Tai Lopez SMMA Review 2020 : Is It Scam Or Legit?

Tai Lopez SMMA
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Increase in ROI




Customer Support




User Friendly




Video Quality


Course Modules




Ease of Learning




  • Amazing Course Modules
  • Bonus Courses Available
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Active Facebook Group
  • Value For Money
  • Expert Instructors
  • Step-By-Step Training
  • Sales Funnel Included
  • Live Calls Available
  • Online Certification
  • Updated Content To All Members
  • Lifetime Access to SMMA Course


  • Slightly Expensive
  • Learning Takes Time

In this post, you will find the honest Tai Lopez SMMA Review.

This is Tai Lopez SMMA or Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 which aims at various agencies to improve their social media visibility.

Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 Review 2020: Is It a Scam?

Tai Lopez SMMA 2.0 Just mentioned this program instructs you how to earn money by helping various organizations improve their social media sites’ visibility.

There is the possibility to bill large fees (as much as $10,000 per month according to Tai) which will certainly enable you to construct a solid online service as well as safeguard your future.

Tai-Lopez-SMMA-2.0 reviews reddit

You require to discover the ideal company model, get the best training, and also be prepared to work remarkably hard to start a social media agency business.

Perhaps Tai Lopez SMMA’s 2.0 is the way to attain this … If all of that occurs your desire can become a reality!

Join me while I do a full SMMA 2.0 Review.

If you are willing to start your own social media agency, then you must go through this post.

I will take into consideration the strong and also weak points of this training course and also aid you to decide– is it Legit?

The info you need is only a few scrolls away …

Tai Lopez Social Media Agency Courses & Modules

Tai Lopez 2.0 course has four modules and two bonus courses each of which is taught by multiple experts.

  • Business Foundation: Mindset and Legality

  • Social Media Training

  • Acquiring High Ticket Clients: How To Get Clients That pay a high amount 

  • Automating and 10xing your Agency


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Phase 1: Laying Business Foundation

The first phase of the course is the business foundation. You will be introduced to the factors necessary for starting a successful social media agency.

Each lesson has an expert instructor and they will help you understand the Social Media marketing business such as protecting your business, how to set up an SMMA website, and how to use Facebook ads.

The quick hits of this course include the Naming and purchasing the domain for your business, acquiring the first clients, and how to tackle difficulties and fears of business failure.

Phase 2: Mastering Social Media Business

In the second phase of this course, you will learn about using social media marketing platforms and how to increase the conversion rates using the Tai Lopez sales funnel.

I liked the second phase the most because it taught everything from scratch. It had everything right from setting up the sales funnel to copywriting and creating engaging videos for Facebook ads or YouTube.

SMMA course has sales funnel experts at the beginner level as well as at the experienced level.

Phase 3: How To Acquire Clients

This phase of social media course will tell you the whereabouts of your potential clients. You will use the skills in Phase 2 to acquire sales in phase 3.

This module includes:

  • Websites To use to find Local business
  • How To Convince Businesses To Hire You
  • How To Find High Ticket Clients
  • Closing New Deals and high ticket deals

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Phase 4: Automating Your Agency

This course module will focus on building and scaling your social media agency business once you have got a number of high ticketing clients.

You can use these tips when you need a team to scale your business. Here you will learn the tips hire the team, scale your business, how to hold the old clients, and how to reach the social media influencers to grow your business.

How Much Does Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 Cost?

TaiLopez smma courses - Try SMMA 3.0
TaiLopez smma courses – Try SMMA 3.0

Tai Lopez supplies 2 various settlement techniques for his SMMA Course: 1 solitary settlement of $697 or 4 payments of $199 each, incomplete $796.

In order to make the course and also the offer much more appealing, Tai consists of an enhanced listing of “Rewards”.

On his main internet site, he asserts that the SMMA Program Plan is worth $5,776.

Tai Lopez owns a million-dollar agency and helps the business scale $1000-$10000 per month by starting their own social media agency.

Tai Lopez’s Social Media Program is pretty expensive but if you have the budget, it can be worth it. The normal pricing for this course is $997.

However, there is a Tai Lopez lifetime discount 2020 which saves $300 on the subscription.

However, you can also schedule free training for social media marketing courses which would help you decide if it’s worth it.


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What Do You need to Know About Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez - how to start a small business
Tai Lopez – how to start a small business

Tai Lopez has become one of the best-known internet marketing personalities through his extensive use of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets.

His YouTube channel alone has over 1,300,000 subscribers. He is a credible industry expert and if he didn’t know his stuff he would not have been able to build such a loyal following.

He does receive negative reactions from some people, but this is usually due to his brash manner and tendency to show off his new sports car or mansion.

In fact, his credibility is good as he has many high profile features on him in magazines such as Entrepreneur.

tai lopez SMMA reviews - Everything you get

He has also been regularly featured on TV, has interviewed high profile business people such as Mark Cuban, and has had his YouTube videos used by college professors as an example of effective marketing.


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tai Lopez - tai Lopez - Is Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Course Legit?


In order to gain a better understanding of Tai Lopez’s SMMA 2.0, I wish to run through some of the positives and negatives for you. Let’s see the pros and cons of the Tai Lopez course.

Pros of Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0

  • Comprehensive Course:

Tai’s social media marketing agency course is a comprehensive course with 64 hours of training videos. It has a total of 130+ lessons or modules that is important for starting a social media marketing agency.

These modules are available on the SMMA sales page. Also, you can read the case studies form the successful students and how they started the SMMA business. Their videos are fun and easy to learn.

  • Active Facebook Group

You definitely need an active social media group for the SMMA marketing course. Tai Lopez social media marketing agency has a Facebook community with 22,000 active members.

This group is not much active but it is far better than the other social media marketing business courses.

  • Multiple Experts 

If you want to start a Social Media marketing business, you need a solid course for that.

While Tai Lopez 67 Steps is taught by Tai Lopez himself, the SMMA course is taught by the digital marketing experts. The best part about this SMMA course is that the 4 modules are taught by the experts and the bonus courses are taught by other professionals.

  • Value For Money

I wanted to try out this course after hearing about Tai Lopez’s social media agency review. So, I looked for the normal pricing and soon I changed my mind.

The normal pricing for the SMMA agency course by Tai Lopez was $997 for a lifetime. With the Tai Lopez SMMA discount, I was able to save $300 on this SMMA course.

I guess Lopez SMMA Course Lifetime access for $697 is an excellent value for money.

Cons of SMMA 2.0

  • Time Commitment:

There is no shortcut to success. With this course, you need to spend some time as the learning curve is difficult.

  • Expensive: 

Undoubtedly, this course is expensive and not for everyone. However, lifetime access to the SMMA course is a big plus.

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✅ How much is Tai Lopez's social media program?

Tai Lopez SMMA course is a bit expensive and it costs $997. However, you will get a free training session for it. You can use the discount coupon to get lifetime access for Tai's course for just $697.

🔥 Is Tai Lopez Course Legit?

Yes, Tai Lopez SMMA courses are quite legit and give amazing tips and step by step guide to increasing online social media visibility. It has 4 course modules and 2 bonus lessons and videos taught by multiple experts.

🏆 What Is Tai Lopez Net Worth?

Tai Lopez's net worth is about $60 million. His hard work and the pursuit of money has got him so far.

💲💲 What business does Tai Lopez have?

Tai Lopez is an investor, entrepreneur, and advisor to 20 multi-million dollar companies. He has popular book and has over 1.4 million followers worldwide.

Conclusion: Is SMMA 2.0 Worth It? Tai Lopez SMMA Review 2020

Yes, Tai Lopez is a legit course.

Tai Lopez is one of the best mentors for online money making and helps companies increase their visibility online.

There have been various accusations of Tai Lopez online course being Scam but I guess, the courses are legit and it will add value to your social media marketing skills.

I was satisfied with their course and modules. The cost of the SMMA course was quiet reasonable and convincing.

I can’t emphasize this enough! I hope you have got a clear understanding of Tai’s Social Media Marketing Agency course in my SMMA 2.0 review.


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Get rich quick schemes don’t work and you need to be dedicated and hard-working to become successful online.

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