WP File Download Review 2023: Is It Worth The Hype & Money?

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Ease of Use


  • Easy file updates
  • The file importer tool is also available
  • Shows download statistics
  • Compatible with page builder plugins
  • Translations are also available
  • A lot of resources are available


  • No disadvantages found

The WP File Download plugin streamlines the process of downloading files from cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. When you have submitted the files to your WordPress dashboard, you may organize them anyway you want.

Price:$ 49

If your WordPress site offers file downloads, you’re likely looking for an effective solution to manage, monitor, and regulate access to those files.

Although WordPress makes it easy to add downloadable files to your pages and articles, it does not provide good tools for managing your assets.

Fortunately, specialized download management plugins exist to aid in the organization and monitoring of downloads.

WP File Download is a powerful plugin for managing downloads, and it supports drag-and-drop operations. You may use it to add files to your WordPress CMS and arrange them in folders for easy access.

Excellent, but how does it operate?

In this WP File Download review, we will examine the plugin in further detail and explore how to use its many functions.

As the download manager is incorporated into the WordPress dashboard, I loved using this plugin and found the user interface intuitive.

WP File Download Review 2023: Overview

WP File Download is a robust download manager plugin with drag-and-drop file management capabilities. It allows you to upload files and organize them into categories for simple access inside your WordPress CMS.

WP File Download plugin makes it easy to upload files to your computer and access stuff from your Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive accounts.

WP File Download Review

Once these files have been uploaded to your WordPress dashboard, you may arrange them as you see fit.

WP File Download – Best Features

Here are some of the best features of WP File Download:

WP File Download - Best Features

1. File Download Statistics:

You can offer your visitors downloaded materials such as ebooks and white papers using WP File Download.

If a visitor is logged into their WordPress account at the time of download, you may additionally monitor the files downloaded by that account.

2. Email Notifications:

When working on a big team, it might take a lot of work to monitor the modifications made to each file.

WP File Download addresses this problem by logging any changes to your files and notifying you through email of specified modifications, such as new file uploads or deletions.

This ensures file consistency and makes it simple to determine who made modifications and when and why.

3. File Permissions:

As the administrator of WordPress, you have access to all files and data. You may increase file visibility for other team members by providing access and permissions.

Using WP File Download, you may choose which files and folders are shared with specific users, such as writers and contributors. You may also manage who performs specific file and category actions.

Let’s suppose you operate an e-commerce website. Your new photographer will be responsible for all product pictures and will need access to your design files.

Simply establish a Photographer category in the plugin and allow them to alter only the “Design” file category.

4. Advanced File Search Engine:

Time is required to manage many files. Using an innovative file search engine, the WP File Download plugin lessens your effort.

Simply search for keywords or apply a filter to identify files based on the date they were produced, and then preview any results before opening them.

5. File Manager Themes:

With WP File Download, you can manage your files and categories from the WordPress editor using an auto-save feature.

Five themes are available, each with a unique presentation format: Default, Google Drive, Table, Accordion File Tree, and File Preview.

The plugin allows you to set a different theme for each category and modify each parameter within each category. Want to develop your motif? No issue.

With a single click, you may clone and change an existing theme.

WP File Download How To Buy & Pricing

Step – 1: Go to the WP File Download’s official website and click on ‘Buy now!’.

WP File Download official website

Step – 2: Choose a plan of your choice and click on ‘CHOOSE NOW’ below it.

Choose a plan of your choice

Step – 3: Fill up the details asked for and click on ‘REGISTER AND CHECK OUT’.

Fill up the all details

That is it. Start using WP File Download.

Why Do I Recommend WP File Download?

1. File preview and download data:

You may enable a Google Analytics event tracker and access a dashboard with download statistics using the WordPress plugin administration.

If the option is selected, you may monitor the files downloaded per WP user account, provided the user is in their WordPress account at the time of the download.

File preview and download data

You may restrict your WordPress file download statistics by file category, individual file, and date period.

2. One-click file update & multicategories, document versioning:

Never before has updating and restoring files been so simple. You may update (replace) an existing file with a single click while maintaining a copy of the previous file version.

The previous version may also be restored with a single click. You may generate a naming pattern for each new version to keep track of file versions.

Additionally, the plugin allows you to attach a downloaded file to numerous categories.

3. Import existing server files into the download manager:

If you already have files saved on your server or if sending files through FTP is quicker, the file importer is for you.

Select a document source on your server and the download management category target, and then initiate a synchronization. It is also possible to export the whole file library or only a portion.

4. Five themes are included:

The plugin includes five themes, but it’s not just themed! They alter how you make your files accessible to people.

Standard file listing, a layout similar to Google Drive, a table, an accordion file tree, and a file preview with covers are offered as themes.

Additionally, the system is incredibly customizable, as you may apply a different style to each file category or even develop your file download theme.

5. A robust but user-friendly WordPress download manager:

It is similar to handling files using a desktop file browser. Using drag-and-drop, you may modify the order and hierarchy of file categories and arrange files. And everything is stored in real-time using AJAX.

Adding new documents? Simply drag and drop one or multiple files, regardless of their size. Move or make copies of files? It is a simple matter. Use drag-and-drop or the right-click menu to copy, cut, and paste several files.

6. Restriction of download access, file visibility, and file administration:

When managing files, you must always configure user access to files, which is usually a complicated process.

In WP File Download, they’ve provided clever tools to control file visibility and file management operations. Define who may download or update a file, delete a file, and modify only his files, among other permissions.

Additionally, limiting access to a file or file category to certain WordPress users is possible.

WP File Download Review: Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons:


  • A lot of resources are available
  • Translations are also available
  • Works with all WP themes
  • Compatible with page builder plugins
  • Shows download statistics
  • The file importer tool is also available
  • Easy file updates


  • None

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Conclusion: WP File Download Review 2023

WordPress has minimal file management tools built in. However, a plugin like WP File Download may substantially expand your file download management choices.

As you’ve seen in my review of WP File Download, this plugin from JoomUnited is user-friendly without sacrificing functionality.

You can rapidly link your website with the most popular cloud storage providers thanks to the available add-ons. You can also use a social lock to aid your social media marketing efforts.

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