WP Media Folder Review 2022– Is It Reliable WordPress Plugin?

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In this article, I am going to share my honest WP Media Folder Review 2022.

WordPress rules the era where almost everything is online. Thanks to its straightforward and easy setup and creation process, anyone can create a great and interactive website for their products and services.

In order to enhance user experience, WordPress adds many plugins. One such plugin I will be talking about is the WP Media Folder. 

Bottom Line: WP Media Folder is one of the best gallery management plugins when it comes to WordPress Gallery alternatives. It is seamless, easy to use, and feature-rich. 


In this article, I will be talking about everything you should know about the WP Media Folder. 

wp media folder review- wordpress plugin

WP Media Folder Review 2022– Is It Worth The Hype?

Overview Of WP Media Folder

WP Media Folder is one of the alternatives to the default WordPress Gallery system. It is a gallery management system designed specifically for websites on WordPress.

With this plugin, you can easily manage and sort all the media on your website, such as images, videos, etc. 

If you are having trouble with the default WordPress gallery, then you should definitely try it out.

Best Features of WP Media Folder

gallery manager

WP Media Folder is a very useful tool with loads and loads of features. So, this article would be telling about all these in detail. 

So let us begin then:

  •  WordPress Media Ordering & Filtering

WP Media Folder provides the user with some advanced WordPress media filtering and sorting. This enables the user to filter the media by its file type and/or the file size. For example, it will enable you to order all your media according to the media title.

  • WordPress Gallery From The Media Folder

For use on WordPress websites, WP Media Folder provides a really powerful feature known as Gallery.

As opposed to the default WordPress Gallery feature, this one is a lot more customizable and yet smooth to use. It allows you to use advanced and powerful features that are absent in the WordPress Gallery.

  • Watermark On images

With the help of WP Media Folder, you can simply apply watermarks to your images as well as other video media. The main benefit of this watermark is that it is non-removable, and thus no one can steal your content without giving you the credits.

  • Compatibility With 3rd Party Platforms

With WP Media Folder, you can enjoy a large and extensive range of support with other leading plugins used for eCommerce, such as WooCommerce, FlipShoppe.

This will help you in managing each and every image on your WordPress site and put them together according to their categories and range.

Apart from all this, WP Media Folder has a broad range of functions and features when added with some additional plugins. These features are as following: 

  • Drag And Drop Feature

With additional plugins, you can add the functionality of the drag and drop interface. With this, you can simply click the media you want to add on another tab and drag it to the place you want it to be.

This process is very seamless and easy to use. 

  • Editor Compatibility

WP Media Folder supports all the media and content, which is saved on managing folders thanks to its varied compatibility with different plugins.

  • Small And Light In Size And Performance Impact

 WP Media Folder has a vast range of features and compatible programs. However, the size of the whole plugin and its performance impact on the frontend and backend is also very low.

  • Option To Choose Gallery Layouts

With WP Media Folder, users can also choose their gallery layouts. The plugin offers the users four gallery options to choose from. Moreover, you can just change the desired gallery features to make it compatible with the theme of your website.

  • Filter Up Your media

With the help of WP Media Folder, users have the ability to add their custom filtering options to filter up your existing media based on their file types, their categories, size, etc.

  • File Insertion At Your Ease

WP Media Folder will make adding media into your WordPress site posts seamless and very smooth. Options for adding custom media to your posts are also available with the WP Media Folder plugin.

  •  Optimized For SEO

WP Media Folder is completely optimized for SEO, and it makes sure that your media is uploaded in such a way that the indexing is more straightforward and efficient.

  • Support For Multiple Languages

WP Media Folder has support for multiple languages so that no matter what language you are using, you can easily use and access the plugin.

  • Easy Plugin Updates

WP Media Folder uses the standard WordPress updater, so anytime any update comes in, you can simply use the WordPress updater and install the update.

  • Seamless Import Tool

Image upload and import to WordPress gets so much easier and seamless thanks to this plugin.


Main Advantages of WP Media Folder

wordpress bundle

WP Media Folder is constantly considered as the top choice when it comes to replacing the default WordPress media manager with some alternatives.

This plugin is praised across the globe by its customers as well as the experts because of its services and performance. So here are the top 5 main reasons why you should be using WP Media Folder. 

  • It Is Pretty Easy In Usage 

WP Media Folder is designed in such a way that it is totally user-friendly. This makes it easy to use for anyone and anywhere on a WordPress website.

You can upload both single as well as multiple files by just dragging and dropping it directly into a folder. Next, you can customize a layout by simply making folders, sub-folders, or even sub-sub-folders and many more.

You can also select a media file and then classify it into folders with cover pictures. 

  • One Of The Fastest WordPress Media Manager

WP Media Folder is pretty lightweight and really very fast when it comes to managing the WordPress media. It can work seamlessly on any server.

It becomes easy to execute all sorts of action in a matter of seconds, may it be folder creation, filtering, navigation, or anything else.

WP Media folder is more than capable of managing every folder and even making sure that you have a hassle-free experience in importing the default WordPress media to your plugin. 

  • Both Sustainable As Well As Stable

When it comes to the wide array of WordPress Media Managers, the WP Media folder is the most reliable and stable alternative.

Each and every folder is generated with the use of custom taxonomy in order to help you manage the folders without the need of adding external links to the media, even when you have to move it from one to another folder.

What makes it even better is that you can stop using or even uninstall the plugin without any risk of losing any media. 

  • Customizable And Fast Media Gallery

With this media manager, users can choose from 4 options of gallery layout viz Masonry, Sider, Portfolio, and Default enhanced gallery.

You also get an option of altering as well as disabling the features of the Gallery in order to maintain the theme compatibility.

The plugin is empowered by an advanced level gallery importer called NextGEN that will help you seamlessly importing the NextGen galleries as a media folder. 

  • WooCommerce compatibility

WooCommerce provides compatibility with WooCommerce and is one of the most commonly used WordPress plugins too.

This integration makes it so easy to manage and upload media for your e-commerce website. You can easily classify and arrange your product into categories using this integration.

For an e-commerce website manager, it is a breeze to use this integration and organize all the media for your website. 

Pricing Plans of WP Media Folder

WP Media Folder Review- addons prices

WP Media Folder comes in with three different pricing plans based on what you need and what you can pay for. 

The first one is a 6-month plan which has the plugin and 6 months of support with it. It will cost you $29 for 6 months.

The next one is the 1-year pro plan. It has all the same features as the 6-month plan. This plan will cost you $39 for a year.

The last one is the 1 year + addons plan. This plan will charge you $59 for a year. The thing that sets this plan apart from the other two is the fact that this plan provides gallery addons and cloud compatibility. The other two plans do not have this feature.


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FAQs About WP Media Folder Review

🤷‍♀️ Is WP Media Folder compatible with smartphones?

You can WP Media Folder on any device which can run WordPress and WordPress websites. So if your smartphone can open up the WordPress Dashboard, it can surely open and access WP Media Folder.

🤓 Is WP Media Folder trustable?

WP Media Folder has a long list of clients and users. The site is totally trustable with no reports of any suspicious activity till now.

🧐 Why should I go for an alternative to the WordPress gallery?

Alternatives to the default WordPress gallery are very useful. They provide various benefits over the default WordPress gallery, such as drag and drop features, sorting features, and much more. They are also easy and interactive to use.

Final Thoughts: WP Media Folder Review 2022

WP Media Folder is one of the best gallery management plugins when it comes to WordPress Gallery alternatives. It is seamless, easy to use, and feature-rich.

Apart from all this, the WP Media Folder is totally worth a try.

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