How to Use the WPX Hosting Staging Area?

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With WPX hosting Staging Area, you may create a test version of your website to fine-tune themes/templates, plugins, layouts, and more.

You can merge your staging site with your live site using the WPX Staging Area. This implies that any new blog comments or Post/Page updates made on the Live Site since the Staging version was established will be retained, and only the changes made on the Staging version will be added to the Live site.

One website slot in your WPX hosting account is taken up by one staging area deployment.

For instance, if you’re on the Business plan, you’ll get five website spots. You’ll need four website slots to establish a staging version of two existing websites: two for the staging regions and two for the current parent websites.

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The Guide to use WPX Staging Area

Step 1:

Log in to your WPX account and click Create Staging (2) from the Websites/SSL (1) menu in your hosting dashboard.

Step 2:

Pick your preferred website (3) and then click Deploy Staging Instance (4): A pop-up menu will appear; select your desired website (3) and then click Deploy Staging Instance (4):

Step 3:

Because a complete clone of your live site is built, it could take up to a minute to establish your new staging site.

The warning message with the Staging constraints indicated in Step 1 of the article will appear before the confirmation box.

NOTE: If you aren’t using WPX Hosting’s nameservers (which you probably are), you’ll need to point an A Record to the staging subdomain (e.g. or direct the parent domain’s nameserver to our server in order to access your new staging instance.

IMPORTANT: No search engine bots will be able to index the staging (ex. google bots, bing bots, etc.)

Step 4:

Use the “Login” button next to the staging or the default wp-admin url: to log in.

NOTE: If you’ve changed your WP admin login page to an other URL, go to to access your new Staging Area.

Step 5:

On your staging site, you can now make whatever modifications you desire. Your WordPress site’s URL will look like this:, as shown in the screenshot below:

Step 6:

The next step is to combine the two versions (Staging and Live) together if you’re satisfied with your adjustments. Return to your hosting dashboard’s Your Websites area and click the Merge to Live option;

Step 7:

Merging your Staging and Live versions will maintain any new blog material (including comments and posts) on the Live site, but it will also add any other modifications from theStaging version (new plugins, theme/templates, or changes to existing plugins).

NOTE: During the merge, if Posts or Pages are modified on the Staging version, they will replace the Live version Posts/Pages.

Important: Prior to merging, any new plugins or theme/templates updated to the Staging site will need to be activated on the Live Site’s relevant WP Admin page.

Step 8:

You will be asked for your merging preferences before the merge is completed.

If you want to make a user backup of the Live site before merging (which is strongly advised) and/or delete this staging instance after merging, check the boxes.

When you’re ready, click Continue Merging:

The live version of your website has been updated.

After site merging is complete, an information window will open. If you need it, make sure to check your Backup Manager for your pre-merged site version.


If you are stuck at some point, you can always contact the WPXHosting team for further assistance. WPXHosting team is super responsive and provides 24/7/365 support.

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