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WPS Office Coupon Codes September 2019: Get 75% Discount NOW

WPS office coupon codes promo codes discount codes
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Avail WPS office subscription with WPS Office Coupons

Below is a list of some WPS Office Discount Coupon Codes September 2019


  1. Special Discount on WPS Annual subscription.

Use code- 20_IRpromo.

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  1. Get lifetime license of WPS Office 10 Business Edition.

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  1. Get free office suite for Windows PC.

No code needed. Visit website to grab the offer.

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  1. Get 20% off on WPS Office subscription.

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  1. Get 5% discount on your order.

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  1. Get up to 30% off.

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  1. Get discount up to 30%.

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  1. Avail 10% discount.


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  1. Discounts avail on business and home use of WPS Office.

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  1. Receive 15% discount on Zhuhai Kingsoft.

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Discount Coupons



People in need of an inexpensive office suite that is capable of running on desktop, can give a try to WPS Office 2017. This freemium software will cost you $45 for a year and $80 for a lifetime.

Verified Today: WPS Office 10 Business edition Lifetime license for $79.99 | Free WPS Office Coupon Codes September 2019 Latest.

This is fully compatible with Microsoft Office and it contains some helpful features like tabbed documents, an easily customizable feel and look, as well as an eye Protection Mode which makes the screen look light green.

You are sure to get a great productive experience for the price as Google App has a strong collaboration with it and being an open-source component you get all their functions for free.

 WPS office coupon codes promo codes discount codes

Features of WPS Office: WPS Office Coupon Codes


Features included in WPS remains restricted to Spreadsheets, Presentation and writer. These are the big three elements that makes WPS Office the best choice for people in need of an office suit. In the menu you can find two other features named OpenOffice and LibreOffice. You can also find a Math program to solve equations.

The only shortcoming is that you cannot find any database or drawing program included in WPS Office.

You can expect excellent compatibility both while handling files in Office format as well as using the program. Some users are of the opinion that when they tried to open a PowerPoint imported file it had one word overlapping the other awkwardly. However, this is a minor issue and it cannot dim down the popularity of this office solution.

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File Roaming is the most helpful feature of WPS Office that works perfectly. The main idea behind this feature is to keep your files saved in cloud storage from your laptop, desktop and mobile and finally share them among all these devices.

This feature can save file from various devices but file from one device will not be visible to the other one. A new update is scheduled in the line and users are expecting to see better performance of the coming versions.

There is only one mate for your computer, that is WPS office. if you need a computer for your job, then WPS office gives important and useful Office programs at a very cheap price. WPS office has been one of the greatest development of Kingsoft.

If you want to save money by not buying Microsoft Office then another option should be very clear. WPS gives you the clearance by its amazing service. It is the best alternative of Office 365. It is also Compatible with Microsoft Office.

This is the software used by everyone in every profession. From students to employees in MNC’s, everyone uses WPS office for their work. It is the best solution for both you and your pocket.

What is WPS office?

It was established in 1989. WPS Office was developed by Kingsoft, china’s Internet services and software company, they are the leading developer of office software solutions.  They have their offices in US, China, and Hong Kong. Also, they have over 900 employees working for them. WPS office is the best office market solution for mobiles and desktop.

It is compatible with all the platforms like Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Linux. Also, it comes with a great feature, that is it is available in the all the languages like Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese. Initially, it contains three primary components: WPS Writer, WPS Presentation, and WPS Spreadsheet.

Over one billion users are using WPS office from all over the world. It provides features that are alternative, productive, accessible and transparent, that’s why over I billion people are trusting WPS office for their work. WPS OFFICE suits include Writer, Spreadsheets, Presentation and PDF reader comparable with Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

It is compatible with xls, xlsx, doc, docx, ppt, pptx formats and more. It has high performance yet is affordable. it is comparable to Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

it has a very similar user interface as of Microsoft. Also, it supports Microsoft document formats with their native Kingsoft is very easy to use as it has a great user-friendly interface, which helps people to grasp WPS office more quickly. It gives access panels with more than 230 types of letters and over 100 free templates.

Because of these features people like WPS office. Also, visit their website WPS office got best office suits at an affordable price that is very good for your wallet.

Products of WPS premium

WPS Office Free

WPS Office Premium

WPS Office Professional

WPS PDF to Word

WPS Data Recovery Master

WPS Office for Android

WPS Office for iOS

WPS Office for Linux



As we know WPS office is compatible with Microsoft, hence it uses the same ribbon-based interface as used by Microsoft. Along with the ribbon-based interface, WPS office uses static menu interface. So, for smoothness, you can easily use Ribbon for Presentation and the static menu for Writer and Spreadsheets. Don’t worry, if you have the knowledge to work on Microsoft office then there will be no problem in using WPS office.



WPS office is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. It is excellent for all the formats in xls, xlsx, doc, docx, ppt, pptx formats and more. So, you don’t need to worry about its compatibility.


WPS office Premium has some Easy To Use Powerful Features and that is:


Connect up to 9 devices—PC & Android

WPS Premium supports 9 connected devices (3 PCs, 6 Mobile). Now you can access any type of document from anywhere.


Advanced Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheets

This feature will give you man sub features like


It gives you 230 fonts,100’s of free templates.


It keeps your document safe with help of password.  Every sensitive data is accessible through reading/write permission.


Gives the service of track changes, comments and spell check. I make your document error-free and at the same time efficient.


You can save your pdf directly in your email through WPS office.


It gives the high quality advanced animation, slide transitions, and support for video, images, audio and even Flash.


Available in all languages English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Russian.


Now your spreadsheet has 100’s of built-in formulas, support for macros, pivot tables and more.


They are available for you whenever you need them. Email facility is available with video tutorials for your help.


No ADs on all devices

WPS premium gives a break from the advertisement. Now you can access WPS without ads. Sometimes ads can be annoying. Now, these advertisements will not disturb you in between your work.


Free PDF to word

You can easily convert your pdf files into the doc, docx formats. Otherwise, it is really difficult to convert into any format from pdf. You can easily split or merges h pages of the pdf.  WPS Premium users can use pdf conversion for free and non-premium users can use the Special offer of $9.99USD/Year.


Free extensive online templates

Free extensive templates are available for you. Now you can go for any template according to your need. You can choose from the resume, memo, finance, business, education, natural and many kinds of charts.


Free WPS Cloud storage

1G Free WPS cloud storage is free For WPS Premium users. WPS cloud allows you to store documents and ensures secure, encrypted backup. It allows you to work on a document while using mobile.  It gives you the advantage to access your document with any connected device. Also, you can share your documents with your colleagues.


30-day money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the product then you can easily return it in exchange for 100%cashback offer.



The only problem you would suffer is the advertisement problem. Yes, it is a bit frustrating that there are frequent pop-up ads.

But in WPS premium there is ADs –No feature which gives you relief from advertisements.


WPS Office for all platforms


Products offered by WPS Office are WPS Office for Android, WPS Office for Windows PC, WPS Office for iOS and Linux. To use any of the one you need to purchase the same for 1 month or 6 months or 12 months.

To use the three programs- Writer, Spreadsheet and Presentation you don’t need to download individual apps like you have to do with Microsoft Office or some other Google offering.

Instead, when you use WPS Office for a certain job it will open the correct tool depending upon the nature of the file you have opened.

Coupons to use

With the coming of WPS office, people are already enjoying huge benefits which they initially could not avail using Microsoft Office or some other Google apps. If you want to receive double benefits, it is now possible as numerous online platforms are there that offer WPS Office Coupons.

Using these coupons you can avail amazing offers as well as discounts on WPS subscription plans. So, people with monetary problems now have a reason to rejoice. As some coupons will fetch your discounts, you can avail the required service at a lower price.

Over To You : WPS Office Discount Coupon Codes

To conclude, WPS Office is the perfect solution for people looking for an alternative of Microsoft Office. You now have the option to get a lifetime subscription of WPS at a much lower price. This has been made easy with the coming of WPS Office Promo Coupon Codes September 2019. Get one of the above mentioned codes and avail the offer that it brings.

Therefore, WPS office is the best option for the documents and presentations you required. Also, they give you a break from all the hurdles and let you focus only on your business expansion. The biggest savior of today’s time is WPS office.

Also, 24/7 email support are available. You can contact them whenever you want. They are always here to help you. You don’t have to worry when WPS office is there for your help. Therefore, WPS office customers are happy customers.

However, make sure to use the code properly to make the voucher work.

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