, buying something online, doing research, or filling out paperwork, your assistant will complete it on their own.

What Does Wing Do

They may make purchases on your behalf, log into your accounts, bargain on your behalf over the phone, hire someone to wait in line for you, and whatever else you need. 

When the activity becomes more complex and/or needs the assistance of an expert, your assistant can act as your project manager.

They will locate, organize, and pay for the third-party suppliers and professionals needed to complete the job.

They can help you with internal support, CRM management, shopping and supplies, sourcing, data entry, scheduling and reminders, web research, expenses and invoices, and almost everything that a business may need in its daily operations.

Wing Assistant vs. Magic: Pricing & What They Offer

Let’s look at how Wing Assistant and Magic’s rates compare:

Magic Pricing

Magic Pricing

1. Unmanaged Dedicated

(This will cost you $10 per hour):

This plan is recommended for small businesses and individuals. It lets you assign yourself a Dedicated Assistant who will collaborate with you on your terms.

Magic Dedicated is their most recent, most popular, and most affordable package, making it ideal for consumers and high-growth organizations.

You can match with a professional committed assistant who will work remotely with you, on your terms, and using your preferred tools.

Magic Dedicated was founded in response to the increased need for cheap remote assistants during the COVID-19 lockdowns. With this option, you have limited hours and availability, but you get to decide the window or time frame within which you will contact your assistant.

2. Managed Consumer Hourly

(This will cost you $35 per hour):

This one is recommended for personal use. Get access to Magic’s assistants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To guarantee efficiency and high-quality output, your team is overseen by qualified professionals.

Consumer Hourly is their traditional plan, which is appropriate for personal usage.

You’ll get 24-hour access to a team of Magic’s in-house helpers. To assure the quality of your output, you or your team will have two layers of management. You share an assistance team with other clients.

Two-tiered management is suitable for maximum quality and efficiency. It is compatible with the Magic Mobile App and the Magic Web App

3. Managed Business Monthly

(This will cost you $2000 per month):

This plan is highly recommended for growing businesses. Everything from “Consumer Hourly” plus an account manager to aid you in managing your assistance team’s tasks and time.

This plan covers everything included in the Consumer Hourly plan, plus you’ll get your account manager to assist you with work scoping and time management for your assistance team.

Note that in this plan you share an assistance team with other clients. Nevertheless, Magic provides two-tiered management for maximum quality and efficiency, account management to expedite resolutions, monthly reporting, and consultation.

Managed Business Monthly is compatible with the Magic Mobile App and the Magic Web App

Wing Assistant Pricing

The best part about Wing is that all of their plans work anywhere in the world. There is also a dedicated customer success representative for each assistant.

At Wing, you get an entirely managed and dedicated assistant ready to render unlimited work within the agreed-upon hours. They have three pricing plans to offer:

Wing Pricing

1. Limited

(This will cost you $499 per month or $5489 per year for 1 user account):

This plan covers work for 4 hours per day from Monday to Friday. You can call & text your Wing Assistant, or you can contact them through Web/Mobile Applications & Slack. On the Limited plan, you get 1 dedicated assistant who will respond within 5 minutes of your query.

2. Basic

(This will cost you $799 per month or $8789 per year for 3 user accounts):

This plan covers work for up to 8 hours per day from Monday to Friday. Like in the Limited plan, it lets you call & text your Wing Assistant or contact them through web/mobile Applications & Slack.

On the Basic Plan, you also get 1 assistant, but they’ll be more responsive—expect a 3-minute response time if you’re on Basic.

What’s more, you can use Workflows, Wing’s proprietary documentation technology that helps you onboard your business assistant.

3. Pro

(This will cost you $1499 per month or $16489 per year for 5 user accounts):

The Pro plan is perfect for businesses looking to scale up their operations. It includes everything that you’ll get in the Basic plan, but instead of having 1 assistant, you’ll get 2.

Wing Assistant vs. Magic Pricing – Which is Better?

If you only consider surface-level details, it appears as though Magic has more affordable pricing plans than Wing Assistant. Since they offer hourly rates, they seem to offer better value for money. However, if you consider the number of hours Wing Assistant provides, you’ll see a different picture emerge.

Wing’s Limited plan offers assistants for 4 hours per day, for a minimum of 80 hours per month. At the $499 of the Limited plan, that’s just $6.24 per hour.

Considering your Wing Assistant renders unlimited work within those 4 hours, it’s a much more cost-effective option, especially for small businesses. However, if you have a larger enterprise, Wing’s Basic or Pro plans will help you scale up your efforts more easily.

Verdict: Wing Assistant Wins

Frequently Asked Questions: Wing Assistant vs. Magic 2022

👉 Are there any hidden charges at Wing Assistant?

Not at all! Apart from the set monthly price, Wing charges a 2.9 percent + $ 0.30 card processing fee on card transactions, however, they also accept ACH and other payment methods.

👉 Does Wing Assistant use AI?

Although Wing Assistant uses powerful AI to enhance their output, all tasks they accomplish are verified by their trained, dedicated human assistants. The reason why Wing can offer their services at such a low price range is because of their AI integrations.

👉 How will I work with my assistant at Magic?

You can work with your Magic assistant any way you want. Whether you primarily use email or text, you can inform your assistant about your preferences, and they will adapt. Though you should note that integrations are also available to clients of Wing Assistant—you can contact Wing through Slack, WhatsApp, and more.

👉 If I work with Magic and my assistant quits, or I want to change it, can I?

Simply notify them and they will take care of it. If your assistant leaves in the middle of the week or you need a new assistant, they will work rapidly to find you a replacement. If you want to alter their schedule or the number of hours they work each week, inform them and they will make the necessary changes.

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Wing Assistant vs. Magic 2022: Final Verdict

As you can see, both platforms can work really well for business owners and busy professionals. Magic’s advantage is that they’ve been in the business for a while longer than Wing. This could be a pro for some.

However, if you’re looking for more affordable managed and dedicated help in business tasks, with the option of providing assistance in personal ones, you won’t go wrong with Wing Assistant.

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