Zoolz Review 2023 February: Online Backup Service-Should You Trust?

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About Zoolz


Zoolz was established in the year 2005 by a technology group Genie9. I have also shared Genie9 Backup Software Coupon Codes in one of my post.

An excellent online backup Zoolz is yet another trusted product of Genie9 after Genie Timeline, Genie Backup Manager. The headquarter are situated in the USA. It is one of the most affordable cloud backup solutions as it uses Amazon Cold Storage System “Glacier”.

The Glacier lets them record files at a very low cost. The Zoolz provides a very easy to manage software that even the one with basic computer knowledge can operate.

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In this article, we will tell you everything about Zoolz backup solutions, so that you can take a right decision.

Zoolz is the first lifetime cloud storage which works as an easy and secure backup for your PCs, external and network drives. It is a solution for long-term data storage on your any drives and thus takes 3 to 5 hours for file retrieval.

This much time consumed is due to the Glacier system which also reduces the cost. But if we look at the overall services of Zoolz, they are quite fast and consistent.

zoolz uses Amazon Glacier

Why is Zoolz a practical solution for lifetime cloud storage?: Zoolz Review 2023 February: Online Backup Service-Should You Trust?

It might happen at times that your hard drives perish due to some reasons, so you need a location where you can store your data for longer or even for a lifetime. So, here comes the role of Zoolz in protecting your data just for you by all means. There are few reasons why other solutions are not as robust as Zoolz:

  • Your external hard drive archives might get deleted if you forget to connect up your external drive to your PC.
  • Your information is not encoded before exiting your device. You never know what changes might take place with data privacy laws
  • Your present cloud solution can control the number of external hard drives that can be backed up. After few years you can mount up more data and will have to leave your older data to protect the newer.
  • If you want to bid goodbye to your old PC, your previous records must be saved to the newer one or they will be removed.
  • If you erase a folder, it will be also deleted from your online storage space after a definite period.
  • No network drive assistance for home users.


So, overall if we see Zoolz’s unique feature of backing up data for lifetime makes it stand out as compared to its competing service providers like Carbonite and Backblaze. These services usually remove the files if it cannot find the same one on your hard drive for 30 days.

zoolz services

Reasons why others are not considered as lifetime storage:

  • External and Network drive back up

Zoolz supports all types of network drives even on disconnecting them and storing them. It will never mark any of your files as erased or missing.

  • Real security

It encodes you all files and folder before they exit your processor, as well as safely transfer and stores your files on coded servers using military ranking 256 AES Encryption.

  • Lifetime storage

This extremely unique feature with lowest cost makes Zoolz outstanding amongst other competitors. Your files are stored and kept among various servers across the globe for the consistency of your long term data requirements.

  • Hybrid +

With Hybrind+, you can just double your backup protection. It is an easy way to save local copy of your backup to your server, network or external drive.

  • No backup limitations

You can upload all your files irrespective of any size or kind at great speed along with automatic protection.

  • Loaded with features

Zoolz is fully packed with many multimedia features like scheduling, file filtering, open file backup, uploading speed limit, etc.

  • Great for photographers

Zoolz is a one-stop solution for all those who love clicking pictures. It is created to back up and generate photo glances of all your camera pictures whether RAW and jpegs. You can see all your photographs from a consolidated web location.

  • Archive computers

If you are bidding goodbye to your older PC, you just need to store it to restore data from it anytime without additional licencing.

  • Simple restore

Zoolz is an easy-to-use or you can say an extremely user-friendly solution which can be managed by anyone anywhere. The working is simple and understandable even by a common man with basic computer knowledge. The restore process can be handled in a most stress-free way. You just need to select files and after 3 to 4 hours’ files will start restoring without any interference.

  • Affordable

Zoolz does not cost much as compared to its competitors. The pricing for the lifetime storage starts from $ 1.99 to $ 9.99 per month. At such affordable prices, you get access to Zoolz’s great features.


zoolz pricing

Zoolz has got all the following features:

  • File sharing/streaming
  • File versioning
  • Scheduled backup
  • Anytime anyplace access
  • 100% automatic
  • Remote/access manager
  • File protection
  • Sync multiple devices
  • Automatic/idle backups
  • Mobile access
  • Mobile apps
  • 14-day free trial
  • Operating system- Windows, Mac, Android
  • Discover digital memories faster
  • Streaming like Netflix
  • Memories protected
  • Photo detection
  • Smart filter to organize in a better way
  • Customer support through phone and emails


zoolz product

Overall factors of comparison

The process

Getting started with Zoolz is not at all a tough as you just need to download and install the software and start the process. The account creation is free of cost, so you can go around and check whether it is convenient for you to get along with.

Zoolz lets you to add your files yourself irrespective of any size or any size. Even the free trial doesn’t restrict the use of any features and user-friendliness. It offers unlimited cloud backup.

You can effortlessly choose files on NAS which is a rare feature in any cloud backup service. You can schedule and throttle backup process as per your convenience.

The Hybrid feature allows you to relocate your files onto a peripheral hard drive before they are uploaded to the cloud.

It will help you to backup files at a faster speed. Do remember to activate the SSL connection which is deactivated as a standard feature.

zoolz backup solution



File reestablishment

Restoring all your records properly with Zoolz is very much necessary for backing up process. Zoolz creates a separate restitution app that lets you to recover your documents from the cold storage. As the name advises your archives will first be collected and can take 3 to 5 hours.

Therefore, Zoolz is not for those who regularly reinstate data, as this procedure takes time. On the other hand this is such an affordable service that many of us won’t be able to ignore it.

The choice remains with us that whether you want to go for a cheap storage or fast restores. Many of us will prefer to avail the Zoolz service as they can do other important tasks till their files are getting retrieved. So, after the restore process gets completed, you can see the data in the folders you chose beforehand.

zoolz file restoring


Retrieving the files via web

Web access offers many benefits for your retrieved files. You can log on to your archives from anyplace as you just need your login credentials to get access from any device. Zoolz allows you to view your files online and also download them as and when you want.

But there is an issue with the feature as you can’t download the files immediately. You can download only when all your files have been called from the cold storage.

One more unique feature of Zoolz is that you can preview all your RAW files which you have stored once. This attribute is mainly for the photographers who want to browse their recorded pictures. But unfortunately this feature is not for other Word files or PowerPoint presentations, which is indeed a big negative point.

zoolz file retrieving via web

Mobile compatibility

Opening your files on your handy mobile device is also not a problem for Zoolz as it fully compatible with small screens. Zoolz mobile app can easily be found on Android and iOS devices where you can perform every important function which is possible on your PC or laptop. These functions are:

  • Retrieve encoded backed up records from your mobile
  • Read your files and save your pictures in offline mode
  • Preview all your backed up photos
  • Share any backed up document irrespective of its size

The sharing feature is also an interesting one for those who want to distribute their pictures to their customers without taking help of big email attachments. This feature is also a better option for those who don’t want to share their rare collection on a social platform and want to share it personally with few people.

zoolz mobile compatibility



Zoolz team keeps in mind the security aspect related to their client’s work. Like any other data backup service, Zoolz also safeguards all your data with 256-bit AES encryption, both while the files are in transfer to and from the servers or they are at staying on the servers.

The other good point is that you get hands on the encryption key, which only you can hold and maintain. You can only access your records without any intervention of others.

Zoolz doesn’t maintain or own its servers, and thus it hires servers from Amazon web services. Some thought it as a negative point, but Zoolz claims that this makes their services more consistent against any hardware catastrophes. Amazon’s extensive infrastructure protects against any risks as it’s security protocols are reliable.

zoolz security

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Customer service

Once you sign up for Zoolz services, their help and support will not leave any key unturned to get your problem solved. If any. You can reach them through live chats, phone, and emails. Zoolz also provides FAQs and tutorials on its website so that the users get answers to all the basic queries.

The support system is quite strong and offers best possible knowledge to its users. The only thing missing is the forum which is nowadays a great feature for any such service.

zoolz best customer care

Final Roundabout-Should you buy Zoolz? : Zoolz Review 2023 February: Online Backup Service-Should You Trust?

Zoolz offers a high value for its services rendered as well as great features. The reliable and high-quality services are worth each penny you spend on it. It is the best online backup storage service with exceptional performance. Its added advantage is the unlimited back up feature comprising NAS.

Under any circumstances, it will not remove your files if you have not attached your internal hard drive. Zoolz services are above average when it comes to backing up and restoring data.

The mobile app also has an easy-to-use interface which can be used by anyone having basic technical knowledge. Though the competition is relatively tough in the market when we consider these back up services, Zoolz has maintained itself at right level with its unassailable features.

Zoolz is developed to safeguard and share your files in the safest and accessible way. It is indeed a forerunner in providing top quality back up service by combining data protection with social networking.

With the help of Amazon S3 and Glacier technology, it enables users to select their data storage site, hence making it easy to recover it.

The Zoolz desktop anger allows us to access the files on the social platform on any handheld device.


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