Wishpond vs HubSpot Review 2022– Which Is The Best?

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This post contains Wishpond vs HubSpot Review. Read and know which is the best in 2022?

As a marketer, I cannot deny the importance of choosing the right marketing management tool.

Choosing the Right Marketing Tool is the first step in the right marketing plan.

Today, I am going to compare the two highly recommended and most popular marketing platforms; Wishpond vs HubSpot.

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We’ll talk about both the software, features, pricing of both the tools and most importantly the pros & cons of both the tools.

If you’re a freelancer, a professional marketer or an agency, in case you’re confused with which one is the best software for you then by the end of this blog you’ll know.

Let’s get started with knowing all about, Wishpond.


Wishpond vs Hubspot - Wishpond

Wishpond is basically a Marketing platform which helps you generate leads, manage leads and nurture them.

Wishpond offers tools which can help you manage the social media platforms, create landing pages, create online form, create website popups, etc.

Wishpond also helps you track lead activity, marketing automation, email marketing management, lead intelligence, etc.

Wishpond offers a complete marketing management solution.

Let’s know more about Wishpond.

Key features of Wishpond:

  • Landing Pages

Wishpond vs Hubspot - Wishpond Features

How many times did you bounce back from an Ad Link because the page wasn’t good enough?

I am sure, many a time.

We all bounce back when we don’t understand at first glance, when the page takes too long to load, or when we don’t understand what the page is all about.

As marketers, and even as an audience we cannot deny the importance of having attractive and mobile optimised landing pages.

Wishpond offers you several ready to use, mobile optimised and professional-looking landing pages.

You can choose the template which best suits your business, and marketing purpose. You can easily customise the template by using the drag & drop feature. The best [art about Wishpond is, you are allowed to publish these landing pages anywhere you want.

Also, Wishpond supports A/B Testing which can help you understand and know which elements or landing page content (whatever you would like to test) is working best for your campaign.

A/B Testing helps you understand things better.

  • Website Popups

Wishpond Website Popups

I know how annoying Website Pop Ups are. But, using the right kind of Website pop ups can help you and your business in multiple ways.

Wishpond helps you create Website popups, you can use this feature to show the current offer your eCommerce store has, you can show the offer deadline, you can use it to collect your website visitor’s information, etc.

Wishpond offers you several ready to use templates for Website popups, you can choose the one which best suits your business and campaign. You can use these templates just by using the “Drag & Drop” feature.

  • Contests & Promotions

Wishpond Contest

When we talk about marketing, “Offers” are an integral part to seek the audience’s attention. We cannot deny the fact that discounts are important.

There are several ways of offering a discount and it is important to let your audience know in a beautiful way that you’re offering a discount.

Well, Wishpond can ease the task for you. Wishpond offers several templates for discount and promotion, you can choose the one best for your offer or the one which best suits your business and customise it.

  • Leads Tracking & Management

Wishpond Lead Tracking

Done generating leads?

What’s next? Managing them correctly, Right?

Well, Wishpond not only helps you generate leads but also helps you in tracking, nurturing and managing them.

It is highly important to understand that not every lead will convert immediately, and managing them right will increase the chance of future conversion.

Wishpond will help you in Managing them.

  • Online Forms

Wishpond Online Forms

The most important part of creating campaigns is collecting data. And it is impossible to collect data without forms.

Wishpond offers you several templates for creating virtual forms which will help you collect visitor’s information or lead’s information. You can integrate the form with the landing page irrespective of where you’ve built your landing page.

  • Marketing Automation

wishpond marketing automation

In this fast-paced world, it is highly important to automate the processes for quick responses and reduce the manual work.

With marketing automation, you reduce the chance of losing an opportunity.

The responses are quick, you don’t need to have a 24/7 team to manage the work manually, which eventually reduces the cost.

Wishpond supports automation. It also supports the major CRM, Email Marketing tools. You can easily integrate these tools with Wishpond and automate the entire process.

  • Email Marketing

Wishpond Email Marketing

No Email marketing is not dead. Irrespective of what your niche is, you can use email marketing. And as a marketer, I would highly recommend email marketing especially if you’re a blogger or an eCommerce website.

We receive plenty of promotional emails every day, very few manage to grab our attention. We mostly click when the headline grabs our attention or it’s a brand we use regularly.

Using the right and attractive template is highly important for the user to take action on the promotional mail we sent.

Wishpond offers plenty of ready to use templates which you can use to create and run your email marketing campaign.

My favourite part is, Wishpond offers integration. You can create and customise the template on Wishpond and send it by your favourite email marketing software.

A glimpse of the templates which Wishpond offers:wishpond email marketing

You can choose the template which best suits your business and marketing purpose. Customise it and use it.

You don’t need to take any prior training to use or edit these templates.

Just like all the other features, it supports A/B Split testing. You’ll know which template or element is working best for you.

  • Referral Suite

Wishpond Referral Suite

We all have that one friend who says, “Hey, Please download this app and order using this code”

I am sure you too have such a friend. Who makes you order the stuff just because he’ll get a discount or any other benefit of referring.

This is what we call, “Referral Marketing”. When an existing customer brings you more business and you give them a bonus in return. Many SaaS, eCommerce, and other industries use this technique to increase their customer base

With Wishpond’s Referral Suite you can easily plan and execute your Referral Marketing plan by creating a unique Referral Link.

Other Wishpond’s features includes:

  • Drag & Drop feature

This is applicable to all the features, you can simply edit the templates by using the “Drag & Drop” feature. You don’t need to have any coding, or technical knowledge or any prior training to use Wishpond’s templates.

  • Build Campaigns

With Wishpond, you can easily create campaigns as it offers you all types of templates and integrations without any restrictions or limitations which eventually makes your work easy.

  • Supports A/B Testing

Knowing what’s working best for you is highly important. Form, Landing page, Website popup, Email templates you can test it all by A/B Testing. You can know which one is working best for you.

  • Publish Anywhere

With Wishpond you’re not bound to publish your campaign or other important elements on a particular platform. You can publish them anywhere you want.


Wishpond Pricing

Wishpond offers three pricing plans, namely, Starting Out, Everything you need & Rapid Growth.

Let’s know more about each plan.

Starting Out:

Starting out, it is a very basic plan which is priced at $75/ Month.

Features Starting Out Offers:

  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • 1000 leads can be managed
  • Marketing Automation
  • Unlimited Promotion & Contests
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Email Drip Campaign
  • Pop-Ups

Next plan is, Everything you need.

Everything you need:

Everything you need is a quite venerable package which Wishpond offers. This plan costs $149/ Month.

It includes all the features which Starting Out offers, along with them this package offers:

  • A/B Split testing
  • Custom CSS & Javascript
  • 2500 leads support
  • API Access

Last plan is Rapid Growth. The most advanced plan Wishpond has to offer.

Rapid Growth:

Rapid growth is the most advanced plan offered by Wishpond. This plan costs $299.

Rapid growth offers all the features which both the above-mentioned pricing plans do, along with it, Rapid Growth offers:

  • 10,000 leads limit
  • Implementation Coach
  • Customer support on first priority

Pros & Cons of Wishpond:


  • It is completely customizable.
  • Complete marketing management solution.
  • Easy to use.
  • Integrates with the major tools.
  • Pricing is reasonable.


  • Integration process seems quite complicated.
  • Reporting tools should have more functionalities.


Wishpond vs Hubspot - HubSpot

HubSpot is a complete marketing management software which offers a free CRM tool. It provides you with all the important tools and features which helps you track, organize, plan and build better customer relationships.

HubSpot also provides you with contact insights, tasks, deals, etc.

HubSpot basically offers 4 packages namely, CRM which is free to use, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and the newly introduced CMS Hub.

CRM is absolutely free to use for a lifetime, it helps you manage your leads properly which eventually leads to conversion.

Marketing hub offers to help you convert more website visitors, run inbound marketing campaigns, grow traffic, etc. Its major features include Marketing Automation, Lead Generation, Analytics, etc.

 Wishpond vs HubSpot - HubSpot Homepage

Sales hub is said to be a time-saving software which helps you get deep insights about your leads or customers, it helps you close deals faster, and helps you automate tasks, which reduces manual work.

Its major features include Meeting Scheduling, Email Automation, Email Tracking, etc.

Service hub is basically a customer service software, which helps you to connect with customers, and help you turn them into your promoters. Its key features include customer feedback, tickets, knowledge-base, etc.

HubSpot has recently introduced one additional package, i.e., Content Management Software. Its key features includes SEO recommendations, Drag & Drop editor, Website themes, etc.

It is specially built for developers and marketers, it helps you give your customers a personalized and secure experience.

If we talk about Key features of HubSpot they are too much to talk about, because HubSpot’s each plan has different and unique features. Today, we will talk only about the major features which HubSpot has to offer.

Key features of HubSpot:

  • Content Management System

A Content Management System is highly essential for managing, creating and modifying digital content. Content Management Systems are typically designed for enterprise content and web content.

When you have a big team working on content then CMS proves to be really beneficial.

  • Email Templates

HubSpot offers Ready to use Email Templates, you can easily customize these templates based on your marketing or brand’s requirement.

You can either choose the template or create a design of your own from scratch.

These templates are supported by Gmail, Windows, Office 365 & Outlook. You can easily integrate these mailing services to your HubSpot account.

  • Marketing Automation

The very first time when I got introduced to Marketing Automation was through HubSpot.

I would agree, initially, it is quite hard to understand. But, With HubSpot academy you can easily learn it.

HubSpot Workflows makes the automation process easy. HubSpot’s Automation process allows you to collect data which helps you create relevant marketing campaigns and get more personalized with your audience which is highly essential.

Workflows helps you automate emails and other activities for Lead nurturing.

  • Email Tracking

HubSpot Email Tracking

Being into the field of Digital Marketing for a while now, I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of Email Marketing & Email tracking.

Email tracking is one of my favorite features by HubSpot. With Email tracking, you get a desktop notification when a prospect takes an action on your mail.

With this, you’ll know what time the user or the prospect is active and you can automate your emails accordingly so that the prospect opens the mail.

Reaching out to your potential audience is highly important for more email opens, meeting bookings, answered phone calls, etc.

The best part about email tracking is the lead history in the HubSpot Sales & Browser.

With HubSpot’s email tracking tool you can easily know which link the user opened, whether they downloaded the documents you sent.

  • Social Media Integration & Management

HubSpot Social Media Management

HubSpot allows you to integrate your social media handles and manage them from one place.

With HubSpot you can easily share landing pages, blog posts, etc.

With HubSpot you can publish content to all the major social media platforms, You can easily schedule posts or manually post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

HubSpot suggests you the best time to post which increases the engagement.

  • Lead Management

HubSpot Lead Management

Lead Management is highly important to nurture and convert the lead.

Lead Management is basically a process from start to end of the journey of lead. HubSpot allows you to track and manage your campaigns efficiently.

It helps you from capturing leads, tracking their activities and engaging them until they convert.

  • HubSpot Connect Program

HubSpot connect is basically a partnership program. This program provides you an opportunity to connect with various businesses which helps you network.

If you’re an affiliate marketer or HubSpot’s affiliate member then you can surely get benefited by this program and get early access to new APIs, priority access to HubSpot’s developer support, product launches, official invites for the community meeting and seminars by HubSpot.

  • Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management is the most vigorous feature HubSpot has to offer. Pipeline Management basically fills up the holes which may leak your deals.

HubSpot’s Pipeline management basically adds deals to your CRM system just by a single click. It pushes the deal forward, assigns tasks and tracks the progress in the dashboard.

  • Analytics & Management

Analysing whether your campaigns are performing well is highly essential. But every time to see the analytics and reports you cannot juggle with those excel sheets.

Don’t worry, HubSpot has got your back.

HubSpot has an analytics dashboard which displays the basic data which includes the number of visitors, source of traffic, insights report etc.

With HubSpot’s reporting you can easily know the visitor’s behavior on the site, the time they spent on the website and every page they visited.

HubSpot’s reporting also provides you with important information which tells you from where the audience landed on your page, which device they used, traffic rate etc.


Now, this is the most complicated part of the entire Wishpond vs HubSpot review.

HubSpot basically offers 2 types of pricing plans.

  1. Products & Plans
  2. Bundles
  • Products & Plans

Let’s know more about the first plan i.e., Products & Plans

Products and plans basically have 4 plans to offer and each plan has 2-3 plans.

It costs around $40/ Month to $3200/ Month.

Complete details about each plan is available on HubSpot’s website.

  • Bundles

Let’s know what second plan has to offer, i.e., Bundles

Bundles is basically a combination of famous features which HubSpot offers. You can even customise features yourself and take the plan.

The pricing for Bundles depends upon what you choose to take.

Pros & Cons of HubSpot:


  • Supports automation
  • Support is excellent
  • Supports Integration


  • Email templates can be improved.
  • Pricing is bit unaffordable for Small to Medium-sized businesses.
  • Some functions are hard to understand.

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FAQs | Wishpond vs HubSpot Review 2022

👉 Can I use Wishpond for email marketing?

Yes you can! Your Wishpond plan includes an email marketing feature that you can use to send out specials, blogs, welcome emails and much more to your leads and customers.

🤙 Which binding does HubSpot use as a SAML service provider?

HubSpot uses HTTP Post binding method as a SAML Service Provider.

🙇‍♀️ How do I cancel my Wishpond plan?

🤷‍♂️ How many emails can I send per month through Wishpond?

You can send 10 times the email of that your lead limit is. If your limit is 1,000 leads, you can send 10X1000= 10,000 emails per month.

Conclusion | Wishpond vs HubSpot Review 2022

Wishpond & HubSpot both are excellent tools for managing your online marketing.

Some of the features which both the software offers are almost similar, whereas HubSpot is way more advanced than Wishpond.

Personally, I have been a user of both the software, and I have only one word for both of them “Excellent”. Some features differ from both the tools.

You can choose the right one for you by looking at the features both software has to offer.

Looking at the pricing, if you’re a freelancer, a small to medium-sized business then Wishpond will be a much more affordable option for you.

Whereas, if you’re an agency or a big business then you should definitely go for HubSpot.

Both the tools come with a 14-day trial period.

Hope you found this Wishpond vs HubSpot Review 2022 useful!

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